Nattura Labs ensures high availability and reduces costs by migrating SAP Business All-in-One to IBM Power and IBM System x


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Nattura Labs switched from an HP environment to two IBM Power servers and IBM System x and upgraded its SAP Business All-in-One software to provide a highly available, reliable and robust infrastructure. The IBM Power and System x servers have reduced workload for the IT department by 35-40 percent, reduced software license fees by around 30 percent, and cut the total cost of ownership by 30 percent.

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Nattura Labs ensures high availability and reduces costs by migrating SAP Business All-in-One to IBM Power and IBM System x

  1. 1. Nattura Labs reduces costs by Overviewmigrating SAP Business All-in-One to ChallengeIBM Power and IBM System x Working across an increasinglyNattura Laboratorios (Nattura Labs) requirements of Nattura Labs. We complex operational environment,has set out to become a global brand faced reliability and backup issues, Nattura Labs needed a more reliableleader in the worldwide hair care and which sometimes meant that work and robust solution to run its ITstyling marketplace. With more than would be lost and had to be re-done. infrastructure and ensure sound2,000 employees in 63 countries and This was clearly a waste of resources business annual turnover of US$ 45 million, and completely unacceptable.”the Mexican-based company is rapidly Solutiongaining ground in the hair care industry. “We needed to modernize our IT Nattura Labs switched from an infrastructure to ensure a solid, robust HP environment to two IBM PowerOver the last thirty years since its and reliable system that would allow servers and IBM System x andformation, the company has expanded us to optimize our processes, handle upgraded its SAP Business All-in-from its Mexican base in Zapopan our present needs, and take care of One software to provide a highlyGuadalajara, Jalisco, to sites across the our future requirements. This includes, available, reliable and robustworld, extending both its geographic for example, our expansion into new infrastructure.reach and range of products. This markets, the creation of new andhas created an increasingly complex diverse product lines and securing a Key benefitsIT environment. Nattura Labs needed stronger international presence.” The IBM Power and System xto ensure that the backbone of all servers have reduced workload forits operations remained reliable and High availability and ease the IT department by 35-40 percent,robust in order to sustain its aggressive of use reduced software license fees bygrowth targets. Nattura Labs previously ran its around 30 percent, and cut the total SAP software environment on five cost of ownership by 30 percent.Miguel Agustin Chaves Herrera, IT centralized HP DL 350 servers, The IBM Power and System xDirector for Nattura Labs says, “Our running the Microsoft Windows Server solution offers high availabilityprevious IT infrastructure required a operating system. The increasingly and has eliminated unplannedmajor overhaul, as it was not up to the complex environment and the growth downtime.challenge of the current and future of the company meant that theCase study
  2. 2. solution was no longer reliable, and costly downtime was placing Nattura Lab’s business at risk. The company “We are very happy decided on a complete overhaul of its with the SAP Business IT infrastructure, designed to create All-in-One upgradeBusiness Challenge a flexible, cost-effective platform that and the IBM Power would allow the company to grow and System x servers,Nattura Labs is seeking to position rapidly with the least possible IT as we are confidentitself on the world market as a major complexity. that the solution willbrand competitor in the hair styling sustain our business’ssector. The first step for the Nattura Labs operations well into team was to choose to move from the future.”The hair and skin care company the Windows operating environmenthas secured a presence in over to a UNIX-based platform, taking Miguel Agustin Chaves Herrera63 countries with a growing list of advantage of its stability and scalability. IT Director, Nattura Labsproducts and customers. This implied migrating the core SAP Business All-in-One environmentWorking across an increasingly and potentially the database, and Windows-based systems. An IBMcomplex operational environment, establishing new skills within Nattura System Storage DS5020 disk systemNattura Labs needed a more reliable Labs. Some additional SAP NetWeaver was also implemented to provideand robust solution to run its IT applications would remain on the high-performance storage and offlineinfrastructure and ensure sound Windows platform, and Nattura Labs backup practices. wanted to create a mixed infrastructure capable of supporting each system Says Miguel Herrera, “We migrated with the most appropriate technology. our core SAP Business All-in-One instance and Oracle databases to IBM Nattura Labs worked with IBM Global Power 520 Express Edition servers Financing and IBM Business Partner running the IBM AIX operating system. Consultores Informaticos GRC, S.A. de We decided to switch to IBM because C.V. to finance a solution to replace its of the reliability and performance that existing HP IT infrastructure. the IBM servers offer — something we were simply not receiving with the five The company selected IBM Power HP servers we previously used.” servers for its UNIX environment and IBM System x servers for its 2
