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Latest News - IMS UG November 2012 Phoenix


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Latest News - IMS UG November 2012 Phoenix

  1. 1. ® Phoenix IMS Users GroupExploiting the Power of the Mainframe: The Latest News from System z Diane Goff IBM IMS ATS © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Phoenix IMS Users Group Agenda Smarter Planet / Smarter Computing and the Role of IBM System z® IBM zEnterprise™ System A Smarter ‘System of Systems’ for a Smarter Planet – IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12) – IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196) – IBM zEnterprise 114 (z114) – IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter®Extension (zBX) – IBM zEnterprsie Unified Resource Manager IBM zEnterprise Software2 2
  3. 3. Phoenix IMS Users Group Neonatal Law Care Enforcement Several years ago we started describing the Telecom Fraud Smarter Planet Prevention we saw emerging, fueling Resource Traffic innovation Management Control across industries. Manufacturing Trading3 3
  4. 4. Phoenix IMS Users GroupThe inefficiencies of traditional computing get in the way Banks Healthcare China online banking Asian insurance firm AIA transactions tripled from Group, grew transactions 50b to 150b 2009 to 20111 50% in 2011, while serving 20M+ policy holders Government Insurance European Central $20B US Healthcare IT Government System z outsourcing market nearly workload growth rate doubled 2009 – 2011, annually 2007 – 2011: +25% transactions grew 35%+ 1. According to PBOC (the People’s Bank of China) 4
  5. 5. Phoenix IMS Users GroupToday’s applications are increasing demands on datasystems Banks Healthcare 1.8 zettabytes of digital NA hospital, ambulatory data in 2011, growing data to quadruple to 665 exponentially1 terabytes by 20152 Government Insurance $1.2 billion saved At least 10% of property through tax compliance casualty claims are in New York state inflated or fraudulent 1. IDC Predictions Report 2011 2. Enterprise Strategy Group, January 2011 5
  6. 6. Phoenix IMS Users GroupThe data system needs to be secure and trusted Banks Healthcare sharing health data requires 2.7 billion people don’t availability and privacy have access to banking1 standards compliance Government Insurance has an increased 90% of insurance CEOs dependency on IT picked getting closer to systems requiring better customers as a top strategic availability and reliability initiative in the next 5 years2 1. World Bank high level conference on Post-Crisis growth and development 2. IBM Institute for Business Value – Global CEO study, 2010 6
  7. 7. Phoenix IMS Users GroupInnovative clients are implementing new technologies to… React to shorter product cycles by delivering IT efficiency for and invest in new services … core business transactions Deliver new business by using actionable insight for opportunities … information-centric processes Capture new markets and drive by strengthening the customer top-line revenue growth … experience 7
  8. 8. Phoenix IMS Users GroupOn a Smarter Planet, there are no clear boundaries of IT“All clients are experiencing the phenomena of what we call ‘front office transformation’— social media, devices, mobility– all reshaping the way they want to engage their customers, and how they capitalize on Big Data and analytics.” Ginni Rometty, President and CEO IBM 8
  9. 9. Phoenix IMS Users GroupCEOs believe technology will be at the forefront of drivingchange through 2015* Is your infrastructure optimized for the greatest efficiency of all your“71% of CEOs applications and resources? identify technology change as the most Does your infrastructure enable you important external to provide rich, actionable insight? force impacting their organizations”* Are you leveraging new technologies—mobile, social, cloud— to deliver an excellent customer experience at every touch point? * IBM, Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study, May 2012. 9
  10. 10. Phoenix IMS Users GroupThe world is changing.Is your infrastructure ready? The time is now to… 70% of IT budget is devoted to Leverage cloud to speed time to operations and maintenance1 market and improve efficiency Connected devices will surge to 22 billion by 20202, with digital content rocketing to 8 Unlock the power of Big Data to zettabytes by 2015 (90% deliver more actionable insight unstructured)3 The average IT infrastructure is Secure critical information to attacked nearly 60,000 times comply, reduce risk and protect every day4 1 IDC, Game Changing Virtual Technology: Major Shifts and Innovations that will Forever Change your IT Business 2 Forrester, BT 2020: To Thrive In The Empowered Era, You’ll Need Software, Software Everywhere, Phil Murphy, January 30, 2012. 3 IDC, IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020, Doc #231720, December 2011, 4 IBM X-Force Research 10
  11. 11. Phoenix IMS Users GroupOrganizations need to be able to make faster, better-informed decisions to drive smarter businessoutcomes. Data growth continues unabated, 25% to 50% a year. IT budgets flat or decreasing. Increased use of rich content and unstructured data. More security and compliance regulations impacting ITCIOs are driving a strategic and planned approach tobuilding out the digital platform the business relies on, aswell as making corresponding investments to improve theirability to manage it. 11
  12. 12. Phoenix IMS Users Group Smarter Computing: Tomorrow Ready. Smarter Computing is the IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet. Cloud Ready Data Ready Security Ready 12
  13. 13. Phoenix IMS Users GroupSmarter organizations are tapping into entirely newcapabilities for optimizing business processes,collaborating and driving innovation simply by usinginformation to transform their business. Deliver IT Strengthen the Enable actionable efficiency customer experience insights Establish a scalable Ensure data and system Apply business foundation for your integrity across your analytics to optimize information organization decisions Manage critical Redefine the customer Unlock the value of information and experience by delivering operational data that business processes personalized interactions fuels a Smarter Planet while optimizing for when and where in an economy that is greater efficiency of customers want to rapidly evolving to be resources. consume them information-centric 13
  14. 14. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zEnterprise can help you close the gaps in yourinformation-centric environment. Efficiency at Trusted Operational Scale Security and Analytics Resiliency EFFICIENCY INTEGRITY ACTIONABLE INSIGHT • Enables very large scale • Delivers unmatched • Integrated modeling of real time consolidation and the flexible security and reliability for data and consolidated corporate delivery of services through a core business processes data to deliver information and private enterprise cloud and data insight across the enterprise 14
  15. 15. Phoenix IMS Users Group Efficiency at the core State of the art technology above the rest Superior security with high-speed cryptography integrated as part of the chipLeadership in performance with 5.5 GHz6-Core Processor Chip Extreme scalability and parallelism with transactional execution facilityAccelerate application development with enhancementsto decimal format conversions and 2 GB page frames Reduce application overhead with runtime instrumentation facilityOptimized data serving with largest cache inthe industry 15
