Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Rica client reference


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Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Rica client reference

  1. 1. we know they knowMinisterio de Hacienda de Costa Ricacuts 10 percent from tax managementcosts with IBM and SAP Overview The Challenge  The Benefits  Key Solution Components The Ministerio de Hacienda With clear workflows and integrated Industry: Government (Ministry of Finance) aimed information, SAP ERP has enabled Applications: SAP® ERP 6.0, SAP to computerize the national the Ministry to cut its tax NetWeaver Business Warehouse, tax payment system for Costa management costs by 10 percent – SAP NetWeaver® Portal Rica. The main goals were to expected to rise to 20 percent in the Hardware: IBM System x® 3950 M2, improve internal efficiency and coming years. As one of the largest x3850 M2, x3650, IBM transparency, and to make it global deployments of SAP BladeCenter® with Intel® Xeon® possible for taxpayers to make NetWeaver Portal, the Ministry’s processor 7500 series, IBM System payments and manage their portal solution has approximately Storage® DS5300 with Metro Mirror, accounts online. To successfully 560,000 registered users, with IBM System Storage TS3500 deploy its new ERP solution and an around 60,000 concurrent users at Software: IBM Tivoli® Storage integrated Web portal, the Ministry peak times. For both elements in Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage needed to find a reliable partner to the solution, IBM System x Productivity Center, Microsoft® help it create a robust infrastructure. technology delivers a reliable, high- Windows® Server 2003, Microsoft speed service to the Ministry and to SQL Server® 2005 The Solution Costa Rican taxpayers. Services: IBM Global Technology Working with GBM, a strategic Services, IBM Business Partner partner of IBM in Central America, GBM the Ministry chose to implement SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP NetWeaver Portal running on IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter servers. Resilient, high-performance data storage is provided by IBM System Storage disk and tape storage technologies, split across two data centers with data synchronization using IBM DS5300 with Metro Mirror and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
  2. 2. “In just four months since The Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry the first priority was to deploy an ERP the go-live of the SAP of Finance) of the Republic of Costa solution that would be robust, reliable Rica is responsible for executing fiscal and highly scalable. On top of that, we solutions, we have seen policy, managing public funds, needed a portal that could cope with a a 10 percent reduction administering the taxation system and very large set of users without impact in overall tax running customs and revenue. The on performance or reliability. And, of management costs. In Ministry employs 3,500 people and is course, it was critical to ensure the longer-term, as we headquartered in the capital city, San complete integration between the José. internal systems and the client-facing gain more experience Web portal.” using the SAP solutions, Aiming to improve administrative we believe that we can efficiency, reduce costs and improve Saving costs and improving service push the savings to as customer service, the Ministry took a Using the collection and disbursement much as 20 percent.” strategic decision to computerize its application within SAP ERP, the tax payments system. This project – Ministry has improved the efficiency of Gabriela Espinoza named the Digital Tributary Initiative – managing taxes and state benefits for IT Director would involve two principal stages. the citizens of Costa Rica. Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Rica First, the Ministry would deploy an integrated ERP solution to provide fast, “In just four months since the go-live of efficient workflows and integrated the SAP solutions, we have seen a 10 information. Second, an online portal percent reduction in overall tax would be created to enable taxpayers management costs,” says Gabriela to report their taxable income, make Espinoza. “In the longer-term, as we payments, review the status of their gain more experience using the SAP accounts and access new regulatory solutions, we believe that we can push information. the savings to as much as 20 percent.” Gabriela Espinoza, IT Director, The SAP environment is integrated comments: “We wanted to digitize the with Microsoft Office SharePoint entire tax contribution system, Server, enabling Ministry employees to covering more than 500,000 taxpayers easily create and share customized and an enormous volume of data. So views of data held in the ERP system. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) is also part of the solution, providing advanced analytical capabilities for business analysts, helping with planning and simulation, balanced scorecard, and data mining. “The SAP solutions have given us the ability to share aggregated data faster and to gain a clearer view across different internal functions,” says Gabriela Espinoza. The deployment of a new Web portal for taxpayers, based on SAP NetWeaver Portal, has extended the benefits of the SAP solution beyond the Ministry. In one of the largest global deployments of this solution, the portal has approximately 560,000 registered
  3. 3. users, with around 60,000 concurrent technology in Central American and “The IBM infrastructureusers at peak times. Taxpayers can the Caribbean. The Ministry gave us everything welog in online to view their private tax recognized the value of the IBM needed in terms ofaccount, check their balance, report Dynamic Infrastructure proposal,changes in income, make payments which include energy efficiency, reliability, scalability,and find out the latest tax legislation. In business resiliency, security and performance andaddition to empowering the citizens of flexibility of information infrastructure. flexibility – and bothCosta Rica to manage their own tax In purely practical terms, the Ministry IBM and GBM did aaffairs at their own convenience, the was running out of space and energy fantastic job on theportal solution significantly reduces in the data center, a critical factor, andadministrative work and external the IBM proposal offered the ability to implementation andcommunication costs for the Ministry achieve more within a more cost- subsequent support.”of Finance. effective and smaller, greener IT Gabriela Espinoza footprint. IT Director“It was important to get people Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Ricaenthusiastic about using the new “The IBM and SAP solution was theonline service, and that meant best option for us, both in terms of theensuring a good user experience. quality of the technology and the levelRunning SAP NetWeaver Portal on the of professional services and supportIBM infrastructure gives us the on offer,” says Gabriela Espinoza. “Theperformance and availability we need quality of the local partner was ato offer a high level of service to significant factor: GBM made a muchtaxpayers,” says Gabriela Espinoza. more convincing presentation, with clear technical information that