Smarter Systems- A Workload Optimized Approach


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To succeed in today's ever changing business environment, organizations need workload optimized systems designed to provide the best performance for each specific task and to deliver the greatest return on IT investments. This brochure introduces the Smarter systems from IBM, workload optimized systems that are designed to be data-load ready. Applications, middleware, servers and storage are all pre-integrated, tested and configured—primed to deliver value from day one.

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Smarter Systems- A Workload Optimized Approach

  1. 1. IBMSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetSmarter Systems—Taking a WorkloadOptimized ApproachIntegrating software, hardware and servicesfor better performance at lower cost
  2. 2. 2 Smarter Systems–Taking a Workload Optimized ApproachTo succeed in today’s ever-changing business world,organizations need smarter IT solutions that can efficientlytransform rising volumes of data, streaming in from numerous “A workload optimized system can rundevices, into actionable insights. That transformation can what it’s supposed to run more efficiently.involve multiple tasks, from processing raw data to analyzing Not all systems do the same thing in theinformation, and each one places different demands on ITsystems. Rather than turning to general-purpose systems, same way.”which rarely deliver optimal performance for all functions,organizations need smarter systems that are workload optimized, —Joe Clabby, President, Clabby Analyticsdesigned to provide the best performance for each specific taskand to deliver the greatest return on IT investments. additional time and money to integrate and test. Even afterBenefits of a workload optimized approach integration is complete, these systems may fall short of theDesigning workload optimized smarter systems brings together performance achieved when systems are tailored for specificthe right combination of components, from silicon to software, tasks. For many organizations, the financial and technicalin an integrated solution that is designed to address a particular risks introduced by one-size-fits-all systems are just too need. They are pre-integrated and tested to ensuresmooth operation and reliability out of the box, and are Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet are workload optimizedsupported by a full range of services from IBM. These systems for specific business needs. These systems are not merelycan help maximize the value an organization receives while bundled collections of components—they are innovative,minimizing the time and resources needed for setup, training, integrated solutions that capitalize on decades of experienceconfiguration and maintenance.. and an extensive product portfolio. They take into account requirements for each workload, and they deliver the levelsIn contrast, many “one-size-fits-all” systems fail to meet the of reliability, scalability and security required by eachincreasingly complex demands placed on IT infrastructures. organization while optimizing workload performance,They often include hardware and software components that controlling costs, helping reduce risk and accelerating theare unnecessary for target workloads, and they require time to value.
  3. 3. IBM 3IBM leadership IBM software builds on that hardware foundation, helping toIBM is uniquely positioned to provide smarter systems. For more solve the most challenging needs of organizations large and small.than 40 years, IBM has developed and delivered systems that Smarter systems from IBM integrate application servers andaddress specific needs across multiple industries. In designing, databases with analytics, business intelligence and other softwaredeploying and supporting today’s systems, IBM taps into a rich set to deliver optimized, streamlined software stacks. Plus, IBMof best practices drawn from numerous real-world deployments continues to make significant investments in software, hardwareand interactions with a large community of clients, business and systems integration, including developing new software andpartners and services professionals. tailoring systems for specific workloads.Smarter systems draw upon a vast portfolio of hardware, software Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planetand services. From powerful, cost-effective x86 servers to large- Smarter systems from IBM are workload optimized andscale mainframes, IBM offers a full range of systems that can serve designed to be data-load ready. As new applications emergeas the foundation for a smarter business infrastructure. IBM and demands on systems increase, IBM is identifying keysystem offerings include IBM® System x®, IBM Power workloads that can benefit from a more tightly integrated andSystems™ and IBM System z®, plus IBM System Storage®, tuned system approach, where applications, middleware,which help deliver the price/performance, reliability and servers and storage are all pre-integrated, tested andscalability that organizations need. configured—primed to deliver value from day one. IBM offers deployment, health-check and premium support services to help ensure that the solutions operate as they“IBM is no slouch when it comes to marrying should, from the moment they are set up through the solution’s entire life cycle.its systems and software...and the companyarguably boasts a broader array of Business intelligence and analyticscomponents with which to offer a choice of The IBM Smart Analytics System, which is optimized for analytical workloads, enables you to rapidly deployintegrated systems.” comprehensive IBM business analytics. It is built on a powerful IBM server, storage and data management—Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group platform that integrates leading data warehouse, business reporting and analytics capabilities.