  16. 16. Phoenix IMS Users Group Enable very large scale consolidation and the flexible delivery of services through a private enterprise cloud Organizations will now be able to make faster, better-informed decisions to drive smarter business outcomes because their systems are designed to operate that way.“IBM has one of the mostcomprehensive cloud portfolios.” – Jeff Vance, Datamation• Hybrid Cloud computing with zManager across the tiered architecture• Optimized systems• Efficient transaction processing• Integrated application infrastructure 16
  17. 17. Phoenix IMS Users GroupThe ideal private enterprise cloud zEnterprise brings together the benefits of enterprise computing and cloud computing in a single system• Enterprise Computing capabilities – Extreme scale and leadership security A Virtual server on System z can be provisioned in and resiliency enabling delivery of critical minutes services System z servers• Cloud computing capabilities often run consistently at 90%+ utilization – Extreme flexibility and efficiency of fully virtualized resources across heterogeneous platforms zEnterprise can run hundreds or thousands of diverse workloads in a single system• Centrally manages and controls a set of resources A Private Cloud on – A single integrated system for rapid and zEnterprise can lower server TCA efficient provisioning of services to by up to 84%1 accelerate time to market and reduce cost 1 (Source: IBM SWG CPO – Internal testing) 17 2 (IBM calculations of zEnterprise limits across maximum z196 configuration. Results may vary)
  18. 18. Phoenix IMS Users Group Why Deploy Cloud and Linux on System z? Increased Productivity More Efficient Data Center TCA of less than $0.70 per day per virtual server1 U.S. Insurance Company uses 80% less energy than existing 79% less TCA vs. leading public distributed servers cloud 2 Less floor space More than 3,000 applications available on System z Fewer physical servers to manage Higher Utilization Greater Reliability, Availability Most clients run consistently at Most customers test backup of 90%+ utilization1 System z to 100% recovery “Shared everything” architecture annually Manage up to 100,000 virtual Built-in hardware redundancy servers1 Capacity and Backup on Demand 1 IBM calculations of zEnterprise limits across maximum z196 configuration. Results may vary. 5-Year Total IT Cost 2 The Edison Group: The Value of IBM zEnterprise for Deploying Heterogeneous Private Clouds, savings start at 250 virtual servers 18
  19. 19. Phoenix IMS Users Group System z has the highest security rating or classification for any commercially available serverIBM zEnterprise… Offers fewer points of breach than a pure UNIX® or x86 implementations. Helps identify fraud risks in real time and help stops them before they happen. Enables a reduction of risk and simplification of governance and compliance. Server images hosted on Linux on System z can benefit from legendary System z availability, security and systems management.1 1IBM design points, Internal studies and analysis. 19
  20. 20. Phoenix IMS Users Group Secure resilience Delivering unmatched security and reliability for core business processes • Conduct business with the highest level of integritySurpass EAL5+ ‒ Reduce risk of security and data breacheshighest level of ‒ Secure sensitive data and identitiescertification for ‒ Uncover possible intrusion attemptsgeneral purposeservers ‒ Enforce policy compliance • Continuous availability to increase growth ‒ Reduce the impact to business by eliminating outages which cost on average >$500K ‒ Eliminate the costs for an hour-long outage which can vary from $225 to $89K an hour and can affect millions of users 20
  21. 21. Phoenix IMS Users Group System z stands alone with security hardened into the architectureAvailability plus the security provided by the zEC12 enables alevel of resiliency that allows businesses to be competitive dayin and day out in this global environment. 21
  22. 22. Phoenix IMS Users Group Apply operational analytics to optimize decisionsApply advanced analytics and industry expertise to a wealth of informationin order to more precisely predict—and continuously act on—risks andopportunities.REACTION PREDICTION Goal Goal Unforeseen Decision Point Predicted Decision Point 22
  23. 23. Phoenix IMS Users GroupCombining the best transaction system withthe best analytics systemBest in OLTP Best in data warehouse Best in consolidationIndustry-recognized Proven appliance leader in Unprecedented mixedleader in mission-critical high-speed analytic systems workload flexibility andtransaction systems virtualization providing the most options for cost- effective consolidation Business insight integration IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a new workload optimized, appliance add-on, that enables the integration of business insights into operational processes [Evolution of ISAO] 23
  24. 24. Phoenix IMS Users GroupThe IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA)Capitalizing on the best of both worlds – System z and Netezza The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a blending of System z and Netezza technologies that delivers unparalleled mixed workload performance for addressing complex analytic business needs. Performance, availability and scalability Extreme Performance for Complex Analytics Breakthrough technologies - Hardware acceleration Transparent to DB2 applications 24
  25. 25. Phoenix IMS Users Group Operational Analytics Integrating business insights when and where it mattersReal-Real-Time Scoring offers new technology that ensures current, relevantbusiness insights within the time of a transaction Improve query response times by up to 30% when updating to IBM zEnterprise EC12Advanced query management integrates operational, strategic,and tactical decisions, while delivering response times up to 2000x faster, andmaintaining critical business priorities Enterprise- Enterprise-wide Data Warehousing leverages leading temporal and data governance capabilities, to deliver a single, consistent view of business 25
  26. 26. Phoenix IMS Users Group With System z, even the most complex queries can be processed within secondsDeliver real-time insights that uncover new business opportunities,and provide that information to the front lines of business, so thatthey can take action when it can yield real business results. 26
  27. 27. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEnterprise EC12 parallel sysplex availability leads the pack Downtime Survey (400 participants in 20 countries) 3.5 3 Downtime Hours Per Year 2.5 System z Parallel Sysplex with 99.999% availability 2 5 minutes 1.5 1 0.5 0 Microsoft Microsoft Novell HP HP Sun Mandrake Novell IBM IBM Win2003 Win2008 Linux on HP-UX HP-UX Solaris Linux Linux on AIX z/OS on on Intel x86 on on on on Intel x86 on Sysplex Intel x86 Intel x86 (unmodified) Intel Itanium HP PA-RISC Sun SPARC Intel x86 (modified) IBM Power Source: ITIC: ITIC 2009 Global Server Hardware & Server OS Reliability Survey; July 2009; reliability-survey-results/; Results are measured in minutes per year. *Note: All operating systems included in the survey are not included in this chart. Fifteen operating systems on various processor architectures were included in the survey. The chart will be updated when the full report is available. 27
