we know                                                                                  they knowThe Hartmann Group conso...
“POWER7 offers                           The Hartmann Group is a world leader      As a long-term user of SAP applications...
POWER5 and POWER6 systems to               “The effort that would have been            “Thanks to IBM’sanother processor p...
logical partitions (LPARs) that allow     features available on the IBM POWER        “The POWERall 30 application instance...
The SAP Supply Chain Management            Hartmann Group in terms of both            “SAP applications and(SCM) solution ...
then be allocated according to need,          “We have realized big performance              help the Hartmann Group fulfi...
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The Hartmann Group consolidates global SAP applications to just two IBM Power 750 servers


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With the help of IBM, the Hartmann Group migrated to the latest releases of SAP ERP applications, and consolidated multiple servers to IBMPower servers featuring IBM POWER7 processor technology. Using IBM virtualization technologies embedded in the POWER7 architecture and exploited by IBM AIX, the Hartmann Group has created a high-performance, flexible infrastructure solution capable of handling increased workload, meeting business service level agreements and reducing operational costs.For more information on Storage System, visit http://ibm.co/LIg7gk.

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The Hartmann Group consolidates global SAP applications to just two IBM Power 750 servers

  1. 1. we know they knowThe Hartmann Group consolidatesglobal SAP applications to just two IBMPower 750 servers Overview The Challenge  The Solution  Key Solution Components The Hartmann Group is a world- With the help of IBM, the Hartmann Industry: Healthcare leader in medical supplies. Key Group migrated to the latest Applications: SAP® Business to its business success is close releases of SAP ERP applications, Suite 7.0, including SAP ERP 6.0, integration with its customers’ and consolidated multiple SAP Logistic Execution System, procurement activities, acting as servers to IBM Power servers SAP Supply Chain Management, a highly efficient single source featuring IBM POWER7 processor SAP Advanced Planning and of supply for thousands of technology. Using IBM virtualization Optimization, SAP ERP Human products. Always looking for new technologies embedded in Capital Management and SAP cost-effective ways of working, the POWER7 architecture and NetWeaver® Business Warehouse the Hartmann Group wanted exploited by IBM AIX, the Hartmann Hardware: IBM ® Power® 750 to take advantage of the latest Group has created a high- Express servers, IBM System SAP applications, particularly for performance, flexible infrastructure Storage® DS4800, IBM System logistics and lot management. solution capable of handling Storage SAN Volume Controller Adding servers to handle the increased workload, meeting Software: IBM DB2®, IBM Tivoli® new workload would tend to business service level agreements Storage Manager, IBM Content increase complexity and lead to and reducing operational costs. Manager, IBM AIX® higher license, administration Services: IBM Global Business and maintenance charges. The  The Benefits Services company wanted a way to increase Benefits include a significant boost the number of users and handle to logistics performance. With higher workloads, while reducing system response times cut by 30 the operational costs and exploiting percent, staff are able to work more the business efficiencies offered by efficiently and be more responsive the latest SAP software. to customer demands. By reducing the number of physical servers from eight to two, the Hartmann Group has significantly decreased software license fees, reduced power requirements by 75 percent and cut server administration effort.
  2. 2. “POWER7 offers The Hartmann Group is a world leader As a long-term user of SAP applications, unmatched scalability, in medical supplies, particularly executives could see that the latest disposable incontinence products, SAP application functionality would and combines with wound management and operating be a key enabler for the company’s IBM AIX to provide theater materials. Headquartered in strategic ambitions. The company all the tools we need to Heidenheim, Germany, the company was particularly attracted to features manage virtualization employs almost 10,000 people and such as lot management, which would and clustering, so has operations around the world, enable more detailed, automated generating sales of about EUR 1.63 tracking of goods to help identify and there’s no need for billion (2010). correct process inefficiencies. To third-party software.” take advantage of the new features, By acting as a single source of the Hartmann Group needed to Josef Rehm, Computer Center Manager, Paul Hartmann AG supply for thousands of products, the migrate to SAP ERP applications with company helps large hospitals and Enhancement Pack Four, which in turn other government and private health would place a greater workload on the providers achieve significant supply IT infrastructure. chain management efficiencies. Beyond its focus on medical “Not only would migrating to the current excellence and product quality, the SAP ERP applications enable us to company also needs to enhance improve our logistics performance customer service while reducing and increase supply chain efficiency, operational costs. it would eliminate the cost of extended support for older applications. We Josef Rehm, Computer Center wanted a way to be able to increase the Manager, says, “We aim to be number of