IMS Trends and Directions - IMS UG Mar 2012 Peoria


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IMS Trends and Directions - IMS UG Mar 2012 Peoria

  1. 1. IMS Trends and Directions 2012 Dinesh Nirmal Director, IMS IBM Silicon Valley Lab © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. AGENDA• IMS is essential to your business• Investment & Opportunities• IMS 12 and Beyond © 2012 IBM Corporation 2
  3. 3. IMS is essential to your business © 2012 IBM Corporation 3
  4. 4. 15 million gigabytes of production data managed by IMS $3.0 trillion ($US) per day is transferred through one customer 200+ million users served every day 375 million accounts…..for one customer 46,000 transactions per second…..on a single IMS system © 2012 IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5. More than 75% of the world’s100 Top 25 companies listed in the Fortune 100 entrust their business to IMS every second © 2012 IBM Corporation 5
  6. 6. What our clients tell us “The IMS Repository and the MSC TCP/IP features in IMS V12 allow us easier maintenance; The IMS Repository will bring us more simplicity, security, and reliability, as we can share it between the systems.” “With the IMS Repository and RDDS feature of DRD, we can manage our system resources much more easily; change management is more efficient and faster.” “We havent seen anything that can process as much data, with as much reliability, as IMS.” “We use the proven reliability of IMS to support the most critical application in the Mjo e e yp v e a r n rg ro id r company.” “IMS Callout, ODBM, and the SOAP Gateway allow us to keep data in distributed systems in sync with that in the legacy IMS systems, helping maintain inventory control.” “Due to its high performance and reliability, IMS has been part of CECA’s core business for the last 25 years, to deliver the financial services demanded by our federated savings banks.” “We are extremely pleased with the results regarding installation, configuration, tuning, new processes, operations management, and security management.” © 2012 IBM Corporation 6
  7. 7. Investments & Opportunities © 2012 IBM Corporation 7
  8. 8. Free IMS Lab-driven Customer Workshops • IMS Business Value Assessment – Business and architectural review of IMS subsystem and applications with the goal of helping customers get more value out of their IMS investment • IMS Database Workshop – Hands-on workshop for application developers to learn about and test drive the latest advances in IMS database technology • IMS SOA Workshop – Hands-on workshop for application developers to learn about IMS SOA capabilities that help you service-enable and reuse IMS assets (data and business logic), and save money! • IMS Cobol, JAVA, and PLI Application Development Workshops – Hands-on workshop for application developers to test drive the latest tools that accelerate and simplify IMS application development; available for COBOL, PLI, and JAVA developers Want to know more? Ask Sarah Karger © 2012 IBM Corporation 8
  9. 9. New IMS Customer Internship Program• Located at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California – home of IMS Development• Help you to quickly grow IMS skills• First class is scheduled for 2Q 2012• Class is limited to <10 participants for focused attention• 2-month minimal duration, possibility to extend• Customers will work on real projects tailored to their job responsibilities: AD, DBA, SysProg• Formal and informal classes will be taught by IMS engineers Interested? Contact Steve Zozaya - © 2012 IBM Corporation 9
  10. 10. IMS Laboratory Technical Specialist Group• Our scope is world wide: – Our highly skilled team members have over 20+ years of IMS experience each. The team can assist you in planning for and implementing IMS versions and deploying features – Examples of assistance are Shared Queues, Data Sharing, Sysplex, Migration, Health Checks, rent-a-SYSPROG/DBA, SOA pilots, capacity planning plus others – We can be called up to provide remote or on-site critical situation management and assistance – With our unique position within the IMS development organization we have direct access to both IMS development and change team groups to obtain the answers and direction you require – We offer a wide variety of 15 IMS Service offerings. Please visit our website or contact Jeff Hook( directly for more information. © 2012 IBM Corporation 10
  11. 11. European IMS Architecture Team• Specialized team that focuses on IMS as part of our European Customers’ overall System z architecture plans• Team’s Mission: – Confirm and secure existing IMS workload and seek opportunities to derive new benefit and workload on existing systems.• They represent net new investment in IMS• Current regions supported include France, UK, Spain, Germany, Nordics, and Alps. © 2012 IBM Corporation 11
  12. 12. IMS China Development Lab - CDL• We initially built a small team focused on IMS technical support for IBM China and Taiwan clients• New development and QA projects were then started at CDL.• The team is now integrated to support both IMS and IMS tools.• We will continue to expand this team. © 2012 IBM Corporation 12