  28. 28. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM Software for zEnterprise solves key BusinessInitiatives Cloud Data Security Efficiency at Scale Operational Analytics Ultimate SecurityDelivering high value Delivering predictive and Providing advanced datasecured applications and operational analysis of real- security and auditservices to create the ideal time enterprise data to deliver capabilities for managing risk,private cloud environment insights data leaks, and compliance issues NEWIBM CICS Transaction Server for IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V3 IBM Security zSecure Suitez/OS® V5.1 and tools IBM zEnterprise Analytics System V1.13.1IBM OMEGAMON® Family V5.1 9700/9710 IBM InfoSphere Guardium V9.0IBM Continuous Integration for Cognos BI 10.2System z InfoSphere™ Optim™ 9.1IBM Integrated solution for DB2 for z/OS ToolsSystem z development IMS Enterprise Suite 2.2IBM Sterling B2B Integrator V5.2.5 DB2 11 Beta ESP, IMS 13 QPPIBM Sterling File Gateway V2.2.4 IBM Business Rules for z/OS V8.1 IBM Operational Decision Management V8.1 28 28
  29. 29. Phoenix IMS Users Group zEnterprise provides the foundation for the “smart” infrastructure on which we can build the workloads of today and tomorrowThey are workloads that … … and / or … Rely on data serving and application components on Reside in low utilization / IBM System z® development environments Solutions that need to Can be made more leverage strengths of efficient through System z… Security, consolidation Reliability, Availability Can be optimized by using Have application the newest virtualization components on UNIX (HP, technology Sun, Power) or Linux (x86, System z) but require a higher level of integration capabilities and efficiency … but also may … Reside in complex multi-platform IT environments Require flexible development and test infrastructure Require simplified, integrated policy and management 29
  30. 30. Phoenix IMS Users Group Evolution of hybrid computing with IBM System z AnnouncedIBM zEnterprise® 196 (z196) zEnterprise First ever multiplatform Availability of Availability of Analytics System computer – mainframe and Microsoft® Windows® Linux® on IBM 9700 and IDAA V3 distributed with single on System x blades management DataPower® XI50z System x® on HX5 in zBX and APIs within the IBM blades in the zBX zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) HTTP MQ JMS FTP IMS CSV COBOL XML SOAP July 2010 Nov 2010 Mar 2011 Jul 2011 Sep 2011 Oct 2011 Dec 2011 Aug 2012 Oct 2012 Availability of zBX with IBM Announce IBM zEnterprise EC12 IDAA – evolution of IBM POWER7® blades and IBM zEnterprise 114 (zEC12) Smart Analytics Optimizer – IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer Next generation of coming out of the zBX and into Netezza technology hybrid computing 30
  31. 31. Phoenix IMS Users Group IBM zEnterprise System: The complete system of systems The integration of a shared pool of Cloud Ready virtualized heterogeneous resources, managed as a single Data Ready system, that is: Security Ready31 31
  32. 32. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zEnterprise EC12 System: The Next Generation inHybrid Computing The foundation for a secure cloud for data, enabling enterprises to improve service to their customers. Efficiency at scale Operational analytics Ultimate security Provides a highly secure and A secure and scalable Delivering unmatched security for scalable enterprise cloud for enterprise data repository critical business processes, efficiently running multiple that integrates operational applications and data critical applications analytics for accelerated insight 32
  33. 33. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIntroducing the newest members of the zEnterprise SystemThe zEnterprise EC12 and zEnterprise BladeCenter ExtensionModel 003 IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12)• zEC12 has the industry’s fastest chip with each core at 5.5 GHz• New innovation to drive availability with IBM zAware and Flash Express• Optimized for the corporate data serving environment• Hardware functions boost software performance for Java™, PL/I, DB2® IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager and zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) Mod 003 • Supports the new zEC12 platform • Hosts PS701 and HX5 blades • Provides workload-awareness resource optimization • Enhancements to System Director support zBX • System z will continue to expand hybrid computing Plus more flexibility and function by connecting IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator • Deployment of business analytics on the same platform as operational applications -- analytics and OLTP can be run as the same workload • IBM Data Analytics Accelerator V3 lowers the cost of analytics 33
  34. 34. Phoenix IMS Users Group zEnterprise EC12 is the core of next generation of System z zEC12Up to Performance improvement over z19625% uniprocessor1 Up to Machine Type: 2827 25% Models: H20, H43, H66, H89, HA1 Faster engines1 Advanced Technology 5.5 GHz 6-coreUp to50% Total capacity improvement over z196 M801 processor chip delivers a performance boost Up to for all workloads 50%Up to More total capacity1 Configurable cores for client use Innovation to drive availability to superior101 levels60 subcapacity settings Up to 101 configurable cores – IBM zAware offers snap-shot of the current 60 subcapacityUp to 3 TB RAIM memory settings state of your business Up to 3 TB RAIM memory – FLASH Express and pageable large pages toIFL, zIIP, zAAP, ICFs and optional SAPs drive availability and performance for critical IFL, zIIP, zAAP, ICFs and optional SAPs workloadsEnvironmental focus to improve data centerefficiencies including new non raised floor option Environmental focus Trusted resilience is a zEnterprise standard Upgradeable from IBM zEnterprise 196Upgradeable from IBM zEnterprise 196®(z196) andSystem z10® Enterprise Class (z10 EC™) Enterprise Class and IBM System z101 Based on preliminary internal measurements and projections against a z196. Official performance data will be available upon announce and can be obtained online at LSPR (Large Systems Performance Reference) website at: . Actual performance results may vary by customer based on individual workload, configuration and software levels. 34
  35. 35. Phoenix IMS Users Group zEnterprise EC12 is the core of next generation System z Up to Performance zEC12 25 improvement over Machine Type: 2827 % z196 uniprocessor1 Models: H20, H43, H66, H89, HA1 Advanced Technology 5.5 GHz processor chip for performance Up to Total capacity boost for all workloads 50 improvement over – Over 78,000 MIPS for large scale consolidation % z196 M801 – Larger cache for data serving Processor chip optimized for software performance Up to – Advanced performance functions exploited by Java, PL/I, Configurable cores compilers, DB2 and more 101 for client use Innovation to drive availability to superior levels 60 subcapacity settings – IBM zAware with out-of-band analytics provide point in time snap-shot of the current state of your business and can help Up to 3 TB RAIM memory you improve availability IFL, zIIP, zAAP, ICFs and optional – FLASH Express and pageable large pages to drive SAPs availability and performance for critical workloads Environmental focus to improve Security and reliability are in our DNA data center efficiencies including new non raised floor option – High speed cryptography integrated as part of the chip – Enhanced support for applications requiring data encryption, Upgradeable from IBM zEnterprise cryptographic keys and digital signing with new Crypto 196 (z196) and System z10® Express4S Enterprise Class (z10 EC™) – PR/SM designed for EAL5+ certification1 Based on preliminary internal measurements and projections. Official performance data will be available upon announce and can be obtained online at LSPR (Large Systems Performance Reference) website at: . Actual performance results may vary by customer based on individual 35 workload, configuration and software levels.
