IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: Tom Rosamilia


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Presentation by Tom Rosamilia, Senior VP, Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain, at IBM InterConnect 2013

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IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: Tom Rosamilia

  1. 1. Infrastructure Matters on the Path to a Smarter Enterprise Tom Rosamilia Senior Vice President Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. #IBMINTERCONNECT Strategize how to use cloud to drive savings and revenue growth. Build and run your private or hybrid cloud. IBM’s end-to-end cloud portfolio Utilize cloud services delivered from the IBM SmartCloud Build It: Infrastructure Matters
  3. 3. #IBMINTERCONNECT Improve efficiency and speed Maximize value of data Improve integration and innovation The Right Infrastructure Is Key to Building a Cloud In Your Smarter Enterprise… Spending ≈70% of budget on maintenance and administration Limited access to data when and where needed Siloed IT environments Apply technology to create value Make better decisions Have a relentless focus on the customer experience
  4. 4. #IBMINTERCONNECT …and Business Leaders state “technology is a high priority” need ensure that physical and IP are protected and compliant. must provide the right level of IT services in the most efficient and cost effective manner. need to strategically manage all aspects of the business. need to make more analytical, risk- aware decisions supporting revenue, expenses, and other KPIs. need to drive a holistic technology vision for the corporation. need to strategically manage spend, contracts, & supplier ecosystems. need to build unique offerings to drive the customer experience.
  5. 5. #IBMINTERCONNECT New Business Models Drive the Need for Cloud and a Shift to More Agile IT Environments From Monolithic Applications to From Static Infrastructure to Services From Programmed Systems to Systems From Structured Data At Rest to Unstructured From Stable Well-defined Workloads to Unpredictable From Standard Devices to a Variety of From Proprietary Standards to Innovation From Corporate-owned IT to Infrastructure
  6. 6. #IBMINTERCONNECT Outperforming Organizations Choose IBM Cloud Infrastructure to Achieve Business Outcomes Optimize access to of files faster analytics with uptime Process complex queries up to faster Up to reduction in data center footprint Efficiency gains up to Deploy systems faster Radical innovation by quickly exploiting costs and improvedoperations and effectiveness Improve efficiency and speed Maximize value of data Improve integration and innovation
  7. 7. #IBMINTERCONNECT To Accelerate Execution, Clients Are Embracing IBM’s Software Defined Environment Software Defined Environment StorageNetwork Computer Continuous Optimization + + + + + + + + + + + + Application Aware Policy Computer Policy Policy Policy Policy  Other Benefits Include • Increased Innovation Through Effective Utilization of IT Resources • Adaptive Approaches to Infrastructure Automation
  8. 8. #IBMINTERCONNECT PublicPrivate Traditional IT + clouds (public and/or private) Traditional IT IBM Offers a Full Range of Enterprise-Class Infrastructure Products Optimized to Build a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Compute Storage Networking Built using open standards
  9. 9. #IBMINTERCONNECT Leading-Edge Capabilities Deliver Unparalleled Cloud Performance faster Cloud implementation and time to value with PureSystems Virtual images provisioned up to faster with SmartCloud Entry Up to performance improvement with ultra-fast flash storage Near linear scalability for Cloud with up to in a single system with zEnterprise utilization increase and up to more agility with dynamic provisioning and scaling for Cloud with Platform Computing Storwize self-service automation reduces provisioning time up to zEnterprise is the system that delivers the highest level of Security certification available for the Cloud GPFS manages Cloud data up to nearly to handle Smarter Enterprise workloads
  10. 10. #IBMINTERCONNECT With IBM Cloud, Tennis Australia Easily Scales Website Traffic and Provides Real-time Analysis of Fan Sentiments Accommodated 15 million unique users, 360+ million page views and analyzed million of data points with zero downtime IBM’s infrastructure, supporting Tennis Australia and other major tennis events, has decreased cost per page view by 35%, as page views have increased by 42%  Power 740 & 750 Express  System x  SmartCloud Solutions  Software, including Information Management, Business Analytics, Linux, Security Solutions, Tivoli, WebSphere
  11. 11. #IBMINTERCONNECT Announcing New Cloud Infrastructure Offerings to Help Leaders Transform IT Infrastructure as a Service Reduces cloud application deployment time by 67% while lowering IT operations cost by 37% Expedite time to value with pre-configured Solution Edition for Service Providers Power Virtualization Center and SmartCloud Entry cloud management software built using OpenStack Delivers external virtualization, two-way clustering and high performance at a competitive price Infrastructure as a Service Compute Storage Networking Built using open standards