  13. 13. IMS Business Opportunities in Russia• Russian companies are starting to centralize and look for automated enterprise systems.• IBM Sales and Business Partners are actively working with 2 new clients for and IMS Installation Proof Of Concept.• An IMS Lab team was built in Moscow – Development and QA• We are working with Bauman University to teach IMS• Several multi-customer IMS awareness events have been held in Russia © 2012 IBM Corporation 13
  14. 14. IMS 12 & Beyond © 2012 IBM Corporation 14
  15. 15. IMS Transaction Manager and Database Manager for z/OS 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020Oct2007 IMS TM & DB Version 10 Ext. support Oct 2009 IMS TM & DB Version 11 Ext. support 4Q IMS TM & DB Version 12 Ext. support 2011 4Q IMS TM & DB Ext. support 2013 4Q 2015 IMS TM & DB Ext sup … • Future innovation areas – Extend the lead in availability, scalability and performance • Continue to ensure IMS capacity limits are well beyond customer needs • Continue to evolve IMS definition and configuration processes to be more dynamic and not require IMS system outages • Expand Active-Active Environment and IMS Replication capabilities – Reduce cost of ownership • Reduce MIPS usage by IMS to help reduce cost • Simplify management of IMS systems as well as IMS application development to do more with less staff • Advance autonomics to make the system more self-managing and self-tuning – Application simplification and enablement • Increase support for application and database access to IMS through standard APIs: SQL, Web Services, J2EE, .NET • Improve ease of use for application development with graphical assist and centralized IMS metadata support • Enhance and simplify integration of IMS assets with SOA, other Web solutions, decision support solutions and other IBM products – Enable high-volume transaction processing for next wave of applications • Continue investment in IMS TM including: IMS Connect, Open Transaction Manager Access (OTMA), IMS TM RA and SOAP Gateway © 2012 IBM Corporation 15
  16. 16. • IMS V13 Quality Partnership Program (QPP) is in progress• IMS 12 went GA in October, 2011 – 14 customer accounts, 4 IBM Internal Sites, and 26 vendors joined V12 QPP program – 5 customers in production already• Tremendous interest and adoption with IMS On Demand SOA solutions for revitalization and integration• Continue focus on: – TCO, MIPs reduction – Ease of use – Integration and modernization with unleashed leading technologies• Team expanded to China, Russia, India• New IMS Architecture team in Europe• Worldwide IMS User Groups, Workshops, Value Assessments © 2012 IBM Corporation 16
  17. 17. IMS Roadmap IMS 11 IMS 12 IMS 12+ Access to IMS database Huge emphasis on cost savings Double-digit gains in resources anywhere in the performance, throughput, IMSplex directly from z/OS and simplification IMS Database Revitalization and distributed environments Eliminate sysgens and CPU savings and increased throughput for IMS DBCTL planned outages CPU Reduction clients Direct access from .NET, other Single centralized store for distributed platforms Java Support dynamic resource definitions Expanded SQL support – Easier Operations COBOL, PL1 Integration with Cognos and Guardium Web-based GUI for operational IBM IMS Tools Day 1 Support access IBM IMS Tools Day 1 Support Free RDz Licenses Catalog for storing IMS DB metadata and artifacts Free RDz Licenses And much more… © 2012 IBM Corporation 17
  18. 18. IMS 12 Highlights T n a tio Mn g mn ra s c n a a e e t Dta a eMn g mn a bs aae et Ss m Mn g mn y te s a a e e t a dCn e tiv n o n c ityIMS Database -Scheduling Pool Stg Enh - IMS to IMS TCP/IP- CICS Open Thread TCB Communications support (Threadsafe) - Extended Address Volume- IMS Catalog Support for non-VSAM - MSC TCP/IP Support - OTMA TCP/IP SupportFull Function Database - IMS Repository and- FF Dynamic DB Buffers Usage for DRD Resources - IMS Connect Type-2- DB Storage Enhancement Commands Support- Additional FF Enhancements - IMPORT Command - Additional Connect Enhancement EnhancementsFast Path Database- FP Buffer Manager 64 bit - Member OLC Enhancement - CM0 Message Enhancement Enhancements- FP DEDB Secondary Index - Logger Enhancements - Send Only w/ACK for Callout Enablement- Additional FP Enhancements - Syntax Checker - OTMA Security Enhancements EnhancementsDBRC - APPC/OTMA Sync SQ- DBRC Enhancements - Diagnose Command - Enhanced CQS Traceability- Migration/Coexistence Enhancements © 2012 IBM Corporation 18
  19. 19. IMS Modernization Solutions DataPower IMS access anywhere Standards-based data server and TM Open systems access IMS SOAP Gateway TM access Universal JDBCJava API driver T IMS C P Java Universal DLI / C API driver Catalog ITM Access DB access P RYO z/OS IMS TM and DB Resource Adapters Web 2.0 (Mashup Center) WebSphere TM/DB access © 2012 IBM Corporation 19
  20. 20. Web service enablement through DataPowerIBM cross-brand initiative• Deep synergy between DataPower, System z, Rational and Common Transformation tooling to support DataPower as the premier System z gateway for IMS, CICS and DB2• Intended support for IMS DB access• Intended support for top-down service approach for inbound and outbound IMS transactional requests Native z transports Network-level HA and Protocol transformation distribution DataPower Processing Flow IMS RACF-centric XI50z CICS security DB2 WS Monitoring Transaction distribution XI52 © 2012 IBM Corporation 20