  36. 36. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zEnterprise EC12: An optimized system JavaSemiconductor Microprocessor Systems Virtualization Compilers & OptimizedTechnology Design Design & Operating Java Virtual Middleware Systems Machine 36
  37. 37. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEnterprise EC12: Freedom through DesignEnhanced performance and scalability for Smarter Computing Up to Up to Up to 25% 50% 25% Core processor performance Total capacity More configurable cores improvement over improvement over z196 for client use over z196 IBM zEnterprise® 196 (z196)• Faster processors and more capacity for economies of scale• New processor chip optimized for software performance – Up to 45% improvement for Java™ workloads – Up to 27% improvement in compute-intensive and floating- point C/C++ applications – Up to 30% improvement in IMS™ workloads – More than 30% improvement for SAP workloads• Larger caches to optimize data-serving environments Upgradeable from: IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196)• Hybrid computing capabilities to reduce cost and complexity and IBM System z10® Enterprise Class (z10 EC™) 37
  38. 38. Phoenix IMS Users Group Processor chip optimized for software performance Exploited by Java, PL/I, compilers, DB2, more Our leadership in microprocessor design supports a boost in performance for all Excellent Results: workloads – Second generation out of order design Up to Up to – Multi-level branch prediction supports complex 45% 27% workloads Improvement Improvement in for Java CPU intensive int Larger caches to optimize data serving workloads1 & float C/C++ environments applications1 – Almost 2x on chip and 2x additional on book New hardware functions optimized for Up to More than software performance 30% 30% – Transactional Execution Facility for parallelism and Improvement in Improvement in scalability throughput for throughput for – Runtime Instrumentation Facility is intended to help DB2 for z/OS SAP workloads1 reduce Java overhead operational – 2 GB page frames are intended to offer performance analytics2 improvements for DB2 buffer pools and Java heaps – Up to 30% improvement in IMS throughput due to faster CPU and cache, compliers, and more1 – New IBM Enterprise PL/I compiler is planned to exploit and get a performance boost from decimal format conversions facility1 Based on preliminary internal measurements and projections2 Aa measured by the IBM 9700 Solution Integration Center. The measured operational BI workload consists of 56 concurrent users executing a fixed set of 160,860 Cognos reports . Compared DB2 v10 workload running on38 IBMs z196 w/10 processors to an zEC12 w/10 processors
  39. 39. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEC12 – Overall Attributes Highlights (compared to z196)50% more cores in a CP chip – Up to 5.7% faster core running frequency – Up to 25% capacity improvement over z196 uni-processorBigger caches and shorter latency – Total L2 per core is 33% bigger – Total on-chip shared L3 is 100% bigger – Unique private L2 designed to reduce L1 miss latency by up to 45%3rd Generation High Frequency, 2nd Generation Out of Order Design – Numerous pipeline improvements based on z10 and z196 designs – # of instructions in flight is increased by 25%New 2nd level Branch Prediction Table for enterprise scale program footprint – 3.5x more branchesDedicated Co-processor per core with improved performance and additionalcapability – New hardware support for Unicode UTF8<>UTF16 bulk conversionsMultiple innovative architectural extensions for software exploitation 39
  40. 40. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEC12 Architecture ExtensionsTransactional Execution (a/k/a Transactional Memory) – Software-defined sequence treated by hardware as atomic “transaction” – Enables significantly more efficient software • Highly-parallelized applications • Speculative code generation • Lock elision – Designed for exploitation by Java; longer-term opportunity for DB2, z/OS, othersRuntime instrumentation – Real-time information to software on dynamic program characteristics – Enables increased optimization in JVM/JIT recompilations – Additional exploitation opportunities in the works2 GB page frames – Increased efficiency for DB2 buffer pools, Java heap, other large structuresSoftware directives to improve hardware performance – Data usage intent improves cache management – Branch pre-load improves branch prediction effectiveness – Block prefetch moves data closer to processor earlier, reducing access latencyDecimal format conversions – Enable broader exploitation of Decimal Floating Point facility by COBOL programs 40
  41. 41. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEC12 Full and Sub-Capacity CP OfferingsCP CapacityRelative to Full Capacity Uni Subcapacity CPs, up to 20, may be ordered on ANY zEC12 model. 7xx = 100% ~ 1514 PCI ~ If 21 or more CPs are ordered all must be full 7xx capacity 6xx ~ 63% ~ 947 PCI ~ ~ 7xx All CPs on a zEC12 CPC must be the same capacity 5xx ~ 42% ~ 631 PCI ~ ~ 4xx ~ 16% ~ 240 PCI ~ ~ All specialty engines run at full capacity. The one for xx = 01 Through 20 one entitlement to purchase one zAAP and one zIIP for 6xx each CP purchased is the same for CPs of any capacity. Only 20 CPs can have granular capacity but 5xx other PU cores may be characterized as full capacity specialty engines 4xx For no CPs, the capacity setting is 400 PVU for zEC12 is 120 MSU Sub Capacity H20 H43 H66 H89 HA1 41
  42. 42. Phoenix IMS Users Group IBM System z: System I/O Bandwidth 384 GB/Sec* Design Comparison for High End Systems 288 GB/sec* Balanced System CPU, nWay, Memory, I/O Bandwidth* 172.8 GB/sec* 96 GB/sec 24 GB/sec PCI forMemory 1.5 TB** 256 64 1-way3 TB** 512 GB 300 450 600 920 1202 GB GB 1514 16-way 32-way zEC12 54-way z196 64-way z10 EC * Servers exploit a subset of its 80-way z9 EC designed I/O capability ** Up to 1 TB per LPAR zSeries 990 PCI – Processor Capacity Index 101-way zSeries 900 Processors 42
