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Image Management & ProvisioningBright Cluster Manager includes a sophisticated im-age mangement and provisioning system th...
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Bright Computing - Bright Cluster Manager


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Bright Computing - Bright Cluster Manager

  1. 1. Bright Computing Bright Cluster Manager ™ Install your clusters ... Easy Use your clusters ... Easy Monitor your clusters ... Easy Manage your clusters ... Easy Scale your clusters ... EasyAdvanced cluster management was never so easyBright Cluster Manager Features Based on trusted Linux distributions Easy installation on small, medium and large clusters Intuitive graphical user interface Powerful, scriptable command line interface Bright Standard Manage multiple clusters simultaneously Integrated with workload management systems Includes all standard Complete development environment for parallel applications features for small and with compilers, libraries and debuggers medium Linux clusters. Built-in support for GPU computing with CUDA and OpenCL libraries, and GPU monitoring and management Multi-level node provisioning and image management for unlimited number of images and nodes Monitoring and visualization of many hardware and software metrics, also allowing custom metrics Flexible user and group management Automated cluster management based on preemptive actions when metrics exceed thresholds Extensible cluster health checking mechanisms Bright Advanced Native support for redundant head nodes Includes all advanced Comprehensive documentation features for large and complex Linux clusters....resulting in higher productivity and lower cost.
  2. 2. Bright ComputingBright Cluster Manager™ — Linux-Based ClusterManagement Software Bright Cluster Manager™ greatly simpli- fies the installation, management and use of HPC clusters. With Bright Cluster Manager, a cluster administrator can in- stall, manage and use multiple clusters simultaneously without the need for expert knowledge of Linux or HPC. Bright Cluster Manager provides the system admin- istrator with a single system view while offering the user an excellent environment for High Performance Computing. It has been designed and proven to scaleBright Cluster to thousands of nodes, and to run on mission-critical,Manager can be production HPC clusters. Bright Cluster Manager hasused to manage also been designed to interoperate with common Gridmultiple clusters technologies and application APIs, and is compliantsimultaneously.This is the default with the Intel® Cluster Ready specification, which en- When selecting a cluster node in the tree on the left and theOverview screen for sures compatibility with a wide range of Intel Cluster Tasks tab on the right, the administrator can execute a numbera selected cluster. Ready applications. of powerful tasks on that node with only a single mouse click. Bright Cluster Manager has been installed on hundreds of clusters, including some of the larg- est and most complex clusters in the world, and several TOP500 systems. Bright Cluster Man- ager is available from resellers across the world and is supported on most x86-based hardware brands. Based on Linux Bright Cluster Manager is based on Linux and is available with a choice of pre-integrated, pre- configured and optimized Linux distributions, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Scientific Linux. Easy to Install and Use Bright Cluster Manager is easy to install and use. It provides a single system view for man- aging all hardware and software aspects of the cluster through a single point of control. The graphical user interface (GUI) streamlines the administrative workflow by allowing all common tasks to be performed through one carefully de- signed interface. Furthermore, all tasks and con- figuration settings are also accessible through a scriptable command line interface (CLI).
  3. 3. Image Management & ProvisioningBright Cluster Manager includes a sophisticated im-age mangement and provisioning system that allowsthe cluster administrator to automatically install a fullyfunctional cluster from bare-metal within minutes. A virtually unlimited number of images can be cre-ated and assigned to as many different groups of nodesas required. Incremental changes to images can be de-ployed to live nodes without the need for a reboot orreinstallation. For large clusters, multiple load-balanc-ing provisioning nodes can be configured on the fly.MonitoringWith Bright Cluster Manager a comprehensive set ofmetrics can be monitored, visualized and analyzed.Practically all software and hardware metrics availableto the Linux kernel and all metrics available to hardwaremanagement interfaces, such as IPMI or iLO, are avail-able. Custom metrics can also be defined. Examples include CPU and GPU temperatures, fanspeeds, SMART information, system load, memory us-age, network statistics, available disk space and work-load management statistics.Automated Cluster ManagementAutomated cluster management takes preemptive ac- User & Administrator Management The cluster man- agement automa-tions when set system thresholds are exceeded. Sys- Bright Cluster Manager offers a role-based access con- tion wizard guidestem thresholds can be configured on any of the avail- trol mechanism which supports an unlimited number of the cluster admin-able metrics. administrators, whereby privileges can be defined on a istrator through the steps of selecting Standard actions include logging health state mes- per-role basis. All user and administrator management a metric, thresholdsages, sending emails, powering up or down nodes, operations can be performed through the GUI or the and action.or running custom scripts. This system is highly CLI. An LDAP service is included for user authenticationconfigurable and easily adaptable using the cluster within the cluster. Integration with external LDAP serv-management GUI with built-in configuration wizard. ers is also possible. Cluster metrics, such as GPU and CPU temperatures, fan speeds and networks statistics can be visualized by simply dragging and dropping them from the list on the left into a graphing win- dow on the right. Multiple metrics can be combined in one graph and graph layout and colors can be tailored to your requirements.
  4. 4. Bright Computing Cluster Security Bright Cluster Manager offers a high level of security which can easily be tailored to local requirements. Se- curity features include a firewall, certificate-based au- thentication to the cluster management infrastructure, secure shell access and automated security updates. HPC Development Environment Bright Cluster Manager is not just a cluster manage- ment environment, it also provides a comprehensive HPC development environment for serial and parallel applications. The environment includes GPU libraries such as CUDA and OpenCL, HPC middleware such as MPI librar- ies, OpenMP, Global Arrays, mathematical libraries and multi-core threading libraries. Development tools such as compilers, debuggers and profilers are also included. Environment Modules provide convenient mecha- nisms for managing different versions of applications, compilers and libraries simultaneously without creating compatibility conflicts. Advanced FeaturesThe status of clus- Parallel Shell Bright Cluster Manager is suitable for clusters of sev-ter nodes, switches eral thousands of nodes and includes many advancedand other rack- The parallel shell allows execution of commands and features for large and complex clusters, including:mounted hardware, scripts across the cluster as a whole or on easily de-as well as one or finable groups of nodes. Output from the executed  management daemons with minimal CPU and mem-two metrics can be commands is displayed in a convenient way with vari- ory overhead which are synchronized to minimizevisualized in theRackview. A zoom- able levels of verbosity. The parallel shell is available their potential effect on parallel applications;out option is avail- through the GUI and the CLI.  multiple load-balanced provisioning nodes whichable for clusters allow provisioning to scale to many thousands ofwith many racks. Workload Management nodes;  redundant head nodes that can failover from each Bright Cluster Manager provides a user-friendly inter- other in case of failure; face for the monitoring and configuration of common  extensible cluster health checking mechanisms; workload managers such as Grid Engine and Torque/  centralized BIOS updates and configuration without Maui. Various common tasks for manipulating jobs and the need for keyboard or console access; queues are available to users and administrators.  diskless slave nodes;  slave node booting over InfiniBand. Comprehensive Documentation A comprehensive system administrator manual and user manual are included. Bright Computing, Inc. 2880 Zanker Road, Suite 203 San Jose, California 95134 United States Tel: +1 408 954 7325 Fax: +1 408 715 0102 www.BrightComputing.comThe parallel shellallows for simulta- Bright Computing Terms & Conditions apply. Copyright © 2009‑2010 Bright Computing, Inc. All rightsneous execution of reserved. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this publication, the authors assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damage resulting from the use of the informa‑commands or scripts tion contained herein. Bright Computing, Bright Cluster Manager and the Bright Computing logo areon multiple nodes in trademarks of Bright Computing, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.the cluster.