IMS Business Update - IMS UG September 2012 Omaha


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IMS Business Update - IMS UG September 2012 Omaha

  1. 1. IMS Business UpdateKyle Charlet – STSM, IMS SOA andModernizationSeptember 19th, 2012 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Disclaimer © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp. IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. IBM, the IBM logo,, Information Management, IMS, CICS, DB2, WebSphere and z/OS are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IMS is Essential to Your Business3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. More than 75% of the world’s 100 Top 25 companies listed in the Fortune 100 entrust their business to IMS every second4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. 15 million gigabytes of production data managed by IMS $3.0 trillion ($US) per day is transferred through one customer 200+ million users served every day 375 million accounts…..for one customer 46,000 transactions per second…..on a single IMS system5 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. What our clients tell us “The IMS Repository and the MSC TCP/IP features in IMS V12 allow us easier maintenance; The IMS Repository will bring us more simplicity, security, and reliability, as we can share it between the systems.” “With the IMS Repository and RDDS feature of DRD, we can manage our system resources much more easily; change management is more efficient and faster.” “We havent seen anything that can process as much data, with as much reliability, as IMS.” Major energy provider “We use the proven reliability of IMS to support the most critical application in the company.” “IMS Callout, ODBM, and the SOAP Gateway allow us to keep data in distributed systems in sync with that in the legacy IMS systems, helping maintain inventory control.” “Due to its high performance and reliability, IMS has been part of CECA’s core business for the last 25 years, to deliver the financial services demanded by our federated savings banks.” “We are extremely pleased with the results regarding installation, configuration, tuning, new processes, operations management, and security management.”6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. IMS 12 General Availability IMS 12 became generally available on October 28, 2011 – Enterprise Suite 2.1 Quality Partnership Program highly successful – 14 external customers, 26 vendors – 5 customers were in production before GA; one was in production more than 100 days before GA7 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. IMS Roadmap IMS 11 IMS 12 IMS 12+ Access to IMS database Emphasis on cost savings IMS catalog for database resources anywhere in the metadata management IMSplex directly from z/OS IMS Database Revitalization and distributed environments Double-digit gains in Eliminate sysgens and performance, throughput, planned outages and simplification CPU Reduction Direct access from .NET, other CPU savings and increased distributed platforms Java Support throughput for IMS DBCTL clients Expanded SQL support – Easier Operations COBOL, PL/I Single centralized store for dynamic resource definitions Web-based GUI for IBM IMS Tools Day 1 Support administration Integration with Cognos Free RDz Licenses and Guardium And much more… IBM IMS Tools Day 1 Support8 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. IMS integration – extending our reach Availability Security IMSInfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Databases InfoSphere IMS Replication InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for IMS IMS Analytics Report Cognos Data Authoring Cognos Author BI Store Framework Published IMS Universal Data Manager Reports Model JDBC Consumer IMS JDBC VVM9 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. IMS Evolution Revolution10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. IMS Evolution Deliver more intuitive UIs and interfaces to talk to IMS – Eclipse-based tooling for Application Development – IMS Explorer and IMS 12 – SQL support from Java with Open Database in IMS 11 – More operational consistency with z/OS, CICS, DB2, RDz, and Omegamon for IMS Reduce planned outages and manual tuning – Dynamic Database Buffer Pools – IMS 12 – Database Quiesce – IMS 11 – Dynamic allocation of ACBLIB data sets – IMS 11 – Dynamic Resource Definition – IMS 10 – Online Reorganization – IMS 9 Help address the IMS skills availability issues – Use industry available Systems Admin and AD skills11 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. IMS Evolution Strategy New IMS interfaces and models IMS interfaces IMS IMS TM Installation & SQL / JDBC JCL and Operations ISPF IMS DB IMS Tools SDSF Rational JES User Mods Application Optim User Exits Development DBDGEN Cognos PSBGEN InfoSphere ACBGEN OLC J2EE DRD Reporting & Database Analysis DLI pureQuery Reduce the need for special, in-depth IMS skills12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. IMS Explorer - revolutionizing IMS application development ! Graphically-driven editors to display and update IMS program and database definitions Graphical interface to easily access and manipulate IMS data using See database standard SQL relationships Generate SQL Change DBD and to access IMS PSB definitions data 13 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. IMS Catalog The IMS catalog – information about IMS resources and relevant application metadata that IMS controls – All program- and database-related information defined to the IMS database system including databases, fields, segments, data types, and more – Changes made to any of these resources when you create, alter, or delete any IMS resource information will be reflected in the catalog The IMS catalog is a key component of the IMS growth strategy: – Trusted information – Comprehensive view of IMS database metadata (including application metadata) managed by IMS with standard access patterns (JDBC/SQL) – Offers metadata discovery and exchange via IMS Open Database and the IMS Explorer for Application