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IBM Power Cloud Solutions


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IBM Power Cloud Solutions

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Power SystemsSolution Brief IBM Power Systems Cloud Solutions Enabling customers to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud The unprecedented interest and projected IT spend on cloud computing Highlights: is coming from all types of organizations, businesses and governments that are seeking to transform the way they deliver IT services and ● Improve performance and scalability by improve workload optimization so they can quickly respond to changing optimizing workload based IT assets to ensure the ideal elasticity of your cloud. business demands. Cloud computing can significantly reduce IT costs and complexities while improving asset utilization, workload optimization and ● Enterprise quality of service (QOS) virtu- service delivery. alization provides the best foundation for your cloud’s mission-critical applications. Today’s IT Infrastructures face challenges on many levels; typically they: ● Automated management, provisioning and optimization of your resources ensure optimal utilization for ● Are composed of silos that lead to disconnected business and changing demands. IT infrastructures ● Self-service portal and standardized ● Contain static islands of computing, which result in inefficiencies and service catalog leverage the features of underutilized assets your cloud to enable automated delivery ● Struggle with rapid data growth, regulatory compliance, integrity of services without IT intervention. and security ● Breadth of solutions to help customers at ● Face continuous rise of IT administration costs any point in their cloud journey. As a result of these challenges, organizations are demanding an IT infra- structure and service delivery model that enables growth and innovation. An effective cloud computing environment built with IBM Power Systems™ cloud solutions helps organizations transform their data centers to meet these challenges; it: ● Delivers integrated visibility, control, and automation across all business and IT assets. ● Is highly optimized and scales IT up and down in line with business needs.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology Power SystemsSolution Brief● Addresses the information challenge by delivering flexible and secure access to data and mitigating risks.● Utilizes flexible delivery models, automation and virtualiza- tion to greatly simplify IT service delivery and provide enterprise QOS capabilities including higher application availability, improved performance, more scalability and enterprise-class security.Power Systems cloud solutions enable customers to build aneffective cloud computing environment, enabling organizationsto reduce IT costs, improve service delivery and enablebusiness innovation.Power is cloud optimizedIBM Power Systems is uniquely suited for cloud environments,with its industry-leading virtualization, enterprise-class security,elastic scalability and reliability, availability and serviceability(RAS) characteristics, enabling customers to move mission- Power is cloud optimizedcritical workloads to the cloud. workloads. Active Memory™ Expansion helps reduce memoryCloud Foundation Solutions costs by enabling physical memory to be logically expanded upPower is performance redefined enabling optimization of IT to 100 percent for some workloads—such as SAP. ENERGYresources and increased flexibility, a key for cloud computing. STAR qualified POWER7 systems dynamically optimizeBased on the new POWER7® processor, Power Systems blades energy use, which can save 83 percent on energy costs withand servers are designed to achieve maximum performance for 28 percent more performance at a fraction of the price using aboth the system and its virtual machines. New Intelligent single IBM Power 750 instead of a 64-core HP IntegrityThreads technology dynamically switches the processor thread- Superdome. Power Systems with AIX® delivers the best RAS,ing mode to deliver optimal performance for different work- with 99.997 percent uptime (based on hours per year),loads. TurboCore mode offers the option to optimize the ten times better than x86 alternatives. Power Systems aresystem for frequency and cache utilization delivering the the first step in building the most optimized and securemaximum per core performance for database and transaction cloud environment. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Power SystemsSolution BriefAdvanced virtualization is fundamental for cloud computing for Power Servers provides advanced physical and virtual serverand Power is virtualization without limits, enabling platform management with simple-to-use automated manage-unprecedented consolidation of multiple workloads onto ment tools, including the cross-platform virtualization manage-fewer systems, increasing server utilization and reducing cost, ment capability of IBM Systems Director VMControl™,all while providing the enterprise QOS capabilities needed for and selected Tivoli® enterprise service management tools.enabling mission-critical workloads to run in the cloud. VMControl complements PowerVM by providing automatedIBM PowerVM™ virtualization solutions enable you to virtual- virtualization management that minimizes time to provisionize processor, memory and I/O resources to increase asset virtual machine images and enables management of pools ofutilization and reduce infrastructure costs, dynamically adjust systems. With platform management technologies on Powerserver capability to meet changing workload demands and move Systems, businesses not only get a complete picture of theirrunning workloads between servers, with Live Partition systems and how well they are operating, but also the tools toMobility, maximizing availability and avoiding planned automatically deploy, optimize and maintain these systems atdowntime. PowerVM also makes more efficient use of system maximum effectiveness, energy efficiency and cost control.resources and imposes a negligible impact on performance Power is management with automation and as part of