users and handle the higher preferred solution partners to workloads that the new applications professional users, providing easy to would create, yet reduce our operational use products, customized services costs.” and integrated solutions. Our process- oriented approach helps professionals Evaluating hardware platforms efficiently and cost-effectively manage The Hartmann Group was running their daily work for the benefit of its existing SAP applications on eight patients.” IBM Power Systems servers, with a mixture of POWER5 and POWER6 processors. As part of a full review, the IT team reviewed the possibility of implementing the new SAP solutions on other hardware and operating system combinations. “Our vision and goal was to build up a fully virtualized, industry-standard data center. We wanted to establish a way to extend the life of our hardware investments as much as possible while keeping pace with the increased demand for resources as we deploy additional SAP applications,” says Josef Rehm. “During conversations with vendors, we realized that migration from our existing
  3. 3. POWER5 and POWER6 systems to “The effort that would have been “Thanks to IBM’sanother processor platform, perhaps required to complete a successful expertise, we only hadrunning Windows or Linux combined migration of so much precious data minor downtime duringwith third-party virtualization, could to a non-IBM platform was a decisivebe significantly complex,” says Josef point in our decision to upgrade to the whole migrationRehm. “The solution landscape needs the Power 750 servers,” says Josef process, and systemto include high availability, backup and Rehm. “We were also impressed by availability subsequentlyrestore functionality, disaster recovery the predicted operational cost savings has been better thanand much more.” and the price-to-performance ratio. 99.98 percent. IBM POWER7 offers unmatched scalability,The Hartmann Group started to and combines with IBM AIX to provide Global Business Servicesmigrate individual SAP applications all the tools we need to manage helped the Hartmannto Intel servers running Microsoft virtualization and clustering, so there’s Group complete theWindows Server. The Hartmann Group no need for third-party software.” migration project onteam considered that virtualization budget and on time.technology for the Windows Follow-the-sun migration servicesenvironment was not sufficiently IBM Global Business Services Internal planning wasmature for large database servers, provided migration support, with good, and communicationwhich entailed a one-server per teams in Germany and India with both SAP and IBMapplication landscape. collaborating with the Hartmann proved to be essential.” Group staff 24/7 to provide a follow- “With the advantages of the integrated the-sun service. Josef Rehm, Computer Center Manager,IBM Power Systems platform, it soon Paul Hartmann AGbecame a matter of selecting the best “The advantage of giving such aPOWER7 solution for the Hartmann project to IBM Global BusinessGroup,” says Josef Rehm. Services is that they can flexibly provide the skilled resources you needServer consolidation for 24 hours a day during the projectAlthough the new SAP ERP process. You would need one or twoapplications offer significantly people purely to manage the project,expanded functionality and require 24 hours a day, and working with IBMadditional compute power, the Global Business Services avoids thatincreased performance of the expense,” says Josef Rehm. “ThanksPOWER7 processors allowed the to IBM’s expertise, we only had minorHartmann Group to consolidate from downtime during the whole migrationeight existing servers to just two IBM process, and system availability TECHNICAL LANDSCAPEPower 750 servers, housed in separate subsequently has been better than Servers: IBM Power 750 Express withdata centers. The reduction from eight 99.98 percent. IBM Global Business IBM POWER7 processors, IBMto two servers immediately reduced Services helped the Hartmann Group System Storage DS4800, IBM Systemsoftware license costs, cut system complete the migration project on Storage SAN Volume Controlleradministration effort and simplified the budget and on time. Internal planning Software: IBM DB2, IBM Tivoli StorageIT landscape. was good, and communication with Manager, IBM Content Manager, IBM both SAP and IBM proved to be AIX, SAP Business Suite 7.0,One server runs the core SAP ERP essential.” including SAP ERP 6.0, SAP Logisticapplications while the other runs SAP Execution System, SAP Supply ChainSupply Chain Management – and Leveraging virtualization Management, SAP Advanced Planningeach server acts as the other’s hot The Hartmann Group runs a total and Optimization, SAP ERP Humanstandby in case disaster strikes. The of nine SAP production instances, Capital Management and SAPservers support some 300 concurrent with consolidation and development NetWeaver Business Warehouseusers, accessing 2.2TB of SAP ERP environments for each, and three Users: 300 concurrent users, 3,000production data and around 700GB of instances of SAP Solution Manager. users overallSAP Supply Chain Management data. The Power 750 servers are divided into