Development – Scalable Open Database solution – large scale deployment into virtualized production and test environments – Enables broad IMS integration into the IBM and non-IBM portfolio of tools (Optim Development Studio, Rational Asset Analyzer, InfoSphere Data Architect, etc)14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IMS Evolution solutions DataPower Standards-based data server and TM Open systems access IMS SOAP Gateway TM access Universal JDBC Java API driver T IMS C P Java Universal DLI / C API driver Catalog I TM Access DB access P RYO z/OS IMS TM and DB Resource Adapters Web 2.0 (Mashup Center) WebSphere TM/DB access15 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Top Down Web Services “WSDL first” approach – Implies new application workload Existing service – Tooling to generate PL/I or COBOL code description WSDL A top-down approach is required to map complex XML data structures, including unbounded arrays and strings to PL/I and COBOL Both inbound and outbound requests generate SOAP Gateway – Orders of magnitude improvements in performance, security – Lightweight SOAP connectivity with no need for Java EE New server Business App TM Resource Adapter with WebSphere Becoming increasingly popular with large IMS customers Enable New workloads. – Several joint development/POC projects underway16 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Distributed Access to IMS Data IMS Open Database offers access to IMS database resources anywhere in the IMSplex directly from z/OS and distributed environments – Using industry standard Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) to communicate with IMS Connect IMS Universal DB Resource Adapter - to take advantage of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform services, JCA 1.5 IMS Universal JDBC driver - to make SQL calls that directly access your IMS data IMS Universal DL/I driver - to issue calls that are similar to DL/I directly to IMS from Java RYO - Use a programming language of your choice to issue DRDA commands directly to IMS Connect – IMS Connect becomes the gateway to IMS Transactions and IMS Data Makes application development and connectivity standard!17 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Your Total Cost of Ownership18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Revolutionize your IMS with zEC12! Most secure system with 99.999% reliability Optimized data serving with largest cache in the industry IMS 12 on zEC12 provides Leadership in performance with middleware and superlative Security, Compliance, 5.5GHz processor chip. Performance, Efficiency, and Ability to process terabytes of data to provide valuable output Industrial-Strength Transaction and Millions of transactions per day with less than 1 Database management second response Faster problem determination with IBM zAware for improved availability Additional gains include: Java exploitation of Transactional Execution for XML hardware acceleration; streamline and increased parallelism and scalability secure valuable SOA applications with IBM A 31% improvement to PL/I-based CPU intensive WebSphere DataPower applications based on NEW Enterprise PL/I for z/OS Centrally monitored, controlled and and Updated C/C++ compilers automated operations across heterogeneous Increased Performance through Flash Express environments with IBM Tivoli Omegamon and pageable large pages via z/OS 1.13 exploitation IMS 12 on zEC12 shows a 30% improvement in transaction rate19 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Superlative Performance IMS 12 z196 46,000 transactions per second20 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Mainframe Innovation - Specialty Engines Eligible for zAAP: Java execution environment – IMS dependent regions with IBM System z Integrated JVM-enabled running Java workload Information Processor and (2006) – SOAP Gateway on z/OS z/OS XML System Services System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP) 2004 Integrated Facility for Linux® (IFL) 2000 Eligible for zIIP: Internal Coupling • XML converters Facility (ICF) 1997 • XML System Services • zAAP on zIIP * Statements represent the current intention of IBM. IBM development plans are subject to change or withdrawal without further notice.21 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Re-emergence of System z 50% Returning to System z < 75 76 Cumulative number of Total number of new new System z clients in System z clients in the the previous five years most recent five quarters22 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. IBM’s Eagle Studies Program Provides a clear view of true technology costs Produces a head-to-head comparison of mainframe and distributed computing costs for each client Focuses on specific problems the company needs to solve Offered at no charge to the client TCO= ► Line items such as hardware, software, labor, storage, network, power and floor space ► Environments such as production, testing, quality assurance, development and disaster recovery ► Time, such as depreciation, replacement of assets and growth ► Nonfunctional requirements such as system availability and security23 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. IBM and Mainframe Skills24 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. IBM Academic Initiative System z Mission: Assist clients world wide with System z skills Influences and assists Educators world wide to teach mainframe technologies and concepts Builds important relationships with professors, customers, and partners Demonstrates IBM’s commitment and continued investment in the mainframe25 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Schools worldwide teaching System z – Click on ‘Participating Schools’ tab Educators from all over the world are currently investigating or actively teaching mainframe technologies – 1000+ member schools worldwide! Europe, the Middle East 24% in EMEA United States and AfricaAlabama Missouri Austria NetherlandsArizona Montana Belgium NorwayArkansas Nebraska Czech Republic PortugalCalifornia New Jersey 45% in NA Denmark Poland Asia