Smarter systemsSmarter Systems for aSmarter PlanetSystems optimized for the needs and workloads of asmarter planet
2   Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetThe world is getting smarter—from reducing gridlock byreworking traffic systems to...
Smarter systems   3Could one system handle these various workloads? Sure.           Achieving the business performance and...
4   Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet●   IBM System z® servers provide the world’s fastest and most      ●   Business I...
Smarter systems   5●   Business Process Management—For many organizations,    managing a wide array of business processes ...
6   Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM offers design and implementation networking services to        Enterprise ERP,...
Smarter systems   7Managing risk, security and compliance                            Examples of IBM security capabilities...
Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetThe world we live and work in is more complex, quickly mov-ing and more demanding than...
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Smarter Systems For A Smarter Planet Customer Brochure- Network Management


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This 8-page brochure describes the need for smarter systems today, particularly for 5 key customer needs: - Achieve business performance and scale required - Discover insights and optimize processes in real time - Deliver operational efficiency and business agility - Improve management of vast amounts of data - Manage risk, security and compliance.

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Smarter Systems For A Smarter Planet Customer Brochure- Network Management

  1. 1. Smarter systemsSmarter Systems for aSmarter PlanetSystems optimized for the needs and workloads of asmarter planet
  2. 2. 2 Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetThe world is getting smarter—from reducing gridlock byreworking traffic systems to reducing energy footprints withthe help of advanced networks of power meters on smarterpower grids. Today, people are thinking bigger—imagininghow businesses and the systems that run them can be instru-mented and interconnected with other systems and madeintelligent. Today, forward-thinking organizations are settingthe stage for unprecedented innovation, improved productiv-ity, and better business performance.Opportunities are limitless, resourcesare notThat’s why IBM is thinking differently about the way wedesign, develop and deliver systems. Instead of just focusingon individual software and hardware products, we look at theworld from an integrated, business perspective—deliveringsmarter systems that address the core IT and business capabil-ities organizations need. Smarter systems are intentionallydesigned to:● Achieve the business performance and scale required Today’s workloads demand optimized● Discover insights and optimize processes in real time systems● Deliver operational efficiency and business agility If we take a deeper look at the workloads that run our world,● Improve management of vast amounts of data it is clear that not all workloads are created equally. Your busi-● Manage risk, security and compliance ness has various workloads. And different workloads place unique demands on systems—requiring different approachesNew application workloads are emerging, and you need to based on core application function, data management, usageintegrate applications and drive more decisions in real time. patterns, service levels, and integration with other applicationsNow more than ever there is a need to optimize for perform- and systems. Workloads run more efficiently when matchedance and cost. Pivotal to optimizing these systems is a deep with the right computing resources; one size does not fit all.understanding of the business needs and the workloads thatrun on them. For example, supporting an SAP application requires a differ- ent balance of transaction processing and database activityThis way of thinking is influencing the way IBM is designing than business intelligence and analytics workloads deliveringand building systems and how they will be configured going business insight to line managers and executives. Similarly,forward. A general purpose approach to systems design will no enterprise collaboration applications require a different bal-longer achieve the performance and business outcomes ance of IT system resources than applications used to handlerequired on a smarter planet. the complex, high volume business processes of an organiza- tion or those that manage a data center and keep it running efficiently.
