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Futaba Europe GmbH enables next-phase growth with SAP and IBM


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Futaba consolidated to IBM BladeCenter technology based on IBM BladeCenter S. An IBM JS12 POWER processor-based blade supports SAP applications running on the IBM i operating system and HS22 blades powered by Intel Xeon processors support Microsoft Windows operating systems. SAP ERP application performance has increased by about 30 percent. Server maintenance and administration costs have been cut, while energy consumption has been reduced by 40 percent.

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Futaba Europe GmbH enables next-phase growth with SAP and IBM

  1. 1. Futaba Europe GmbH enables Overviewnext-phase growth with SAP Challengeand IBM Futaba wanted to introduce new SAP applications to improveFutaba Corporation of Japan is one of single enterprise-wide solution, and business management, and cutthe world’s leading manufacturers of the IBM System i platform provides operational and infrastructurevacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) performance, scalability and reliability. costs.and radio control systems, found in The integrated “DB2 for i” databasecars, audio and video equipment, is embedded in the IBM i operating Solutionpoint-of-sales terminals, measurement system, at no extra charge, which Futaba consolidated to IBMequipment – even in doors, cranes, substantially reduces the software BladeCenter technology basedelevators and conveyors. costs. on IBM BladeCenter S. An IBM JS12 POWER processor-basedFutaba owns manufacturing facilities Masao Hasegawa, Managing Director of blade supports SAP applicationsin Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, China Futaba Europe, explains, “It is clear that running on the IBM i operatingand United States, and employs about we will continue to rely on System i from system and HS22 blades powered6,000 people worldwide. Futaba IBM in future. Our experience shows by Intel Xeon processors supportEurope GmbH, located in Willich near that it provides a reliable basis for our Microsoft Windows operatingDüsseldorf, Germany, was founded business processes. 1979 and sells Futaba productsthroughout the entire EMEA region. “In order to stay agile in this market Key benefits and to be able to react to changes SAP ERP applicationEnterprise-wide SAP and economic growth, we decided performance has increasedapplications to upgrade our enterprise system to by about 30 percent. ServerFutaba Europe GmbH is a long-term SAP ERP 6.0 – the more so as the maintenance and administrationuser of SAP applications in the IBM i maintenance contract for the existing costs have been cut, while energyoperating system environment. The SAP system would end in 2013. The consumption has been reducedSAP applications combine financial rise in general business transaction by 40 percent. Four older serversaccounting, materials management, volumes combined with the new from different manufacturersand sales and distribution into a workload generated by the additional have been retired, and systemCase study complexity has been reduced.
  2. 2. functionality of the SAP solutions presented an opportunity to review our IT landscape, and we looked for the “The BladeCenter best strategic platform to support our offered the planned growth.” opportunity toBusiness Challenge consolidate all our Achieve more with less business applicationsFutaba Europe is the European Masao Hasegawa wanted to continue within a smallsales and distribution arm of Futaba the drive to centralize and consolidate physical footprint,Corporation of Japan. applications and data, including non- yet with increased SAP general office software, as well performance andImproving margins and profitability as web, mail, file, and application substantially reducedrequires exceptional control over servers running Microsoft Windows. costs.” The objectives were also to cutoperational costs, from inventory maintenance costs and reduce energy Masao Hasegawato finance, as well as back-office consumption while guaranteeing Managing Director, Futaba Europeservices. Older IT systems were not a maximum of reliability for thecapable of supporting the latest production systems.editions of SAP software, and amix of servers, operating systems IBM Business Partner Fritz & Macziol applications based on IBM i and alsoand storage devices were causing listened to the business requirements, their Microsoft Windows servers onexpenses to rise. and proposed consolidating the one platform,” says Peter Althapp, entire landscape to IBM BladeCenter Head of Competence Center SAPFutaba wanted to introduce new SAP technology, deploying IBM JS12 on IBM i at Fritz & Macziol. “The IBMapplications to improve business POWER processor-based blades to BladeCenter platform is the bestmanagement, and cut operational support the IBM i operating system option to consolidate different physicaland infrastructure costs. and IBM HS22 Intel processor-based servers and architectures, it helps to blades to support the Microsoft achieve cost reduction and energy Windows operating systems. consumption targets while offering quite a lot of flexibility, including “After Futaba explained their the option to run systems in virtual requirements, we quickly proposed a environments.” solution based on the very compact IBM BladeCenter technology. This Futaba implemented an IBM allows Futaba to run their business BladeCenter S chassis with one 2
