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IBM Bluemix Nice meetup - Data & Analytics - CEEICA - 20161116


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Data & Analytics with Bluemix

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IBM Bluemix Nice meetup - Data & Analytics - CEEICA - 20161116

  1. 1. Bluemix Data & Analytics
  2. 2. Data – Classic Relational databases
  3. 3. Data – NoSql
  4. 4. Data – Open/External Data
  5. 5. Big Data & Analytics
  6. 6. Data – Ingest / Transformation
  7. 7. 8 David McCandless : “Information is Beautiful” Data is the new Soil and visualization are flowers
  8. 8. 9 Analytics – Landscape
  9. 9. Analytics – Descriptive ?
  10. 10. Analytics – Descriptive
  11. 11. Analytics – Descriptive
  12. 12. Analytics – Predictive ?
  14. 14. 1. Machine Learning made Easy and Understandable 2. Full Machine Learning workflow as a service 3. Automation of the lifecycle 4. Train new Machine Learning Models with your own data: 27 data connectors and growing 5. APIs for developers to train and score Machine Learning Models 6. Easily create apps powered by Machine Learning in your language of choice: Java, JavaScript, .Net, Swift, Ruby and more for the web or Android/iOS 7. Deploy in Batch/Streaming and Real-time 8. Generate billions of predictions in seconds 9. Scale the ML platform in 1-click 10. Collaborate with your team members and Learn from the Community IBM WATSON MACHINE LEARNING A new way to do Machine Learning
  15. 15. Object Storage Apache Spark Machine Learning Bluemix Predictive Analytics becomes IBM Watson Machine Learning Machine Learning workflow services provisioned by default Stand alone forApp developers via API
  16. 16. Analytics – Prescriptive
  17. 17. Analytics – Cognitive
  19. 19. 2 0 Start experiencing the Watson Data Platform Data Engineer Business AnalystApp Developer Data Scientist Watson Analytics Data Science Experience ForgeBluemix User Experiences Data Professionals Individual Services IBM dashDB™IBM Cloudant® IBM BigInsights® for Apache Hadoop IBM GraphData Connect Streaming Analytics IBM Compose IBM Analytics for Apache Spark
  20. 20. Watson Data Platform in DSX
  22. 22. A growing Set of Data Science Tools
  23. 23. IBM Data Science Experience Community Open Source IBM Added Value Powered by IBM Watson Data Platform - Find tutorials and datasets - Connect with other data scientist - Ask questions - Read articles and papers - Fork and share projects - Code in Scala/Python/R/SQL - Jupyter Notebooks - RStudio IDE and Shiny apps - Apache Spark - Your favorite libraries - Modeler UI / Statistics - Prescriptive Analytics - Auto-data preparation - Auto-modeling - Advanced Visualizations - Model management and deployment IBM Data Science Experience provides an environmentthatbrings together everything that a data scientistneeds today. It includes the most popular Open Source tools and IBM unique value-add functionalities with community and social features integrated as a first class citizen to make data scientists more successful. Be a better Data Scientist
  24. 24. Built-in learning to get started or go the distance The best of open source and IBM value-add to create state-of-the-art data products Community and social features that provide meaningful collaboration Learn Create Collaborate Data Science Experience