IMS RUGs Host Presentation 2013 - IMS UG May 2013 Omaha


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IMS RUGs Host Presentation 2013 - IMS UG May 2013 Omaha

  1. 1. IMS Regional User GroupsOmaha – May 21, 2013Josh NewellIMS RUG Advocate - OmahaIBM Silicon Valley Lab© 2013 IBM CorporationWorldwide User Groups2013
  2. 2. Welcome and Introductions• Name• Company• Job Role• How many years experience with IMS• If you could change ONE thing about IMS, what would it be?© 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda• Welcome and Introductions• IMS V12 and V13 Overview, Josh Newell• IMS “Admin Console” and Mobile Strategy,Demetrios Dimatos• Lunch© 2013 IBM Corporation• Lunch• Best Practices for IMS Availability, Kevin Stewart• IMS Diagnosis using Log Records, Kevin Stewart
  4. 4. Conferences in 2013Spring – San Francisco, CAFall – Boston, MAApril 28 – May 2, Las Vegas, NVIMS + WebSphere© 2013 IBM CorporationJune 2 – June 7, Orlando, FLIMS + RationalNovember 3 – November 8Las Vegas, NVUnited Kingdom, Spain, Nordics, Germany
  5. 5. Introducing: IMS Database 12 Value Unit Edition• The same high-speed, highly available IMS data server at aone-time charge price• Provides competitive advantage to IMS 12 data sharing clientsrequiring additional cost-effective access to IMS data for net newworkload.• Expressly for net new applications or workloads in Java or SQLonly, through IMS Open Database, from applications onWebSphere Application Server on z/OS© 2013 IBM CorporationWebSphere Application Server on z/OS• Adds new customized capabilities addressing business growthbased on key business initiatives including services-orientedarchitecture (SOA), enterprise and mobile access strategy, andoperational business intelligence (BI).• Leverages the unique industry-leading performance andworkload management capabilities of IMS.•
  6. 6. IMS Business Value Assessment RoadmapHelp clients identify ways toget more out of their IMSinvestment.• A proactive assessment• Provides tactical and strategicrecommendations to:Supported bySubject MatterExperts fromIMS Value Assessment?Project Kickoff CallDiscovery Workshop© 2013 IBM Corporation6– Increase benefits– Lower costs– Improve processingefficiencies for IMSapplicationsIBM or BP Services forDeploymentExperts fromDevelopmentLabJoint Proof Of Concept Client ImplementationData Consolidation andTechnical AssessmentGenerate Recommendations anddevelop workshop materialsDeliver RecommendationsProposal for next steps.IBM Client team follow-upContact Laura Hunsinger,, for details
  7. 7. IMS Customer Internship Program - 2013Nominations are now being acceptedOpportunity to work side-by-side with the IMS development team2-6 week sessions are available at SVL lab throughout the yearContact Tori Gonzalez for more information:“…every subject was successfully covered by the“…a unique experience, where I© 2013 IBM Corporation7“…every subject was successfully covered by themost appropriate expert. While I was there at SVL,the program was flexible enough so we couldaddress certain topics which I personally identified,that would benefit me at my home location...”“…a unique experience, where Iwas given the opportunity tomeet with the IMS developersand testers at the IBM Lab, andwork side by side with them…Its incredible to meet peoplewhose work is knownworldwide.”
  8. 8. IMS ISV Community© 2013 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. part of our online community!© 2013 IBM
  10. 10. IMS 12 - Extras© 2013 IBM CorporationPhoenix, Dallas, Columbus, Detroit, Charlotte, Boston, Hartford, Toronto, NYC, Springfield, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco
  11. 11. IMS Enterprise Suite 2.2• IMS ES SOAP Gateway• IMS ES Connect APIs for Java and C© 2013 IBM Corporation• IMS ES Connect APIs for Java and C• IMS ES Explorer for Development• IMS ES DLIModel Utility plug-in• IMS TM Resource Adapter• IMS Web 2.0 solutions• Installable Information Center NEW!
  12. 12. Are you getting the most from your IMS investment?IMS is the GOLD Standardfor:AvailabilityPerformanceDependability IMS makes modernizingeasy and affordableSupport for IMS 10 endedon November 12, 2012We Can Help!© 2013 IBM CorporationWe Can Help!•Version-to-Version Migrations•Health Checks•SOA Pilots•Capacity Planning•Shared Queues, Data Sharing, Sysplex•….and much more! us
  13. 13. Download these IMS White PapersDownload it today at© 2013 IBM CorporationDownload it today at it today at
  14. 14. Questions?© 2013 IBM Corporation