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Server Consolidation Services from IBM


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Server Consolidation Services from IBM

  1. 1. Consolidate IT infrastructures to help reduce server sprawland complexity Server Consolidation Services from IBM Eventually, unimpeded sprawl can have consequences—real costs in terms of increased total cost of ownership (TCO) and a reduced ability to respond to change and opportunities for innovation. Many organizations are taking steps to mitigate the resulting complexity through consolidation and are focusing on it as a key initiative for IT infrastructure optimization and operational cost reduction. By reducing the number of servers required to support your applications, server consolidation can help lower costs and improve your Highlights No company sets out to deliberately business flexibility. Just as important, create IT infrastructure complexity. through the ability to reduce energy Yet even with the best-laid plans, consumption, consolidation can help ■ Helps reduce costs for server complexity can work its way into your evolve your IT environment into a more hardware and software, IT infrastructure through mergers energy-efficient data center. management and facilities and acquisitions, new applications, unanticipated growth, globalization, Server consolidation services from IBM ■ Enables more efficient compliance requirements and can help facilitate a smooth transition to a infrastructures for improved organizational power plays. Complexity consolidated, more efficient environment business flexibility and higher typically manifests itself as server through assessment, design, planning, utilization rates sprawl: Your data centers grow because implementation, testing and application it’s initially cheaper and easier to add migration services built on IBM’s ■ Simplifies application migration a few servers to accommodate spikes extensive server and application product and workload consolidation to in demand than to reexamine the offerings and proven track record for help improve performance and entire infrastructure. designing, deploying and managing mitigate risk data center environments. ■ Provides a foundation for advanced optimization solutions for the future
  2. 2. Lowering your total cost of server Server consolidation services from Improving your ability to respond toinvestments IBM are designed to help you reduce evolving business demandsThe need to cut costs is a fact of life these costs by minimizing the number While cost reduction is a top priority,in the IT department. But pressures of servers needed in your environment organizations must also considerto reduce costs in the short term can and optimizing server performance the impact complexity can have onhave long-lasting effects. An apparent to meet your specific needs. It’s strategic objectives and the abilitybargain on a rack of servers, for example, simple math—fewer servers means to respond to change. Reducingis not a smart investment if you’ve simply lower costs. Building on IBM’s vast total cost of ownership is often aadded more servers without adding experience in servers and data major reason for consolidation, butproportional performance benefits. center design, IBM professionals other factors, including controlling can quickly analyze your existing server sprawl to improve systemBeyond the initial expense of server environment, factor in your current management, leveraging skilledhardware, each server has additional and future demands, and develop and resources more efficiently and thehard and soft costs associated with its implement a consolidation strategy ability to provide better and moredeployment in your environment: that can meet your objectives for cost flexible service to internal and external reduction. Unlike many other solution customers, are equally important.• Software—licenses for operating providers, IBM has a service focus that systems and applications considers your heterogeneous server An unconsolidated data center• Management—utilities, backup infrastructure—even if it’s not on infrastructure can hamper flexibility, and archiving IBM hardware, IBM can still help because resources are not tuned• Labor—monitoring and you consolidate. to respond to changing application support, ongoing training and demands. So, when activities affect skills upgrades Based on IBM’s previous experi- demand—introducing a new product• Site and facilities costs—rack space, ences, companies that implement a or merging with a new business security, power, cooling consolidation strategy assisted by acquisition, for example—application IBM Global Services have been able performance, functionality andCosts can be even greater for to realize significant savings that can efficiency can be limited. Servers mayheterogeneous infrastructures that be passed to the bottom line or not be easily repurposed; skill setsuse multiple hardware vendors and repurposed for projects that support may not be interchangeable; multiplea mix of operating systems because greater competitive advantage. Typical facilities may make new investmentsthey require broader IT skill sets, more savings include : 1 too costly; security may betools for management and separate compromised. And when additionalstorage processes, and the ability to • Hardware costs reduced 33 to servers are deployed merely toaddress other ongoing IT challenges. 70 percent. accommodate occasional peaksFor extended enterprises with multiple • Maintenance costs reduced up to in usage, the result is under-utilizedlocations, the costs can be even higher. 50 percent. processing power and unnecessary • Support costs reduced by as much energy consumption. as 33 percent. • Floor space and facility costs reduced 33 to 50 percent.
