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IBM Smart Analytics System 1050 And IBM Smart Analytics System 2050


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IBM Smart Analytics System 1050 And IBM Smart Analytics System 2050

  1. 1. IBM Smart Analytics System 1050 andIBM Smart Analytics System 2050 (BI) reporting software with energy- smart System x servers. Combined with DS3500 storage systems that scale from either 330 GB to 3.3 TB, or from 1 TB to 4 TB, you are able to evolve your system as your needs change. Designed with a smarter planet in mind.The velocity of business today and System is a ready-to-go solutionan ever-increasing volume and consisting of a preconfigured Building a Smarter Planet is aboutvariety of information is making integration of analytics software, bringing a new level of intelligencebusiness analytics a valuable and powerful data warehouse, hardware to the way our world works. It isnecessary part of a data solution. and services. We have done the about discovering insights byWhen it comes to business and integration, testing, and capturing and synthesizingtechnology, though, one size does configuration work for you! Before a information from a variety ofnot fit all. Mid-sized businesses Smart Analytics System is shipped, sources, and using those insights tosimply do not operate in the same IBM laboratories configure and predict outcomes and respondway that giant conglomerates do. stress test technology. IBM System quickly. IBM has embraced thisYou don’t have massive IT teams x® with DS3500 Storage is non- philosophy and is committed toand multimillion dollar budgets, but proprietary hardware that can easily making our products, processesyou still need to leverage your data be scaled within an organization in and ways of thinking better, moreand information to make smart accordance with changing business efficient, and more decisions. You need needs, and all support is from aflexible, out-of-the-box technology single vendor to allow for ease of The IBM Smart Analytics Systemsolutions that are easy to optimization, troubleshooting, and 1050 and IBM Smart Analyticsimplement and provide immediate future upgrades. System 2050 are helpingvalue. However, you should still be companies and governmentsable to rely upon best-of-breed Both IBM Smart Analytics Systems throughout the world build smartersolutions with unrivaled 1050 and 2050 are available in organizations as well as a Smarterperformance and reliability. IBM is server-based pricing. In addition, Planet. In order to be smarter,listening! IBM Smart Analytics System 1050 organizations need to be able to offers user-based pricing to fit your manage, deliver and analyze theirPre-optimized analytics and needs. business information – to unlock thebusiness intelligence capabilities power of their own data.on an IBM warehousing Based on the integration of best-foundation! IBM Smart Analytics of-breed technology: A solutionSystem 1050 and IBM Smart that will meet your needs today The IBM Smart Analytics SystemAnalytics System 2050 are cost and in the future. 1050.effective solutions for themidmarket and departments looking The IBM Smart Analytics System The IBM Smart Analytics Systemto quickly deploy analytics and 1050 and IBM Smart Analytics 1050 offers a combined solutionbusiness intelligence capabilities on System 2050 are designed with consisting of a simplified,a powerful warehousing foundation. performance and reliability in mind. appliance-like data warehousing The 1050 and 2050 models platform with integrated reportingRich in functionality and delivered integrate select InfoSphere™ and and analytics. Ideal for companiesanalytics-ready, the Smart Analytics Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence with 250 or more employees, the
  2. 2. 1050 incorporates enhanced The IBM Smart Analytics System 2050 is perfect for companies withfeatures such as reporting, 2050. more than 500 employees. Builtanalysis, dashboarding, data mining upon a hardware stack that enablesand text analytics. These features The Smart Analytics System 2050 growth of up to 13.2 TB of Userare all delivered on IBM hardware is a cost-effective solution for mid- space, the 2050 offersin a pre-integrated, pre-tested size companies and departments organizations room to grow andconfiguration that is easy to install looking to quickly deploy powerful develop their critical businessand maintain, and offers scalability analytics and business intelligence intelligence infrastructure with a fulland expandability. By leveraging capabilities. range of reporting and analysis tothe untapped power of your enable them to quickly gain newinformation, you can improve Driven by simplicity