Ims and mobile


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Ims and mobile

  1. 1. Succeeding at Enterprise Mobility withIMS Data and TransactionsKen Blackman, IBMSuzie Wendler, IBM #ibmiod
  2. 2. Enterprise Mobility • Evolving trends o 2011 - 850K Android activations per day, over 372M iOS devices sold with 62M alone in Q4, o 2012 – shipment of smartphones and tablets is expected to exceed that of traditional personal computers including laptops o 2013 • Employee smartphones will account for 62 % of business-use • 8 out of 10 businesses will support tablet use in the workplace ... o 2016 - the estimate is that there will be 1 billion+ smart phones in market, 375 million+ tablets • Expanding marketplace and explosive growth due to: o Increasing business requirements for enterprise mobile applications or “apps” for mobile device connectivity o Constant introduction of new capabilities that inspire new opportunities • e.g., global positioning system (GPS) functionalities and cameras o Businesses everywhere are now strategically employing enterprise mobile apps to support business objectives. o Industry recognition of the importance of strategically deploying new enterprise mobile apps to support business objectives.2 #ibmiod
  3. 3. Enterprise Mobility … • IBM solutions address these needs through architectures and product solutions that o Build and Connect • Build mobile applications that run on multiple devices • Connect to, and run enterprise back-end applications and information systems o Manage and Secure • Manage mobile devices and applications • Secure the mobile business environment o Extend and Transform • Extend existing business capabilities to mobile devices • Transform the business by creating new opportunities3 #ibmiod
  4. 4. Enterprise Mobility … • IBM Mobile framework o Connectivity to back-end IMS resources • WebSphere Application Server solutions – IMS TM Resource Adapter for transactions » Full capability adapter (JCA connector) » IMS usage experience is mature » Supports connectivity to IMS Connect from any platform on which WAS can run – IMS Universal Drivers » Full access to IMS databases IMS WebSphere IMS TM XCF Transaction OTMA Application Resource IMS manager Server Adapter CONNECT IMS APP Database IMS manager Universal ODBM Drivers z/OS4 #ibmiod
  5. 5. SO … IBM has been investing in the mobile space for more than a decade BUT In April of this year, IBM announced a new portfolio that expands IBMs strategy to provide clients with a mobile platform that spans application development, integration, security and management. #ibmiod
  6. 6. IBM Mobile Foundation - 2012 Includes • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices IBM Mobile • IBM Worklight Foundation Plus New Services Offering • IBM Mobile Services Complementary Offerings • IBM solutions for Social Business • IBM Smarter Commerce • IBM Exceptional Web Experience • IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management6 #ibmiod
  7. 7. IBM Mobile Foundation …• Packaging of several existing IBM tools and the new cross-platform mobile development and integration capabilities of Worklight o A mobile product family that allows organizations to: • Develop HTML5, hybrid and native apps once and deploy to multiple mobile environments without manual porting • Manage and secure network-connected devices, including mobile endpoints • Integrate mobile applications to enterprise systems and cloud services7 #ibmiod
  8. 8. IBM Mobile Foundation … • Supports the development of mobile apps in four ways o Web Apps - Quick and low-cost development effort • Written entirely in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code • Executed by the mobile browser and therefore cross-platform by default, but less powerful than native apps. o Hybrid Apps (Web) - The apps source code consists of web code executed within a native container that is provided by Worklight and consists of native libraries. o Hybrid Apps (Mix) - The web code is augmented with native language to create unique features and access native APIs that are not yet available via JavaScript, such as AR, NFC and others. o Native Apps - Platform-specific requiring unique expertise and knowledge • Pricey and time consuming to develop but delivers the highest user experience of all approaches.8 #ibmiod
  9. 9. IBM Mobile Foundation … • WebSphere Cast Iron (for IT Departments) o Hybrid cloud technology that links mobile applications to clouds as well as back-end infrastructure and enterprise resources • Worklight (for developers) o A set of development and integration tools • Allows developers to write applications and other mobile software just once – For deployment across Apple iOS, Google Android and Research In Motions BlackBerry platform • IBM Endpoint Manager (for administrators) o Software that spans servers to mobile devices and can carry out critical tasks such as wiping the data and applications off a mobile device when those resources could be at risk • Supports managing all types of endpoints on a network and making them secure9 #ibmiod
  10. 10. IBM Worklight • Enterprise Integration • Apps Development o Direct access to back-end systems o Build once. Run anywhere. o Leverage existing SOA services o Android, iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft, iGoogle, Facebook app, o Server-side caching Adobe AIR o Adapters with support for SAP, SOAP, REST, o Runtime Skins for different resolutions SQL and more o Standards based language • Application Management o Application Lifecycle Management o App distribution o Centralized Build Process o App Version management • Security o Remote disabling apps o Secured offline access o Direct Update o On device encryption of user data o Push Notification service management o Single sign-on mechanism o Analytics and Usage report o SSL encryption • Middleware o Protection against reverse engineering vulnerabilities o WebSphere Application Server ND o Multi-factor authentication o Reliable, Highly Available and Scalable10 #ibmiod
  11. 11. IBM Worklight • Includes Integration Adapters which Information Databases Applications Systems o Allow the Worklight platform to connect to Query Response back-end systems 2 Update data 3 • Retrieve information and Perform actions SQL WS HTTP WORKLIGHT o Are provided with the product • HTTP adapter (supports REST and SOAP) 4 • Cast Iron Adapter 1 Data/Result As JSON • SQL adapter Invoke Adapter procedue o Supports data retrieval as either raw or preprocessed11 #ibmiod
  12. 12. IMS Connect and IMS TM (Supports Mobile Devices) WebSphere Message Broker z/OS Operations IMS WebSphere SCI Manager Process Server IMS Transaction Database IMS TM Mobile Web 2.0 CONNECT manager Resource manager Devices Adapter OTMA WTX XCF IMS WebSphere APP ? ? ESB WebSphere Exit Application IMS Catalog Database Server IMS IMS CONNECT MFS WE Extensions IMS SOAP Active Archive Gateway journal journal IMS Performance Analyzer or Print utility IMS Problem Investigator12 #ibmiod
  13. 13. IMS Application Event notification Asynchronous callout z/OS IMS O Initiating Client Mobile IMS T Device IBM TM RA IMS Hold M IMS App 1 Mobile IMS ES Connect Q A ISRT ALTPCB SOAP Foundation Request Gateway IMS App 2 RYO Response OTMA Descriptor ISRT ALTPCB -> Asynchronous Synchronous callout z/OS IMS IMS Mobile Initiating Client Device TM RA IBM O IMS ES IMS App Mobile SOAP IMS T Gateway M ICAL Foundation Connect A RYO OTMA ICAL -> Synchronous Descriptor13 #ibmiod
  14. 14. IMS Connect and IMS DB (Supports Mobile Devices) z/OS Operations IMS SCI Manager IMS D Web 2.0 Universal IMS Database DB CONNECT Mobile WebSphere manager Resource Application Devices Adapter Server R Worklight Exit D Database ODBM IMS Universal JDBC Driver IMS Catalog IMS SCI CONNECT A Extensions14 #ibmiod
  15. 15. Modernize MFS based IMS transaction • Business values offered by IMS MFS on demand o Embedded command-line tooling o 3270 emulator and VTAM are no long required o Render displays for web browser and mobile devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc. o Modernize MFS transaction without modifying existing applications.15 #ibmiod
  16. 16. IMS MFS WE • A demo showing access to IMS MFS transaction from the web browser on a mobile device16 #ibmiod