IBM InterConnect 2013 Security Keynote


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IBM InterConnect 2013 Security Keynote

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Security Intelligence Less Threat. More Intelligence. Brendan Hannigan General Manager, IBM Security Systems © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. 3 Evolving Threat Landscape Evolving CISO Landscape
  4. 4. 4 CISO Challenge: Competing priorities 83%of enterprises have difficulty filling security roles increase in Web application vulnerabilities from 2011 to 2012 14% Increase in compliance mandates Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
  5. 5. 5 CISO Challenge: Inadequate tools 85tools from 0 out of 46 vendors detected malware 45vendors Source: IBM client example
  6. 6. 6 CISO Challenge: Business pressures of CISOs are concerned about Cloud and mobile security of organizations are using at least one cloud platform 70% 75%+
  7. 7. 7 stolen from bank accounts in Operation High Roller of C-level execs say that negligent insiders are their biggest concern increase in critical web browser vulnerabilities 59% 43% INTERNAL EXTERNAL PAYOFFS $78M CISO Challenge: Evolving Threats
  8. 8. 8 Advantage: Attacker
  9. 9. 9 1 2 3 InnovationIntelligenceFocus
  11. 11. 11 USERS 60,000 employees Provisioning took up to 2 weeks No monitoring of privileged users Focus on users, not devices Implement identity intelligence Pay special attention to trusted insiders Privilege Identity Management Monitoring and same-day de-provisioning for 100+ privileged users Source: IBM client example
  12. 12. 12 ASSETS critical databases $21M Saved 2,000 Secured in compliance costs Database Access and Monitoring Thousands of databases containing HR, ERP, credit card, and other PII in a world where 98% of breaches hit databases Discover critical business data Harden and secure repositories Monitor and prevent unauthorized access Source: IBM client example
  13. 13. 13 30 Million customers in an industry where $3.4B industry losses from online fraud 85% of breaches go undetected TRANSACTIONS Identify most critical transactions Monitor sessions, access, and devices Look for anomalies and attacks Advanced Fraud Protection Zero instances of fraud on over 1 million customer endpoints reported Source: IBM client example
  15. 15. 15 Context, clustering, baselining, machine learning, and heuristics Identify entire classes of Mutated threats by analyzing 250+protocols and file typesANALYTICS Pattern matching Don’t rely on signature detection Use baselines and reputation Identify outliers
  16. 16. 16 Reduce 2 Billion logs and events per day to 25high priority offenses Get full coverage, No more blind spots Reduce and prioritize alerts Continuous monitoring VISIBILITY Source: IBM client example
  17. 17. 17 Integrated Platforms Eliminate silos and point solutions Build upon a common platform Share information between controls Monitor threats across 8 Million subscribers with an integrated PlatformINTEGRATION Siloed Point Products Source: IBM client example
  18. 18. 18 CLOUD MOBILE Innovation
  19. 19. 19 Cloud-enhanced Security Automated, customizable, and elastic Cloud is an opportunity for enhanced security Traditional Security Manual and static
  20. 20. 20 Mobility is the opportunity to get security right Network and Access Control Fraud Protection Application and Data Security Endpoint Management
  21. 21. 21 Intelligence Integration Expertise IBM Security Framework Professional, Managed, and Cloud Services
  22. 22. 22 Advanced Threat Protection Staying ahead of sophisticated attacks Defense StrategyAttack Chain IBM Capabilities and Services QRadar Security Intelligence X-Force Threat Intelligence Emergency Response Services Network Protection InfoSphere Guardium Trusteer Apex QRadar Vulnerability Manager Endpoint Manager AppScan
  23. 23. 23 CISO: Checkmate!
  24. 24. Analytics-powered security Leaning forward. Felix Mohan Bharti Airtel Limited © 2013 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. 25 Align. Make intelligent. Third-party risk Advanced attacks Regulatory compliance Voice to data shift Competitive pressure Disruptive technologies Automation Optimization Culture Competency Communication Intelligence Aggravators Concerns Align. Make intelligent. Business-aligned Analytics-driven
  26. 26. 26 Airtel intelligence structure. Technology Interaction Information Integration Analytics ContextSecurity devices Network devices Events Flows Contextual assessments Better risk management Prioritized and actionable intelligence Broader and deeper vulnerability insight Better protection from advanced attacks Quicker response QFlow and VFlow Collector Vulnerability Manager Risk Manager SIEM QRadar X-Force external threat feed Trusteer* (2014) Openpages*, BigInsights* (2015-16)
  27. 27. 27 Understand. Prioritize. Act. Advanced threat protection Risk management Compliance Resource optimization Fraud protection Simulate “what ifs” for risk impact Remediate zero-days and new security threats Monitor asset profiles & behaviour continuously Visualize traffic patterns and connections Comply with regulatory mandates and policies Prioritize vulnerability remediation Protect transactions Carry out advanced incident analysis & forensics Optimize resources and efforts We are moving from dousing fires to ensuring they don’t happen in the first place! Vulnerability scan data Configuration data Event data Activity data Context Network topology
  28. 28. #IBMINTERCONNECT © 2013 IBM Corporation Thank You
  29. 29. 29 10+ demos 5 appliances •  Visit the Security Intelligence area in the Solution Center •  Meet experts from the IBM Security Singapore Lab •  Solution Center Sessions: Enhancing IBM Security solutions with Trusteer fraud detection capabilities •  Technical Session: Dedicated Security track featuring Identity and Access Management, Security Intelligence, Mobile Security, and more Don’t miss partner & client speakers including YaData and Asian Paints Don’t miss… All Day 2 Day 3
  30. 30. © 2013 IBM Corporation