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IBM iFlow Director


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Reduce complexity and costs associated with appliance sprawl by consolidating on an IBM® BladeCenter® platform with a high-performance, low-latency statistical load balancer integrated into a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) blade switch: IBM iFlow Director. iFlow Director’s traffic load...

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IBM iFlow Director

  1. 1. IBM Systems and TechnologyData Sheet IBM iFlow Director Reduce complexity and costs associated with appliance sprawl by consoli- Highlights dating on an IBM® BladeCenter® platform with a high-performance, low-latency statistical load balancer integrated into a 10 Gigabit Ethernet ● Provides network traffic load distribution (GbE) blade switch: IBM iFlow Director. iFlow Director’s traffic load system for IBM BladeCenter H and HT integrated into a high-performance, distribution and policy-based traffic forwarding is designed to deliver high low-latency 10 GbE switch availability, scalability and lower cost of ownership for wireless gateways, security gateways, traffic management, service differentiation, lawful ● Delivers high availability with extensive server health-check mechanisms for interception and network surveillance solutions. rapid failure detection and recovery Networks are changing. Voice, video, storage and data are quickly ● Includes policy-based traffic steering and routing converging onto a single backbone. Growth in cloud services and Web 2.0 multimedia content is pushing bandwidth demand to the net- ● Operates in transparent Layer 2 mode or full Layer 3 mode work edge. The convergence of fixed and mobile networks to a common next-generation network Interface Protocol (IP) infrastructure is driving ● Supports load distribution of IPv4 and exponential growth in network traffic. Threats due to malicious attacks IPv6 traffic with flow affinity to a server are increasing, and both businesses and consumers are demanding that ● Is extremely cost-effective compared to their service providers incorporate more defenses into the network. As a external load balancers result, there is a growing demand for network appliance vendors who ● Is scalable from 1 to 84 servers across provide traffic inspection, bandwidth optimization, security and lawful multiple BladeCenter chassis interception services to offer gateway solutions at high-speed traffic choke points.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and TechnologyData SheetIn addition, network and security administrators must deliverextreme levels of availability—the ability to scale dynamicallywithout having to reconfigure their network devices—while alsominimizing costs and downtime. IBM System Networking usesindustry-leading Layer 2-7 Ethernet switching experience todeliver iFlow Director (patents pending)1—a high-throughput,low-latency, traffic load distribution system in a 10 GbpsEthernet switch for BladeCenter H and HT. IBM iFlow Director High availability and reliability iFlow Director is designed with a number of advanced features to deliver high availability in mission-critical environments. The solution is built around industry-leading hardware to help eliminate any single point of failure. iFlow Director uses BladeCenter innovations—like internal monitoring, redundant mid-plane, redundant network connections per blade, redun- dant power supplies and fans—and switching features like uplink failure detection and controlled failover with network interface card (NIC) teaming to deliver high availability.Supported BladeCenter chassis iFlow Director also includes these high availability features:Capacity on demand and performanceiFlow Director provides up to 480 Gbps of nonblocking, ● Rapid failure detection using Layer 2 - 7 server health-checkwire-speed bidirectional throughput to BladeCenter, to meet mechanisms (link, ips, arp, ping, tcp, tcp-script, http, etc.)your network traffic load distribution needs. With ten 10 Gbps ● Failover options that allow distribution of flows from a faileduplink ports and 14 nonblocking 10 Gbps internal ports, iFlow blade to active blades or a standby blade in the chassisDirector offers unmatched performance, with latency as low as ● Ability to restore a recovered blade into service automatically1.60 microseconds. or manually ● Redirection of traffic through alternate ports if a thresholdIn conjunction with the latest high-performance multicore- number of blades fail in order to bypass critical failures.processing blade servers equipped with 10 Gbps Ethernetadapters, network appliance vendors can offer cost-effective The iFlow Director solution improves overall system availabil-and robust solutions based on BladeCenter. iFlow Director ity by reducing the number of components that can fail anddistributes traffic across 1 to 84 blade servers at line rate for all disrupt communications.packet sizes. The system throughput can be scaled linearly bysimply adding more blade servers and up to five additionalBladeCenter chassis as demand grows. