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Gemeente(Government, SAP/Power systems, HP)


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Gemeente(Government, SAP/Power systems, HP)

  1. 1. we know they knowGemeente Goes hosts SAP applications forsix municipalities on IBM i Gemeente Goes is the local council for Overview the city and municipality of Goes in the south-western Netherlands. The Challenge  The Benefits Traditionally an agricultural area, Goes Gemeente Goes and five other Consolidating to a single Power 550 has grown rapidly since 1970 and is Dutch municipalities (‘gemeentes’) Express server reduces hardware, now the fourth largest economic were running CiVision Belastingen maintenance and support costs by center in Zeeland. The municipality & Kadaster Suite, a qualified approximately 40 percent. IBM i has more than 36,000 inhabitants, and SAP Business All‑in‑One partner subsystems provide a highly secure the gemeente employs 420 people. solution from PinkRoccade Local and reliable environment even for a Government, on a variety of IBM mixed workload of multiple legacy Like many gemeentes in the and HP platforms on separate and SAP applications. IBM Netherlands, Goes was using CiVision servers at their own data centers. POWER6 processors deliver Belastingen & Kadaster Suite, a Hardware costs were relatively high, excellent performance for the qualified SAP Business All-in-One and obtaining local support was combined overall workload. partner solution from PinkRoccade difficult and expensive. Local Government, to manage its  Key Solution Components financial processes – including the The Solution Industry Government specialized tax calculations that are Working with PinkRoccade Local Applications: CiVision Belastingen required by Dutch law. Government, the six municipalities & Kadaster Suite, a qualified consolidated their SAP Business SAP® Business All‑in‑One partner “The SAP Business All-in-One solution All‑in‑One environments into solution from PinkRoccade Local from PinkRoccade Local Government separate IBM i subsystems within Government, SAP Business All‑ is vital for our financial processes – a single logical partition on an IBM in‑One for Public Sector, SAP giving us an end-to-end way to Power 550 Express server running NetWeaver® 7.0 manage crucial processes such as at the Gemeente Goes data center. ® Hardware: IBM Power™ 550 municipal taxation,” says Patrick The subsystems also run a number Express with IBM POWER6™ Schouw, Head of the IT Department at of legacy applications in mixed processors Gemeente Goes. workload mode. Software: IBM i, IBM DB2® for i Services: IBM Business Partner Gemeente Goes was also running a PinkRoccade Local Government number of legacy applications on the IBM i platform, to support
  2. 2. “The beauty of the administrative functions such as gemeentes began to investigate ways subsystem approach is citizen registration and other public to work together to find a solution. services. With limited IT resources, that you can run managing and supporting the server Consolidating to a single server completely separate hardware and applications was “Our SAP environments are all systems within a single difficult. relatively small – we don’t have more logical partition and a than 100 concurrent users between single instance of the Making the most of limited resources us,” explains Wilko Fokke, staff “The IBM i platform is well known for its member at Gemeente Noord- IBM i operating system. stability, so it was a good choice from Beveland. “We realized that by This can significantly the point of view of maintaining our IT leveraging the latest generation of IBM reduce software environment – but even so, we had to POWER6 processors, we would be licensing costs.” either employ one person full-time to able to consolidate all six manage the infrastructure, or environments to one physical server – Michaël Leushuis outsource the work to an external saving hardware costs and Manager System Technology provider,” comments Patrick Schouw. centralizing server management in a PinkRoccade Local Government “Moreover, replacing the hardware single location.” every three or four years was a significant cost.” Goes is the largest of the six municipalities, and also the most Gemeente Goes and several other central; as a result, it was chosen to gemeentes in the nearby area – host the new IBM Power 550 Express Kapelle, Noord-Beveland, server, which contains four IBM Reimerswaal, Tholen and Borsele – POWER6 cores of which two are realized that they were all facing the currently active, 80GB of memory and same issue: their SAP and legacy 3TB of disk storage. The other environments were running on a gemeentes laid new fiber optic links variety of platforms, including IBM i, between their main sites and the HP-UX and Linux, with DB2, Oracle or Gemeente Goes data center, enabling MaxDB databases, and they wanted to users to access the SAP applications move to a more cost-effective from a distance of many kilometers. infrastructure. With the help of PinkRoccade Local Government, an IBM i and subsystems IBM Business Partner, these six PinkRoccade Local Government helped to architect and configure the new solution, exploiting the IBM i subsystem feature that allows multiple runtime environments within an IBM i LPAR. A single logical partition runs the IBM i operating system and its integrated DB2 database to support the SAP applications. The IBM i partition is divided into seven subsystems – one production environment for each of the gemeentes, and a single test environment shared by all six. “The beauty of the subsystem approach is that you can run completely separate systems within a single logical partition and a single
