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Anna Aluminium gains the capacity to grow


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Anna Aluminium is part of the Anna Group, an Indian conglomerate with
interests in textiles, ready-to-cook foods, spices and aluminium homewares.
Anna Aluminium employs 2,200 of the Group’s 2,500 personnel,
and turns over around $77.8m per annum. Headquartered in Cochin,
India, the company trades both through distributors and directly from its
15 outlet stores.

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Anna Aluminium gains the capacity to grow

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology RetailCase Study Anna Aluminium gains the capacity to grow Processing customer orders 94 percent faster with IBM and SAP Anna Aluminium is part of the Anna Group, an Indian conglomerate with The need interests in textiles, ready-to-cook foods, spices and aluminium home- Anna Aluminium’s outdated hardware wares. Anna Aluminium employs 2,200 of the Group’s 2,500 personnel, and software lacked the performance to and turns over around $77.8m per annum. Headquartered in Cochin, process growing numbers of customer orders on time—risking delays and loss India, the company trades both through distributors and directly from its of customer satisfaction. 15 outlet stores. The solution Anna Aluminium implemented Growing pains SAP® ERP with SAP DBA Cockpit After rapidly increasing its share of a competitive market, Anna software and IBM DB2®, running on Aluminium wanted to continue to drive its strong business growth. IBM System x® 3650 class servers As the company won more customers, the surge in orders was putting a with intelligent Intel® Xeon® processors, connected to an IBM Storwize® V7000 strain on its legacy applications, which were unable to process orders and Unified Disk System. plan manufacturing quickly enough to meet demand. The benefit Issac Varghese, Systems Manager at Anna Aluminum, explains: “Anna The IBM and SAP solution enables Anna Aluminium to process customer orders in Aluminium has been growing by around 20 - 30 percent year on year for 10 minutes—a 94 percent improvement— the past five years. We wanted to sustain this rapid growth, but our legacy increasing responsiveness and promoting applications could not keep up.” business growth. “For example, the lack of integration between our sales order systems, inventory control application and our production planning systems made it difficult to service new orders effectively. As a result, it was difficult to schedule manufacturing, and our factory’s production capacity was often underutilized—incurring costs for the business.” “Whenever we receive a new order, we need to combine information from multiple systems to source materials, plan manufacturing and provide our customers with a delivery date. In the past, we had to extract data from each application manually, which took three hours per order. Our industry is extremely time-sensitive. Without the agility to react quickly to customer orders, we risked losing business.”
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology RetailCase Study Selecting a new platform To find the optimal platform to enable business growth, Anna “As a result of the Aluminium reviewed offerings from a number of hardware and performance of our ERP software vendors. IBM System x servers “Ultimately, we chose SAP ERP, as we were very impressed by the and the visibility potential of the product to integrate our business processes,” says Issac afforded by our Varghese. “To support the SAP applications, we selected IBM System x servers and the IBM Storwize V7000 disk storage as we felt these were integrated SAP ERP the best fit for our business requirements of price and performance.” solution, we can now process orders in just Anna Aluminium engaged IBM to implement five IBM System x rack-mount servers connected to the IBM Storwize V7000 storage 10 minutes—94 percent system. To ensure the resiliency of critical business data, the company faster than before.” purchased an IBM System Storage® TS3100 Tape Library Express, managed by IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services. —Issac Varghese, Systems Manager, Anna Aluminum The high performance and scalability of the IBM System x servers and the IBM Storwize V7000 gives Anna Aluminium the flexibility to support new SAP applications as they grow. Choosing the right database Anna Aluminium took the opportunity to review its database strategy, and considered the options for the new SAP software environment. “We initially considered installing the latest version of Oracle,” says Issac Varghese. “However, when our Business Partner Wipro informed us that DB2 is developed in close collaboration with SAP ERP, we realized it was an option worth investigating further. We calculated that the reduced patching requirements that would result from the synchronized release cycles of DB2 and Oracle would offer us lower database administration costs than the equivalent Oracle platform.” “In addition, we discovered that SAP DBA Cockpit software for DB2 had the potential to increase the automation of database management tasks, further reducing the administrative workload.” Anna Aluminium’s IBM Premier Business Partner Wipro installed SAP ERP with applications for materials management, sales and distribution, finance, quality assurance and production planning. To manage the company’s IBM DB2 database, Wipro installed SAP DBA Cockpit software. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology RetailCase Study “The IBM hardware installation took a month in total, and our Solution components SAP ERP production environment was up and running in eight,” says Issac Varghese. “We were very satisfied with the work of the Hardware IBM team, whose professional approach ensured that the hardware ●● IBM System x® 3650 class servers implementation went smoothly, and was completed on schedule and ●● IBM Storwize® V7000 Unified Disk within budget.” System ●● IBM System Storage® TS3100 Tape Library Express Processing more orders—faster ●● Intel® Xeon® processors With the new SAP applications running on the IBM System x servers, Software Anna Aluminium has achieved its objective of accelerating its customer ●● IBM DB2® order processes. ●● SAP® ERP ●● SAP DBA Cockpit “In the past, it used to take us three hours to process customer orders, Services which led to costly production delays,” says Issac Varghese. “As a result ●● IBM Business Continuity and of the performance of our IBM System x servers and the visibility Resiliency Services afforded by our integrated SAP ERP solution, we can now process IBM Business Partner orders in just 10 minutes—94 percent faster than before. Thanks to ●● Wipro these improvements, we’ve dramatically increased the speed and efficiency with which we can process, manufacture and deliver customer orders.” “With SAP ERP “What’s more, because the data extraction processes have been applications running on automated, we’ve reduced the business risk of human error. Today, our production plans are more accurate, enabling customer orders to a high-performance be delivered on time, every time.” System x platform, we have gained the capacity Reducing administration workload SAP DBA Cockpit software has helped the company to reduce the and agility to process system administration requirements of its new SAP ERP platform. Issac increasing numbers of Varghese comments: “Compared to the time spent on data management customer orders quickly on our previous Oracle and SQL databases, we estimate that by migrating to IBM DB2 we have saved 10 to 15 hours a month. This frees our IT and efficiently.” team to focus on more valuable activities for the business, such as development.” —Issac Varghese, Systems Manager, Anna Aluminum “We are extremely satisfied with our IBM and SAP solution,” concludes Issac Varghese. “With SAP ERP applications running on a high- performance System x platform, we have gained the capacity and agility to process increasing numbers of customer orders quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the solution, we are fully able to take advantage of our current level of business, and well-placed to support growth in the future.” 3
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