IBM Implementation Services For Power


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IBMImplementation Services forPower® – PowerVM™ can help.Designed specifically for organizationsthat choose to deploy theIBMPowerVM feature available on most IBMPower Systems™ servers,this solution provides professionalassistance to help you complete theimplementation quickly and with less risk.

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IBM Implementation Services For Power

  1. 1. Helping you deploy advanced server virtualization capabilitiesquickly and smoothly—with less risk IBM Implementation Services for Power – PowerVM Taming server sprawl management to the temperature control Highlights After several years of growth in their system and power supply that are server environments, many organiza- required to keep servers running. The ■ Supports a shorter implementa- tions are struggling to get server sprawl server environment becomes unruly, tion process for faster return on under control. Their server environ- burdensome and inflexible in the face of investment ments are commonly fragmented and change. complex with isolated systems. The ■ Helps reduce complexity and processing capacity of many servers By now, most organizations know that enable greater responsiveness sits idle, while other servers are strained server virtualization can tame even the to changing business demands to meet the performance requirements largest, most complex environments. of large and growing applications. Many have already begun to consoli- ■ Facilitates increased server Meanwhile, the server count continues date multiple servers onto fewer physi- utilization and improved overall to rise to accommodate the growing cal machines, thus benefiting from performance business—higher transaction volumes, higher utilization rates, better perform- increasingly data-intensive instructions ance and greater flexibility. It can be dif- and greater demands for responsive- ficult, however, for IT generalists to ness and availability. Organizations that implement a virtualization solution keep adding stand-alone servers, how- themselves. Without concrete, proven ever, soon discover that they need methodology and hands-on experience more and more staff members to man- to guide them, implementation projects age the environment. And it is likely that sometimes suffer from “scope creep,” they’re running short on floor space in which can unexpectedly divert time and their data centers. The costs begin to resources from more strategic activities. build dramatically—driven up by everything from procurement and
  2. 2. IBM Implementation Services for ● Live Partition Mobility allows your project on track, thus helping toPower® – PowerVM™ can help. migration of running AIX® and reduce the potential risks of downtimeDesigned specifically for organizations Linux® partitions and hosted and scope creep. We start with a thor-that choose to deploy the applications between physical ough planning session to make sureIBM PowerVM feature available on servers without disruption. that the end result will match yourmost IBM Power Systems™ servers, ● Active Memory™ Sharing enables objectives, and then follow a proventhis solution provides professional need-based, disruption-free logical process for implementation and config-assistance to help you complete the sharing of available memory space. uration. Having a simple, professionallyimplementation quickly and with less organized project can give you a morerisk. Our standard offering has a fixed Supporting a faster implementation with predictable, high-quality outcome—andprice and scope that includes an initial lower risk and cost may ultimately help you achieve returnplanning session, installation and con- Unless you have dedicated, expert on investment sooner. Moreover, byfiguration services and project manage- resources to manage an implementa- tapping into virtualization expertise onment services from start to finish. Other tion based on a proven method and demand rather than building the skillscustomized services are also available strict timetable, the project can take you need in house, you can focus ondepending on your PowerVM service longer and cost more than you your core business more effectively.needs. IBM Implementation Services for planned. You need to count on aPower – PowerVM can help you take speedy, lower-risk implementation Simplifying server management andadvantage of the following capabilities that’s designed to not disrupt your pro- increasing flexibilitywithin the PowerVM toolkit: duction environment or draw resources In a complex server environment, it can away from business-critical activities. be extremely difficult to adapt to chang-● Virtual input/output server facili- Besides, virtualization technologies are ing business requirements, whether tates sharing of physical resources constantly changing, and new features those requirements are related to fluctu- among logical partitions. are introduced frequently. You may ating transaction volumes, new applica-● Partition load manager automati- find it difficult to maintain a staff with tion deployments, emerging regulations cally balances processor and up-to-date skills in this area. or business continuity needs. Every memory requests by shifting physical machine you install adds inter- resources in response to demand. PowerVM is designed to provide just operability issues and expands the list● IBM Micro-Partitioning™ technol- the services you need—in a standard- of procedures needed to roll out a ogy supports up to 10 logical ized, easy-to-purchase package—so change. At times, the management bur- partitions on one processor. there’s less disruption to your resources den can be heavy enough to paralyze and your operations. Our experienced the IT environment—and prevent it from technical consultants use time-tested supporting the needs of the business. project management methods to keep