  4. 4. logical partitions (LPARs) that allow features available on the IBM POWER “The POWERall 30 application instances to run platform. Live Partition Mobility allows architecture offersindependently, and additional LPARs live SAP applications to be moved outstanding capabilitiesare available on the hot standby server from one LPAR to another, evento act as failovers in case something across servers, without interrupting to move workloadsgoes wrong at the primary data center. production. For the Hartmann Group, from one system to Live Partition Mobility enables another, across LPARs“Our systems need to be available continuous production even during or physical machines,24/7, as this central data center system maintenance or upgrade, as needed, providingprovides SAP applications and other allowing fully 24/7 operations fromservices for our locations worldwide,” only two servers. excellent businesssays Josef Rehm. “Organizing flexibility.” downtime for maintenance, migration Active Memory Expansion (AME) Josef Rehm, Computer Center Manager,or management is extremely difficult increases the available capacity of Paul Hartmann AGto arrange – so the flexibility of the physical memory for workloadsthe POWER7 servers is a major such as SAP applications – and alsoadvantage.” provides a boost to other workload types, such as transactional or web“We run a fully virtualized solution applications. AME uses on-the-flywhich allows us to respond very compression technology to reducequickly to changing requirements the demands on physical memory,and to the demand for temporary which increases system performancesystems. For example, during the SAP without requiring additional hardwareERP upgrade we needed about eight investment.additional systems for testing. WithPOWER7 running multiple LPARs “Active Memory Expansion onand using Live Partition Mobility, we POWER7 allows the Hartmann Groupwere able to create new virtual servers to reach its system performanceexactly as we needed them, with objectives and fulfill its service levelno need for additional investment. agreements within the most cost-The POWER architecture offers effective investment in POWER7outstanding capabilities to move technology and appropriate systemworkloads from one system to another, memory,” says Josef Rehm. “We useacross LPARs or physical machines, an AME expansion factor of 1.8 in theas needed, providing excellent SAP environment with no impact onbusiness flexibility.” performance.”“In addition, the POWER7 processors Integrated SAP applicationsprovide performance improvements The Hartmann Group migrated to theof perhaps three- or four-fold for the new SAP ERP releases in a phasedsame power consumption. Moreover, program based on its business units,if you compare the total processing starting with its Eastern Europeancapacity available with POWER7 operations as a pilot project. Theprocessors when compared with, for first step was to deploy the baseexample, a traditional server farm or SAP ERP 6.0 components, andblade solution, POWER technology is then Enhancement Pack 4. Thesignificantly more efficient.” company has implemented all the core components, such as financials,Features of IBM POWER7 controlling, sales and distribution,The company is taking advantage materials management, warehouseof Live Partition Mobility and Active management, production planningMemory Expansion, both unique and many others.
  5. 5. The SAP Supply Chain Management Hartmann Group in terms of both “SAP applications and(SCM) solution runs essential productivity and confirming the long- IBM technologies helpforecasting and replenishment, term strategy. We decided to use DB2 the Hartmann Groupdemand planning and transport more than 10 years ago, and, lookingplanning and vehicle scheduling back, we have to say this has been fulfill its strategic(TPVS) applications. The Hartmann confirmed as the best choice for the ambition to be theGroup uses the analytical and Hartmann Group.” preferred solutionpredictive capabilities of SAP SCM partner for healthcareand TPVS to serve its global customer “Of course we also knew that the professionals. Ourbase as effectively as possible, on the combination of POWER systems andone hand optimizing its logistics and DB2 would offer the best combined process-orientedon the other ensuring totally reliable performance, which in business terms approach helpsservice – essential in the healthcare translates to lower expenditure to professionals efficientlymarketplace. achieve the same business service. and cost effectively We are looking to take advantage manage their daily“The POWER7 platform allows the of DB2 compression features in theHartmann Group to take maximum very near future, which will reduce our work for the benefit ofadvantage of the SAP applications, data storage needs and may increase patients.” where we can analyze the wealth of performance, too.” Josef Rehm, Computer Center Manager,data rapidly and efficiently, constantly Paul Hartmann AGsearching for improvements and better The Hartmann Group uses IBMways of working,” says Josef Rehm. Tivoli Storage Manager for backup,“The very large workloads generated restore and archive processes, withby forecasting and replenishment and data stored on devices from multipleby TPVS are easily managed by the vendors. Tivoli Storage ManagerPOWER7 platform, and we can use provides storage managementthe IBM virtualization technologies capabilities from a single point ofto allocate compute capacity control, simplifying the protectiondynamically to each task as necessary and management of data even aswhile continuing in full production.” it continues to grow. Tivoli Storage Manager addresses businessSupport from IBM software continuity issues by helping to shortenThe Hartmann Group uses IBM DB2 backup and recovery times, andthroughout the business to support maximizes application availability withSAP and non-SAP applications. advanced data recovery managementDuring project planning, the team technologies.considered migrating to otherdatabase technologies, and Most importantly, Tivoli Storageconcluded that the benefits offered by Manager helps to control storagethe very close integration by DB2 were management costs with its simpleoverwhelming. interface and easy integration with storage devices from IBM and other“In the end, migrating from DB2 vendors.to another platform was not aconsideration,” says Josef Rehm. “We To manage the physical storagehave built up excellent experience environment, the Hartmann Groupwith our DB2 environment and are has deployed IBM System Storagevery satisfied. We know that SAP SAN Volume Controller (SVC), whichworks closely with IBM to improve consolidates available disk storageperformance on DB2 and optimize from multiple vendors’ devices into aboth systems, and this collaboration single virtual pool, managed by a singleoffers clear advantages to the console. Virtual storage volumes can