  3. 3. JS12 and four HS22 blade servers, different manufacturers, helpingenabling Futaba to contain its critical Futaba to reduce maintenanceSAP and line-of-business applications and support costs, and reducingin the same core infrastructure. With energy consumption by around 50consultants from Fritz & Macziol, percent. Futaba Europe’s entire serverFutaba set up and implemented the infrastructure now can be housed in a SolutionIBM BladeCenter within three days, single server rack.upgraded the IBM i operating system Futaba consolidated to IBMand migrated the SAP applications from Masao Hasegawa continues: BladeCenter technology based onthe former servers, and established and “The BladeCenter offered the IBM BladeCenter S, able to supporttested the new user connections with opportunity to consolidate all our multiple operating systems ononly eight hours downtime of production business applications within a small blades within the same physical footprint, yet with increased performance and substantially reduced An IBM JS12 POWER processor-Subsequently, Futaba and Fritz & costs. SAP ERP 6.0 poses high IT based blade supports SAPMacziol upgraded to SAP ERP with infrastructure requirements, due in part applications running on the IBM iECC 6.0 components, starting with the to the extended functionality to support operating system and HS22 bladestest environment, and concluding with various business processes. The IBM powered by Intel Xeon processorsproduction systems. BladeCenter JS12 blade server with support Microsoft Windows 32GB main memory is more than operating systems and ready to useConsolidate multiple systems to capable of handling the workload.” with virtualization BladeCenterFutaba Europe now operates Following the same consolidation The increased computing capacityits complete SAP infrastructure principle, Futaba also deployed an of the JS12 blade allowed Futaba toincluding test, quality management IBM System Storage DS3200 as an upgrade to the latest edition of SAPand production systems in the IBM integrated Storage Area Network ERP software, and six individualBladeCenter on one physical hardware (SAN), with a total capacity of 11 TB. physical Microsoft Windows serversinstance. This storage solution provides a very were consolidated to the IBM high degree of flexibility – specifically BladeCenter platform.The BladeCenter supports web, mail, meeting the storage and backup needsfile, and application services based on of Futaba’s Windows environment,the Microsoft Windows environment, which was an important requirement.running on four Intel processor-based Now they can use the storage capacityHS22 blade servers. The HS22 blades more efficient and hereby respondreplace four older servers from four more quickly to changed storage 3
  4. 4. demands of their business applications without the need to touch any hardware. The new IT landscape also “Our 14 users in includes centralized backup for the SAP financial accounting applications and all Windows servers to and sales controlling, IBM System Storage TS2240 and IBM for example,Key Solution Components System Storage TS2340 tape systems, benefit directly improving business resilience and data from the increasedIndustry security. performance.Industrial Products. Response times haveApplications Greater performance for better improved by aboutSAP ERP 6.0 including financials, ® business 30 percent and salescontrolling, materials management Based on initial results, the and distributionand sales and distribution, SAP performance of SAP ERP on the transactions areSolution Manager. JS22 blade is significantly faster processed more than the previous version of the SAP quickly now.”Hardware applications on the older systems. Masao HasegawaIBM BladeCenter S, IBM ® ® Managing Director, Futaba EuropeBladeCenter JS12 Express blade, “Our 14 users in financial accountingIBM BladeCenter HS22 blades, and sales controlling, for example,IBM System Storage® DS3200, IBM benefit directly from the increasedSystem Storage TS2240, IBM System performance,” says Masao Hasegawa. for different server landscapes, nowStorage TS2340. “Response times have improved we can perform planned maintenance by about 30 percent and sales and works together with IBM on a centralSoftware distribution transactions are processed system, and administration of businessIBM i V6R1 with integrated DB2 for ® ® more quickly now.” applications is much easier and morei database. cost-effective.” “We now have a substantially moreServices powerful IT infrastructure – with Masao Hasegawa concludes “TheIBM Business Partner Fritz & Macziol a lower leasing rate for the whole IBM solution provides a reliable ITSoftware & Computervertrieb system. With the consolidation of foundation to help Futaba grow furtherGmbH. the servers and applications to one in future. The IBM BladeCenter offers hardware instance we have reduced maximum of performance with minimal both energy and maintenance costs. footprint, and we have been able to In the past maintenance costs arose consolidate all our business servers
  5. 5. “The IBM solution provides a reliable IT foundation to help Futaba grow further in future. The Business Benefits IBM BladeCenter offers maximum of • SAP ERP application performance performance with has increased by about 30 percent. minimal footprint, and we have been able • Server maintenance and to consolidate all our administration costs have been business servers and cut, while energy consumption has applications to just one been reduced by 40 percent. hardware instance. ” • Four older servers from different manufacturers have been retired, Masao Hasegawa Managing Director, Futaba Europe and system complexity has been reduced. • Backup of SAP ERP and otherand applications to just one hardware office productivity data on theinstance. The physical consolidation JS12 and HS22 blades has beengreatly eases maintenance and automated, increasing businessadministration, and reduces energy resilience and data security.costs. At the same time this solutionenables our executives with up-to-themoment, accurate data to managethe business better, so we can sellproducts more successfully.”
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