  43. 43. Phoenix IMS Users Group zEC12 performance and scalability Balanced performance growth 1.5X z196 total capacity – Across broad range of workloads – 27 or 30 cores per MCM – Scalable from 1 to 101 processors – 120 max cores (Model HA1) LSPR: 1.25 x z196 Continued full-stack performance focus – 32nm SOI technology – New z/Architecture features – Improved core and cache designs – Compiler optimization for zEC12 • Hybrid Computing – POWER7 and System x blades • Linux on System x and Microsoft Windows IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) • DataPower XI50z with Netezza • Hybrid Computing – POWER7 & System x blades • Linux on System x and Microsoft Windows zEC12 • DataPower XI50zConfigurable Engines z196 • Specialty engines z10 EC PureSystems • zArchitecture enhancements • 100 new instructions • RAIM memory • Focus on core strengths – • Compute intensive • PCIe I/O drawer scale, security, availability • Decimal Floating Point • Optional offerings – water • Compiler optimized for zEC12 • zHPF cooling or HV DC power • Preplanning enhancements Capacity 43
  44. 44. Phoenix IMS Users GroupSystem z Servers Continue to Scale with zEC12 120 engines zEC12 101-way*Each new range continues todeliver: 96 engines • New function z196 80-way • Unprecedented capacity to meet 77 engines consolidation needs Maximum PCI 64-way z10 EC • Improved efficiency to further reduce 64 engines energy consumption z9 EC 54-way • Continues to delivering flexible and 48 engines simplified on demand capacity z990 32-way • A mainframe that goes beyond the traditional paradigm 20 engines z900 16-way Minimum PCIPCI - Processor Capacity Index z900 z990 z9 EC z10 EC z196 zEC12*z/OS supports up to a 100-way only z/OS 1.6 z/OS 1.6 z/OS 1.6 z/OS 1.8 z/OS 1.11 z/OS 1.13 44
  45. 45. Phoenix IMS Users Group zEC12 Continues the CMOS Mainframe Heritage Begun in 1994 5.2 GHz 5.5 GHz 6000 6000 4.4 GHz 5000 5000 4000 4000MHz/GHz 3000 3000 1.7 GHz 1.2 GHz 2000 2000 770 MHz 1000 1000 00 2000 2003 2005 2008 2010 2012 z900 z990 z9 EC z10 EC z196 zEC12 z900 189 nm SOI z990 130 nm SOI z9ec 90 nm SOI z10ec 65 nm SOI z196 45 nm SOI zxxx 32 nm SOI 16 Cores 32 Cores 54 Cores 64 Cores 80 Cores 101 Cores Full 64-bit Superscalar System level High-freq core OOO core OOO and eDRAM z/Architecture Modular SMP scaling 3-level cache eDRAM cache cache improvements RAIM memory PCIe Flash zBX integration Arch extensions for scaling 45
  46. 46. Phoenix IMS Users GroupExtending System z Availability with Flash Express and IBM zAware Highly resilient & available systems Business Server Systems Operations Availability Application Design Availability Availability Sparing HyperSwap™ Capacity on Demand IBM zAware Concurrent Upgrade Capacity Back Up Flash Express Enhanced Book Virtual networking GDPS®/HyperSwap Availability Data Sharing Call home Hardware checks Redundant parts Parallel Sysplex® Designed to Prevent Designed to Improve Designed to improve Designed to Improve Hard Failures System SW Availability Continuous Operations Business Availability IBM Confidential 46
  47. 47. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM Flash Express – Smarter Availability for SmarterSystems• Flash Express is an innovative solution designed to help you compete effectively in today’s market – Automatically improve availability for key workloads at critical processing times – Drive availability and performance for workloads that cannot tolerate paging spikes or inconsistent performance – Slash latency for critical application processing such as diagnostics collection• Extends IBM’s expertise in memory management introducing a new tier of memory using Flash Express• Provides a secured, resilient and immediately usable solution• Planned Flash Express and pageable large page exploiters: – z/OS V1.13 Language Environment – Java SDK7 and by extension • WAS Liberty Profile v8.5 • DB2 • IMS 12 • And a future release of CICS® Transaction Server – IMS 12 Common Queue Server47 © 2012 IBM Corporation 47
  48. 48. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIntroducing Flash Express Time to Read• Flash Express is intended to improve System z availability Data measured – Slash latency delays from paging in System z • Flash Memory is much faster than spinning disk Instructions • Flash Memory is much slower than main memory • Flash Memory takes less power than either – Make your start of day processing fast Real Memory: – Designed to eliminate delays from SVC Dump processing (256B line) More Latency ~100 Instructions• zEC12 offers optional Flash Express memory cards – Supported in PCIe I/O drawer with other PCIe I/O cards – Installed in pairs for availability Flash Memory – No HCD/IOCP definitions required (4K page) ~100K• Assign Flash Memory to partitions like main memory Instructions – Assignment is by memory amount, not by feature – Each partition’s Flash Memory is isolated like main memory External Disk – Dynamically increase the partition maximum amount of Flash (4K page) – Dynamically configure Flash Memory into and out of the partition ~5,000K Instructions 48
  49. 49. Phoenix IMS Users GroupRelative Access Times for different technologies Access time CPU < 20 ns Cache Random Access < 200 ns Memory (RAM) Flash Express 5-20 micro sec. Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage 1-3 ms < 10 ms Spinning Disk Drive WORM, Tape Library seconds 49
  50. 50. Phoenix IMS Users GroupFlash Express Exploitation on zEC12 IBM Flash ExpressFlash Express will be exploited by z/OS– z/OS V1.13 Flash Web Deliverable – GA December 14, 2012 • Pagable Large Pages (1 MB)– z/OS V1.13 enabling PTFs for RSM enhancements – 1Q2013 • Flash Dynamic Reconfiguration • Optional PLPA and COMMON Page data sets– DB2 for z/OS and JAVA SDK7 SR3 will support pageable Large Pages (SoD*)– IBM is working with it’s Linux Distribution partners to include support in future Linux on System z distribution releases– IMS* CQS will use pageable Large Pages when IMS runs on zEC12 – Availability targeted for end of 2013 *All statements regarding IBMs future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only. 50
  51. 51. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zAware delivers smarter message monitoringcapabilities The complexity and rate of change of today’s IT infrastructures stress the limits of IT to resolve problems quickly and accurately–while preserving SLAs IT is challenged to diagnose system anomalies and restore service quickly – Systems often experience problems which are difficult or unusual to detect – Existing tools do little to quickly identify messages preceding system problems – Some incidents begin with symptoms that remain undetected for long periods of time – Manual log analysis is skills-intensive, and prone to errors IBM zAware with Expert System Diagnostics Gets it Right, Fast – IBM zAware helps improve problem determination in near real time – helps rapidly and accurately identify problems and speed time to recovery – Analyzes massive amounts of data to identify problematic messages, providing information to enable faster corrective action – Analytics on log data provides a near real time view of current system state – Cutting edge pattern recognition examines system behavior to help you pinpoint deviations – Machine learning, modeling and historical data work to describe your unique environment 51
