Newly Weds Foods boosts customer service with cloud collaboration


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Founded in 1932, Chicago-based Newly Weds Foods manufactures
ingredients and seasoning systems for restaurants and food-processing
companies worldwide. With a global network of manufacturing, service,
and research and development (R&D) facilities, the privately held
company serves customers in more than 68 countries. Its highly diverse
clientele includes businesses ranging from retail stores to mom-and-pop
eateries to large national restaurant chains.

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Newly Weds Foods boosts customer service with cloud collaboration

  1. 1. IBM Software Case StudySmartCloud Newly Weds Foods boosts customer service with cloud collaboration IBM SmartCloud Engage service helps deliver culinary excellence to customers across time zones Founded in 1932, Chicago-based Newly Weds Foods manufactures Overview ingredients and seasoning systems for restaurants and food-processing companies worldwide. With a global network of manufacturing, service, The need and research and development (R&D) facilities, the privately held As Newly Weds Foods expanded beyond US borders and acquired international company serves customers in more than 68 countries. Its highly diverse facilities, distance and time zones clientele includes businesses ranging from retail stores to mom-and-pop hampered communication among eateries to large national restaurant chains. increasingly diverse professional staffs. The solution Barriers to serving customers efficiently The company adopted the Since the 1980s, when Newly Weds Foods first established a presence in IBM® SmartCloud™ Engage social Europe, the pace of expansion continued to pick up speed with entry into business cloud collaboration service to connect chefs, R&D staff and IT profes- new global markets and acquisition of international labs. Although good sionals with their counterparts worldwide for business, rapid growth hampered communications among chefs and in a cloud-based environment. with R&D staff members. When Newly Weds Foods was smaller, with fewer recipes and employees, its chefs were able to share customer and The benefit Communication response times are culinary information using a combination of email, teleconferences, faxes now hours instead of days. Newly Weds and in-person meetings. However, as offices opened in multiple time Foods also saves almost a week per zones and additional chefs and thousands of new customers came into month in travel time, and airfare and the picture, the company needed more intelligent and streamlined ways accommodation expenses dropped by up to 10 percent. to communicate. When different teams of international chefs looked at a customer’s needs, for example, it was usually obvious there were gaps the teams needed to address. However, with slow, inadequate communications, teams often ended up doing similar work in isolation, wasting time and squandering opportunities. “We were dealing with many of the same clients worldwide but in different ways with different product lines. We needed to collabo- rate more effectively between countries for a more consistent and tar- geted approach to each client,” says Abe White, director of culinary development at Newly Weds Foods.
  2. 2. IBM Software Case StudySmartCloud The company also found it difficult for the IT department to deploy new technology and services to employees in a timely fashion. The chal- “Being able to connect our lenges again centered on distances and time zone differences, which culinary chefs in the impeded efficiently deploying new applications and services to the user base. Newly Weds Foods needed an effective solution to bring together cloud is invaluable when its geographically dispersed IT resources without incurring the capital talking about customer expense and hiring staff to run an in-house solution. service. With access to With 27 plants worldwide, including the Philippines, China and information that might Thailand, moving to the cloud made perfect sense. But using a free otherwise not be readily service was not an option because much of the information the company available, they can make shared was proprietary and often related to specific customer recipes. Newly Weds Foods sought a reliable, security-rich cloud solution to better decisions and address its business communications and IT deployment challenges. answer client questions more quickly.” Moving to a more social business Newly Weds Foods chose the IBM SmartCloud Engage social business cloud collaboration service to help enable staff members to share —Bob Brindza, Service-oriented Architecture information and ideas quickly and easily regardless of time or location. (SOA) Business Analyst, Newly Weds Foods Culinary team members use the Profiles function to find and collaborate with chefs around the world. They employ Communities and Files capabilities to share information for everything from recipes to demos. They also use web meetings to share presentations and initiate discussions with colleagues and customers. “Using these tools is really helping Newly Weds Foods become more of a social business, connecting our many resources across the globe in an effort to bring better products to our customers,” says White. In particular, chefs like the Activities portion of the SmartCloud Engage functionality. It helps keep them apprised of project progress and can enable them to request timely assistance from other chefs. There is now timely collaboration among chefs and between culinary and R&D staff members. They share trend data and information about current market offerings to help ensure that Newly Weds Foods pursues the most profitable opportunities and avoids redundant effort. With global access to project information, everyone benefits from what others have already accomplished. Because of all these collaboration capabilities, the SmartCloud Engage service helps speeds time to market of new and enhanced products and services. 2
