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Analytics for Smarter Defence


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IBM Smarter Defence Summit Track 1 b Analytics for Smarter Defence - Michael Mc cracken

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Analytics for Smarter Defence

  1. 1. Michael McCracken, Major, USAFR and Military Intelligence Strategy Leader, IBM10 October 2012Intelligence Analysis for Smarter DefenceLesson’s Learned from 1,512 Days in Iraq and Afghanistan © 2009 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. 41,512 days422,680 hours410 unforgettable missionsTo help intelligence drive operations, build a bigger box. © 2009 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Organize information the way you want it to be found(Visually, Verbally, or Numerically) L by Location • Atlas • Maps • Latitude and Longitude A by Alphabet • Dictionary • Maps • Latitude and Longitude T • Historical timeline by Time C • Time Magazine • History Novel H by Category • Encyclopedia • Department Store • Yahoo Search Engine • Largest to Smallest by Hierarchy • Darkest to Lightest • Densest to Least Dense © 2009 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. August 2006 – February 2007MNF-I CJ2X Detainee Operations, Bagdad, IraqOfficer-In-Charge, Combined Review and Release Board (Capt, USAFR)1 Mission • Vetting Detainees Scheduled for Release • Determine AQ-IZ • Coordinate with TF-134 CG2 Problem • Mission 3x with NO additional resources • Rising Political Pressures • High Intelligence Analysts Turnover3 Lesson • Controlled Vetting Process • Shop Standards • Performance-based Metrics © 2009 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. June 2008 – August 2008MNC-I Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices Cell, IraqExplosively Formed Projectile Intelligence Analyst (US DoD Contractor)1 Mission • Analyze C-IED Tactics, Techniques and Procedures • Analyze EFP Tactics, Techniques and Procedures • Develop link analysis of IED cells in MNF-Ds2 Problem • Analysis miss-aligned with analysis areas of focus • Duplicative efforts of MNF-I Intel Teams • Lack of cohesive intelligence strategy3 Lesson • C-IED Cell disbanded / realigned with area teams • MNC-I / MNF-I combined • Comprehensive C-IED efforts imbedded across AO © 2009 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. August 2008 – March 2009MNSTC-I Intelligence Transition Team, Green Zone, IraqInformation Technology / Intelligence Analyst (US DoD Contractor)1 Mission • Branch of MNF-I • Develop, Organize, Train and Equip MoD/MoI • Build sustainable intelligence model for IZ forces2 Problem • IZ forces lacked basic technical / intelligence skills • IZ skeptical of western assistance • Rapid build-up of capabilities pushed by CF3 Lesson • Progress requires host-nation buy-in • Fundamental education required to build forces • Sustainable capabilities require financial foundation © 2009 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. March 2009 – February 2010NTM-A RC-North Coordination Center, Mazar-e Sharif, AFIntelligence Mentor to RC-North Coordination Center for ANA/ANP/NDS (US DoD Contractor)1 Mission • Branch of ISAF-A • Develop, Organize, Train and Equip MoD/MoI • Build basic intelligence skills of 209th Corp2 Problem • ANA/ANP lacked skills / desire to learn • AF Forces have weak vetting process • Challenged by basic intelligence skill sets3 Lesson • ISAF/USFOR-A unable to measure results • DoD/DoS difficulty developing training program • Security efforts continue to plague training mission © 2009 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. March 2010 – June 2010Biometric Enabled Intelligence, Kandahar (RC-S), AFBEI Intelligence Analyst for 2 SCR Brigade HQ/FOBs in RC-S (US DoD Contractor)1 Mission • Easiest method to establish positive identification • Develop comprehensive biometric program • Build base of biometrically enrolled AF citizens2 Problem • Lack of priority and conflicting mission requirements • ANA/ANP contamination of IED Explosions / F&C • Slow reach-back support and low bandwidth3 Lesson • Improved training and leadership buy-in • Stronger education / combined C-IED efforts • Enemy tactics discovered and exploited across AO © 2009 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. July 2010 – February 2012Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence ISAF HQ, Kabul, AFIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Analyst for US ISR-Task Force (US DoD Contractor)1 Mission • Support COMISAF on all Intelligence matters • Develop comprehensive ISR mission • Train and equip ISAF-A/USFOR-A on all intel2 Problem • Personality lead efforts / Fix Intelligence • Intelligence Assessments / Tactical Employment • Intelligence Fusion or Hidden Agendas3 Lesson • Right person for the right job • Aerostats / Continue to ISR Surge / Build capes • Be careful what you ask for (and get) © 2009 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Intelligence Assessment External focus (Intelligence Community) Collaboration Interconnected objectives Data Training Discoverability Internal focus (agency) © 2009 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. © 2009 IBM Corporation