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and TechnologyData SheetIntelligent traffic distribution ● Support for two command line interface (CLI) options: theWhen used in Layer 3 mode, iFlow Director can intelligently BLADEOS CLI, as well as an industry-standard CLI.classify data streams and proxy requests for applications such as ● Easy software upgrades through a web user interface, trivialreal time video rendering, caching content and geographically file transfer protocol (TFTP), telnet or serial download allowbased services on mobile wireless gateways. iFlow Director for easy adaptation to existing maintenance procedures.provides intelligent flow classification, persistent flows and ● Enhanced security with a dedicated virtual local area networkparallel load distribution to significantly accelerate server and (VLAN) for managing traffic between the managementapplication performance. module and the switch improves overall performance and security by segregating management traffic from data traffic.Cost-effective and energy-efficientThe iFlow Director solution provides significant savings Sample deployment scenarios:compared to a solution consisting of multiple stand-aloneappliances, Layer 2/3 switches and load balancers. With ● Wireless gateway solutions480 Gbps of raw throughput, the iFlow Director solution ● Data optimization, content adaptation, traffic analysis, andprovides a game-changing price/performance advantage. more ● Prepaid billing and access controlsIBM System Networking switches in general also save on long ● Security solutionsterm energy costs, by using as little as three watts of power per ● Scalable appliances for firewall, intrusion detection systemsport. These switches also provide more performance per watt (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), web filtering,than comparable switches from other vendors. and more ● Security-in-a-box consolidationBy collapsing the network access, aggregation and load- ● Traffic management and service differentiationbalancing layers, iFlow Director offers lower total power ● Bandwidth managementconsumption, fewer cables and uses less rack space, which ● Application prioritizationsignificantly reduces your total cost of ownership. ● Lawful interception and network surveillance ● Deep packet inspectionEasy integration and managementiFlow Director provides the following advantages:● Standards-based integration with Cisco and other networks to help reduce downtime and learning curves.● Common look and feel among IBM System Networking BNT® switches helps administrators minimize the learning curve when they have a requirement for different switches and load balancers 3
  4. 4. IBM Systems and TechnologyData Sheet Load Balancer Load Intrusion Wireless Gateway Router Balancer Detection Router Internet Firewall Load Balancer Intranet Appliances Load Balancer Internet Intranet Fully IntegratedScalable appliance consolidation with IBM iFlow Director2Why IBM? and service, IBM offers a broad choice of networking partnersIBM is your trusted source to provide the right solutions as you that uses industry innovation, avoids costly vendor lock-in anddesign your data center network. Our lengthy experience in helps you evolve your data center using your current supplierworkload optimization, virtualization and network convergence and management tools, avoiding a forced “rip and replace”allows us to deliver a solution that meets your unique network approach to upgrading your infrastructure.needs. As a single point of contact for consultation, products 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems and TechnologyData SheetIBM iFlow Director at a glanceExternal ports Up to ten 10 GbE SFP+ ports; also designed to support 1 Gb SFP, if required; flexibility of mixing 1 Gb/10 Gb transceivers: ● IBM SFP+ BNT SR transceiver, part number 46C3447 ● IBM BNT SFP+ LR Transceiver+, part number 90Y9412 ● IBM BNT SFP RJ45 Transceiver, part number 81Y1618 ● IBM BNT SFP SX Transceiver, part number 81Y1622 ● IBM BNT SFP LX Transceiver, part number 90Y9424 For more information, visit: ● SFP+ copper direct attach cables (up to 10 meters) 1 m/3 m/5 m/8.5 m. For more information, visit: ● One 10/100/1000 Mb copper RJ-45 port used for management or dataInternal ports 14×10 GbE data paths to the server blades Internal 2 ports: 100Base-T management through the AMMConsole interface 1 port: RS 232 mini-USB connectorFull-line rate performance 480 GbpsLatency (average LILO) From 1.60 μsec with 64-byte packets to 4.28 μsec with 1,518 byte packetsLoad balancing Statistical Supports IPv4 & IPv6 Supports 802.1Q and Q-in-Q (802.1ad) encapsulated trafficConfigurable hash Source MAC, Destination MAC, Source IP, Destination IPparametersScalability Multichassis support in Layer-3 mode delivers scalability to up to 84 servers across up to six BladeCenter chassisHigh availability Active-Active, Active-Standby (N+1) blade server deploymentsApplication health checks Link, IPS, ARP, ICMP, TCP, Script based, HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, DNS, SMTPPolicy-based traffic steering Configurable rules to match on Layer 2 - 4 packet header fields and redirect packets to an outgoing port, trunk orand routing IP next-hop.CLI Industry-based CLI (Cisco-like) and BLADEOS CLISecure management ● Management via CLI, telnet, Web, SNMP ● Secure management via HTTPS, SSH v1/v2, SNMP v1-3 ● Dual software images ● Upgrade via TFTP, FTP and serial download ● Detailed statistics and switch diagnostics ● Management ports physically isolated from data portsConfiguration tracking Complete logging of all changes: ●Identification of the user, time and date stamp, parameters changed ●Changes attempted and denied ●Local log with the option to export data to a remote server 1
  6. 6. For more informationTo learn more about IBM iFlow Director, or contact your IBM marketingrepresentative or IBM Business Partner. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2011 IBM Systems and Technology Group Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 Produced in the United States of America October 2011 All Rights Reserved IBM, the IBM logo, and BladeCenter are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at BNT is a trademark or registered trademark of Blade Network Technologies, Inc., an IBM Company. Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. 1 20110026527 tag-based interface between a switching device and servers for use in frame processing and forwarding 20110026403 traffic management of client traffic at the ingress location of a data center 2 Any single function within the multifunction service chain may consist of up to eight blade servers. Multichassis support in Layer-3 mode delivers scalability to up to 84 servers across up to six BladeCenter chassis. Please Recycle QCD03005-USEN-02