  3. 3. IBM Software Case StudySmartCloud Timely information sharing and technology Solution components deployment Productivity and process improvements are just as significant among IT Software teams. An operations staff member, for example, can identify a problem ●● IBM® SmartCloud™ Engage with a particular type of software, create a patch and share it immediately with the rest of the IT community. From there, an IT director can assign operations people to bring down affected systems at the least disruptive A social business... time for each location and apply the patch. Embraces networks of people to create business value and exhibits three underlying tenets. It is engaged, trans- The Newly Weds Foods IT department also uses the SmartCloud parent and nimble. Engage service to speed deployment of new technology. “We are encour- Engaged aging all of our IT members to create extensive profiles—their knowl- Improves creativity by helping edge, their schooling, their background, some of the projects they’ve ●● professional staff members find worked on,” says Bob Brindza, SOA business analyst at Newly Weds and collaborate with experts and Foods. “Then, when I am looking to adopt a technology tool or develop colleagues around the world Transparent a new application, I can find out quickly who in our organization has the ●● Increases productivity by keeping needed experience.” chefs and IT team members up to date on project progress and Before adopting the SmartCloud Engage service, Newly Weds Foods helping enable timely requests for IT directors spent significant time traveling to coordinate technology peer assistance projects. Expenses were high and decision makers had to wait for the Nimble information they needed. When deploying technology, IT directors ●● Increases speed to market by depended on a shared network drive to circulate documents or database accelerating staff response to changing culinary trends and files. There was a delay between when files were placed on the network customer inquiries and when they were picked up. To make matters worse, the European Entry point and Asia-Pacific offices had no access to the network infrastructure. ●● Deepens customer relationships “The director of IT responsible for these offices was traveling constantly,” says Brindza. “With the SmartCloud Engage solution, he can now collab- orate on projects remotely from his offices up in Canada without having to jump on a plane.” For example, the IT director can open up a live meeting instantly in the SmartCloud Engage environment and share project information. Based on the results of planned and ad hoc meetings, he can update and assign tasks using the Activities functionality. Superior service at lower cost The SmartCloud Engage social business cloud service is proving highly cost-effective. There was no need to invest in an infrastructure, it requires minimal maintenance, and the business realizes nontechnical benefits daily. Newly Weds Foods saves between four and five business days of traveling per month and cut airfare costs by 10 percent. At the same time, the business reduced communication response time between chefs and IT personnel worldwide from days to hours. Working in different time zones is no longer a barrier to productivity, and needed information is available anytime from anywhere. 3
  4. 4. The company’s response to customers also improved significantly.The SmartCloud Engage guest account model provides no-cost accessto suppliers and customers so they can collaborate more easily. Chefshold impromptu web meetings to share recipes and discuss ideas fornew region-appropriate sauces, batters, breading, seasonings and menus.With the SmartCloud Engage service, Newly Weds Foods brings globalideas to domestic marketplaces, serving customers worldwide with moreconsistent, higher-quality products and services.For more informationTo learn more about IBM SmartCloud for Social Business serviceofferings, contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM BusinessPartner, or visit the following website: learn more about how Newly Weds Foods is becoming a socialbusiness, watch the video:© Copyright IBM Corporation 2012IBM CorporationSoftware GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589Produced in the United States of AmericaApril 2012IBM, the IBM logo,, and IBM SmartCloud are trademarks of InternationalBusiness Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other productand service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list ofIBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” document is current as of the initial date of publication and may be changedby IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in every country in whichIBM operates.The performance data and client examples cited are presented for illustrative purposesonly. Actual performance results may vary depending on specific configurations andoperating conditions.THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS”WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDINGWITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FORA PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OFNON-INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according to the terms andconditions of the agreements under which they are provided. Please Recycle LOC14299-USEN-02