  21. 21. 21 IMS Integration with Cognos Access to all IMS data in the enterprise and ability to deliver output in several formats Ability to do business reporting against both operational and data warehousing environments Ability to generate reports from other data sources outside of IMS No longer required to move your IMS data to a relational store to do Business Intelligence IMS V12 will be supported with Cognos V10.2 release in September 2012 Windows, Linux, Unix, and zLinux z/OS Cognos IMS Connect ODBM IMS IMS Universal Database IMS Driver TCPIP DB 21 © 2012 IBM Corporation 21
  22. 22. IBM Portfolio Integration 2012-2013 Database Modeling & Creation Governance Access Analytics IMS Explorer InfoSphere Data Optim Designer Data Studio Cognos 10 BI Architect• Catalog integration • Logical & physical • Data privacy • SQL authoring • Operational BI modeling • Extending value of• zExplorer • Data management • pureQuery IMS data integration • Resource discovery • Query explain• Advanced data type • Model sharing support•Physical modeling &resource discovery•Database resourcecreation © 2012 IBM Corporation 22
  23. 23. IMS 12 catalog• Trusted IMS metadata information• Comprehensive view of IMS database metadata (including application metadata) managed by IMS with standard access patterns (JDBC/SQL)• Offers metadata discovery and exchange via IMS Open Database and the IMS Explorer for Application Development• Scalable Open Database solution – large scale deployment into virtualized production and test environments• Enables broad IMS integration into the IBM and non-IBM portfolio of tools (Optim Development Studio, Rational Asset Analyzer, InfoSphere Data Architect, etc) PSB PSBGEN source PSBLIB ACBLIB IMS ACBGEN IMS Explorer DBD DBDGEN source DBDLIB Catalog © 2012 IBM Corporation 23
  24. 24. IMS catalog – intended support PSB PSBLIB source DDLIMS Explorer Catalog ACBLIB DBD DBDLIB source IMS • IMS DB changes start with catalog • IMS loads resource information from catalog • ACBLIB/PSBLIB/DBDLIB updates will be the by-product of catalog updates • Tools that use these libraries can continue to operate, but should migrate to catalog • PSB and DBD source can still be optionally generated from PSBLIB and DBDLIB © 2012 IBM Corporation 24
  25. 25. IMS Explorer for Development © 2012 IBM Corporation 25
  26. 26. IMS Explorer For Development © 2012 IBM Corporation 26
  27. 27. Business Challenge  Credit Suisse needs to flexibly and cost efficiently implement new and changed business requirements to isolate the effects of changes and prevent ripple effects of changes. They need services with a business semantic that isSolutions unrelated to the current implementation orCredit Suisse’s Strategic core banking database schema.applications are built and evolved with PL/Ias the preferred language on IMS BenefitsStart with Web services description files  IntegrateIMS systems into overall enterprise(WSDL) that represent the interface contract SOA infrastructure and maintain high availabilityto develop new and evolve existing IMS and throughput in the new IMS profileapplicationsA top-down approach is required to mapcomplex XML data structures, including App Xunbounded arrays and strings to PL/I Dv l p r ee e o SOA BackplaneUsing IMS SOAP Gateway for both WSDLinbound and outbound requests, with RDz SOAP/HTTPas the development tooling.First Web Services now successfully in IMS S OAP Gate way IMSproduction! Copybook App © 2012 IBM Corporation 27
  28. 28. Solution The new solution, using IMS Connect, WAS, and DataPower, enabled them to implement a solution that was better aligned to their overall SOA strategy and that provided them with a web services interface. Wellpoint is the largest health benefits company in the United States by membership. In 2010, they embarked on a proof-of-concept to modernize a proprietary connectivity solution used to access claims data residing in IMS.Benefit ResultsAs a result of implementing these new  Java media performance was 17% fastertechnologies, Wellpoint now has a new round triparchitecture that is faster, uses less  .NET median performance was 60%mainframe CPU and enables mainframe faster round triptransaction avoidance throughconfiguration-based side caching. These  Mainframe connectivity related CPU waschanges enabled them to meet their overall reduced 20-59%objectives of improving performance and  RPC calls were processed 200% fasterlower costs. © 2012 IBM Corporation 28
  29. 29. FedExInitial Package Recording Branch Offices  FedEx  FedEx Kinko’s Large Vendors Applications for  Amazon  FAA flight plans  Others  Flight crews Distribution Centers  Assignment/Training  Sorting trucks/depots  Aircraft Maintenance  Airports Technology Networks  Regional domestic  Worldwide WebSphere MQ FedEx application Fast Path DB servers z/OS IMS IMS DB OTMA transaction database 180M management management trans/day DB2 thru Connect systems ConnectPackage Recording in Transit services Points in travel Driver scanners © 2012 IBM Corporation 29