Systems express casestudies Albaad


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Systems express casestudies Albaad

  1. 1. we know they knowAlbaad wipes away international businessmanagement challenges with SAP and IBM Overview The Challenge  The Solution  Key Solution Components Fast-growing company Albaad, Albaad refreshed its server Industry: Manufacturing, which specializes in cosmetic, infrastructure, selecting IBM Healthcare hygienic and medical wipes, System x including x3650 M2, Applications: SAP® ERP needed to control costs x3550 M3, x3550 and x3400 components, including financials, and understand business servers, powered by Intel Xeon controlling, materials management, performance as the company Processor 5000 series processors, purchasing management, expanded internationally. Central IBM System Storage disk and tape production planning, and sales and infrastructure, though, was not data storage. The infrastructure distribution keeping pace with business needs. runs SAP ERP solutions, including Hardware: IBM ® System x® Users suffered from long wait financials, controlling, materials including x3650 M2, x3550 M3, times to produce reports, and in management, purchasing x3550, x3400, x346, x335, and some cases application failures. management, production planning, x336 servers powered by Intel® Little by little, the advantages of and sales and distribution Xeon® Processor 5000 series a centralized ERP solution were components, hosted, maintained processors, IBM System Storage® being lost as users resorted to and managed by IBM Global DS3400 and IBM System Storage locally created databases and Technology Services under a five- TS3100 tape server spreadsheet-based analysis. year contract. Software: Microsoft® Windows® For example, without accurate Server, Microsoft SQL Server inventory data, manufacturing  The Benefits Services: IBM Global Technology planning was no longer meeting Technical performance, reliability Services sales expectations, and production and scalability issues have been efficiency was impacted. solved, boosting staff productivity and ensuring the availability of precious company information. New corporate acquisitions can be migrated easily and swiftly to the standardized SAP application and infrastructure landscape, ensuring integrated business information is available for improved business control and management.
  2. 2. “We compared tender Albaad, headquartered in Israel, capacity. The company needed to solve produces a wide range of wipes, for these technical problems, which were offers from several cosmetic, health, personal hygiene, impacting business users. hosting providers, and professional healthcare and related the IBM proposal shone markets. Principal manufacturing The central infrastructure was not out in terms of strength operations are based in Israel, keeping pace with business needs. in depth and quality of Germany and the USA, and the Little by little, the advantages of a company has market presence in centralized ERP solution were being capability.” more than 20 countries. lost as users resorted to locally Rafi Shamir, Operational and IT Manager, created databases and spreadsheet- Albaad Albaad manufactures own-label wipes based analysis. For example, without for customers such as supermarket accurate inventory data, manufacturing groups and pharmaceutical brand planning was no longer meeting sales owners. A combination of innovation, expectations, and production efficiency quality and cost-efficiency has helped was impacted. Albaad to become a global leader in its market space. Rafi Shamir, Operational and IT Manager, explains, “Productivity was Having used SAP ERP applications affected, and valuable insight on for some years, the number of users, company performance was potentially total data volumes and transaction being lost. Users were sometimes workload had gradually increased. losing their connection to the SAP As a result, Albaad’s users were applications, and the ability to extract suffering from long wait times to useful business information was produce reports and slow system severely constrained.” response. After five years, the existing IT infrastructure had reached the end Rethinking the IT strategy of its effective life, and had reached Albaad had chosen to outsource its IT infrastructure, maintenance and application support for its SAP ERP solutions, in a five-year contract. At renewal, the company was able to reconsider its IT strategy, hardware platform and SAP applications. Rafi Shamir says, “We originally selected the outsourcing route because maintaining an SAP ERP landscape and the supporting infrastructure requires a great deal of expertise. For example, training and retaining SAP BASIS personnel is an expensive occupation. We prefer the outsourcing strategy because for Albaad it is a cheaper, more secure option than trying to become SAP application and infrastructure experts ourselves.”
