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Gabriel India Ltd builds a single                                                        Overviewplatform for group-wide E...
Moving to an enterprise-class                                        platform                                        “We l...
close alliance between IBM and SAP         AIX and IBM Power servers wasis a major advantage in all respects,      a popul...
was completed on schedule, and                                     IBM Global Technology Services will                    ...
development environments for an SAP                                         BusinessObjects solution.“The IBM Power server...
IBM Deutschland GmbH                                                                                         D-70548 Stutt...
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Gabriel India Ltd builds a single platform for group-wide ERP with IBM and SAP


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This white paper is an IBM case study. Gabriel India Ltd operates six main manufacturing sites across the country, and plans to open additional plants in northern India. To streamline operations and support growth, the company wanted to move to a single central enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that would support manufacturing processes as well as finance and distribution.

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Gabriel India Ltd builds a single platform for group-wide ERP with IBM and SAP

  1. 1. Gabriel India Ltd builds a single Overviewplatform for group-wide ERP with ChallengeIBM and SAP Gabriel India Ltd operates six main manufacturing sites acrossGabriel India Ltd is the flagship Corporate growth the country, and plans to opencompany of the Anand Group, which “The company is growing rapidly, additional plants in northernis among India’s leading automotive especially as we increase our profile in India.component companies. The group the original equipment manufacturingconsists of 19 companies that (OEM) business,” explains Edwin Solutionmanufacture original equipment and Joseph, Head of IT at Gabriel India. “The The company upgraded fromcomponents for the automotive industry Parwanoo plant was opened in 2007, its existing SAP Business Oneboth within India and internationally. and the Khandsa plant in 2008 – and we solution to SAP ERP 6.0, and are already planning to build additional migrated from HP hardwareGabriel India specializes in ride control facilities in northern India. From an and Microsoft SQL Server to aproducts (shock-absorbers, front forks IT perspective, this rapid expansion fully IBM solution: an IBM DB2and struts), which it supplies directly created challenges: we needed to create database running on two IBMto major car, motorcycle and heavy an IT infrastructure that could grow at Power 520 servers and supportedgoods vehicle manufacturers, and also the same rate as the business.” by an IBM System Storagesells through agents and distributors as DS5020 disk system.aftermarket products. Gabriel India had already implemented an ERP solution – SAP Business One Key benefitsFounded in 1961, the company has – to manage the financial aspects and Created a common platform forits headquarters and main plant distribution network of its aftermarket managing all major corporatein Pune and operates at five other business at individual factories. However, processes from procurementmanufacturing sites in Nashik, Dewas, customers of its OEM business placed through to distribution. For theHosur, Khandsa and Parwanoo. greater emphasis on production control, first time, production processesIt employs around 2,900 people, and the company wanted to introduce at all six manufacturing sites willproduces 20 million units per year, a solution that would help to manage be controlled by a single centraland generates annual revenues of its shop floor processes more efficiently system, boosting efficiencies andapproximately 7 billion Indian Rupees. across all its plants. making better use of resources.Case study
  2. 2. Moving to an enterprise-class platform “We liked the SAP Business One “We asked SAP solution, but it is primarily designed for for advice, they small to mid-sized businesses, and we recommended DB2:Business Challenge needed an enterprise-level solution,” it is their preferred says Joseph. “Upgrading to SAP ERP database, and theyGabriel India Ltd operates six main 6.0 was the obvious choice, because work closely withmanufacturing sites across the it has strong capabilities in terms of IBM to optimizecountry, and plans to open additional production planning and materials performance andplants in northern India. management, and we realized we could reliability via a use it to streamline processes and strategic roadmapTo streamline operations and boost efficiencies by uniting all of our for synchronizedsupport growth, the company plants into a single solution.” development. In fact,wanted to move to a single central the close allianceenterprise resource planning To support the move to a single SAP between IBM and(ERP) solution that would support ERP instance for all its production SAP is a majormanufacturing processes as well as