abecause PowerVM is built directly into the firmware of all cloud environment delivers further optimization ofPower Systems servers, as opposed to x86-based virtualization IT resource utilization and increased flexibility while reducingproducts such as VMware vSphere, which are typically third- IT cycle times, improving service delivery and loweringparty software add-ons that are sold and installed separately. management costs.Being part of the firmware also means PowerVM is secure bydesign, with zero Common Vulnerabilities Exposures versus the Entry Cloud Solutionsover 200 reported for VMware in the US Government NIST IBM Starter Kit for Cloud is an entry private cloud offeringDatabase against the hypervisor. PowerVM provides a secure that is simple to deploy and easy to use. It works with a client’sand scalable virtualization environment built upon the advanced existing Power Systems infrastructure, enabling data centerRAS features and leading performance of the Power Systems managers to quickly deploy self-service provisioning ofplatform. This leadership virtualization provided by PowerVM virtualized workloads with a simple interface that providesas part of a cloud environment enables organizations to more oversight while increasing IT efficiency and loweringefficiently utilize IT resources, reduce hardware costs through administration costs.economy of scale and provide the enterprise QOS capabilitiesneeded to support their mission-critical workloads. Starter Kit for Cloud is a solution that builds upon IBM PowerVM virtualization and IBM Systems DirectorAutomated management and provisioning of resources enable VMControl, with support for virtualized AIX and LinuxIT to reduce cycle times, improve service delivery and lower workloads. It enables rapid scalability by allowing additionalmanagement costs. IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition servers or blades to be added to the cloud infrastructure. It also 3
  4. 4. IBM Systems and Technology Power SystemsSolution Briefincludes basic workload metering to support a “pay-per-use”business model. Clients can also progress from Starter Kit forCloud to IBM’s more advanced cloud offerings such asIBM Service Delivery Manager. Starter Kit for Cloud allows Quick Start ServicesPower Systems clients to quickly and easily start the transition Service Management Platformto a cloud-based infrastructure and prove the benefits of a clouddelivery model. Systems and Virtualization Management SoftwareAdvanced Cloud SolutionsIBM Service Delivery Manager for Power Systems is a Virtualized CPU, Memory,preconfigured and integrated service management software Network & Storagestack built on IBM’s market leading operating system AIX anddesigned to reduce the risk associated with software integration Server, Network & Storage Hardwareand accelerate delivery of private cloud computing capabilities.It provides a self-service user interface for improved responsive-ness and efficiency to service requests and automate IT resourcedeployment to maximize efficiency and address fluctuating busi-ness requirements. IBM Service Delivery Manager for PowerSystems enables clients to leverage their existing infrastructurecomponents as the basis for their cloud environment, reducing IBM CloudBurst—An integrated cloud solution for the fastest private cloud deploymentcosts and improving time to value.IBM CloudBurst™ on Power Systems is a prepackaged and service management capabilities such as seamless self-service,self-contained service delivery platform that can be easily and automated provisioning and automation templates with built-inquickly implemented in a data center environment. It allows the best practices to deliver an integrated cloud environment withdata center to accelerate the creation of a private cloud environ- intelligent provisioning of cloud resources. IBM CloudBurst onment for a wide spectrum of workload types with a high degree Power Systems provides everything you need for a cloudof integration, flexibility, and resource optimization all while environment including Tivoli service management software,providing an enhanced request-driven user experience to aid the storage, network, QuickStart services and the most efficienteffort in driving down costs and accelerating time to market for platform for cloud computing with Power Systems, enablingthe business. IBM CloudBurst on Power Systems couples the customers to rapidly realize the benefits of cloud computing.industrial-strength virtualization of Power Systems with Tivoli 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems and Technology Power SystemsSolution BriefPower Systems cloud solutions To learn more about automated management, visit:Power Systems cloud solutions enable customers to build an cloud computing environment, enabling organizations management/enterprise.htmlto reduce IT costs, improve service delivery and enable businessinnovation, with QOS capabilities that are: To learn more about IBM Starter Kit for Cloud, visit:● Secure for isolated multi-tenancy of virtual servers● Scalable for your smallest to largest workloads To learn more about IBM Service Delivery manager, visit:● Dynamic for automated, optimum resource allocation and superior economics service-delivery-manager/● Reliable for high qualities of service across the cloud To learn more about Common Vulnerabilities Exposures, visit:For more information learn more about the IBM Power Systems cloud solutions,please contact your IBM marketing representative or To learn more about IBM CloudBurst on Power Systems, visit:IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website: cloudburst/index.htmlindex.html Additionally, financing solutions from IBM Global FinancingTo learn more about Power Systems, visit: can enable effective cash management, protection from technol- ogy obsolescence, improved total cost of ownership and return on investment. Also, our Global Asset Recovery ServicesTo learn more about virtualization, visit: help address environmental concerns with new, more energy- efficient solutions. For more information on IBM Globalvirtualization/index.html Financing, visit: 5
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