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InterConnect 2013 Big Data & Analytics Keynote: Mychelle Mollot


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Presentation by Mychelle Mollot, VP, WW Marketing, Business Analytics, at IBM InterConnect 2013

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InterConnect 2013 Big Data & Analytics Keynote: Mychelle Mollot

  2. 2. IBM Big Data & Analytics: Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Smart Mychelle Mollot Vice President WW Marketing Business Analytics © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. #IBMINTERCONNECT Constantly adapts to changing market dynamics, buyer demands and disruptive technologies Client-centric, digitally savvy in its use of cloud, mobile, social and big data platforms to transform Embraces data in all forms to apply analytics, unlock insight, and make fact-based decisions Creates value in new ways by forging deeper relationships with clients and between employees Four Technologies Help Define the Smarter Enterprise BIG DATA ANALYTICS SOCIAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE MOBILITY CLOUD COMPUTING
  4. 4. #IBMINTERCONNECT What’s Changing?: Big Data & Analytics Is Expanding Quickly Data is the world’s newest resource Decision-making extends from few to many As data value grows, current systems won’t keep pace
  5. 5. #IBMINTERCONNECT Why Act Now? To outperform in your industry To proactively manage security and risk To create IT agility to underpin the business
  6. 6. #IBMINTERCONNECT Examples of Outstanding Performance Driven by Big Data and Analytics å Just in time maintenance One size fits all marketing Traditional Approach Transformational Outcomes Slow claims processing Real-time, automated weather prediction Personalized, real-time marketing offers Predictive maintenance & improved uptime Real-time Risk Analysis Monthly risk management Manual weather forecasting Intelligent & accelerated fraud detection
  7. 7. #IBMINTERCONNECT To Manage Risk and Create Agility: Embrace All Data ….Uncertainty of New Information is Growing Alongside its Complexity Volume Variety Velocity Veracity Data at Scale Terabytes to petabytes of data Data in Many Forms Structured, unstructured, text, multimedia Data in Motion Analysis of streaming data to enable decisions within fractions of a second. Data Uncertainty Managing the reliability and predictability of inherently imprecise data types.
  8. 8. #IBMINTERCONNECT By 2015, 80% of All Available Data Will Be Uncertain GlobalDataVolumeinExabytes Multiple sources: IDC, Cisco 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 AggregateUncertainty% 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2005 2010 2015 Sensors Enterprise Data VoIP Social media Internet of things Video, Audio and Text Rising Uncertainty = Declining Confidence 1 in 3Make decisions on untrustworthy data 1 in 2Lack the information that they need 60% Have too much data We are here.
  9. 9. #IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Big Data and Analytics: Helps You Outperform, Manage Risk and Create IT Agility  Broadest set of capabilities across big data and analytics  Pre-integrated components accelerate value  Pre-built industry and horizontal solutions  Integration and optimization with storage and infrastructure  Delivered in multiple forms: software, appliance, and cloud  World-class consulting and implementation drives innovation and value The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts CONSULTING and IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES Performance Management Content Analytics Decision Management Risk Analytics Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics ANALYTICS Information Integration and Governance BIG DATA PLATFORM Content Management Data Warehouse Stream Computing Hadoop System Sales Marketing Finance Risk IT Operations HR SOLUTIONS Watson and Industry Solutions SECURITY, SYSTEMS, STORAGE AND CLOUD Scale Management Data Optimization Low Latency Resources Parallel Processing
  10. 10. #IBMINTERCONNECT Big Data and Analytics Solutions Across Industries Insurance  360˚ View of Domain or Subject  Catastrophe Modeling  Fraud & Abuse Banking  Optimizing Offers and Cross-sell  Customer Service and Call Center Efficiency Telco  Pro-active Call Center  Network Analytics  Location Based Services Energy & Utilities  Smart Meter Analytics  Distribution Load Forecasting/Scheduling  Condition Based Maintenance Media & Entertainment  Business process transformation  Audience & Marketing Optimization Retail  Actionable Customer Insight  Merchandise Optimization  Dynamic Pricing Travel & Transport  Customer Analytics & Loyalty Marketing  Predictive Maintenance Analytics Consumer Products  Shelf Availability  Promotional Spend Optimization  Merchandising Compliance Government  Civilian Services  Defense & Intelligence  Tax & Treasury Services Healthcare  Measure & Act on Population Health Outcomes  Engage Consumers in their Healthcare Automotive  Advanced Condition Monitoring  Data Warehouse Optimization Life Sciences  Increase visibility into drug safety and effectiveness Chemical & Petroleum  Operational Surveillance, Analysis & Optimization  Data Warehouse Consolidation, Integration & Augmentation Aerospace & Defense  Uniform Information Access Platform  Data Warehouse Optimization Electronics  Customer/ Channel Analytics  Advanced Condition Monitoring