facilities, Gabriel India needed to advantage in allfinance and distribution. rethink its infrastructure. Its existing respects, because architecture – Intel processor-based it ensures good HP Proliant machines running technical support Microsoft Windows Server and and a stable platform Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases for the future.” – was struggling to deliver adequate performance even for SAP Business Mr Edwin Joseph, One, and the predicted resource Head of IT, Gabriel India Ltd requirements for SAP ERP were far higher. as well as their database – and we Choosing a new infrastructure were keen to stay with SAP. Moreover, “Our biggest concern was the when we asked SAP for advice, they performance of the database platform, recommended DB2: it is their preferred so we began looking for alternatives,” database, and they work closely with explains Joseph. “We looked at Oracle IBM to optimize performance and and IBM DB2, but Oracle wanted us reliability via a strategic roadmap for to use their business applications synchronized development. In fact, the 2
  3. 3. close alliance between IBM and SAP AIX and IBM Power servers wasis a major advantage in all respects, a popular option,” says Joseph.because it ensures good technical “This combination had a very goodsupport and a stable platform for the reputation, and we visited a numberfuture.” of reference customers such as SKH Metals and Mahindra & Mahindra SolutionRunning IBM DB2 on IBM AIX enables to see how it worked in real-worldfeatures such as Deep Compression, environments. We were impressed with The company upgraded from itswhich allows companies to reduce what we saw. existing SAP Business One solutiondata storage requirements by up to 70 to SAP ERP 6.0, and migrated frompercent while also boosting database “Moreover, we appreciated the HP hardware and Microsoft SQLperformance. This is particularly efforts made by the IBM presales and Server to a fully IBM solution: an IBMvaluable in database-intensive technical teams, who took time to DB2 database running on two IBMenvironments such as SAP ERP, where explain the advantages of IBM Power Power 520 servers and supported byimproved database throughput can features such as virtualization and show an IBM System Storage DS5020 diskhave a significant effect on overall us how we could improve efficiencies system.response times. and reduce IT management workload.” The company also upgraded itsAnother advantage of using DB2 with Working with KPMG, the company network infrastructure, providingSAP is the DBA Cockpit, which enables evaluated the IBM Power servers faster access to SAP applications forIT staff to manage the DB2 environment against an HP alternative, and found users across the country.from within the SAP interface, making that the results confirmed its positiveit easier to integrate administration impression of the hardware. The ITtasks and save time. The Gabriel India team decided to go ahead with theteam calculated that it could reduce implementation, and set up a projectdatabase administration workload steering committee that includedconsiderably by moving from local members from SAP India and IBM India.Microsoft SQL Server instances to acentralized DB2 solution, since a single Efficient implementationIT team at the main site will be able to The combined project team frommanage the entire environment. IBM Global Technology Services and Gabriel India then installed the“We also investigated what other new infrastructure at the company’sIndian companies are doing in their main data center in Pune, set up theSAP environments, and we found virtualization and connected thethat running SAP with DB2 on IBM storage. The initial implementation 3
  4. 4. was completed on schedule, and IBM Global Technology Services will continue to work with Gabriel India as “We are confident that the solution is rolled out across the the IBM infrastructure company’s plants. we have chosenKey Solution Components has been optimized The full set-up included three IBM to deliver excellentIndustry Power 520 servers, each with two performance forIndustrial products quad-core 4.7 GHz IBM POWER6 our new SAP ERP processors, that would run the SAP environment...Applications ERP, SAP NetWeaver Business We have had noSAP® ERP 6.0, SAP Document Warehouse and IBM DB2 environments. hardware or supportManagement System, SAP “The IBM Power servers provide problems in theNetWeaver® Business Warehouse, excellent performance, and the year since the initialSAP BusinessObjects virtualization capabilities are very implementation.” impressive,” says Joseph.Hardware Mr Edwin Joseph,IBM® Power® 520 servers, IBM “By running the SAP applications and Head of IT, Gabriel India LtdSystem x3550 M2 servers with two databases in dynamic logical partitionsdual-core 1.86 GHz Intel Xeon ® ®E5502 processors, IBM SystemStorage® DS5020 disk storage andIBM TS3100 tape library, CISCO 24-port SAN switchesSoftwareIBM AIX®, IBM DB2®ServicesIBM Global Technology Services
