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MMM promotes patientwell-being with self-healing IBM XIV storage


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Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) is legally obligated to retain insurance claim data for 10 years. With rapid business growth, its storage systems could not scale to meet the data volumes required.
MMM established performance bench-marks, then integrated the IBM®XIV®Storage System in a virtualized server environment, seamlessly migrated all data and retired its old systems.

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MMM promotes patientwell-being with self-healing IBM XIV storage

  1. 1. IBM XIV Storage System InsuranceCase Study MMM promotes patient well-being with self- healing IBM XIV storage Established in 2001, Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) is a health main- Overview tenance organization that provides high-quality Medicare Advantage health plans for nearly 130,000 elderly and special needs populations in Challenge Puerto Rico. With satisfaction rates reaching 99 percent, MMM leads Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) is Puerto Rico by offering integrated health management services that are legally obligated to retain insurance claim data for 10 years. With rapid cost-effective and, most importantly, improve each member’s quality of business growth, its storage systems life. MMM also offers special needs plans, covering chronic obstructive could not scale to meet the data pulmonary diseases, pre-end stage renal diseases, congestive heart fail- volumes required. ure and diabetes. Its mission is nothing less noble than promoting the Solution well-being of its members. MMM established performance bench- marks, then integrated the IBM® XIV® Ive Velez, assistant vice president for IT Operations and Storage System in a virtualized server environment, seamlessly migrated all Infrastructure, comments: “We handle everything that deals with data and retired its old systems. health insurance plans. We are under legal obligation to retain every- thing for 10 years—so there is a lot of data that we have to handle.” Benefit ● Tripled performance at lower overall cost “Two years ago, all our data was stored locally on individual servers, so ● Exceptional ease of use and flexibility we decided to create a SAN and consolidate our storage,” explained ● Increased scalability and availability Velez. “We bought EMC CLARiiONs with 25 terabytes of capacity, but within a year had outgrown them.” Added Sigfredo Garcia, IT Operations director, “With the old storage, we had a lot of problems: We didn’t have the ability to grow quickly like a company wants. We needed more space, but couldn’t grow in the same box because it was too expensive, and if we wanted to add space or grow on the server, it took a lot of administration time. We needed to take maintenance win- dows because of the performance issues.” “One of our objectives is to have an agile IT department that can pro- vide the business users and our clients with the services they need,” continued Velez. “We were implementing VMware virtualization at the server level and were also looking for virtualization at the storage level. That’s when we found IBM XIV.”
  2. 2. IBM XIV Storage System InsuranceCase Study The IBM XIV Storage System delivers high-performance, virtualized storage. Its revolutionary architecture stripes data across a grid of “…the only way other high-capacity SATA disks, massively parallelizing reading and writing people will catch up to us processes to deliver better performance than a traditional Fibre Channel disk storage system, at greatly reduced overall cost. is if we react too slowly to new opportunities. Proving the concept With the XIV and “IBM XIV is a leading-edge solution and some of the features it offers just don’t sound credible if you are thinking in terms of traditional VMware, we’re able to storage technology,” says Velez. MMM carried out a proof of concept. deploy new solutions “We performed stress tests and found out that the IBM XIV could give faster—within minutes us 30,000 IOPS [on a particular database] when the other technology was only capable of 10,000 IOPS. I was astonished that it was possible rather than days— to provide three times the performance on a box that consists of SATA which help us to secure disks instead of SCSI or Fibre Channel.” and maintain our first “Even as we increased the amount of data stored on the XIV, there was place in the market.” no degradation in performance,” he adds. “This is a huge advantage because we don’t have to worry about growth in data volumes affecting —Juan Arill, vice president for IT, Medicare y response times for end users.” Mucho Más Ease of use “a dream” MMM implemented a full-rack (79 TB) IBM XIV Storage System and migrated all data from its incumbent systems. It then decommissioned the old systems, freeing up four racks in the data center, and reducing electricity and cooling costs. Raphael Santiago, service administrator, comments: “Deploying the XIV was incredibly simple. We just connected it to the [former sys- tems] and used the XIV migration tool to replicate the data…in the background… we didn’t really have any downtime.” MMM has con- nected its Oracle and Microsoft® SQL Server database servers to the XIV, as well as its file servers and Microsoft Exchange email system. Velez adds: “When you look at the XIV user interface, it doesn’t look like a storage system. It’s so easy to manage and create volumes.” Added Garcia, “Every person that sees it almost always says, ‘Wow, is that the administration tool?’ I just tell them that it’s the easiest and best SAN that we ever had.” Noted Garcia: “Talking about ease of use, XIV’s reporting capabilities are an absolute dream for any administrator. In one second, you can see all you need: How much space you have allocated, which volumes 2
  3. 3. IBM XIV Storage System InsuranceCase Study are attached to which hosts, I/O statistics for the last month... Also, IBM Solution components: using snapshots is a huge help with debugging and problem solving, because you can work on the clone while leaving the production Hardware system running.” ● IBM® XIV® Storage System Most of the company’s servers are virtualized using VMware vSphere; the IT team has found the IBM XIV virtualization capabilities to be a powerful fit. “To set up a new environment, you just create the “I was astonished that it VMware server, select a storage pool, click ‘add new volume,’ enter the was possible to provide name and the size, and click ‘okay,’” says Santiago. “There, you have a three times the perform- LUN. Then you right-click the LUN and assign it to the VMware host. That’s it!” ance on a box that con- sists of SATA disks.” Staying healthy “It is very important for us to have a technology that is self healing —Ive Velez, assistant vice president for IT and can give us the assurance that it will not fail,” explained Velez. Operations and Infrastructure “The IBM XIV has the ability to repair a one-terabyte failed disk in less than 30 minutes. That was a big factor in our decision to go with the IBM XIV.” IT Environment Added Juan Arill, vice president for IT: “It’s one of those systems that Operating systems you install and forget.” ● Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 Databases Keeping pace in first place ● Microsoft SQL Server Commented Garcia: “Our IT peers outside the company don’t know ● Oracle about the miracle that is the IBM XIV. Our machine is quicker, faster, and better—just what our company needs to grow and move and Applications change fast with changes and technology. As MMM grows, we will ● Microsoft Exchange Server need to expand our storage capabilities, and the XIV brings us the Virtualization facility to grow in space in a minute.” ● VMware vSphere Arill concludes: “With the XIV and VMware, our IT team can easily manage and extend the server and storage environments themselves, without waiting for specialist help from external consultants or needing to procure additional hardware. This eliminates delays and has a gen- uine impact on business agility. One of the most critical factors for our business is time to market; right now, we are the leading company in our sector in Puerto Rico, and the only way other people will catch up to us is if we react too slowly to new opportunities. With the XIV and VMware, we’re able to deploy new solutions faster—within minutes rather than days—which help us to secure and maintain our first place in the market.” 3
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