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7 Channels to Personalize in Real-Time


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In a world where customers decide how and when they communicate with brands, traditional outbound marketing is no longer enough. Brands must engage with their customer on a personal level and in real-time. Here are seven channels where top brands are personalizing the customer experience in real-time.

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7 Channels to Personalize in Real-Time

  1. 1. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2016. IBM, the IBM logo and are trademarks of IBM Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at 7 Channels to Personalize in Real Time It’s the Right Time for Real-time Personalization Customers check their smartphones 150x a day.1 35% of online buyers are willing to share personal information in return for targeted offers.2 People expect a response within 5 minutes after they contact a brand via social media.1 So Where Can Marketers Engage with Customers on Their Terms? Channel Impact Examples Web Most common and logical starting point for personalization. An IBM client saw 4x response rate from website offers selected in real-time.3 Personalized offers according to account details, shopping history and future needs. Personalized messaging for existing versus new customers. SMS & Mobile Region dependent, employing event-driven scenarios. 44% of buyers use their smartphones while shopping and more than a 1/3 of them do so to compare prices.2 Location-based SMS push. Real-time in-app mobile messaging to provide targeted offers or media. Email Most common channel for direct engagement. An IBM client saw a 400% increase in revenue per impression from web transactional email personalization.3 Personalized subject lines, targeted coupons, or a custom look and feel. Transactional emails triggered by specific events. Social and Media Used in scenarios where paid and earned media drive awareness. An IBM client improved their social media presence by 100% using near real-time marketing insights, gaining 45,000 Facebook fans in less than one year.4 Real-time bidding on third-party media and ads personalized based on context. Personalized outbound communication based on social targeting. Branch Office/ Retail Stores Face-to-face, blending traditional channels with an outbound marketing approach. Direct integration into an existing CRM. An IBM client saw an increased cross-sell success rate of up to 40% in retail shops and call centers. 3 Sales person can propose tailored messages, products and offers with prospects. Call Center Real-time contextual profile data constantly feeding the engine for relevant messages. Direct integration into an existing CRM. An IBM client saw a 200% increase in effectiveness rate of call center operators.5 Helping the call center agent promote the right product or service to the customer based on real-time scoring. Insight into recently shipped items gives way for up-sell scenarios. ATM Geography dependent channel with a small window of interaction time. 3 million-plus ATMs installed around the world; 700,000 in China alone.6 Incorporate web activity to impact offers during an ATM session. Use location information to point the customer to the nearest branch. The degree of personalization is a combination of the number of channels personalized and the amount of data leveraged. Advanced stages tap into large quantities of all data points across all channels and use advanced real-time technologies to deliver a one-on-one, real-time, personal experience for every customer. Are you ready to take personalization to the next level? No personalization Basic personalization Mass marketing Multi-channel personalization Real-time omnichannel personalization Channels Data Where are you in your personalization journey? Customers are defining when and how they communicate with brands. Not the other way around. Sources: 1. “Customers Set the Rules of Engagement,” IBM 2. “Mobile Shopping’s Data Goldmine,” HBR , 2013 3. “The Who, What, Where, When and How of Real-time Personalization, IBM, 2016 4. “Amadori Group Converts Consumer Sentiments into Near-Real-Time Sales,” IBM, 2014 5. “Real-Time Personalization: The Next Level of Customer Engagement,” IBM, 2016 6. “What Can the State of ATMs Reveal About the Condition of Cash,”, 2016