  5. 5. development environments for an SAP BusinessObjects solution.“The IBM Power servers provide “When we have been running the main excellent SAP ERP environment for a year or performance, and so, we expect SAP BusinessObjects Business Benefits the virtualization to become a very useful tool for capabilities are analyzing current and historical • Near 100 percent uptime for core very impressive. By data and identifying trends,” says business applications on the IBM running the SAP Joseph. “As demand for business Power 750 server applications and intelligence increases, the flexibility databases in dynamic and performance of the IBM System • Reduced administration workload logical partitions x servers will become more and more that saves one full-time employee [LPARs], we can valuable.” equivalent adjust the allocation. of processing and From the storage perspective, the • Saved around 50 percent of memory resources in team implemented an IBM System predicted capital expenditure real time” Storage DS5020 disk system, and thanks to virtualized servers for a TS3100 tape library – providing key SAP production and other Mr Edwin Joseph, high-performance storage and applications Head of IT, Gabriel India Ltd offline backup capabilities for 6 TB of business data. To improve I/O • Increased user productivity through throughput and boost performance automated data backup across[LPARs], we can adjust the allocation for users across India, the network around 30 serversof processing and memory resources was also upgraded with two 24-portin real time. Within these boundaries, CISCO SAN switches, raising the total • Savings of more than 60 percent ofthe systems autonomously manage bandwidth to 8 Gbps. tape capacity thanks to advancedresources in sub-second dynamics, data compressionwhich ensures that each server handles Enhancing performanceits aggregate workload with maximum “With a central data center, one of theefficiency and optimal overall system key challenges is to be able to supportutilization.” users who are working at plants that may be 1,500 km away,” says Joseph.In addition, three IBM Systemx3550 servers with Intel Xeon “Our tests have shown that this newprocessors would run production and infrastructure delivers very good
  6. 6. IBM Deutschland GmbH D-70548 Stuttgart IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of other IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at for remote users, even on an improvement in performance, Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeona laptop over a wireless connection!” even though the new applications logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the UnitedThe new architecture delivers response are more resource-intensive than States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United Statestimes of less than 400 ms for session our previous systems. We have also and other countries. Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, oropening, which is an improvement on been impressed with the support and both. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and thethe 1,000 ms response times in the training provided by IBM India – we Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries,existing HP and Microsoft SQL Server have had no hardware or support or both.environment. problems in the year since the initial Other company, product or service names may be trademarks, or service marks of others. implementation, and our system This case study illustrates how one IBM customerA platform for the future administrators are now able to handle uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors haveWith the hardware in place, the day-to-day management of the AIX contributed to the results and benefits described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. AllGabriel India began the SAP ERP and DB2 environments without external information contained herein was provided by the featured customer and/or IBM Business Partner.implementation. The new solution is support.” IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited represent how some customersalready live at its plant in Pune, and will have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs andbe rolled out to the remaining plants performance characteristics will vary dependingover the next six to nine months. During on individual customer configurations and conditions.this time, the company will also switch This publication is for general guidance only.its aftermarket business over from SAP Photographs may show design models. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved.Business One to SAP ERP.“At the moment, we have purchasedlicenses for 150 SAP users, but weexpect this number to increase,especially if we open the new plants in © Copyright 2011 SAP AG SAP AGthe north of the country,” says Joseph. Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 D-69190 Walldorf“For this reason, we have sized the SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP productshardware to support 300 users, which and services mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany andwill give us flexibility as the business several other countries.grows over the next few years.”He concludes: “We are confident thatthe IBM infrastructure we have chosenhas been optimized to deliver excellentperformance for our new SAP ERPenvironment. We are already noticing SPC03295-INEN-01 (September 2011)