  3. 3. Without consolidation and optimiza- multiple options for consolidation, Ensuring a smooth applicationtion, your servers will run below their based on your unique business and migration, from start to finishfull capabilities. But how can you IT strategies, to meet the needs and Whether through a merger orconsolidate in a way that enhances challenges of your organization. acquisition, unexpected growth orflexibility, increases resiliency and the need to find additional savingsimproves performance? The answer Consolidation services from IBM are in a volatile economy, chances arelies in thorough planning and deploy- organized around three basic stages: good that business improvementsment expertise. solution framing, planning and design, and workload consolidation will and implementation. During these affect your company’s basic ITIBM has developed a center of compe- stages IBM professionals perform an infrastructure. If you need to migratetency that focuses on consolidation extensive range of activities, including: core applications and data to a newto help align server environments to environment, do you know wherebusiness initiatives. The center is staffed Solution framing. Delivers an extensive to start?by professionals from many areas of IT analysis of your current data centerconsolidation expertise: environment (not just an inventory IBM offers proven methodologies that of your servers) and documentation are designed to help mitigate risk and• IT specialists with in-depth of your business objectives and maximize workload performance as platform knowledge strategic initiatives you move from your existing legacy• IT specialists with data and IBM and non-IBM platforms to IBM application migration and Planning and design. Establishes Systems. Using these methodologies, upgrade knowledge the logical and physical design of the IBM can help you determine what,• IT server and storage consolidated environment and develops where and how to plan your migration consolidation architects IT management and transition plans for to eliminate the potential for disruption• Server consolidation the implementation of your end-users and business critical financial analysts applications. While no two migrations• Project managers Implementation. Builds out the are identical, IBM’s five-step• Server platform specialists new, repurposed, or both new and process—refined over 25 years based repurposed servers, performs exten- on extensive engagements—canUsing best-of-breed tools to assess sive testing outside the production help ensure success throughout theyour current infrastructure, IBM can environment and, finally, deploys the migration process.demonstrate the benefits server new assets into your infrastructureconsolidation can bring to your business. Creating a smarter infrastructure forIBM professionals can evaluate IBM can also provide ongoing the futurevirtually all elements of your business testing and monitoring of your In addition to cost savings andoperations—including infrastructure, infrastructure to help make sure business flexibility considerations,data, applications, storage and that your infrastructure maintains consolidation of servers is annetworking—to determine how they availability and performance targets. important first step toward broaderinteract in your operational environment. optimization initiatives. To create anFrom this information, IBM can make even more responsive infrastructure,targeted recommendations and provide you may want to employ virtualization and cloud computing technologies that pool hardware and processing
  4. 4. resources to accommodate fluctuating IBM has the ability to provide localized,processing demands. Or you may be onsite service, combined with the costconsidering a revamped approach to savings of global resources for supportbusiness and IT in the form of a Service and implementation, offering you aOriented Architecture (SOA) that compelling combination of competenceintegrates applications and business and affordability. IBM’s extensiveprocesses and creates an enterprise resources and development of proven © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009service bus. Or you might be looking consolidation methodologies can help IBM Global Servicesfor ways to build more energy-efficient reduce your risks and shorten the time Route 100 Somers, NY 10589systems and data centers. required to achieve a consolidated U.S.A. server environment—allowing you to Produced in the United States of AmericaTo provide maximum return on invest- more quickly reap potential cost and 03-09 All Rights Reservedment, these advanced IT initiatives flexibility benefits. IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks orrequire optimized hardware and registered trademarks of International Businesssoftware. During the solution framing For more information Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.stage of server consolidation services, To learn more about IBM Server Other company, product and service namesIBM professionals can factor in these Optimization and Integration Services may be trademarks or service marks of others.initiatives and design a solution that can – server consolidation, contact your References in this publication to IBM productshelp you get the server infrastructure you IBM sales representative or your IBM or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in whichneed today—and that can support your Business Partner, or visit: IBM operates.needs in the future. IBM? offering/its/a1028234 1 Based on previous IBM sales engagements.IBM’s rich server heritage and vast 2 “Top 12 Green-IT Users and Vendors,”resources of design, implementation Computerworld, February 2008.and management expertise can helpachieve the consolidated serverenvironment suited to your specificrequirements. IBM can provide theexperience and product knowledgeneeded to migrate to IBM System servertechnologies, or can provide vendor-neutral consolidation services thataddress the heterogeneous environmentyou already have. Named the TopGreen IT company for 2008 by IDGand Computerworld, IBM is also well-positioned to help support your initiativesto reduce energy consumption in yourdata center through consolidation.2 SSD03021-USEN-06