IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power Systems


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Learn how the IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power Systems solution provides a cost-competitive, entry-level private cloud solution that helps speed time to value of your service deployments on your IBM Power Systems servers. For more information on Power Systems , visit

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IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power Systems

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Group Cross-industry IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power Systems Providing an easy-to-deploy and run self-service infrastructure to help speed time to value Many businesses looking to improve IT asset utilization, reduce complex- Highlights ity, lower maintenance costs and increase IT responsiveness to business needs are considering private cloud solutions. The powerful combination • Reduces the time to value for new of automation, self-service and virtualization behind the safety of your own workloads from months to minutes firewall and network can deliver much higher levels of efficiency and flex- • Underpins more-efficient operations, ibility than traditional computing models. Yet putting a vision for a private helping control operating costs cloud into practice can be daunting. A cloud infrastructure requires many • Helps simplify storage of thousands of pieces and substantial integration work. The choices you make can have application images significant implications on overall costs and complexity, security, usability, and business flexibility, so proven technologies and approaches can help reduce risks. The IBM SmartCloud™ Entry on Power Systems™ solution provides a cost-competitive, entry-level private cloud solution that helps speed time to value of your service deployments on your IBM Power Systems servers. The SmartCloud Entry solution is a modular, highly flexible and easy- to-manage solution designed to work with your existing infrastructure. It builds on IBM PowerVM® virtualization and IBM Systems Director VMControl™ technology to accelerate infrastructure delivery and speed service deployments, enabling you to quickly respond to changing busi- ness needs. And workload metering capabilities support a transition to pay-per-use business models. Moreover, the SmartCloud Entry solution provides an on-ramp to more advanced IBM cloud offerings in support of evolving business needs.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology Group Cross-industryDeploying new workloads in minutes Boosting operational efficiency to helpusing virtual machines lower operating costsDeploying new workloads traditionally requires complex, time- The SmartCloud Entry solution can help reduce administrativeconsuming, and often error-prone configuration and installation tasks and improve productivity by enabling you to automateprocesses that can take months. The SmartCloud Entry solution provisioning of requests from authorized users. It can also helpcan help you deploy new workloads across computing and stor- improve compliance and reduce errors by enabling you toage resources in minutes. The solution greatly simplifies deploy- standardize deployments and configurations. Cloud adminis-ment because users do not need to be intricately familiar with tration is simplified through an intuitive interface for managinginfrastructure details. Self-service capabilities also help improve projects, users and appliances as well as monitoring work-responsiveness to users, enabling them to easily request deploy- loads and cloud resources. And approval policy capabilitiesment of workloads via the self-service web portal, which can then enable you to maintain oversight and the optimal performancebe made available in minutes. Management authorization for of your workload requests is also supported when needed. Creating images for easier storageSeveral key features in the SmartCloud Entry solution help Although cloud solutions can help simplify initial provisioningreduce business risks. Resource and virtual machine isolation for enterprise applications, the creation and management ofalong with protect-level user access controls underpin a security- application images in a cloud environment can quickly grow asrich environment. The solution is designed to support your complex as traditional environments.current virtualized environment, exploiting the industry-leading PowerVM virtualization solution and helping protect The SmartCloud Entry solution helps simplify the creation andexisting investments. management of images. The solution enables you to easily cre- ate “golden master” images and software “appliances” using corporate standard operating systems and applications. The SmartCloud Entry solution helps reduce security risks and supports compliance by enabling you to reliably track images across the cloud with a user-friendly dashboard. Overall, the SmartCloud Entry solution can help you reduce the number of images and the storage required for them by only provi- sioning workloads when required by users and then allowing workloads to be deleted when no longer needed, helping you conserve resources and stretch IT funds even further. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Group Cross-industry Why IBM?SmartCloud Entry capabilities at a glance The SmartCloud Entry solution is designed based on IBM’s close work with clients on cloud computing projects as well asCreate images our own experience with building, running and managing an• Simplify storage of thousands of images internal cloud network that serves more than 100,000 profes-• Easily create new golden master images and software appli- sionals. IBM not only employs proven technologies that are ances using corporate standard operating systems deployed in customer sites across the globe but also leverages• Reliably track images to support compliance and help reduce time-tested private cloud implementation methods and best security risks practices based on its extensive cloud solutions experience. So• Optimize resources, reducing the number of virtualized images you can be confident that the SmartCloud Entry offering pro- and the storage required for them vides a way to simplify and accelerate your cloud computingDeploy virtual machines initiatives and ultimately underpin success.• Slash time to value for new workloads from months to minutes• Deploy application images across compute and storage For more information resources To learn more about the IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power• Enable user self-service for improved responsiveness Systems solution, contact your IBM sales representative or• Underpin security through virtual machine isolation and IBM Business Partner, or visit: project-level user access controls• Simplify administration by virtually eliminating the need to know all of the infrastructure details• Protect investments with the support of existing virtualized environments• Optimize performance on IBM systems with dynamic scaling, expansive capacity and continuous operationOperate a private cloud• Cut costs with efficient operations• Delegate provisioning to authorized users to improve productivity• Maintain oversight to help ensure an optimally running and safe cloud through automated approval and rejection• Standardize deployment and configuration to facilitate com- pliance and help reduce errors by setting policies, defaults and templates• Simplify administration with an intuitive interface for manag- ing projects, users, workloads, resources, billing, approvals and metering 3
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