wasSolution selection lacking in the offering from the HPThe Ministry selected the SAP ERP partner.”application as the closest fit to itsrequirements, based on an analysis of In the previous decade, Ministerio defunctionality, total cost of ownership, Hacienda has used HP servers. Forsupport structures and flexibility. The the new SAP ERP project, Ministerioability to seamlessly integrate SAP de Hacienda felt that GBM and IBMNetWeaver Portal into the back-end presented a complete package:ERP system was also a factor in the consulting services, training anddecision. maintenance, as well as proving that IBM BladeCenter was the best, mostAs an existing user of HP server robust infrastructure for SAP. Top-leveltechnology, the Ministry included this IBM and SAP specialists were brought TECHNICAL LANDSCAPEvendor in a broad analysis of possible in for on-on-one meetings with Servers: IBM System x3950 M2, IBMinfrastructure solutions for the ERP Ministerio de Hacienda IT team, and System x3850 M2, IBM Systemsystem and tax payments portal. since moving to SAP applications was x3650, IBM BladeCenter with IntelFollowing this initial evaluation stage, a in itself a new adventure, the quality Xeon processor 7500 series, IBMshortlist was drawn up to compare the and reliability of the IBM proposal System Storage DS5300 with Metrorelative merits of solution proposals proved very attractive. Mirrorfrom HP and from IBM. The key criteria Software: IBM Tivoli Storagefor hardware selection were: Flexible, efficient servers Productivity Center, Metro Mirror, IBMacquisition cost, total cost of The Ministry worked with IBM Techline Tivoli Storage Manager, SAP ERP,ownership, quality of system to determine the performance and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse,management tools and overall energy capacity requirements of its future SAP SAP NetWeaver Portalefficiency. landscape and to define the required Users: 60,000 concurrent users and server and storage infrastructure. 560,000 total users of SAP NetWeaverThe IBM option was presented by Aided by GBM and IBM Global PortalGBM – the exclusive distributor of IBM Technology Services, the Ministry then
  4. 4. deployed IBM System x3950 M2, capacity. The TPC solution enables performance and flexibility – and bothx3850 M2 and x3650 servers running the Ministry to intelligently manage IBM and GBM did a fantastic job onMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 to data protection and retention and to the implementation and subsequentsupport the SAP central instance. provide alerts on capacity and support,” concludes Gabriela availability issues. IBM System Espinoza.The huge advantage of this choice is Storage DS5300 Metro Mirrorthat x3850 M2 servers can be replicates all data to a duplicate SANupgraded to become x3950 M2 in a second location, ensuring a highservers, which themselves can scale level of business continuity in the eventup to 16 sockets for quad-core Intel of a disaster.Xeon processors per server, totaling amassive 96 cores. The x3850 M2 and “One of the key benefits of SAP ERP is IBM Deutschland GmbHx3950 M2 combination offers that it brings all of the organization’s D-70548 Stuttgartenormous scope for expansion, business-critical data into a single, of meeting almost any consistent store,” says Gabriela IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation,foreseeable workload for the Ministry. Espinoza. “For the organization to registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A make the most of the solution, you current list of other IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademarkIBM BladeCenter servers run the therefore need to have resilient, high- information” at SAP application servers, performance storage. The IBM System copytrade.shtmlproviding a rapid and easy growth Storage infrastructure combines ease Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofpath through the ability to slot in new of management with sophisticated Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the Unitedblades as demands rise. The Ministry automation, enabling us to deliver an States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the Uniteduses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as excellent service to the business users States and other countries. Linux is a trademarkthe database for its SAP environment. at low operational costs.” of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks of“The x3950 and x3850 servers IBM provides resilient platform for SAP Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.provide significant computing power software Other company, product or service names mayin a very compact physical package,” The IBM and SAP solution provides be trademarks, or service marks of others.says Gabriela Espinoza. “This was significant benefits in terms of both This case study illustrates how one IBMreally important as we were running business and technology. On the customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors haveout of space, power and cooling in our business side, the integrated contributed to the results and benefitsdata center. The System x architecture information and fully managed described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein waswith IBM X-Architecture enabled us to workflows provided by the SAP provided by the featured customer and/or IBMget the best possible performance out software simplify internal Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited representof the hardware, creating a highly administration, reduce costs and how some customers have used IBM productsefficient infrastructure that is also enable better planning for the future. and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performanceeasily scalable. With BladeCenter, we For external users, SAP NetWeaver characteristics will vary depending on individualhave similar efficiency and an Portal saves time and effort, and gives customer configurations and conditions.extremely rapid scale-out capability.” taxpayers full control over their This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models. dealings with the Ministry. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2010. All rights reserved.Resilient storageData for the SAP environment is stored On the technology side, the IBMon a SAN built around an IBM System infrastructure provides a resilient,Storage DS5300 and an IBM System high-performance, easy-to-manageStorage TS3500 Tape Library for platform for the SAP software.backup and archiving. The Ministryuses IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to “We had never before embarked on an © Copyright 2010 SAP AG SAP AGhandle backup and recovery, and IBM IT project of this scale, so we needed Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16Tivoli Storage Productivity Center technology and support that we could D-69190 Walldorf(TPC) for Data to monitor storage really rely on. The IBM infrastructure SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP products and services mentioned herein areusage and automate the policy-based gave us everything we needed in trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG inmanagement of the available storage terms of reliability, scalability, Germany and several other countries. SPC03175-CREN-00 (March 2010)