A Medical Home for Every Patient


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IBM offers deep experience designing and implementing Medical Homes. In Medical Homes, physician-led care teams partner with individual patients to provide comprehensive, coordinated and integrated care, for optimal health and wellness.

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A Medical Home for Every Patient

  1. 1. IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences To support your business objectives IBM and the Medical Home Advancing Medical Home Initiatives A Leader in Promoting Transformation sustainable model of care. Along with Today the Patient Centered Primary through the Patient Centered Medical healthcare industry and government Care Collaborative (PCPCC) —a Home policy leaders, IBM believes that the coalition of more than 300 major As the founding member of the PCPCC, patient centered medical home model employers, consumer groups, patient IBM has been working with healthcare can enable the transformation required. quality organizations, health plans, organizations around the world to help labor unions, hospitals, physician improve quality and lower costs in The patient centered medical home organizations and many others—has healthcare. IBM has consulted with model is defined by several core joined together to develop and healthcare systems in hundreds of concepts: advance the concept of the patient countries and understands the impact • A primary care physician-led centered medical home. The PCPCC of these systems on the health, well- care team, where each patient along with most healthcare ness and productivity of employees has a personal relationship with a organizations, and federal and state in those countries. Based upon its primary care physician who provides government agencies, realizes experience as both a healthcare continuous and comprehensive care. healthcare has to change. It has solutions provider and as a major The physician guides care, with a become a national imperative to reduce employer challenged to provide whole person orientation, throughout the costs of healthcare, to increase healthcare programs for hundreds of the full spectrum of care need access to care for all citizens, and to thousands of employees and their • Quality, Safety and enhanced access improve the quality of care. The PCPCC dependents, it has become clear that are hallmarks believes the patient centered medical change is necessary; change in the • A proactive focus on chronic disease home model of care delivery will core elements of care delivery, change management, prevention and wellness improve individual health, control costs in incentives to support doctors provid- rather a reactive, episodic focus and sustain the viability of the U.S. ing a comprehensive approach to care, on healthcare healthcare delivery system. and change in the systems supporting • A technology and information care delivery professionals. infrastructure that supports collaboration and sharing of IBM is actively engaged in collabora- information among care team members tive efforts with other employers to and with the individual promote the medical home delivery model in various regional and state initiatives, and is actively working with policy and legislative bodies to create the changes needed to generate a
  2. 2. Such a patient-centered system is one IBM offers deep experience integrating that is instrumented so that outcomes and solutions that create a patient centered results can be measured, sensed and medical home environment in a seen… interconnected with all informa- practice, a clinic, a hospital, and at the tion linked so that clinical care teams can national and country level. Our highly access the same integrated information skilled consultants can provide Reference to deliver, safer, more effective, more guidance to identify the optimal starting Geisinger Health System, which services efficient care at a lower cost…and point to meet the transformational a major portion of the rural Pennsylvania intelligent in helping to deliver insights that priorities of your enterprise and keep population, was one of the first health- create new value for patients and citizens phased implementations on track to care organizations in the US to implement at large to make better, more informed meet expectations. IBM’s deep an electronic health record (EHR), which lifestyle choices. experience and understanding of both is a first step towards a Medical Home healthcare and government industries model. In continuing with their leading What is IBM’s Solution? fosters better collaboration to support use of technology in healthcare, IBM has developed a process the transformation of healthcare on Geisinger has created the Clinical approach that supports the implemen- every level. Decision Intelligence System (CDIS). tation of the medical home model. CDIS is built on an IBM Balanced The Patient Centered Collaborative For more information Configuration Unit (BCU) environment Care (Pc3) solution components are To learn more about IBM solutions visit: and provides for the consolidation of data designed to support: the implementa- and its analysis. This system is becoming tion and monitoring of collaborative ibm.com/healthcare increasingly important in meeting the care programs; integration of patient needs of quality of care reporting, information to provide a longitudinal research, clinical decision-making and health record; collaboration among the most of all, in improving the outcomes for care team members as well as with the their patients with diseases such as individual; and the metrics, reports, diabetes. Geisinger is integrating clinical guidelines and health analytics © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009 real-time clinical, financial, operational, designed to support the delivery of IBM Corporation claims, genomic and other medical care. This new process approach, Software Group information in a massive storehouse of supported by the underlying technology, Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 intelligence, which are steps towards a can improve an individual’s access to U.S.A. medical home model of care. This system their care team and empower them to Produced in the United States of America will assist their physicians in improving engage in managing their own health 03-09 patient outcomes, delivering more needs. IBM brings together electronic IBM, the IBM logo are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in personalized care and making smarter health records and personal health the United States, other countries or both. decisions because they can easily access records with a solution that provides Other company, product and service names and share critical patient information. insights of successful practices, access may be trademarks or service marks of others. to evidence-based medicine protocols, and disease and condition dashboards to support better outcomes. HLS03017-USEN-00