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Top German bank NORD/LB improves business and technical efficiencies using IBM and SAP


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The SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environment of one of Germany's top ten banks, Norddeutsche Landesbank, was suffering from delays and slow response times as business needs grew. It implemented the IBM Systems Solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator. This improves general workflow efficiency. Additionally, thanks to this solution, load processes can be executed during business hours.

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Top German bank NORD/LB improves business and technical efficiencies using IBM and SAP

  1. 1. Top German bank NORD/LB Overviewimproves business and technical Challengeefficiencies using IBM and SAP The SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environment of oneHeadquartered in Hannover, banking business. We wanted to put of Germanys top ten banks,NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank in place a solution that would last for Norddeutsche Landesbank, wasis one of the top ten leading financial at least three years, and in the short- suffering from delays and slowinstitutions in Germany. The bank term would immediately improve query response times as businessemploys approximately 6,950 people response.” needs Germany and in the importantinternational financial capitals. Its total Need for speed Solutionassets amount to about €222 billion. NORD/LB uses a central model for Implemented the IBM Systems analyzing its business information, Solution for SAP NetWeaverRapidly expanding data consumption based on SAP NetWeaver Business Business Warehouse Acceleratorwas stretching the SAP NetWeaver Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW). based on IBM BladeCenter®Business Warehouse systems to This approach protects data integrity systems.the limit in technical terms. Business and consistency. NORD/LB wishedqueries and report generation took too to preserve the functionality of SAP Key benefitslong, slowing technical operations. NetWeaver BW, and find a way to solve NORD/LB has a state-of-the-art the performance issues. platform offering fast responseSabine Nagel, Project Leader at and loading times. ReportingNORD/LB, comments, “The sheer NORD/LB selected SAP NetWeaver speed improved by up to 40amount of data increased and was Business Warehouse Accelerator (SAP percent. This improves generalgrowing steadily, and performance NetWeaver BWA), which provides workflow efficiency. Additionally,on our previous technical backbone improved performance through use of thanks to this solution, loadhad reached its limits. Workflow indexing existing data. Working with processes can be executedefficiency was being hampered, with IBM and Business Partner c.a.r.u.s., during business hours.query response times increasingly NORD/LB selected the IBM Systemsslowing down. This is unacceptable in Solution for SAP NetWeaver BWa fast-paced environment such as the Accelerator, a complete, pre-configuredCase study
  2. 2. solution designed to deliver rapid, cost-effective and high-performance SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator “The solution was deployment. implemented within a few days, soBusiness Challenge Andreas Lautensack, Senior IT we could ensure Consultant at c.a.r.u.s., comments, business operations “We implemented the IBM Systems and improveThe SAP NetWeaver Business Solution for SAP NetWeaver BW technical efficiency.Warehouse environment of one Accelerator, based on IBM BladeCenter, We succeededof Germanys top ten banks, as it provides excellent integration and in increasingNorddeutsche Landesbank, was communication with the production query speeds andsuffering from delays and slow SAP systems. As we already had an reporting, whichresponse times as business needs IBM infrastructure, it made sense improved by agrew. to take advantage of the existing significant tally of environment in order to be able to 30-40 percent.”NORD/LBs sophisticated and implement a new solution quickly andhighly-developed SAP NetWeaver easily.” Sabine NagelBusiness Warehouse solution Project Leader, Nord/LBneeded to be enhanced, to ensure NORD/LB embarked on a carefulspeedy, consistent and reliable query multi-stage implementation process,response times. connecting the solution initially to the quality management system and then was able to take place. We succeededThe solution also had to ensure high subsequently to the production system in increasing query speeds andavailability, quick disaster recovery after just a few days of successful reporting, which improved by aand optimal performance over the testing. significant tally of 30-40 percent. Nowmid- to long-term. the simple, standard reports that are Sabine Nagel adds, “After testing the accessed by most of our users run in system, and as soon as we gave the less than 10 seconds. User satisfaction green light for the project to go ahead, has increased. It also means that work the solution was implemented within a is more efficient and administrative few days, so we could ensure business processes are quicker. We have also operations and improve technical made significant savings on the disk efficiency. We are very satisfied with the capacity required to support our speed with which the implementation database.” 2
