IBM System z Platform for the Cúram Business Application Suite


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Learn more about the Cúram Business Application Suit, a comprehensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offering designed specifically for the unique business processes and goals of social services agencies, deployed on the IBM System z mainframe platform that leverages both mainframe technologies and powerful middleware .For more information, visit

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IBM System z Platform for the Cúram Business Application Suite

  1. 1. Mainframe power for the social segment IBM System z Platform for the Cúram Business Application Suite organizations. Other priorities were security, disaster recovery, shared services, connectivity and interoperability. For social services organizations, IT priorities are always an important part of their main mission of delivering better care, protection and outcomes to citizens. To fulfill this mission, many organizations have turned to Dublin- based Cúram® Software, whose solutions have revolutionized the delivery of human services, workforce services and social security benefits. The Cúram Business Application Suite™ is a comprehensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Highlights “Do more with less” has become offering designed specifically for the a goal for many businesses and unique business processes and goals  Designed for agencies that must governments – do more with less of social services agencies. carry out their mission and serve time, less money and fewer people. the public with lower costs and On the “more” side of the equation, Focus on outcomes fewer workers social services and social security “Cúram” is the Irish Gaelic word for organizations around the world hear “care and protection.” The Cúram  Based on the Cúram Business demands for more caseloads and Business Application Suite is an Application Suite, a client- more services and feel more pressure enterprise-wide, cost-effective solution centered, outcome-based to be citizen-centered rather than for agencies wishing to modernize solution for the delivery of program-centered. existing legacy applications to deliver integrated social services services to citizens. The suite helps Against this background, it’s not agencies transition from a standard,  Enhanced by long-proven main- surprising that a recent survey program-driven approach to a client- frame technologies that provide conducted by the National Association centered, outcome-based model using near absolute dependability and of State Chief Information Officers integrated services delivery. It does availability, the highest levels of (NASCIO)1 identified IT consolidation this by incorporating more than 3,000 security, and the ability to lower as a top priority facing member best-practice business processes the total cost of ownership
  2. 2. and rules that tightly integrate triage, of services delivery, business and • Flexible approval processes andintake, eligibility, determination, technology compatibility and re-use, automated follow-up remindersservices planning and delivery, and and integration. that help supervisors and managersoutcome evaluation. The suite is respond appropriately to the needsdesigned for agencies that must serve Social services benefits of individual clients, as well as tothe citizens with lower costs and fewer Social services agencies using the individual needs of their staffworkers, and it can be scaled from Cúram solutions are benefiting from members.single-agency programs to multi- advantages such as these: • Work queues, schedules and businessagency, multi-program initiatives. rules that can be updated in real time. • Automated legislative and precedentBy providing a comprehensive rules that free staff to interact more Boosted with mainframe powersocial services business model and with clients. Policy and legislative The Cúram Business Application Suiteextensive program support, the Cúram changes can be accommodated on the IBM System z™ mainframeBusiness Application Suite reduces quickly — often in days or weeks, platform leverages both mainframethe time, risk and cost associated with rather than months or years. technologies and powerful middlewarecustom development projects. To meet • An integrated services delivery model such as IBM DB2® data managementtoday’s demands for consolidation, improves client services and the software and IBM WebSphere®interoperability and shared services, accuracy of program administration, e-business middleware.Cúram solutions can take advantage basing services on the needs ofof service-oriented architecture (SOA). clients, with clients receiving help at Built on a 40-year heritage of large-They integrate internal programs and convenient times and places. scale data processing and transactionexternal services providers into a • A single platform for multiple serving, the IBM System z platformseamless system of care that improves programs with self-service options, offers features such as cost savingsaccess to services so that clients such as program eligibility screening, through server consolidation, nearlyreceive the assistance they need more certification and inquiries. absolute dependability, the highestconveniently, effectively and securely. security available, a choice ofThe suite promotes an enterprise view operating systems, and IBM DB2® and WebSphere® middleware. Social services organizations long familiar with mainframe technology will Speedy Cúram benchmark numbers on IBM System z enhance the performance of their The IBM Montpellier Lab in France ran benchmark tests for the Cúram Cúram applications on System z. Business Application Suite on IBM System z. The goal was to see how the system would meet the performance and scalability needs of large Cúram Lower the cost of ownership installations. Testing included typical case work, case payment processing, As energy prices rise and utilities and batch processes similar to those required during legislation changes. become restrictive, controlling power use and cooling demands are Repeated benchmarks with IBM System z demonstrated the power and priorities for organizations that have scalability of the Cúram and System z combination, with concurrent user counts in the tens of thousands, millions of payment instructions per hour, and tens of thousands of cases processed per hour.2