  6. 6. then be allocated according to need, “We have realized big performance help the Hartmann Group fulfill itsand even moved from one device to improvements with the migration to strategic ambition to be the preferredanother without requiring any changes the SAP ERP applications and the solution partner for healthcareat the application level. storage virtualization using SVC. In professionals. Our process-oriented areas like the controlling module of approach helps professionalsFor unstructured data and other SAP ERP, the move to POWER7 and efficiently and cost effectively managebusiness information, the Hartmann SVC achieved significant runtime their daily work for the benefit ofGroup uses IBM Content Manager improvements, which allow us to patients.”to provide electronic document deliver vital information to the businessmanagement services. Content more quickly and more reliably thanManager manages all types of digitized before.”content across multiple platforms, IBM Deutschland GmbHdatabases and applications. Content The improved performance and D-70548 StuttgartManger is designed to provide the efficiency from the underlying SAP ibm.com/solutions/sapscalability to grow from a single systems has also had a direct impact IBM, the IBM logo, and ibm.com are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation,department to a geographically on the business. registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Adispersed enterprise, ideal for the current list of other IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademarkHartmann Group. After the ERP upgrade, average information” at http://www.ibm.com/legal/ system response time was reduced copytrade.shtml“The IBM data storage and from 1.082ms to 0.752ms, and Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofmanagement technologies help the although the new applications have Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the UnitedHartmann Group to control very large an 11 percent higher demand for States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the Unitedstores of information cost-effectively,” processor resources, overall response States and other countries. Linux is a trademarksays Josef Rehm. “SAN Volume times have been cut by 30 percent. of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, WindowsController enables us to maximize NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks ofthe use of available disk capacity as “We estimated the new application Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.efficiently as possible, Tivoli ensures our server workload during peak hours Other company, product or service names maydata is safely backed up, and Content would rise by 25 percent, and in fact be trademarks, or service marks of others.Manager offers us access to and it rose by 33 percent. In practice, the This case study illustrates how one IBMmanagement of multiple file types to POWER7 processors are more than customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors havesimplify data control.” powerful enough to manage the peak contributed to the results and benefits hours without problems. This shows described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein wasBenefits of the new landscape us just how much potential there is in provided by the featured customer and/or IBMWith the POWER7, DB2, SVC and growing the POWER7 environment Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited representTivoli landscape in place for the SAP without the need for further how some customers have used IBM productsapplication environment, the Hartmann investment.” and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performanceGroup has an integrated, simplified characteristics will vary depending on individualIT infrastructure that is immensely Following the successful migration, customer configurations and conditions.powerful and easy to adapt to changing the Hartmann Group is now looking This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models.business requirements. Just two Power at the benefits of adding SAP © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved.750 servers support a company of NetWeaver Business Warehouse andnearly 10,000 people, with 3,000 SAP business intelligence tools. Using theusers and more than 3TB of production virtualization capabilities of POWER7,data. the Hartmann Group team expects to be able to manage the increasedJosef Rehm notes, “Of course we analytical workload without thehave significant cost savings with the need to add processors or servers, © Copyright 2011 SAP AG SAP AGPOWER7 environment, and in license a significant cost advantage when Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16costs alone it is highly competitive compared with many other platforms. D-69190 Walldorfwith other platforms, even before you SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP products and services mentioned herein areallow for reduced complexity and lower Josef Rehm concludes, “SAP trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG inadministration.“ applications and IBM technologies Germany and several other countries. SPC03322-DEEN-00 (April 2011)