  3. 3. instance of the IBM i operating minimize system management tasks, “The IBM i sharedsystem,” explains Michaël Leushuis, and it tends to improve back up infrastructure modelManager System Technology, at reliability and ease. The complete reduces the need to run,PinkRoccade Local Government. portfolio, which includes internet-“This can significantly reduce software based applications, is up and running maintain and replacelicensing costs.” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. numerous expensive physical servers, and weHe adds, “Even better, you can run the In the case of Gemeente Goes, no longer have tosubsystems in mixed workload mode – ExtraVar configured the appropriate employ serverwhich enables them to handle both environment based on the sizingSAP and legacy applications requests from PinkRoccade Local management specialistssimultaneously, prioritizing the Government. Several different options at every gemeente.”workload in an intelligent manner and were developed, concluding with a Patrick Schouwensuring the best possible specific configuration tailored for the Head of the IT Departmentperformance. PinkRoccade Local customer environment. Gemeente GoesGovernment has been a pioneer of thisapproach in the Netherlands, and Introducing SAP NetWeaverthese six gemeentes have used it to The new server has also enabledachieve considerable improvements in expansion of the SAP environments.both performance and cost- Prior to this project, the gemeentes ofefficiency.” Goes, Noord-Beveland and Reimerswaal had not yet implementedSo far, all six of the main SAP ERP the SAP NetWeaver technologyenvironments have been moved onto platform. The performance andthe new server, as well as the legacy capacity of the new server enabledapplications from Noord-Beveland’s four new SAP NetWeaver instances toexisting IBM i environment. The next be deployed rapidly, with no need tostep is to migrate the IBM i legacy buy, install, manage and support anyworkload from two of the other additional hardware.gemeentes. Finally, the legacyapplications of the remaining three “Currently, Tholen and Kapelle aregemeentes, which are currently running their SAP NetWeaverrunning on HP-UX, will be ported to environments on Linux and Windowseither IBM i or Linux– which can also servers, but we plan to upgrade ourrun on the same IBM Power 550 IBM Power 550 Express to provideExpress server, in a separate LPAR enough capacity for them to beparallel with IBM i. consolidated too,” comments Patrick Schouw.IBM Business Partner ExtraVar andPinkRoccade Local Government “The Power 550 architecture is highlyworked together closely on designing scalable, so it will be easy to increasethe appropriate hardware the capacity as and when we need it.infrastructure for the applications, and Enabling expansion without addingdeveloped the concept of mixed complexity is a key advantage of thisworkload in partnership with IBM. solution – helping us deploy new SAP applications and innovate in ourWith the mixed workload approach, business processes withoutdifferent applications run within the increasing costs or workload.”same operating system image,improving the interoperability of the Optimizing operational costsdata contained in the different “Many local government ITdatabases. The simplicity helps to departments have problems meeting
  4. 4. all their requirement with limited Over the lifetime of ourresources, and it is hard to do it well,” new IBM Power 550adds Patrick Schouw. “The IBM i Express server, we will IBM Deutschland GmbHshared infrastructure concept reduces D-70548 Stuttgartthe need to run, maintain and replace make considerable ibm.com/solutions/sapnumerous expensive physical servers, savings on hardware, IBM, the IBM logo, and ibm.com are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation,and we no longer have to employ software licensing and registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Aserver management specialists at current list of other IBM trademarks is available operational costs. At on the Web at “Copyright and trademarkevery gemeente.” Noord-Beveland we information” at http://www.ibm.com/legal/ copytrade.shtmlThe next steps are to improve the estimate that we will Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofservice level agreement with a high achieve cost reductions Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the Unitedavailability and disaster recovery of approximately 40 States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the Uniteddesign that is being discussed with the percent.” States and other countries. Linux is a trademarksame partners (IBM, PinkRoccade of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, WindowsLocal Government and ExtraVar). Part Wilko Fokke NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks ofof this design is the integrated Gemeente Noord-Beveland Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.replication technologies of Other company, product or service names mayIBM i-Cluster. As well as the enhanced be trademarks, or service marks of others.disaster recovery protection, planned This case study illustrates how one IBMdowntime for maintenance can be customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors havegreatly reduced and the server contributed to the results and benefitsutilization can be improved even described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein wasfurther. provided by the featured customer and/or IBM Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited representWilko Fokke concludes: “Over the how some customers have used IBM productslifetime of our new IBM Power 550 and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performanceExpress server, we will make characteristics will vary depending on individualconsiderable savings on hardware, customer configurations and conditions.software licensing and operational This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models.costs. At Noord-Beveland we estimate © Copyright IBM Corp. 2009. All rights reserved.that we will achieve cost reductions ofapproximately 40 percent, and theother gemeentes should be makingsimilar savings. As public-fundedorganizations, it is important for us toget the best possible value for tax- © Copyright 2009 SAP AGpayers’ money; this solution from IBM SAP AGand PinkRoccade Local Government Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 D-69190 Walldorfgives us all the advantages of a SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAPmodern SAP environment without products and services mentioned herein areincurring significant costs.” trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries. SPC03109-NLEN-00 (June 2009)