  3. 3. Smarter systems 3Could one system handle these various workloads? Sure. Achieving the business performance andCould a single system optimize these workloads across the scale requiredmultiple dimensions of cost, security, reliability and speed? Smarter systems move beyond simple speeds and feeds. In aProbably not. smarter system, performance is defined by a set of attributes critical to both technology and business metrics. ReducingIBM can help. IBM delivers smarter systems that are power consumption is one thing. Reducing it without reduc-workload optimized—software and hardware that have been ing performance is quite another. The scalability of a solutionoptimized to meet unique needs across a portfolio of should never be an inhibitor to growth. With the ever-platforms. A workload-optimized system is integrated and growing amount of data requiring processing and theoptimized from the processor design through database, mid- velocity with which it comes in, the need for faster handling ofdleware and applications to handle specific workloads. Often, transactions with integrity and reliability becomes critical. Toit includes services to accelerate time to value. On a smarter achieve lower costs and higher performance requires a balanc-planet, you have a choice of systems to best match the ing act. Smarter performance means balanced systems built toworkloads unique to your business, giving you faster time to scale flexibly and efficiently, coupled more closely than evervalue and improved price performance. IBM is using the with smarter software to deliver an environment optimized forbreadth of its portfolio of hardware and software and its the business. We work to tune and integrate these systems onunmatched expertise to deliver new levels of innovation and our end before you even open the box, leveraging technologyintegration—across the whole spectrum of solutions you and software to reduce the complexity—making things easiermay need. to install and ready for work. IBM offers a range of systems designed to meet your needsSmarter systems are workload-optimized: today that can also efficiently scale to meet your needs in the future:As the world becomes increasing interconnected andintelligent, there is a noticeable trend in organizations that ● IBM® System x® servers combine x86 industry standardswant to get smarter about their use of IT. with IBM innovation, resulting in increased efficiency,Organizations have an insatiable need to seamlessly deal performance and ease of use. They are available in a varietywith greater volume and velocity of data, garner actionable of form factors from large-scale data center installations—business insight from their information faster, and ensure including blades—and are flexible enough to match specificbusiness process agility and greater data center efficiencies business requirements.from their IT operations. These needs create different work- ● IBM Power Systems™ offer scalable performance optionsload challenges and demands on systems. including blades and easy-to-grow modular servers, withIBM optimizes its software and hardware to meet the new efficient virtualization for server consolidation and lowerworkload requirements of a smarter planet. cost, workload optimization for rapid cloud infrastructure deployment, and a broad range of business solutions based on AIX®, IBM i and Linux® To see how IBM clients are using smarter systems, visit:
  4. 4. 4 Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet● IBM System z® servers provide the world’s fastest and most ● Business Intelligence and Analytics—To analyze massive scalable enterprise system, designed to reduce the cost, amounts of data in a timeframe that matters, you need a complexity and inefficiency of today’s multiarchitecture data foundation of powerful systems. But raw performance isn’t centers while delivering the availability, security and man- enough. A successful analytics solution must include data ageability needed to make tomorrow’s clouds ready for busi- warehouse, business intelligence, data mining, text analysis ness today. and cubing capabilities. But to make the system work effi- ciently and implement quickly, these capabilities must beBy leveraging optimized software and hardware, IBM is able tightly integrated and optimized—built on the hardwareto offer smarter systems for Transaction Processing and foundation.Database Application Workloads. To help with this, IBM offers a range of Smart AnalyticsThe IBM pureScale™ Application System, which is optimized Systems designed to transform information into real businessfor transactional workloads such as e-commerce, and enter- insight in a timeframe that matters to your organization.prise applications such as SAP, delivers unmatched database IBM Smart Analytics Systems are designed to offer everythingscalability and availability to meet the most demanding trans- you need for business analytics—in an integrated, packagedaction processing needs for performance, flexibility and solution. The IBM Smart Analytics System family spans mul-integrity. The IBM pureScale Application System is built on a tiple hardware platforms and architectures, providing maxi-powerful IBM server, storage, and data management platform mum flexibility for deployment. They are fully integrated andthat includes both IBM DB2® database software and optimized so you can implement a solution in days or weeksWebSphere® Application Server software. instead of the months it might take to build and integrate a solution from individual pieces. This implementation approach is key to rapid delivery of value.Discover insight and optimize decisionsand processes—in real timeOrganizations are telling us that in order to meet their goalsfor profitability, revenue, cost reduction, and risk managementthey know they can’t continue to operate the way they have inthe past. Traditional approaches to analyzing and optimizingtheir business have only taken them so far. They need to movebeyond “sense and respond” to be able to predict and act byapplying business analytics to better understand performanceand make better decisions. In addition, they need to “worksmarter” to discover, interact and optimize their existing busi-ness processes to further increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  5. 