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Keynote phaedra boinodiris serious games beyond training from process optimization to complex problem solving in defence


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Keynote from the Smarter Defence Summit with Phaedra Boinodiris. Serious games beyond training from process optimization to complex problem solving in defence.

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Keynote phaedra boinodiris serious games beyond training from process optimization to complex problem solving in defence

  1. 1. Serious Games beyond Training:From Process optimization to complex problem solving indefencePhaedra BoinodirisSerious Games Program Manager, IBM © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Agenda Dispelling Myths of Games today History of Serious Games @ IBM Process Optimization Games Next Gen City Sims High Impact Casual Games
  3. 3. The average gamer?
  4. 4. Example: AchronReal-Time Strategy Game via timeline manipulation Watch Gameplay & hear time travel explained
  5. 5. Although typically used to augment F2F training, a seriousgame can help solve real-world problems using an online andvideo game format Foldit America’s Army Univ. Washington EMS Training US Army Protein recognition Application RecruitmentSerious games enable the player to learn faster and retain more knowledge in order to makesmarter decisions in real life situations by virtually experiencing the cause and effect of actions.“Games are the most elevated form of investigation.” Albert Einstein
  6. 6. A walkthrough of three Business Games
  7. 7. According to a recent study, using data visualization, simulations andscenario development will be the most valuable techniques to analyze allthe data
  8. 8. • Data Deluge Confluence Need • Complex Systems • Managing Partners • Decision makingSophisticated SMARTERGame Engines Commercial Serious Applications• Real Time StrategyGames Games• City Sims • Analytics • Communities • Business Process Mgmt • Relational databases … Supporting flow of real data & real processes Cloud
  9. 9. ROI extends well beyond virtual training OPTIMIZE A PROCESS t en tm es n Inv o tu rn Re Teach a Process/Instructional Design
  10. 10. 10IBM Confidential
  11. 11. Leaders can improve and vet business processes in a video game format. Hit Play Button to BeginTransform this process flow into this format.
  12. 12. “ By 2015: More Than 50 Percent of Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will GAMIFY Those Processes “ -- Gartner
  13. 13. Growth Model for Process Optimization Games PHASE 0 PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Biz plan Discovery Workshop Design and development Integration of game into Real-time data explaining scalable of a canned real time BPM on the cloud for the integration for executable growth model, choosing strategy game collective (multi-player) use pilot program showcasing pilot optimization of the processes chosen process. (Cloud or downloadable Pilot program is chosen executable, single-player based on need and maturity or multi-player based on level of best practices need and budget) processes Business Process Templates created I ROStart off creating a real time strategy game that can being used to train best practices associatedwith processes. Scale up as data matures to support strategic execution, real time visualizationall in the SAME platform.
  14. 14. Municipalities can enable a ‘Smarter Conversation’ aboutpublic policy with their citizenry Transform the process of vetting public policy or training for disaster response into this format.‘Serious Games can enable better bi-lateralconversations with customers’ ---- Forrester
  15. 15. Imagine, the Next Gen City Sim Game User Generated Content Automated Inputs from SensorsCitizenry/ General Public Awareness Game Designers Educators TO PM OS T Businesses GA ME Universities LA SC YE I EN R TIF IC MO CS Researchers DE YTI LS AL TO AN Urban Planners OL S IN TE Government GR Stakeholders AT IO N
  16. 16. Did you Know?Serious Games are being created to solve complex problemsin real time unbeknownst to the player?
  17. 17. Success Example: Using Serious Games for Optimal ModelingFolding Proteins “ Heres a model of how real proteins work, and a way for you to create a model showing how they fold and stick together. Well give points and put you on a leaderboard based on how well this matches our model of an optimal solution. Play! ” Play a serious game - incentives guide players to optimize models in a competitive environment. Players discover multiple optimal models - thus they are collaboratively building up a suite of solutions for the customer
  18. 18. More DARPA Science Fiction? Use the by-product of casual game play to train a compiler how to better recognize bugs in code. --- DARPA Crowd Sourced Formal Verification BAA
  19. 19. One of FIVE Casual Games that we proposed Mozart Code Find where the music sounds off key in order to teach a compiler how to better annotate security problems in code
  20. 20. Imagine, Games with this Muscle
  21. 21. In Conclusion1. Gamers are...2. Games can be extremely adept at explaining complex systems3. BIG ROI. When designed well, they can be used to collaboratively solve very complex problems, whether the players actively realize it or not.