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Enhancing the Human Experience with Primerica


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Enhancing the Human Experience with Primerica

  1. 1. Challenge Primerica saw the digital experience as a way to enhance their representatives’ ability to do their jobs. As marketing and sales materials were updated, they needed to develop a seamless way to deploy these updates to their teams. With a system like this put in place, Primerica representatives could be confident they had the best and most accurate information at their fingertips. IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile Case Study: Enhancing the human experience with Primerica 200% increase in attendance and completion of pre-licensing life insurance class increase in likelihood to pass the state exam increase in likelihood to make a sale once they pass their exam 300% 400% Search for Solution The solution would consist of a mobile app for representatives and high-volume, 1-to-1 app messaging. This would allow the large volume of Primerica’s reps to be notified of new content and tasks with client-specific information, as they become available. IBM’s Solution As a leader in mobile customer engagement, IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile enables Primerica marketers to design, execute, and measure automated mobile interactions using high volume, targeted mobile push notifications and in- app messages with personalized, dynamic fields. “Our people, plus our technology, is an unbeatable combination.”
 - Tom Swift, EVP at Primerica Summary Briefing Primerica, a financial services company, needed a way to engage with their vast team of representatives with highly personalized content. Using IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile, Primerica could make the vision of scalable, 1-to-1 mobile app messaging a reality. Successes include better trained, more knowledgeable reps and increased sales productivity. “We’re a huge company - large volume, large scale, and IBM has equipped us with some of the tools to make some of these ideas that we have a reality.”
 - Tom Swift, EVP at Primerica About Primerica Primerica is a financial services company based in The United States that specializes in enabling their clients to get properly protected, debt-free, and financially independent. Primerica offers a diverse array of customer engagement, from digital experiences that appeal to customers who choose to do their own research and purchasing, to in-person representatives offering personal expertise and advice – the best of both worlds. © 2016 International Business Machines Corporation With IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile, Primerica is able to increase productivity, better enable their sales staff, and most importantly, allow their representatives to deliver a better and more human experience to their customers. Primerica found a true technology partner that enables their marketers to send highly personalized mobile app messages, with scalable delivery, and robust automation.