5. Smarter systems 5● Business Process Management—For many organizations, managing a wide array of business processes is costly and Integrated systems by design time consuming. IBM offers the IBM BPM suite and serv- To address the needs of today’s smarter planet, ices, designed to enhance the efficiency of business process IBM specifically designs integrated systems that redefine management (BPM) and reduce costs by improving visibility performance and optimize resources to deliver the highest into processes, discovering new areas for optimization and possible value. automating tasks. Integrated systems are designed from the outset to be workload optimized, intentionally designed for specificYour organization might need flexible and dynamic processes workloads. This means you are able to choose a systemthat are integrated across multiple disparate systems, process that best matches your unique needs. With the right combi-owners, business users and IT to support collaboration and nation of components, from the silicon up through thedirect engagement with process improvement. You might need software, you get greater agility, lower costs, and fastercontent-centric processes such as case management with time to value.demanding compliance requirements. Regardless of whether Smarter systems also give you the ability to easily workyou need the flexibility or the centricity, the IBM BPM Suite with other systems, all in a single, integrated solutionand IBM hardware can help you realize your business priori- designed to address your particular business needs.ties and evolve with you as your BPM journey continues.Delivering operational efficiency and By effectively using virtualization, you can:business agilityYour systems are your service delivery vehicles. They have to ● Consolidate resources to improve efficiency and utilizationrespond to the needs of your business—employees, customers, of IT resourcespartners—in real time. Your systems must be efficient and ● Manage workloads to improve IT staff productivity with anflexible—not only to run applications, but also to run your integrated systems management dashboardbusiness. And you need to get the most out of the investment ● Automate processes for consistent and repeatable processesyou make in your systems. based on best practices, business priorities and service level agreementsVirtualization with Integrated Service Management improves ● Optimize delivery for self-provisioned cloud services byyour business agility by helping you use your resources users, based on business imperatives, unconstrained by phys-effectively, manage your infrastructure efficiently, and gain the ical barriers or location.flexibility to meet ever-changing business demands. To meetthese challenges, organizations are virtualizing at all layers of With decades of virtualization experience, IBM offers thetheir IT architecture, including servers, storage, networks, industry’s broadest set of virtualization capabilities—fromand applications to help reduce cost, improve service and specific infrastructure and management offerings to completemanage risk. virtualization solutions for single servers and multisystem environments.
  6. 6. 6 Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM offers design and implementation networking services to Enterprise ERP, CRM and custom applications drive yoursupport a highly available and virtualized environment. business initiatives and generate revenue opportunities.IBM can help manage virtual server and storage environments Processing more transactions and collecting more customerin single and multivendor environments. information through these applications may be great for business, but unmanaged data growth can negatively impactManaging vast amounts of data your ability to provide superior service and support. Theintelligently and cost effectively effects can slow application performance, strain financial andSmarter systems can help you store the massive—and technical resources and jeopardize completing business-criticalgrowing—amounts of data while reducing IT complexity. processes on time.Your storage systems can grow exponentially, while conservingenergy, floor space and reducing management costs. Plus, IBM’s Information Management portfolio can help clients inIBM software can help to manage the data life cycle and two ways: First, IBM can help you reduce the amount ofthereby more effectively and efficiently manage data growth. information in a production enterprise application’s database; less disk space is required for application data thereby cuttingIBM System Storage solutions are designed to reduce the cost the costs of storage. And because there is less information toand complexity of managing vast amounts of data while sift through, applications process faster. IBM offers provenimproving the productivity of your storage administration archiving capabilities, allowing users to segregate historicalstaff—and storage space—as the volumes of data grow. from current data and store it securely and cost effectively. Second, for clients using DB2, its database compression capa-IBM offers a range of disk storage systems to meet these bilities can further reduce the amount of storage required bydemands: up to 30 percent.● Enterprise storage systems with capacities up to thousands of terabytes and a range of reliability and performance fea- Why IBM? Proven technology leadership: tures to support the most demanding storage challenges. With a dedication to innovation proven through an unparal-● Multiterabyte systems for organizations with growing leled commitment to research and development, IBM is the storage needs. clear leader in innovative technology.● Multigigabyte storage enclosures designed for small and medium businesses. IBM has always been dedicated to our clients’ every suc- cess. Our hardware, software and services teams work in partnership with each other and with our clients to applyAll of these systems are supported by management software technology to solve their greatest challenges and createdesigned to simplify and automate many key deployment, new value—and we have been evolving it for more thanmaintenance and recovery tasks. When you aren’t forced to 40 years.manually manage all the details of your infrastructure, you’refreed up to respond to business opportunities. You can devote We know how to help clients apply technology to deliver results. We know industries, the world of business, and howmore time to innovation. You’re better able to mitigate risk. work gets done. And we’re committed to applying this expertise to help our clients reinvent themselves and their industries—one client at a time.