  52. 52. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zAware - Identifies Unusual System Behavior IBM zAware contains sophisticated analytics, applies IBM insight, and machine learning to understand your unique system. Monitoring Detection Frequency Reporting• Supports IBM and non • Detects anomalies other • Samples every 2 minutes • Near real time analysis IBM middleware and solutions might miss • 10 minute interval • Intuitive reporting – both applications • Can find the rare or • Uses 90 day rolling high level and drill down• Monitors OPERLOG in a infrequent message baseline; a utility provided • Color coded browser sysplex or monoplex • Can detect an unusual to populate baseline; display• Assigns a message number of normal flexibility provided • XML output can feed anomaly score to help messages ISVs or processes identify potential issues • Can detect messages – Tivoli® intends to issued out of context provide alert and event notifications152 © 2012 IBM Corporation 52 1 All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represents goals and objectives only.
  53. 53. Phoenix IMS Users GroupSophisticated Detection and Diagnostic Capabilities IBM zAware - Cutting edge pattern recognition analytics looks at the health of a z/OS system – Perform machine learning, pattern recognition, and statistical analysis on streaming messages to look for unexpected patterns to give faster, more pinpointed recognition of problems IBM zAware - A ‘watch dog’ to detect unusual behavior of z/OS images in near real time – enabling you act on system issues sooner - pushes z/OS high availability even beyond what it is today. – Diagnose problems/ critical events/ outages while they are occurring in real time – Helps heighten awareness of small problems so they can be corrected quickly – Determine the cause of problems so the operation team can establish procedures to prevent a reoccurrence IBM zAware - can consume massive amounts of OPERLOG messages (anything with a well-formed message) and turn it into useful information – Works “out of the box” with relatively little customization (as compared to existing tools) – A single browser based view of the health of a Parallel Sysplex® via a relative weighting and color coding – Out of band – minimal effect on z/OS product workloads – Complementary to existing tools 53
  54. 54. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zAware –IBM System z Advanced Workload Analysis Reporter Monitors z/OS OPERLOG messages including all z/OS console message, ISV and application generated messages Can monitor across a sysplex Expert Machine Knowledge Learning Samples every 2 minutes. IBM IBM Reports on 10 minute time slices. zAware zAware Uses a 90 day baseline created from SYSLOG Integrated Intuitive Detects anomalies monitoring systems miss: – Messages may be suppressed or rare – Messages may indicate a trend Reports on unique messages, and a “score” Color-coded, browser-based (IE 8, Firefox) XML Output consumable through published API, can drive ISV products 54
  55. 55. Phoenix IMS Users Group IBM zAware: Unmatched Resiliency by designSelf learning integrated expert solution Reduce financial impact of down timeSimple graphical interface for easy Gain visibility intodrill down system behaviorAnalyze system messages to identify Increase operatorunusual system behavior effectivenessMonitor all System z servers from a Diagnose problemssingle point and decrease risk 55
  56. 56. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM System z Security as the Enterprise Standard• Intrinsic platform security and privacy for transactions and sensitive data helps enable System z to be the secure enterprise application server and data vault – Hardware cryptography built into each general purpose CP and IFL, and via the new Crypto Express4S coprocessors – Secure your critical information assets (or data) throughout their life cycle• Security capabilities that span the needs of multiple industries – Strong focus on security and crypto functions required by the Banking/Finance industries – Support for the payment card industry with solutions that leverage the zEC12 for compliance and security (i.e. EMV for American Express) – New IBM Enterprise PKCS #11 Coprocessor firmware and support from z/OS helps meets the requirements of the European Union and public sector clients• Leveraging the strengths of operating system security and cryptographic capabilities – Qualities needed by enterprises adopting cloud application architectures – Wide range of cryptographic primitives exploited by operating system and middleware to help secure and accelerate workloads• zEC12 supports the System z exclusive protected key processor based cryptography – Blends the speed of processor based crypto with the security of the Crypto Express coprocessor• PR/SM™ designed for EAL 5+ certification 56
  57. 57. Phoenix IMS Users GroupSystems z delivers ultimate security to address yourchallenges of cost, complexity and compliance People • Encryption of critical data, at rest and in flight Data • Early detection of application vulnerabilities and Isolation of workloads Application • A fully secured virtual pool of resources as a foundation for enterprise clouds Infrastructure • Complete user authentication, access control, audit and management Governance, Risk Build a strong foundation Management and compliance for IT security 57
  58. 58. Phoenix IMS Users Group Ultimate security by design High speed cryptography integrated on Protect corporate data tamper resistant hardware Enhanced digital signature capability for Meet regulatory smart passports, ID cards and banking requirements New credit card transaction verification Enable smart support for smart payment cards1 payment cards Mainframe security events integrated Enhance security with zSecure and QRadar intelligence1verification of card security codes and support for PIN changes 58
