Leading foodservice organization steers towards success


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Learn about leading foodservice organization steering towards success. Enabling operational savings with IBM and SAP.With SAP and IBM, the result is an integrated, highly efficient business that serves its customers and delivers value to stakeholders.To know more, visit http://ibm.co/RKEeMO

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Leading foodservice organization steers towards success

  1. 1. IBM Sales and Distribution Professional Services Leading foodservice organization steers towards success Enabling operational savings with IBM and SAP The foodservice industry represents an intensely competitive marketplace, and there is constant pressure to reduce back-office and Overview administrative service costs. Business Challenge In the highly competitive foodservice One of the leading foodservice organizations in the UK uses SAP sector, it is essential to reduce Business Suite to manage its core financial, logistics, inventory, administrative overheads. The challenge is always to improve business efficiency personnel and payroll tasks. Its IT division – which itself is part of the and enhance service delivery while central finance division – is committed to continually finding better, reducing infrastructure investments, more cost-efficient ways to deliver services. cutting software license fees and decreasing operational maintenance expenses. The company’s IT Team Leader says: “Any way to reduce direct operational costs and to avoid future capital expenditure will always be Solution A leading foodservice organization examined. For example, we look for ways to reduce software license consolidated to IBM® Power Systems™ fees, to cut maintenance and support costs, and to bring down the servers and migrated to IBM DB2®, expenses associated with an expanding IT landscape. The business using Deep Compression to reduce data imperative is to do more with less, and continue to achieve and surpass volumes by 56 percent. The company implemented IBM Storwize® V7000 our service levels and capabilities.” storage systems to create a fully virtualized, integrated data storage landscape. Subsequently, the company Re-thinking the infrastructure upgraded to the latest SAP ERP With plans to upgrade to the latest editions of the SAP applications, components, including financials, the company was presented with an opportunity to re-think its controlling, materials management, sales infrastructure strategy and software landscape, including its choice and distribution, human resources, and payroll, using IBM WebSphere® Portal of database. By consolidating to fewer, more powerful servers, per- to provide access for its hundreds of processor software license fees could be reduced, and new database operational units across the UK. technology could offer significant cost-avoidance benefits through data compression and improved performance. The company’s systems support around 2,000 named users, with total production data of some 4.1 TB, growing at 600 GB a year. The team reviewed a range of vendor technologies, and chose to migrate from Oracle databases to IBM DB2, with the SAP application landscape running on IBM Power Systems servers. “The driving forces behind the cost savings were the ability to virtualize the Power Systems environments and reduce our database license fees,” says the IT Team Leader. “By purchasing DB2 licenses and support through SAP, we have saved more than £90,000 over three years.” “By implementing DB2 Deep Compression at the time of the migration, we were able to reduce 7.5TB of data to 3.3TB, a decrease of 56 percent. This produces immediate effects by saving on disk
  2. 2. IBM Sales and Distribution Professional Services and tape capacity requirements, enabling faster backup and restore processes, and reducing power requirements, as we now require Business Benefits fewer disks. By minimizing direct expenditure on additional storage • Saved more than £90,000 over hardware, we can maintain a simple SAN landscape with fewer devices three years on database license and and lower maintenance costs.” maintenance fees. • Saved £50,000 over three years Consolidation through virtualization through lower development and test The foodservice organization has consolidated its SAP applications landscape sizes requiring smaller storage and processor capacities. to just three IBM Power Systems servers, running multiple logical partitions (LPARs) to create virtual servers for the SAP applications. • Saved more than £90,000 on storage Using LPARs enables the company to allocate processor, memory and hardware purchases with DB2 Deep Compression. network resources to each SAP application as necessary. In practice, the organization uses a technique known as ‘over- commitment’, where more resources are assigned to the LPARs collectively than are physically available in total. Because the peak workload occurs at different times for each LPAR, the applications are able to use the maximum resource allowances to ensure the best possible performance, and then release resources back to the shared pool for use by other LPARs. “The combination of the LPAR technology and planned over- commitment means that our company is able to exploit the maximum processing efficiency from its investments,” says the IT Team Leader. “Again, this allows us to avoid expenditure on additional processing capacity by allowing us to manage workload in the most efficient manner with existing resources.” Data is stored on a newly implemented IBM Storwize V7000 and existing IBM System Storage® DS8100 and DS5300 devices. The IBM Storwize V7000 incorporates innovative storage efficiency technologies typically found only in enterprise-class systems, integrated into a compact, modular design. The solution simplifies management with a groundbreaking GUI that is both powerful and easy to use, designed to help improve storage performance, efficiency and utilization rates, while improving storage administrator productivity. Preinstalled software on the V7000 enables simplified provisioning, online data migration, simplified application performance tuning and easy storage tiering architecture. “IBM was very helpful throughout the entire server and storage consolidation process, and with the SAP application upgrade,” says the IT Team Leader. “The process was painless, and we have full confidence in IBM’s ability to support our ongoing transformation. IBM fully understood our business objectives, and helped us reach our goals by building the business case and executing each step of the process quickly and efficiently.”
  3. 3. IBM Sales and Distribution Professional Services Rapid SAP software upgrade With a simplified and optimized SAP application landscape migrated Solution Components to IBM DB2 and consolidated to IBM Power Systems servers, the Software organization readied itself for a major SAP application upgrade across • IBM® AIX® all its business-critical components. • IBM DB2® version 9.5 • IBM WebSphere® Portal • SAP Business Suite including “With smaller database volumes and the ability to create new virtual financials, controlling, materials servers for SAP instances, we reduced the SAP upgrade time from management, sales and distribution, and SAP ERP Human Capital around 18 hours to less than a working day of eight hours,” says the Management IT Team Leader. “The compressed database enabled us to complete • SAP enhancement package for essential pre-migration backup more quickly, and we completed the SAP ERP upgrade to the enhancement package for SAP ERP in less than a day. Hardware This landscape includes a payroll system that supports 160,000 people, • IBM® Power® 570 with POWER6® so it is important to have these systems working.” processors • IBM System Storage® DS8100 • IBM System Storage DS5300 “The new Power, DB2 and SAP solutions perform considerably • IBM Storwize® V7000 better than before. DB2 compression delivers lower I/O and reduced wait I/O, and as a result processor utilization has dropped. This gives us capacity for growth without requiring new investments, and performance has increased by around 20 percent.” “The new Power, DB2 and “Backup processes now complete in less than half of the previous time, SAP solutions perform enabling us to return full processing capacity to production applications considerably better than more quickly. Additionally, the tape and disk storage devices can be before. DB2 compression made available for other business areas more rapidly, contributing to delivers lower I/O and better asset utilization throughout the company.” reduced wait I/O, and Integrating business operations as a result processor The enhanced SAP application landscape includes web access via utilization has dropped. IBM WebSphere Portal technologies. This enables staff at each site to login and self-manage much of their business operations, including This gives us capacity for controlled access to the core human resources, payroll and sales growth without requiring applications, as well as an IT maintenance solution. new investments, and The IT Team Leader concludes, “With a diverse business across the performance has UK, it is important to be close to customers. IBM WebSphere Portal increased by around connects us to centralized SAP applications rapidly and cost-effectively, 20 percent.” enabling all operational units to work from the same set of data. With SAP and IBM, the result is an integrated, highly efficient business that serves its customers and delivers value to stakeholders.” For more information To learn more about IBM solutions, contact your IBM sales representative or visit: ibm.com
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