  3. 3. By helping you take advantage of the Increasing utilization to improve efficiency Live Partition Mobility allows migrationvirtualization features of the IBM Power and performance of running AIX and Linux partitions andSystems server, IBM Implementation For many organizations, server utiliza- hosted applications between physicalServices for Power – PowerVM can tion presents a significant challenge. servers without disrupting the infra-enable you to simplify the server envi- When workloads are distributed structure services. This flexibility canronment and get management under unevenly across servers, it can cause enable you to handle disruptive mainte-control. We can help you consolidate performance and availability problems, nance activities, workload balancingworkloads from multiple physical complicate management and drive up and server consolidation requirementsmachines by creating logical units of costs. Besides, it is wasteful to pur- with minimal impact on the workloadprocessing resources—adaptable units chase new servers when there is ample availability. And, creating a central poolthat are unfettered by physical con- capacity tucked away in the data of resources may free up capacity forstraints. You gain the flexibility to reallo- center already. The key is to unlock that new applications and make it easier tocate resources where and when they capacity, aggregate it and make it avail- develop and deploy them. Fewerare needed. And it becomes possible, able for multiple applications. servers mean fewer copies of systemsfor example, to: software, databases and middleware, IBM’s PowerVM feature, available as which can improve the stability of the● Borrow idle capacity from the Web standard or optional on most platforms. server to support end-of-month IBM Power Systems servers, can transactions in your financial enable you to share resources Similarly, Active Memory Sharing applications. among partitions—and manage them enables the optimum use of available● Deploy new applications onto exist- centrally. With IBM Micro-Partitioning memory space by prioritizing available ing server and storage resources capabilities, you can create up to memory space on a shared, need- instead of purchasing and setting 10 partitions on a single processor. based concept. This feature supports up a new machine for each new The virtual input/output server feature more effective use of your resources, application. enables sharing of resources—including while allowing you to realize cost sav-● Address certain regulatory require- Ethernet adapters, small computer ings by delaying new investments for ments of security concerns all at system interface devices and Fibre additional memory. once by adjusting the configuration Channel storage—among those parti- on a single machine, rather than on tions. The partition load manager func- Why IBM? dozens. tionality balances partition workloads IBM’s depth and breadth of expertise in automatically and dynamically, so you IBM Power Systems servers is virtuallyThe agility gained through server virtual- can avoid performance and availability unmatched. Our technical consultantsization can help your IT infrastructure problems caused by underallocation of not only have hands-on experience andkeep pace with changing business resources. longtime familiarity with these state-of-conditions—without placing impractical the-art servers, but they also maintaindemands on your IT staff or budget. intimate knowledge of emerging
  4. 4. technologies, software releases and consolidation, network configuration, © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009 IBM Global Serviceshardware enhancements through middleware integration, data manage- Route 100IBM development teams and research ment solutions or systems management Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A.laboratories. When your organization capabilities. This integration allows Produced in the United States of America June 2009works with IBM to implement PowerVM IBM to make smoother, quicker transi- All Rights Reservedcapabilities, you can benefit from the tions between projects—which can help IBM, the IBM logo,, AIX,extensive intellectual capital and imple- minimize disruption to your business. Micro-Partitioning, Power, Power Systems, PowerVM and other referenced IBM productsmentation methods that the entire and services are trademarks of InternationalIBM Global Services team has accumu- For more information Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.lated, tested and proven over the years. To learn more about Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds IBM Implementation Services for in the United States, other countries, or both.Moreover, our service delivery Power – PowerVM, contact your Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.processes are integrated with related IBM representative or IBM Business References in this publication to IBM productsservices across the board, which can Partner, or visit: or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in whichbe valuable in the event that you server IBM operates.need additional assistance with server SSD03009-USEN-01