  3. 3. “It was of the utmost importance that we migrate to a robust and reliable“We have made system that was fast, scalable and savings estimated provided better backup. We are very at 30 percent on happy with the SAP Business All- our annual IT costs. in-One upgrade and the IBM Power Solution Our total cost of and System x servers, as we are ownership has been confident that the solution will sustain Nattura Labs switched from an reduced by almost our business’s operations well into the HP environment to two IBM Power one-third, generating future.” servers and IBM System x and major savings for our upgraded its SAP Business All-in- business.” Miguel Herrera continues, “Replacing One software to provide a highly our HP environment with the IBM available, reliable and robust Miguel Agustin Chaves Herrera Power and System x servers meant infrastructure. IT Director, Nattura Labs that we were entitled to reduced license fees for our Oracle database software The IBM solution enables Nattura because we require fewer processors. Labs to create a solid IT backbone“Simultaneously, we upgraded and Our new leasing plan with IBM also and optimize its businessextended our SAP Business All-in- offers us significant tax benefits.” processes.One applications to take advantageof new functionality. Even with the “Altogether we have made savingsincreased workload, the infrastructure estimated at 30 percent on our annualupgrade delivers faster response times IT costs. Our total cost of ownershipand allows for further scalability. It is has been reduced by almost one-100 percent integrated with our IBM third, generating major savings for ourinfrastructure and is a vital part of our business.”ongoing business operations.” “We also estimate a 35 to 40A key factor in the business case for the percent workload reduction for themigration has been the consolidation IT department. This translates tofrom five servers to two, which has serious resource efficiencies for ourresulted in reduced database software department, allowing us to concentratelicense fees. on other, more pressing matters for projects and strategies focused on the business goals, rather than daily 3
  4. 4. operations, as well as creating further implementation was achieved at the efficiencies for our business. These first attempt without any glitches along kinds of results ultimately speak for the way, and the project was completed themselves.” within budget.”Key Solution Components Easy migration to Power Working with IBM Global Financing also Systems yielded numerous benefits, allowingIndustry Consultores Informaticos GRC Nattura Labs to manage its cash flowConsumer Packaged Goods managed the SAP software and Oracle more effectively. The IBM financing database migration project and the IBM solution enabled the company to payApplications Power and System x implementation for all the hardware, software andSAP® Business All-in-One® process. The speed of the migration services it needed using periodic, fixedincluding financial accounting, and the fact that the project met all and predictable payments. This helpedwarehouse management, materials of its targets, including timelines and align project costs with anticipatedmanagement, quality management, budgets, meant that the project was benefits and minimize asset residualand SAP NetWeaver® Business completed with great success. value realization and technologyWarehouse obsolescence risks. Miguel Herrara reports, “The supportHardware and advice we received from IBM and In the future, the company can takeIBM® Power™ 520 Express, IBM Consultores Informaticos were of the advantage of IBM Global AssetSystem x®, IBM System Storage® highest standards. They fulfilled and Recovery Services to recycle its assetsDS5020, IBM System Storage even exceeded our expectations. The and minimize its regulatory exposureSAN24B-4 Express project was carried out very smoothly risk. and this is surprising for a completeSoftware migration of this size and complexity.” Improved performance andIBM AIX® 6.1, IBM Tivoli® Storage reliabilityManager, Oracle. “We were very happy with the service Nattura Labs chose to run SAP as all the goals we set out were NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW)Services achieved in a very timely and efficient on IBM System x servers, poweredIBM Business Partner Consultores manner. Implementation of the SAP by Intel Xeon processors. The BWInformaticos GRC, IBM Global All-in-One solution was very fast: it took workload runs independently of theFinancing. approximately one month, starting on main SAP servers, and users can 11 January and finishing on 15 February. therefore run reports exactly as they This period also included a ten-day test please without impacting production stage prior to the go-live. The whole systems. 4
  5. 5. “With shared, consistent data“Replacing our HP throughout Nattura Labs, we are in a environment with position to understand our business the IBM Power and from the global perspective and take System x servers actions designed to help us achieve our Business Benefits meant that we were corporate ambitions.” entitled to reduced The IBM Power and System x license fees for our servers have reduced workload for Oracle database the IT department by 35-40 percent, software because reduced software license fees by we require fewer around 30 percent, and cut the total processors. Our cost of ownership by 30 percent. new leasing plan The upgraded SAP Business All-in- with IBM also offers One system ensures faster response us significant tax times and simple management of IT benefits” resources. Miguel Agustin Chaves Herrera IT Director, Nattura Labs The IBM Power and System x solution offers high availability and has eliminated unplannedMiguel Herrara concludes, “Using SAP downtime.NetWeaver BW allows us to analyze keydata such as operating margin, like-for-like sales, regional comparisons, andproduction costs over time and muchmore, using transaction data extracteddirectly from SAP Business All-in-One. We consolidate information frommultiple sources to obtain summaryreports shared with financial andproduction executives, who are thenable to take decisions based on solidfacts.” 5
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