  59. 59. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEC12 – Supports efficiencies in the data center• New non-raised floor option offers flexible possibilities for the data center• Continuing to support options for better control of energy usage and improved efficiency in your data center – zEC12 has a new radiator-based air cooled system design for more efficient cooling and improved concurrent maintenance – Water cooled options on zEC12 allow for up to 9% additional data center energy savings1 – Savings with optional HV DC power when implemented in a new data center could be on the order of 7-12% of server input power2• More capacity but little change to the footprint in the data center – Identical floor cutouts for zEC12 as the z196 and z10 EC3 with no significant increase in weight – Depth of system with covers will increase by 64 mm / 2.52 inches• Over 12 years experience in designing and building earthquake resistant servers 1 Based on internal measurements with average power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 2 with well configured zEC12 configuration. 2 Based on internal measurements and projections. 3 With the exception of water cooling and overhead cabling 59
  60. 60. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzBX – A Uniquely Configured Extension of the zEnterprise zBX• zBX Model 003 supported by zEC12 Machine Type: 2458 Model: 003 – Investment protection – Model 002 upgrades to Model 003 PS701 blades (112 max)• No need to make changes to applications Up to HX5 (7873) blades (56 112 and application certifications are inherited max) from blades DataPower XI50z (28 max)• Managed by Unified Resource Manager 1-4 Racks based on number of installed blades – Management of resources as defined by your business goals and objectives One zBX per zEC12 Optional Acoustic Doors – Integrated network for better security, control and faster time to value Optional Rear Door Heat Exchanger – Programmable interfaces (APIs) to connect Upgradeable from zBX Model 002 with system management tools for total management capabilities - IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) has been enhanced to use the APIs 60
  61. 61. Phoenix IMS Users GroupzEnterprise Hybrid ComputingThe commitment to Hybrid Computing continues with newenhancements Clients can use the same method to implement servers for AIX®, Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® to reduce costs with high quality of service Hybrid computing on IBM System z® keeps getting smarter • Enhancements to IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource manager (zManager) in support dynamic storage capabilities and additional Linux distributions • Improved image and energy management capabilities for IBM System x® and Power® blades • No charge migration to move to the current generation of IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) and Unified Resource Manager What Clients are saying about zEnterprise Hybrid Computing … same method for implementing new servers across AIX, Linux“ and Microsoft Windows … simplify and integrate its diverse infrastructure to reduce costs and ensure high quality of service … BG-Phoenics“ … The combination of IBM System z® with Intel® servers in an Ensemble configuration turns out to be the best solution for modernization… EUROCONTROL …. a platform for all the services we need in the future …“ more computing resources for less money … Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia 61
  62. 62. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX)Machine Type: 2458 Model 003 zBX is built with integrated IBM certified components – Standard parts – TOR switch, BladeCenter Chassis, Power Distribution Units, Optional Acoustic Panels – Optional optimizer - IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50 for zEnterprise (DataPower XI50z) ordered as a feature of zBX Up to 112 blades are supported on zBX – System x and POWER7 blades are acquired through existing channels – IBM System x Blades – up to 56 entitlements • IBM BladeCenter HX5 (7873) dual-socket 16-core blades Four supported memory configurations in zBX – 64 GB, 128 GB, 192 GB, 256 GB – IBM POWER7 Blades – up to 112 entitlements • IBM BladeCenter PS701 Express - 8-core processor 3.0GHz, Three supported memory configurations in zBX - 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB • AIX: AIX 5.3 Technology Level 12 or higher, AIX 6.1 Technology Level 5 or higher, AIX 7.1 – Up to 28 DataPower XI50z blades (double wide) – Mix and match blades in the same chassis System z support -- Blades assume System z warranty and maintenance when installed in the zBX Investment protection – Upgrade Model 002 to Model 003 – Model 002 managed only by z196 or z114 and Model 003 managed only by zEC12 62
  63. 63. Phoenix IMS Users GroupOperating System Environments extend applicationflexibility Operating Systems are customer acquired and installed Unified Resource Manager will install hypervisor on blades in the zBX – Integrated hypervisor (KVM-based) for System x blades – PowerVM Enterprise Edition for POWER7 blades Support for Linux and Windows environments on System x blades in zBX – 64-bit version support only – Linux: Red Hat RHEL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 6.0 6.1 & SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 (SP4) and SLES 11 SP1 – Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (SP2) (for either Windows we recommend Datacenter Edition) Support of AIX environments on POWER7 blades in zBX – AIX: AIX 5.3 Technology Level 12 or higher, AIX 6.1 Technology Level 5 or higher, AIX 7.1 Certifications inherited from blades – SAP support for Linux and Windows on x86 blades in the zBX PowerHA SystemMirror Standard Edition for AIX supported for the zBX with PS701 blades 63
  64. 64. Phoenix IMS Users GroupUnified Resource Manager optimizes system resources Bringing mainframe governance for System z resources Single view of virtualized resources across platforms Integrated network for better security, control and faster time to value Management of resources as defined by your business goals and objectives – IBM intends to deliver workload-aware optimization for System x blades (Statement of Direction)* Programmable interfaces (APIs) to connect with system management tools for total management capabilities New dynamic storage capabilities for System x blades Unified Resource Manager transforms the way resources are managed and deployed * All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represents goals and objectives only. 64
