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"Zucchetti Group dramatically improves its customer service"


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"Zucchetti Group dramatically improves its customer service"

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing Zucchetti Group dramatically improves its customer service With smarter computing from IBM With more than 1,900 employees, a distribution network in excess of Overview 1,000 partners and more than 85,000 clients, Zucchetti Group is an undisputed landmark in the Italian ICT (information, communication, The need technology) sector. Zucchetti Group is expanding rapidly, and faces constant requests to add more capabilities for its clients. Adding Zucchetti Group also operates worldwide, in the U.S. and in most more physical servers and storage was major European, North and South American, Middle Eastern and unsustainable, as some 700 servers had North African countries. Zucchetti Group strives to deliver excellence already filled the company’s data centers near to their limits. Zucchetti Group also in products and services and to develop innovative solutions to support wanted to add business continuity and customers’ requirements. disaster recovery services, and to enable a long-term growth strategy. Zucchetti Group’s competitive edge includes advanced technological The solution know-how and in-depth knowledge of management and production IBM provided a complete cloud-based, processes and skills acquired in different market sectors. There are end-to-end, turn-key solution, based on more than 20 Zucchetti Group companies, and their clients include a range of IBM technologies including IBM® BladeCenter® with BladeCenter HX5 small, medium and large businesses, banks, insurance companies, blades, IBM XIV® Storage Systems, IBM central and local public administrations and professionals, both in Italy Tivoli® Service Automation Manager, IBM and worldwide. Systems Director Standard Edition 6.2, IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager and VMware® vSphere™ virtualization. The need for a long-term growth strategy The benefit Zucchetti Group is expanding rapidly, with constant requests to add Around 700 physical systems have more capabilities for its clients. Adding more physical servers and been replaced by 16 IBM BladeCenter storage was an unsustainable approach, as some 700 servers had already HX5 blades, a reduction of more than filled the company’s data centers near to the limits of physical space and 97 percent. Rack space requirements have been cut by around 94 percent, energy consumption. Zucchetti wanted to find a way to meet new client from 578U to 32U. Energy costs have demands, to add business continuity and disaster recovery services, and been cut from over €300,000 to around to enable a long-term growth strategy. €10,000 annually, a better than 97 percent improvement. The IBM solution delivers a flexible, scalable and resilient infrastructure and supports a full disaster recovery service.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing Entering the cloud Designed for Data It was clear that the existing and growing IT infrastructure of more • Zucchetti Group provides processing and than 700 servers was becoming too expensive and complex to manage. analytics services for hundreds of clients Working with IBM Global Technology Services, Zucchetti Group accessing applications and data on the two IBM XIV Storage System units, each developed a strategy that would cut costs and improve performance of which has 43 TB of capacity. by moving away from reliance on physical systems and introducing Tuned to the Task virtualized, cloud-based services for its applications. • Workload is assigned to virtual servers on IBM BladeCenter HX5 blades, with The IBM Global Technology Services cloud VMware vSphere automatically allocating capacity according to workload demands. solution Zucchetti Group has cut its server IBM Global Technology Services designed an elegantly simple cloud landscape from 700 machines to just 16 solution based on two IBM BladeCenter H chassis, each with eight IBM BladeCenter HX5 blades, shared between two IBM BladeCenter H chassis. IBM BladeCenter HX5 blades. Each chassis was shipped with its own rack, console and peripherals for installation at two different sites, to Managed in the Cloud provide a high level of service continuity. • Client users know little or nothing about the physical BladeCenter HX5 blade servers and XIV Storage Systems. Clients The BladeCenters are managed by IBM Systems Director Standard request services from Zucchetti Group, Edition and IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager. Using VMware which provides the necessary resources. vSphere, each of these enormously powerful blade servers supports Tivoli Service Automation Manager helps control the VMware vSphere environment multiple virtual environments. to ensure service delivery targets are achieved, with automatic data storage To manage growing data storage needs, Zucchetti Group replaced capacity delivered by the XIV Storage its existing storage devices with two IBM XIV Storage Systems, each Systems thin provisioning feature. offering 43 TB capacity. One was installed at each data center. Driving Innovation • Zucchetti Group is now changing its The XIV units support Zucchetti Group’s applications and data, business model from purely reacting to client demands to a cloud-enabled and the company uses the built-in synchronous and asynchronous infrastructure that can be re-shaped and replication services to copy data between locations to ensure that re-molded to meet new growth and higher critical data is always protected. workload on-the-fly, with no wait time and no increase in costs. The two data centers are connected using four Cisco MDS 9148 multi-layer fabric storage switches, provided and configured by IBM. Zucchetti Group uses IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager to monitor and manage its applications and devices, and IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager provides remote support requests, implemented by IBM Global Technology Services.
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing The result is a solution that uses a high degree of automation to ensure reliable, continuous operation. Applications reside on virtual servers Solution Components supported by the BladeCenter HX5 blades, and users need to know Hardware little or nothing about how those physical servers are configured. • IBM® BladeCenter® H Chassis VMware vSphere automatically adjusts virtual server resources to • IBM XIV® Storage System ensure service delivery targets are achieved. Software • IBM Tivoli® Automation Manager The XIV Storage Systems deliver storage capacity according to • VMware® vSphere™ need, and the complexity of managing multiple devices from several • IBM Systems Director • IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric vendors has been eliminated. Automated storage allocation using thin Manager provisioning has removed the need for detailed storage management, and in-built data replication across the two data centers ensures that Services data is always protected against disaster. • IBM Global Technology Services Reaping the benefits Zucchetti Group is using virtualization to deliver a private cloud where provision of processing and storage capacity is automated, resulting in a dramatic reduction of floor space and energy consumption. The 700 physical systems have been replaced by just 16 IBM BladeCenter HX5 blades, a reduction of more than 97 percent. Rack space requirements have been cut from 578U to 32U (around a 94 percent improvement), and energy costs have been cut from over €300,000 to around €10,000 annually (a better than 97 percent improvement). The twin IBM BladeCenter and XIV solution at each data center provides the disaster recovery and resilience services that Zucchetti required. Data centers that were reaching their limits in terms of space and energy can now comfortably support almost 20 times the total workload of the previous solution, without any need to add rack space or upgrade their power supplies. For more information To learn more about smarter computing from IBM and how we can help you integrate, automate, protect and transform your IT, contact your IBM sales representative or IBM business partner, or visit:
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