PacificColorado New York Egypt Russia AustraliaDelaware North Carolina Finland Slovakia Ohio France China 15% in APGeorgia South Africa IndiaIllinois Pennsylvania Canada Germany Spain MalaysiaIndiana South Dakota Ireland Sweden Ontario PhilippinesMaryland Texas Italy Turkey Quebec Singapore West Virginia Latvia United KingdomMichigan Taiwan Wisconsin LithuaniaMinnesota Thailand 24% in LA Latin America Argentina Peru Brazil Venezuela Mexico26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Introducing SystemzJobs.comThe IBM System z Job Board at is a new resource that connects studentslearning IBM Enterprise Systems with companies hiring talent.Benefits of using Getting started Free, secure, and easy to use Follow these steps at to get started: Fast access to the best jobs in the IT industry 1. Create a secure account (optional) Global pool of available jobs 2. Search for jobs with your preferences 3. Connect with employers Sponsored by the IBM Academic Initiative, System z Visit: Questions? Contact © 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. System z Academic Initiative Success Stories Cegep de Thetford - Located in the heart of Canadas Quebec province, Cegep de Thetford 100% continues to expand its enterprise computing program to fill the hiring needs of local placement industry. Read to find out more about the colleges undergraduate mainframe IT program. record! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University of Leipzig – Read about how Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Leipzig in Germany have uniquely positioned their enterprise computing and System z education to not only develop new talent for industry, but also to make meaningful contributions to critical areas of enterprise computing research. 115 Syracuse University - Through its School of Information Studies, Syracuse University enterprise offers a Global Enterprise Technology minor that teaches students to think differently about graduates in large-scale problems. Read how these students are getting noticed by some of the worlds 2011! best-known companies. University of Arkansas - Tapping into its on-campus System z mainframe that is populated with databases provided by some of the worlds leading companies, University of Arkansas gives its students a jump start on working in an enterprise environment. Which is exactly what many of its students do after graduation. Read more here. 17 University of Maryland Eastern Shore - The University of Maryland Eastern Shore saw a enterprise need in the marketplace for students educated in large systems thinking, and designed a placements new program infused with leading-edge enterprise technology to meet it. Read about their in 2011! new class of enterprise-ready students. Participating Schools28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Partnering with IMS to grow System z skills IOD Customer Advisory Council – Skills Summit Technical Workshops offered by IMS Lab IMS Customer Internship Program at Silicon Valley Lab29 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. Free IMS Lab-driven Customer Workshops IMS Business Value Assessment – Business and architectural review of IMS subsystem and applications with the goal of helping customers get more value out of their IMS investment IMS Database Workshop – Hands-on workshop for application developers to learn about and test drive the latest advances in IMS database technology IMS SOA Workshop – Hands-on workshop for application developers to learn about IMS SOA capabilities that help you service-enable and reuse IMS assets (data and business logic), and save money! IMS Cobol, JAVA, and PLI Application Development Workshops – Hands-on workshop for application developers to test drive the latest tools that accelerate and simplify IMS application development; available for COBOL, PLI, and JAVA developers Want to know more? Ask Sofilina Wilhite © 2012 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. New IMS Customer Internship Program Located at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California – home of IMS Development Help you to quickly grow IMS skills 2012 Class has already completed, with IMS customers from 2 different clients. Each class is limited to <10 participants for focused attention 2-month minimal duration, possibility to extend Customers will work on real projects tailored to their job responsibilities: AD, DBA, SysProg Formal and informal classes will be taught by IMS engineers Want to know more? Ask Steve Zozaya - © 2012 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. European IMS Architecture Team Specialized team that focuses on IMS as part of our European Customers’ overall System z architecture plans Team’s Mission: – Confirm and secure existing IMS workload and seek opportunities to derive new benefit and workload on existing systems. They represent net new investment in IMS Current regions supported include France, UK, Spain, Germany, Nordics, and Alps. Want to know more? Ask Helene Lyon - © 2012 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. IMS China Development Lab - CDL We initially built a small team focused on IMS technical support for IBM China and Taiwan clients New development and QA projects were then started at CDL. The team is now integrated to support both IMS and IMS tools. We will continue to expand this team.33 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  34. 34. IMS Business Opportunities in Russia Russian companies are starting to centralize and look for automated enterprise systems. IBM Sales and Business Partners are actively working with 2 new clients for an IMS Installation Proof Of Concept. An IMS Lab team was built in Moscow – Development and QA We are working with Bauman University to teach IMS Several multi-customer IMS awareness events have been held in Russia34 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. Conferences in 201235 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. IMS ISV Community36 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  37. 37. Thank You37 © 2012 IBM Corporation