  3. 3. Albaad controls its enterprise-wide Xeon processor series delivers “By outsourcing ouroperations with a wide range of SAP a quantum leap in enterprise server infrastructureERP applications, including financials, computing performance. The Intelcontrolling, materials management, Xeon processor 5000 series with a and applicationpurchasing management, production Nehalem Microarchitecture, helps maintenance to IBMplanning, and sales and distribution. achieve near-native performance Global TechnologySome 180 people access the SAP and near-linear scalability for SAP Services’ outsourcingsolutions, creating a total of around ERP, to help lower IT costs and services... We are able1.7 TB of production data, and general increase agility without compromisingbusiness applications such as email, performance. With automated to exploit the benefits ofMicrosoft Active Directory and file energy-efficiency features, the Intel the SAP applications toservices are supported by the same Xeon processor 5000 series also the maximum, lookinginfrastructure. scales energy usage to workload for ways to optimize requirements, delivering optimal processes, reduce costsAt the outsourcing contract renewal performance/, Albaad took the opportunity and develop newto refresh the server infrastructure For data storage, backup and markets.”in readiness for an upgrade to the archive, Albaad selected IBM System Rafi Shamir, Operational and IT Manager,latest editions of its SAP software, Storage DS3400 and IBM System Albaadand make the transition to 64-bit Storage TS3100 disk and tapeoperating systems. This would allow servers supporting a total of 5 TB ofthe company to significantly increase production data.the workload capacity of the individualservers, with a smaller number of Boosting business performanceprocessors supporting a larger total The refreshed IT infrastructuretransaction throughput, offering provides a stable, high-performancepotential software license fee savings, system landscape that hasimproved data center efficiency and immediately addressed Albaad’sreduced system management costs. productivity issues. SAP application dialog response delays have beenFor the core SAP applications, Albaad cured. Reports that had taken severalchose the IBM System x platform, hours to produce are now returned TECHNICAL LANDSCAPEimplementing x3650 M2 servers, within, typically, 30 minutes. Servers: IBM System x including x3650hosted by IBM Global Technology M2, x3550 M3, x3550, x3400, x346,Services. For line-of-business Choosing to outsource to IBM x335, and x336 servers powered byapplications, Albaad deployed IBM At a strategic level, the IT Intel Xeon Processor 5000 seriesx3550 M3, x3550, x3650, x3400, infrastructure now acts as an processors, IBM System Storagex346, x335, and x336 servers, enabling service that serves the DS3400 and IBM System Storagepowered by Intel Xeon Processor 5000 company’s business ambitions. For TS3100 tape server.series processors in-house. example, when Albaad acquired Software: SAP ERP components, a new business, the new data and including financials, controlling,Servers powered by the highly processes were able to be was materials management, purchasingintelligent and massively scalable migrated to the shared infrastructure management, production planning,Intel Xeon processor series offer a from the previous in-house systems to and sales and distribution. Microsoftdramatic increase in performance and the SAP landscape rapidly and easily, Windows Server, Microsoft SQLefficiency. Built to handle demanding without requiring system upgrade or Server.applications and workload, the Intel change.
  4. 4. “Before we committed to the “With integrated SAPagreement with IBM, we examined solutions hosted onthe business case for both in-house IBM technologies andand hosted solutions. The IBMproposal offered lower total costs, managed by the IBMas it avoids the need to build and team, Albaad has themanage a server room, train and enterprise-wide view IBM Deutschland GmbHretain BASIS consultants or database of skills, inventory and D-70548 Stuttgartadministrators, and the associated manufacturing thatsystems and application management IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarkscosts,” says Rafi Shamir. will enable us to take of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A the next steps in its current list of other IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark“We compared tender offers from international business information” at hosting providers, and the IBM expansion.” copytrade.shtmlproposal shone out in terms of strength Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofin depth and quality of capability. Rafi Shamir, Operational and IT Manager, Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the UnitedRather than sending us a generic Albaad States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the Unitedhosted offering, IBM proposed a States and other countries. Linux is a trademarktailored solution based on Albaad’s of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, Windowsspecific requirements, and was able “The next steps are to implement the NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks ofto demonstrate its ability to deliver latest editions of SAP ERP solutions, Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.worldwide SAP application and BASIS and we will add SAP ERP Human Other company, product or service names maysupport.” Capital Management. It makes be trademarks, or service marks of others. sense for Albaad to integrate our This case study illustrates how one IBMLooking to the future people management with business customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors haveWith the IBM System x infrastructure in management, as we need to track, contributed to the results and benefitsplace, Albaad is positioned to migrate for example, their training for specific described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein wasto the latest editions of SAP ERP work areas that meet ISO 14000 provided by the featured customer and/or IBMapplications. and ISO 9000 requirements for Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited represent manufacturing. With integrated SAP how some customers have used IBM productsRafi Shamir comments, “By solutions hosted on IBM technologies and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performanceoutsourcing our server infrastructure and managed by the IBM team, characteristics will vary depending on individualand application maintenance to Albaad has the enterprise-wide view customer configurations and conditions.IBM Global Technology Services’ of skills, inventory and manufacturing This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models.outsourcing services, we have that will enable us to take the next © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved.gained the ability to concentrate on steps in its international businessthe business opportunities rather expansion.”than spend time on hardware andfunctional maintenance, or invest inBASIS skills. We are able to exploit thebenefits of the SAP applications to themaximum, looking for ways to optimize © Copyright 2011 SAP AG SAP AGprocesses, reduce costs and develop Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16new markets. D-69190 Walldorf SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP products and services mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries. SPC03323-ILEN-00 (April 2011)