  7. 7. Smarter systems 7Managing risk, security and compliance Examples of IBM security capabilities include:Sensitive organizational data is increasingly being madeavailable to a diverse set of internal and external users ● Advancing built-in hardware encryption on many serversthrough new business services. This broader exposure creates and storage devices to help secure data without performanceunprecedented opportunities for better collaboration and impact.service delivery. At the same time, it can put critical data at ● Monitoring and auditing privileged user data center activi-greater risk. ties while also protecting against outside threats at the net- work, server and desktop levels.IBM security solutions can help identify threats before they ● Real-time database activity monitoring to detect unautho-occur and help you drive new initiatives, such as securing a rized or suspicious activities.virtualized or cloud environment or enabling secure access for ● Centralizing management of encryption keys for tape andmillions of users to a new web portal. Security solutions from disk storage.IBM can also help you to reclaim your network capacity, bring ● Automating compliance auditing in heterogeneousnew services online faster, improve productivity and reduce environments.costs. IBM security solutions offer you a competitive differentiator—IBM can help you build security into your business processes supporting rapid innovation and deployment of new businessand daily operations while addressing the complexity, compli- services—while being an affordable approach for creating andance and cost challenges through a comprehensive security sustaining security and governance.framework. IBM has a long history of helping our clientssecure their environments through professional services, man-aged services and hardware and software solutions that arerecognized for leadership. IBM security solutions address:● People and identity—define user access to resources● Data and information—control the use of sensitive data● Application and process—protect applications from malicious use● Network, server and end point—address risks of network components● Physical infrastructure—provide actionable intelligence
  8. 8. Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetThe world we live and work in is more complex, quickly mov-ing and more demanding than ever. The performance of yourbusiness today hinges on your ability to meet the demands ofyour customers, partners and employees. But these demandsare changing as the world and your market change. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010 IBM CorporationTo keep up with these changes, your systems must help you Route 100 Somers, NY 10589reduce the cost and complexity of managing vast amounts ofdata; achieve the business performance and scale you need; Produced in the United States of America August 2010analyze, optimize and unlock the insights in data while All Rights Reservedimproving business processes; deliver operational efficiency IBM, the IBM logo and are trademarks or registeredand business agility; and manage risk, security and compliance. trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and otherTo meet these demands, IBM offers systems optimized for IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicateyour workloads—fully-integrated, scalable and secure—by U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at thedesign. With optimized hardware, software and services, these time this information was published. Such trademarks may also besystems are designed to offer improved performance and lower registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademarkcosts. Simply put, IBM is making systems smarter to help your information” at compete and grow. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both.For more information Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or serviceTo learn more about Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet™, marks of others.please contact your IBM marketing representative orIBM Business Partner, or visit: Please RecycleTo see how IBM clients are using smarter systems,, financing solutions from IBM Global Financingcan enable effective cash management, protection from tech-nology obsolescence, improved total cost of ownership andreturn on investment. Also, our Global Asset RecoveryServices help address environmental concerns with new, moreenergy-efficient solutions. For more information onIBM Global Financing, visit: OIB03004-USEN-01