Command, control, collabo-rate: public safety solutionsfrom IBM


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Learn how to command, control, collaborate, public safety solutions from IBM that helps you respond quickly and effectively, Integrate and analyze information Using existing datastreams in a smarter manner.

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Command, control, collabo-rate: public safety solutionsfrom IBM

  1. 1. IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION Public Safety solutionsSolution Brief Command, control, collabo- rate: public safety solutions from IBM When it’s important to create smarter systems—those that can trans- form torrents of data into actionable intelligence—you want proven Highlights solutions that address the unique complexities and challenges of U.S. public safety. You want to get the most from every dollar as you take ● Respond quickly and effectively. Empower first responders to action to strengthen security, share information in real time and sense, respond to and manage improve outcomes for the citizens you protect. emergencies. ● Integrate and analyze A sense of urgency information. Use existing data The first duty of a state is to protect its citizens. The question is how streams in a smarter manner. to achieve that in an urbanizing world that is becoming more intercon- ● Improve collaboration. Get timely nected, fast-paced and unpredictable every day. information—anytime, anywhere— In recent years, forward-thinking officials have made great strides and keep it more secure. in applying innovative, community-based approaches and new tech- nologies to help reduce urban crime and improve emergency response. But the challenges to public safety continue to grow. Fortunately, new capabilities are now at our disposal to help make urban public safety systems not just more connected and efficient, but smarter. Progressive leaders around the world are no longer just responding to crimes and emergencies after the fact; they’re analyzing, anticipating and working to mitigate or prevent them. They use smart systems that capture data from myriad instrumented and interconnected processes, devices and objects, and then apply intelligence to this welter of infor- mation to detect patterns and take action in real time. The power of smart solutions Discover the power of increased situational awareness, improved emer- gency preparedness and better cross agency or jurisdictional interoper- ability. Engage an industry leader with the experience, commitment and ability to foster long-term partnerships with public safety agencies. IBM® offers: ● A strong portfolio of proven public safety specific solutions ● An unmatched global presence, a robust store of best practices and a strong local presence for solution success ● Open standards leadership ● Research and innovation applied to informational analytic issues We work with a network of leading-edge IBM Business Partners to build a strong array of capabilities and solutions—throughout the United States and in cities around the globe.
  2. 2. IBM SALES & DISTRIBUTION Public Safety solutionsSolution BriefExamples: IBM public safety engagements in the U.S.State of Missouri: Missouri’s Office of Homeland Security called onIBM to help strengthen the ability to respond to natural—and man-made— © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009disasters. With the design and implementation of an integrated Web portal, theMissouri Emergency Resource and Information System now gives first respon- IBM Corporation Route 100ders secure access to a broad palette of critical information from dozens of Somers, NY 10589agencies, across multiple jurisdictions. U.S.A. Chicago, Illinois: IBM is bringing intelligence to urban security, working Produced in the USAwith the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and April 2009Communications to create one of the most advanced city-wide security systems All Rights Reservedever conceived. Operation Virtual Shield is one of the world’s largest video and IBM, the IBM logo and aresensor networks—and is expanding to include analytics for license plate recog- trademarks or registered trademarks ofnition, trending projections and intelligent search capabilities. International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other Syracuse, New York: IBM enabled a secure link between the Syracuse countries, or both. If these and otherSchool District’s high-speed fiber optic network and that of the Syracuse Police IBM trademarked terms are marked onDepartment. From inside a police car, officers can watch any security camera their first occurrence in this informationlocated in the school, enable access to the school’s electronic door locks and with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered ormanage entry privileges if necessary. common law trademarks owned by New York City: IBM helped the New York Police Department create a data IBM at the time this information waswarehouse that brings together information buried in separate, siloed databases. published. Such trademarks mayToday, the Real Time Crime Center stitches together vast amounts of informa- also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A currenttion from dozens of disparate systems for much faster crime solving and the list of IBM trademarks is available on theidentification of crime patterns and trends. Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at IBM? copytrade.shtmlFor many years IBM has worked side-by-side with public safety agencies to Other product, company or serviceplan, develop and deploy comprehensive solutions. The team at IBM helps names may be trademarks or service marks of others.governments all over the world respond more quickly, get a complete view ofintegrated information and improve collaboration among agencies. Count on IBM to deliver strong, focused public safety solutions born fromdeep consultative expertise and broad public safety experience. Take action tocommand, control and collaborate in a cost-effective manner. ContactIBM today.For more informationFor more information, please contact your IBM Representative orIBM Business Partner, or visit: GVS03010-USEN-00