  65. 65. Phoenix IMS Users GroupContinuing Value using the Unified Resource Manager Simplified installation Simplified installation Simplified energy management of hypervisors of hypervisors Energy cost savings Gain significant time to Gain significant time to market with improved market with improved speed of deployment speed of deployment Allow critical workloads to receive resources and priority based on goal-oriented policies Hypervisors Energy established by businessSave time, cost and simplify assetmanagement requirementsDecrease problem determination APIs allow Smart business adjustmentsand resolution time for cross- Operationssharing ofPerformance based on workload insightplatform resources information Load balancing to manageImprove and simplify cross- traffic flowplatform availability procedures Networks Virtual Servers Provide deep insight into how ITEnable broader and more resources are being usedgranular view of resourceconsumption HMC NEW! SAP support for Gain flexibility, consistency and uniformity Linux and of virtualization Windows on x86 blades!!! Provide the business with faster time to Factory installed and configured network market Improved network security with lower latency, less Simplified network management for complexity, no encryption/decryption applications Monitor status and general health of network Bridging of internal HiperSockets network65 resources to the entire ensemble 65
  66. 66. Phoenix IMS Users Group Flexible Connectivity on zEC12Improving bandwidth, granularity and options for connections Heterogeneous environments For Clustering zBX HCA-3 InfiniBand® Coupling HMC Links – Intraensemble data network (IEDN) New IBM zAware partition – 12x InfiniBand managed from HMC – Intranode management network – 1x InfiniBand (4 ports) (INMN) Location to run Unified Resource improved scalability – Increased 10 Gb Ethernet Manager – including monitoring ISC-3 (peer mode only) 1 connectivity within zBX CPU, energy, workload performance STP To PureSystems – Improved broadband Host of the ensemble – controlling – 10 Gb Ethernet all functions of the ensemble security Primary with Alternate needed for DR Within zEC12 PCIe I/O Infrastructure I/O Drawer and I/O Cage Flash Express HMC To the Network To the Data OSA-Express4S PCIe based) OSA-Express31 – 10 Gb Ethernet LR and SR – 10 Gb Ethernet FICON® Express8S FICON Express41 (PCIe-based) – 1 Gb Ethernet SX and LX – 1 Gb Ethernet – SX and 10 km LX – SX and 10KM LX – 1000BASE-T Ethernet – 1000BASE-T Enhanced channel Ethernet FICON Express81 subsystem 1 Carry – SX and 10KM LX forward only 66
  67. 67. Phoenix IMS Users GroupIBM System Storage DS8800 Unique performance, availability and scalability makes DS8800 the ideal storage platform for zEnterprise• Self-optimizing performance and cost for hybrid computing – Easy Tier can improve performance by up to 3x by moving only 3% of data to SSDs – Integrated QoS management aligns server and storage resources with application priorities – 8x faster query performance for operational analytics with special DS8000® List Prefetch Optimizer for High Performance FICON• Designed for near-continuous operations with over six-nines availability – Fully-redundant design for near-continuous data access – Tight integration between DS8000 remote mirroring and GDPS HyperSwap is designed for over six-nines (99.9999%) availability• Optimized for zEnterprise efficiency and scalability – Support for System z Discovery and Auto-Configuration simplifies configuration – Extended Address Volumes of up to 1 TB volumes simplifies management of large volumes – New support for System z load balancing algorithms can optimize throughput and response times between server and DS8000 67
  68. 68. Phoenix IMS Users GroupRobust tape storage to protect your informationHelping our clients retain data securely and in compliance with regulatoryrequirements Comprehensive tape storage product line for System z attachment TS1140 Offers high performance (250 MBps) and high native capacity (4 TB) for storage consolidation Tape Drive Provides information security with support for encryption and key management Supports Write Once Read Many (WORM) cartridges to help satisfy compliance requirements TS3500 Scalable, automated data retention with up to 2.7 EB capacity with 3:1 compression Tape Library Offers enhanced data availability and reliability with optional dual library accessory Provides data security and regulatory compliance via support for tape drive encryption and WORM cartridges TS7700 Virtualization solution implements a fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy of disk and tape Virtualization Reduces batch processing time, total cost of ownership and management overhead Engine Disk-only models with up to 1.3 PB native tape volume cache Grid configurations for information availability and business continuity Tape is often cost effective versus disk • Lower price per MB • Lowest power and cooling storage option available today 68
  69. 69. Phoenix IMS Users GroupSynergy with zEC12 operating systemsz/OS Linux on System zJava exploitation of Transactional Execution Improved consolidation ratio through new capacity performancefor increased parallelism and scalability Improved I/O performance using High Performance FICON (zHPF)Enhanced security support for digital Application and Linux optimization enabled by full exploitation ofsignatures zArchitecture extensionsFaster problem determination with IBM zAware Optimized system setup via Linux health checkerfor improved availability FCP end-to-end data integrity checking for applications and storageImprove availability and performance with subsystemsFlash Express Plus over 3,000 applications on System z2 GB page supportSimpler Specialty Engine (zIIP) exploitationz/OS v1.13 exploitation of new hardwarePlus over 4,100 applications enabled on z/OS® z/TPF Support for 86 CPUs Hardware exploitation for performancez/VM improvementsz/VM® Compatibility supportGuest exploitation support for new encryption z/VSEtechnology 64-bit addressing with z/VSE® V5.1Improved I/O performance using High Performance Strong interoperability with Linux onFICON (zHPF) for guest exploitation System z New CICS functionality (CICS Explorer) AND with blades on the zBX there are even more options with applications on AIX, Linux on System x or Microsoft Windows 69