  3. 3. IBM Business Partner c.a.r.u.s. was capacity upgrades simply by addingresponsible for the implementation. additional blade servers to the chassis.”Andreas Lautensack notes, “A majorattribute of the IBM solution lay in the In addition, IBM BladeCenter serverGeneral Parallel File System (GPFS) infrastructure provides scalable,which enables high-performance enterprise class reliability ensuring Solutionenterprise file management. maximum availability for users. Implemented the IBM Systems"GPFS provides the underlying storage Reducing complexity for Solution for SAP NetWeaverwith a very efficient file system and seamless integration Business Warehouse Acceleratoris one significant area that clearly All of NORD/LBs infrastructure for SAP based on IBM BladeCenter® systems,differentiates IBM from its competitors. is hosted and maintained at an external with 15 IBM HS22 Blades poweredIt also provides a safeguard for the IT services provider. Other IT systems by Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core E5570future, as it offers the possibility of of NORD/LB are being operated processors.implementing a high availability solution in-house and partially managed by IBMeasily while providing disruption-free Strategic Outsourcing. 3
  4. 4. Sabine Nagel says, “We wanted to get as much as possible in one package and from one single vendor, as this “We implemented simplifies implementation and reduces the IBM Systems costs. The partner we chose was able Solution for SAPKey Solution Components to integrate the solution seamlessly NetWeaver BW into our existing IBM Power-based Accelerator, based onIndustry architecture and came up with a clear IBM BladeCenter, asBanking roadmap for the future.” it provides excellent integration andApplications Widespread benefits communication withSAP® ERP applications, SAP The IBM Systems Solution for SAP the production SAPNetWeaver® Business Warehouse 7.0, NetWeaver BW Accelerator supports systems. every single business area in the bank,SAP NetWeaver Business WarehouseAccelerator. including reporting, financial control As we already had an and more. IBM infrastructure, itHardware made sense to takeIBM® Systems Solution for SAP The speed of response provided by advantage of theNetWeaver Business Warehouse the IBM Systems solution for SAP existing environmentAccelerator, including two IBM NetWeaver BW Accelerator has in order to be ableBladeCenter® with 15 HS22 servers enabled the technical team to provide to implement a newpowered by Intel® Xeon® Processor the bank’s departments efficiently with solution quickly andQuad-Core X5570 series, information for its business operations. easily.”IBM System Storage DS4700 At a technical level, the load times for Andreas Lautensack InfoCubes have improved significantly. Senior IT Consultant,Software Users wishing to analyze data from c.a.r.u.s. Information TechnologyIBM General Parallel File System on multiple business perspectives can doSUSE Linux Enterprise Server so more rapidly.Business Partner As Sabine Nagel indicates, “Becausec.a.r.u.s. Information Technology we no longer need to build and maintainGmbH aggregates within the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environments, we have saved on storage space as well as reducing time and effort for IT staff.”
  5. 5. Sabine Nagel notes, “Initially, we thought that performance gains and“The overall improvements would only affect reports. partnership between However, the loading of data from one the external service cube to another cube has also improved provider, c.a.r.u.s. and and surpassed our expectations. Business Benefits NORD/LB for the IBM Systems Solution for "Departments that require a lot • NORD/LB has a state-of-the-art SAP NetWeaver BW of analysis, such as finance and platform offering fast response and Accelerator has really accounting, have benefited as a lot of loading times that will power the worked out well. data is loaded from cube to cube. This data query and mining needs of the has sped up loading processes and of bank for many years. We feel safe in the course the reports, which are faster to knowledge that this produce. Furthermore, load processes • Reporting speed improved by up to solution will sustain can now be executed during business 40 percent with the IBM Systems our needs for many hours, while reports can be requested in Solution for SAP NetWeaver years.” parallel through the BW Accelerator.” Business Warehouse Accelerator, so that the reports accessed by Sabine Nagel NORD/LB has a total of about 1,500 most users are available in less Project Leader, Nord/LB users who can log onto the system. Due than 10 seconds. This improves to the nature of the financial industry, general workflow efficiency. the queries and reports involve large volumes of data, all handled by the IBM • Additionally, thanks to this solution, Systems Solution for SAP NetWeaver load processes can be executed BW Accelerator, even during peaks during business hours. where high demands are placed on the system. Sabine Nagel concludes, “The overall partnership between the external service provider, c.a.r.u.s. and NORD/LB for the IBM Systems Solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator has really worked out well. We feel safe in the knowledge that this solution will sustain our needs for many years.”
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