in design and insights and drive better businessoperations, sales and all aspects of management, but running on the outcomes.operational performance. more powerful IBM System x 3850 X5 with Intel® eX5 processors, the What’s inside the IBM Smart Analytics System 1050 and 2050? IBM Smart Analytics Systems 1050IBM Smart Analytics Systems At A Glance and 2050 are comprehensive business analytics platforms that Model 1050 Model 2050 are pre-optimized with best-of- breed technologies, including IBMData InfoSphere Warehouse InfoSphere Warehouse InfoSphere WarehouseWarehousing Departmental Base Edition Departmental Base Edition functionality, IBM systems, IBMand Cubing or InfoSphere Warehouse or InfoSphere Warehouse storage, and IBM Cognos 8 BIServices Departmental Edition Departmental Edition reporting software. The following is available in both the 1050 and 2050Data Mining and InfoSphere Warehouse InfoSphere Warehouse models:Text Analytics Departmental Edition Departmental Edition Software:Business Cognos 8 BI Reporting and Cognos 8 BI Reporting andIntelligence Query Studio Query Studio IBM InfoSphere Warehouse: Access to structured andOperating Novell® SUSE® Linux 11; Novell® SUSE® Linux 11; unstructured information andSystem Windows® Server 2008 Windows® Server 2008 operational and transactional data.Hardware IBM System x 3500 M3 IBM System x 3850 X5 IBM InfoSphere Warehouse brings enterprise power to departmentalStorage IBM System Storage IBM System Storage decision-making. Mixed workload DS3500 DS3500 management capabilities and advanced analytics such as dataUser space 330 GB; 1650 GB; 3.3 TB 3.3 TB; 6.6 TB; 13.2 TB mining, modeling, scoring, and textcapacity analytics and come pre-optimized on the Smart Analytics System.Total usable Up to 6 TB Up to 24 TB InfoSphere is ideal for organizationsstorage capacity and departments that need the necessary tools to discover newArchitecture Single server (tower or Single server (rack) business opportunities. A new rack) graphical user interface makesPricing model Authorized user (20-user By server workload management easier and minimum for Departmental more flexible than ever, with simple Base or 30-user minimum drag-and-drop tools. InfoSphere for Departmental) or by Warehouse allows you to optimize server your warehouse with tools to improve resource and workload 2
  3. 3. management, providing the organizational requirements inscalability, performance, and mind, Cognos 8 BI reporting isavailability required to support day- easily deployable, manageable, andto-day operations while keeping scalable as user communities grow.risks in check. With Cognos 8 BI reporting, users are able to access all data sources,With InfoSphere Warehouse, you including the data within InfoSpherewill be able to discover market Warehouse, through an optimizedopportunities by identifying consistent interface, allowing userspatterns, trends and new to have a complete and consistentopportunities hidden within view of the business while ensuringinformation assets. For example, one version of the truth across thesee a multidimensional view of data many different user communities.relationship with online analyticalprocessing (OLAP), take Cognos 8 BI reporting provides a availability of mission-criticalunstructured data and make it single authoring environment for applications. With up to eight-coreaccessible for the business, and creating all report types, including: processor performance at loweruse data mining to create new managed reports, ad-hoc reports, power consumption per core, themarket and product combinations. and transactional, operational, x3500 offers leading-edge capacityMoreover, InfoSphere Warehouse production, and statement-style and high-speed I/O scalability. Aintegrates with a multitude of tools reports. It enables your business to long-life rack or tower platform withfor further discovery and analysis. build a self-service environment 24-month availability, the x3500 that lets team members create, minimizes deployment and supportInfoSphere Warehouse gives you access, and modify information concerns.the ability to grow your system to without IT intervention all via theaccommodate data volume and Web. Built on a proven SOA Server for IBM Smart Analyticsexpansion, while maintaining foundation, your organization will System 2050:control of the costs of managing have the flexibility to integrateand storing data. optimized business intelligence IBM System x3850 X5: Balanced, capabilities into the world in which reliable Departmental server forIBM Cognos 8 BI reporting they work today and into the future. everyday business needs. IBMsoftware: Delivers the complete Smart Analytics System 2050 isrange of BI