  11. 11. #IBMINTERCONNECT Scientists WellPoint Interactive Care Guide and Care Reviewer Streamlines authorization of procedures and ensures adherence to care guidelines IBM Watson Case Advisor – Beta Provides deep patient case insights and key details Cognitive Solutions for Healthcare: Watson Assist with identification, investigation and validation of new therapies Accelerate Research and Insights IBM Watson Expert Advisor Assist in identifying individualized treatment options for patients Improve Diagnosis and Treatments WellPoint Interactive Care Insights (for Oncology) Clinicians Enhance Coordination of Care and Outcomes Assist in post procedure and on-going care Patients IBM Watson Care Advisor – TBD
  12. 12. #IBMINTERCONNECT Big Data & Analytics Reference Architecture Data in Motion Data in Many Forms Data at Rest Information Ingestion and Operational Information Landing Area, Analytics Zone and Archive Exploration, Integrated Warehouse, and Mart Zones Real-time Analytics Decision- Making Business Processes Point of Interaction Information Governance, Security & Business Continuity Security, Systems, Storage and Cloud Cognitive Computing Real-time Analytics & Decision Management Planning & Forecasting Predictive Analytics & Content Analytics Reporting, Analysis & Dashboards Data Discovery & Visualization
  13. 13. #IBMINTERCONNECT Infrastructure Matters to Support New Big Data & Analytics Architecture Scalability Parallel Processing Low Latency Data Optimization Predictive Analytics Data Warehouse Text Analytics Hadoop Workloads Optimization Sensitivity Analysis Cores SCM* StorageNetwork Optimal Infrastructure An efficient and agile infrastructure balances the needs of different analytics workloads Core infrastructure capabilities deliver speed and confidence * SCM-Storage Class Memory
  14. 14. #IBMINTERCONNECT Delivering Workload Optimized Performance System for Transactions System for Analytics System for Operational Analytics For apps like Order Management Database cluster services optimized for transactional throughput and scalability For apps like Sales Analysis Data warehouse services optimized for high-speed, peta-scale analytics and simplicity For apps like Real-time Fraud Detection Operational data warehouse services optimized to balance high performance analytics and real-time operational throughput System for Hadoop For apps like Big Data Exploration Hadoop services optimized for exploration of large volumes of data with any type of structure; and as a queryable archive to augment traditional data warehousing
  15. 15. #IBMINTERCONNECT A Year of Innovation for Big Data & Analytics Find and protect sensitive data 80% faster monitoring PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AGILE GOVERNANCE FOR ALL DATA Single point of security for traditional, NoSQL, and big data Cognos TM1 with Mobile contribution Integrated metrics and scorecarding Deploy on Cloud, zLinux, on premise. Native mobile on iOS and Android INFRASTRUCTURE Analytics on POWER 7- 14x lower TCO X-86 innovation – 40% better perf efficiency System x – open analytics on Linux IBM Flash Systems for low latency analytics. Real-time compression to access all relevant data
  16. 16. #IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Big Data & Analytics Momentum Source: IBM. Note: All numbers used are cumulative. 3/31/2013 1100 Business Partners 1640 Business Partners 2215 Business Partners 9thAnalytics Solution Center Opens in Ohio 170 Big data Clients 85 Info Agenda Engagements 730 Big Data Clients 860 Info Agenda Engagements 1040 Big Data Clients 2,300 Info Agenda Engagements 1550 Big Data Clients 30,000 GBS Information and Analytics Engagements 3,810 Info Agenda Engagements 10,000 40,000 101,000 2010 2011 2012 2013 40, Members Big Data University Enrollments Big Data University Enrollments Big Data University Enrollments
  17. 17. #IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Is Helping Address the Analytics Skills Gap  New technologies designed for business users  IBM AnalyticsZone to download and experiment with software  Big Data University with robust curriculum  Big Data Stampede for accelerated value  Partnering with major universities globally  On-line resource centers & books written by IBM thought leaders