  4. 4. 4 Smarter Systems–Taking a Workload Optimized Approach reducing the need for extra staff and in-depth expertise for implementation, tuning and maintenance. Working with a“IBM has announced new pre-integrated single vendor also helps simplify acquisition, implementationand purpose-optimized systems aimed at and support processes.specific large-scale analytic and transactional Transaction processing and databasedata processing workloads.This isn’t new Designed for businesses that run online transaction processingtechnology; rather, it’s a smarter way of (OLTP) applications on distributed systems, IBM pureScale™ Application System integrates powerful IBM hardware withpulling together IBM software, hardware IBM WebSphere® Application Server and IBM DB2 pureScaleand services.” software to achieve near-limitless database scalability. By spreading the workload across multiple servers in the cluster,—Madan Sheina, Principal Analyst, Ovum pureScale Application System also helps ensure 24x7 continuous availability to keep transactions flowing during planned or unplanned maintenance.The Smart Analytics System is designed to deliver insights WebSphere Application Server provides an innovative,for capturing new opportunities and gaining competitive high-performance foundation that exploits massive parallelismadvantage. For example, retail organizations can create to drive more responsive business applications and processes.targeted marketing campaigns by analyzing customer data; DB2 pureScale enables organizations to scale rapidly andfinancial institutions can assess loan risks by evaluating incrementally to accommodate seasonal demand or longer-previous outcomes; and medical researchers can identify term growth without requiring massive expenditures ordisease risk factors by synthesizing results from large complex application tuning.quantities of imaging data. Business process managementAs a preconfigured solution, the Smart Analytics System For many organizations, managing a wide array of businessfacilitates rapid deployment, enabling organizations to get processes is costly and time consuming. IBM offers a suiteto work in days, not months. It also can lower costs by of solutions and services designed to enhance the efficiency of
  5. 5. IBM 5business process management (BPM) and reduce costs by platform with the new eX5 architecture supports significantlyimproving visibility into processes, discovering new areas for larger memory configurations, allowing more virtual machinesoptimization and automating tasks. on each host. This enables you to optimize the resources for specific workloads, helping to reduce the hardware footprint,Case management workloads can benefit from these solutions. decrease costs and ensure application security. With IBM PowerOrganizations in law, financial services, insurance, the public Systems environments, organizations can capitalize on IBMsector and other fields can adopt solutions optimized for PowerVM™ virtualization technology to consolidate hardwareprocessing claims, loans, contracts, audits or benefits. The while maintaining complete distinct, secure and optimizedIBM Advanced Case Management strategy includes business environments for a range of workloads. IBM Enterprise Linux®intelligence, analytics and content management software Server virtualization software can help virtualize IBM System zto help improve customer service, capitalize on cross- and environments, maximizing virtual server performance whileup-selling opportunities, automate processes to save time simplifying management. And IBM WebSphere Virtualand money and close cases faster. Enterprise helps lower operational costs and increase application availability through application infrastructure virtualizationInfrastructure applications anchored in policy-based workload management and proactiveIBM virtualization with Integrated Service Management helps application health management.improve business agility and facilitate the deployment of smartersystems while consolidating hardware and reducing costs. A competitive edge for a Smarter PlanetTechnologies from IBM and IBM Business Partners help ensure Whether an organization needs to uncover hidden insights inthat workloads continue to deliver outstanding performance, tremendous volumes of data, accommodate a rising number ofavailability and security while reducing power, cooling, floor online transactions or manage expanding case loads, it willspace and administration costs. benefit from systems designed for the unique requirements of its workload. By tailoring systems to specific tasks, organizationsFor the x86 environment, IBM supports various hypervisor can deliver exceptional performance while helping to increasetechnologies including VMware, Microsoft® Hyper-V and IT efficiency, maximize the value of investments and provide aKernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The IBM System x competitive edge for a Smarter Planet.
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