  3. 3. to do more with less. Consolidating many servers onto a central System zthe work of multiple servers onto one mainframe, rather than working with a Cúram applications certifiedSystem z platform is an important large number of distributed servers, on IBM System zoption in this regard. System z is eliminates the need to refresh distrib- With the certification of Cúramideal for absorbing and managing uted data. applications on z/OS for thethe workloads of tens or hundreds of System z platform in 2005, IBMdistributed computers. More important, In a natural disaster, a government or and Cúram customers worldwideSystem z does this at a fraction of the public safety agency may experience have benefited from the provenpower required by distributed servers. extremely unpredictable transaction reliability and scalability ofWith advanced virtualization and rates. By directing processing the IBM System z platform forworkload management, the System z capacity to a specific application deploying their mission-criticalplatform can also help lower facility, when and where needed, mainframe applications. By offering Cúramlabor and software costs, releasing technology helps agencies respond to applications on both Linux® andresources for frontline services. critical situations and ensure the safety z/OS on the System z platform, of communities. Cúram will provide customers withThere when you need it additional flexibility in selecting theIt has been said that the “z” in Security appropriate server platform for theirSystem z stands for zero downtime. System z has security built in from the needs.With integrated availability features processor, to the operating system,throughout its architecture and the to the application level. Cúram clients “Offering Cúram for deploymentrecovery capabilities of IBM z/OS,® who deploy on System z have their on Linux for IBM System zthe mainframe enables superior levels applications and confidential citizen underscores our commitmentof application availability. By storing data on the most secure platform to providing customers withcrucial citizen and government data available. The mainframe provides an the widest possible range ofwith DB2 on System z, social segment integrated encryption infrastructure implementation choices,” saidclients enjoy the same 24/7 reliability that protects data over the Internet, Ronan Rooney, chief technologyand uptime that banks, hospitals, in databases and on tapes to help officer, Cúram Software. “Cúraminsurance companies and other vital government agencies meet privacy applications deployed on Linux onenterprises have depended on for goals and prevent fraud. System z will help our customersdecades. to further simplify their IT SOA-ready infrastructure and ultimately lowerRecovery management A service-oriented architecture offers costs without sacrificing reliabilityAdministrators of social segment improved agility and enhanced – this is critical to the success oforganizations should also know that flexibility, enabling agencies to any software implementation.”IBM offers extremely strong disas- introduce new services more rapidly inter recovery services around the response to constituent requirementsSystem z platform. Consolidating or in compliance with government mandates. System z is a secure, resilient and flexible platform for an SOA infrastructure to increase efficiency, avoid duplication and enable sharing of resources among agencies.
  4. 4. Operating systems choice For more information © Copyright IBM Corporation 2008IBM z/OS, the flagship operating Agencies that choose System z to host IBM Corporation Route 100system for the System z mainframe their Cúram applications will enjoy the Somers, NY 10589family, likewise excels in scalability, same enterprise-class benefits that U.S.A.availability, application development, banking, insurance and other vital Produced in the United States 7-08integration, improved economics industries have come to depend on for All Rights Reservedand specialty engines. In addition decades. IBM, the IBM logo,, DB2, System z, WebSphere and z/OS are trademarksto secure and reliable data serving, or registered trademarks of Internationalz/OS offers improved problem To learn how you can benefit from this Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these anddetermination and network and double advantage, contact your IBM other IBM trademarked terms are markedsecurity management. These reasons representative or visit: on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), thesemake System z with z/OS the premier symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time thisenterprise data server for mission- information was published. Such trademarkscritical workloads and demonstrate government/doc/content/ may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current listwhy it can enhance the operation of partner/325856109.html of IBM trademarks is available on the Web atCúram applications. “Copyright and trademark information” at ibm. com/legal/copytrade.shtml Cúram and the Cúram Business ApplicationLinux is the leading open-source jct09002c/gsdod/solutiondetails. Suite are trademarks or registered trademarks ofenterprise application platform and Cúram Software, Inc. in the United States, other do?&solution=4688&lc=en countries, or both.a natural complement for Cúram Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvaldsapplications. By making Cúram also in the United States, other countries, or both.available for Linux on System z, the Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.IBM and Cúram alliance will provide References in this publication to IBM productsclients with additional server platform or services do not imply that IBM intends toflexibility.3 make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. Offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice.IBM DB2 and WebSphere offeringsIBM DB2 information management 1 NASCIO monthly e-newsletter, “Fast Facts,” November and the IBM WebSphere 2 “Cúram Business Application Suite v4.5 on IBMmiddleware have both been optimized System z Performance and Scalability Testto take advantage of the strengths Summary Report,” June 2007.of the System z platform. Cúram 3 “Cúram Software Announces Intent to Optimize its Social Enterprise Management Solutionssolutions on System z tap into System z on Linux,” April 24, 2008 at:mainframe strengths through this GVS03005-USEN-00