Right-size your Internet-scale data center. Pack more processorsinto the same power and cooling envelope, better utilizing...
Your data center is being squeezed.          your data center, ready to plug in. It’s             Highlights              ...
center power-constraint challenges—         exchangers per rack—all to create the                                         ...
update—you won’t need to reach a             there’s something else that makes theback panel to get the job done. In      ...
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Ibm systemxi dataplex


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Ibm systemxi dataplex

  1. 1. Right-size your Internet-scale data center. Pack more processorsinto the same power and cooling envelope, better utilizing space IBM System x iDataPlex
  2. 2. Your data center is being squeezed. your data center, ready to plug in. It’s Highlights Your business demands more to power easy to deploy and efficient to operate. the Internet, to do massive scale-out iDataPlex technology lets you stay■ Innovative, flexible design for computing for Web 2.0, high perform- focused on your business and the Internet-scale computing ance computing (HPC) and corporate bottom line. data processing. At the same time, an■ Improve energy efficiency by increasing amount of your IT budget is Innovative design saves space up to 40%1 going to energy expenses, so every In today’s fast-paced IT environment, penny in your budget is squeezed— overcrowded data centers are becom-■ Reduce cooling costs from the cost of system acquisition to ing more and more common—which dramatically; minimize or even power and cooling expenses. The con- means IT managers are simply running eliminate data center air ventional scale-out data center model out of room to expand. An iDataPlex conditioning expense2 can’t keep up. A new data center solution can help with these problems model is needed—IBM System x™ because its unique rack design is opti-■ Increase server density by iDataPlex™. mized to save floor space. The innova- up to 240% tive rack architecture more than For Internet-scale computing, iDataPlex doubles the server density over stan-■ Up to 5X compute density for Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers dard 1U racks, so you can pack more efficient space utilization help pack more processors into the processing power into a highly efficient, same power and cooling envelope, bet- compact system without adding more■ Customized and delivered fully ter utilizing floor space, and creating the floor space to your data center. configured to meet your unique right-size data center design. Facing business requirements constraints such as insufficient space, Design decreases, may even eliminate, air limited electricity, inadequate cooling conditioning■ Front-accessible and intelligent capacity and, ultimately, a limited The IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger, components simplify deploy- budget, you need a powerful, scale-out part of an iDataPlex solution, allows you ment, serviceability and solution that not only expands with your to have a high-density data center envi- manageability explosive computing demand, but can ronment that won’t increase cooling keep power and cooling costs in check. demands—and may actually lower iDataPlex technology offers an innova- them. The Rear Door Heat eXchanger tive design to address the needs of the eliminates the heat coming off the data center with extreme density and rack even if it’s fully populated with simplified manageability while reducing 84 servers3. With further adjustments, power and cooling consumption. the Rear Door Heat eXchanger can be IBM delivers the customized solution to
  3. 3. center power-constraint challenges— exchangers per rack—all to create the they use up to 40% less power than right solution for your organization’s similarly configured standard 1U specific requirements. With either servers . Simply put, the iDataPlex 1 a 2U Flex Node chassis or a 3U chas- design is efficient and cost-effective— sis, you can define the combination of so you can go green and save. compute-intensive, networking or storage-rich modules you need. This Decreased cooling expenses gives you greater flexibility to optimize The innovative iDataPlex design does for your application set and specific more than just save power and business needs. And, you can also take space—it also helps save cooling advantage of direct-attached storage to costs. Traditional servers emit heat that boost memory and protect mission- leaves you struggling to keep the data critical data. center cool and running efficiently, but the iDataPlex rack and node design Better manageability means you can delivers better airflow, Intel processors, concentrate on your business and energy-efficient processing to Starting on day one, you can get up reduce server heat exhaust by up to and running quickly with customized,iDataPlex technology delivers innovative design foroptimized density in the data center. 40%1. And, all this is before adding the factory-integrated racks delivered right effects of including the innovative and to your data center. With an intelligentused to actually cool the room—helping incredibly effective Rear Door Heat rack full of easily manageable compo-reduce or even eliminate the need for eXchanger. nents, the iDataPlex solution aggre-air conditioning in the data center . 2 gates information for a single point ofUsing an iDataPlex solution with the Flexible configuration for customized data reference. One quick glance is all itRear Door Heat eXchanger could mean centers takes to know everything’s working cor-the difference between keeping data Unique businesses need unique IT rectly, saving you valuable time andcenter costs under control or seeing architectures, which is why iDataPlex effort so you can focus on more impor-them skyrocket. systems feature a modular design that tant tasks. can accommodate different customers’Incredible power efficiency needs. With the iDataPlex design, you An iDataPlex solution is built on industryTraditional servers can drive up costs can combine up to 100U of servers, standards and uses third-party optionswith high operational expenses as data chassis, switches, power distribution so you can work with industry partnerscenters expand rapidly to accommo- units, management appliances and heat you trust. And because they featuredate business growth. IBM System x complete front access, iDataPlexengineers designed iDataPlex racks servers are easy to maintain andand nodes specifically to address data
  4. 4. update—you won’t need to reach a there’s something else that makes theback panel to get the job done. In choice even smarter: a chance to goshort, it’s designed to make your life green and save. By the end of theeasier. decade, IBM would like to reduce server power consumption by half, cap © Copyright IBM Corporation 2008IBM: The right choice the data center carbon footprint, and IBM CorporationAn iDataPlex solution is the right-size eliminate servers from landfills by Integrated Marketing Communications Systems and Technology Groupchoice for Web 2.0 and HPC cus- encouraging customers to return old Route 100tomers who need greater compute servers for recycling. It’s all part of a Somers, NY 10589density, better space utilization in the drive to improve the environment— Produced in the United States July 2008data center, and more controllable another example of how IBM is an inno- All Rights Reservedpower and cooling costs. Not only do vative, earth-friendly industry leader. This publication could include technicalyou get the business benefits of imple- inaccuracies or typographical errors. This publication was produced in the United States.menting IBM iDataPlex technology—but IBM may not offer the products, services or features discussed in this document in other countries, and the information may be subject to change without notice. References hereinFor more information to IBM products and services do not imply thatWorld Wide Web IBM intends to make them available in other countries. Consult your local IBM businessU.S. ibm.com/systems/x/hardware/idataplex/index.html contact for information on the product orCanada ibm.com/systems/x/hardware/idataplex/index.html services available in your area. Information about non-IBM products is obtained from the manufacturers of those products or their published announcements. IBM has not tested those products and cannot confirm the performance, compatibility, or any other claims related to non-IBM products. Questions on the capabilities of non-IBM products should be addressed to the suppliers of those products. All statements regarding IBM future directions and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only. IBM, the IBM logo and System x are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries or both. For a list of additional trademarks, go to ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml. Intel and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. 1 The 40% power savings was calculated by comparing a 1U server with a 450W power supply and IBM System x iDataPlex with a 375W power supply configured with dual-core low-voltage processors, 8 GB memory (4x2 GB) and four 500 GB SATA hard disk drives. 2 In most cases with the IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger installed in the iDataPlex rack, outlet temperatures from the back of the iDataPlex rack are up to 10 degrees lower than inlet air (room) temperatures. This helps eliminate the need for air conditioning and facilitates cooling of the next row of iDataPlex racks using the iDataPlex flow-through layout. 3 Eliminates heat generated by servers using up to 33 kw of power in an IBM System x iDataPlex rack with an IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger installed. XSB03006-USEN-01