capabilities – reporting, Hardware: built upon the IBM System x3850analytics, and dashboards – on a X5, providing enhanced power andsingle service-oriented architecture Server for IBM Smart Analytics unrivaled reliability and confidence(SOA). The IBM Smart Analytics System 1050: in your IT solution deployments.System 1050 and IBM SmartAnalytics System 2050 now offers a IBM System x3500 M3: Stable-life,component for customers who want mission critical two-socket serverto ensure their users can quickly for distributed environments,and easily leverage the data available in both tower and rackcontained in their data warehouses form. The IBM Smart Analyticswith a full range of business System 1050 is built upon the IBMintelligence reporting capabilities. System x3500 M3, which providesAuthor, share, and use reports that the ultimate balance of highdraw on data from all enterprise performance, high availability, and The x3850 X5 takes performance,sources for better business vast internal storage in a stable-life, efficiency and reliability to the nextdecisions. IBM Cognos 8 BI distributed platform. level with a balanced Departmentalreporting software is built upon an server built on the next generationopen platform designed to increase The IBM System x3500 delivers of IBM X-Architecture®, andbusiness adoption while minimizing unprecedented performance and features an unmatched combinationthe burden on IT. Developed with reliability for demanding distributed of x86 performance and scalabilitygrowing and ever-changing environments that rely on constant with a balanced design. The x3850 3
  4. 4. X5 scales to four processors and 1 analytics needs. By leveraging a © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010TB of RAM, and Intel Nehalem flexible infrastructure of IBM IBM Corporationprocessors give twice the software, hardware, and storage, Software Group Route 100performance over the previous x86 the IBM Smart Analytics System Somers, NY 10589technology, saving you money provides clients a unique degree of U.S.A.because the server memory flexibility and simplicity of deploying Produced in the United States of Americatechnology uses less power and it powerful analytics solutions. And, July 2010 All Rights Reservedutilizes new, high-efficiency power with the ongoing addition o f newsupplies. analytics application capabilities, IBM, the IBM logo,, DB2, InfoSphere, Cognos, and X-Architecture are trademarks or clients can be sure they are utilizing registered trademarks of International BusinessThe following storage is common the industry’s most comprehensive, Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and other IBMto both IBM Smart Analytics strategic, and flexible analytics trademarked terms are marked on their firstSystem 1050 and IBM Smart system – now and in the future. occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S.Analytics System 2050: Leverage the power of business registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM analytics to convert information into at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common lawIBM DS3500 System Storage: insight to uncover and capture new trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBMIncrease the capacity, management revenue opportunities – plug it in trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at and availability of your and get your answers now! copytrade.shtmldata solution. Both the 1050 and Other company, product, or service names may be2050 incorporate IBM DS3500 trademarks or service marks of others.system storage, which combines For more information References in this publication to IBM products orbest-of-breed development with To learn more about IBM Smart services do not imply that IBM intends to make them Analytics System 1050 and IBM available in all countries in which IBM operates. Printed in the United States of America on recycled Smart Analytics System 2050, paper containing 10% recovered post-consumer fiber. contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: 6 Gbps host interface anddrive technology. This highlyefficient storage platform grows withthe needs of your organization andis a fully integrated complement toSystem x servers. Offeringsubstantial improvements at a pricethat will fit most budgets, theDS3500 delivers superior price toperformance ratios, functionality,scalability and ease of use for theIBM Smart Analytics Family.Why IBM?The IBM Smart Analytics System isthe industry’s most completeintegrated, optimized, ready-to-useanalytics solution designed toaccelerate your business by quicklydelivering the insight you needwhere and when it’s needed, and toadjust and grow based on yourcompany’s ever-changing business 4