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File Manager for z/OS - Overview


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File Manager for z/OS - Overview

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File Manager for z/OS - Overview

  1. 1. an IBM + HCL product File Manager for z/OS Overview V14.1 July 2017
  2. 2. an IBM + HCL product Disclaimer HCL’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at HCL’s sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.
  3. 3. an IBM + HCL product What is File Manager for z/OS? • File Manager (FM) is a tool that helps you to manipulate data stored on z/OS systems interactively and in batch processing. • Designed to deal with large production data efficiently while protecting integrity and privacy. • Access to z/OS data made simple by its intuitive and consistent user interface across a wide range of data stores available on the platform. • Access to data across multiple z/OS systems / LPARs made simple by its remote systems support. • A must have tool for every z/OS user including system programmers, application developers, ISPF users and much more. • Comprehensive support for a wide range of data store types: • Data set (VSAM, QSAM, PDS, PDSE, IAM, OAM) • DB2 • IMS • WebSphere MQ • CICS • Hierarchical File System under UNIX System Services. • Binary data layouts are described using: • COBOL, PL/I and Assembler COPYBOOKs. • XML-based description. • Dynamic templates.
  4. 4. an IBM + HCL product The key value propositions Formatted Editor •Interactively view and edit data. •Show / hide records and see what you exactly want. •Switch between table display and single record display. •Quickly identify fields containing erroneous data and fix them. •Formatted display as well as HEXDECIMAL display for convenience. Batch Processing •A rich set of batch functions to manipulate data efficiently. •Allocate, copy, Compare, Export, Find/Change, Import, Print and much more functions available. •Highly optimized data access and processing. Test Data Preparation •Protect sensitive information by scrambling data according to your specification. •Random, lookup, repeatable and custom exit to control scrambling. •Change code page of text data. •Generate test data according to data layout constraints. Load Module Analysis •Scan load modules to print a list of symbols (CSETS, common sections, entry points and ZAPs). •Understand compilers and options used to create load modules. •Compare load modules to identify differences. •Disassemble machine code to Assembler. Simplified Data Access •Improved search and navigation to resources on z/OS. •Access to remote z/OS systems and LPARs under ISPF and batch. •Choice of user interfaces: ISPF, CICS and Eclipse GUI. •Support for complex data structures such as CSC Hogan data and SMF record types.
  5. 5. an IBM + HCL product How does it work? File Manager Engine Interactive processing Batch processing Data Sets DB2 IMS MQ CICS (files, TDQ, TSQ) HFS files Data to be processed FM Templates COPYBOOKs XML specification Interactive specification Specification of data layouts
  6. 6. an IBM + HCL product How to use File Manager for z/OS? File Manager Components • FM/BASE • All functions to manipulate data stored in data sets, HFS files under UNIX System Services, WebSphere MQ and CICS (files, TS queue and TD queue). • FM/DB2 • All functions to manipulate data stored in DB2 databases. • Includes administrative functions such as creating, dropping and reverse engineering DB2 objects. • Includes interactive interface to generate DB2 utility jobs and granting/revoking privileges. • FM/IMS • All functions to manipulate data stored in DB2 database in DLI and BMP mode. Different user interfaces  ISPF  CICS  Eclipse  Batch / APIs
  7. 7. an IBM + HCL product Recent enhancements 7 Remote Systems Support • Enables FM functions with resources from another z/OS system accessible via secured TCP/IP network. • Available for interactive usage (ISPF, CICS and Eclipse) and batch. • Edit/browse: • Access data residing on another system. • Use a template on a local machine while accessing data residing on another system. • Copy data: • Simplify steps during remote copy (eg. VSAMs and libraries containing load modules). • Perform data scrambling during copy operation to prepare test data. File Manager File Manager Communication over secured TCP/IP connection
  8. 8. an IBM + HCL product Recent enhancements (continue) 8 Enhanced Search & Reference List - improving ISPF user experience • Reference list: group a list of resources together: • Project/task related resources for quick access globally or personal. • Search against resources defined in a reference list. • Any combination of resource types supported by FM Base feature. • Local resources and remote resources. • Text search and efficient navigation from the results: • Significant improvement compared to ISPF SRCHFOR command. • The result panel displays lines containing the search string. • Direct link to a view / edit session via hot spots. • Execute search interactively or batch. Batch report can be converted to navigational search result report. Search report showing a list of resources and lines containing the text. Direct navigation to a browse session at the selected line by following the hot spot.
  9. 9. an IBM + HCL product Enhancements to View and Compare Load Modules utilities • Improved reporting and options including XML-formatted report. • Disassembly of selected CSECTs. • Compiler options can be displayed and compared. 9 Recent enhancements (continue) New line commands D Disassembly. I User Data O Compile options S View text. Z ZAP data. Improved integration with IBM z/OS Explorer Aqua  FM Eclipse plug-in extends IBM z/OS Explorer Aqua base functions by adding its editors and more resource types to Remote Systems View.  Mapping of FM editors against selected resources (eg. VSAMs).  FM utility functions are accessible from the context menu. Are you aware of new enhancements on IBM z/OS Explorer Aqua? Visit
  10. 10. an IBM + HCL product Success story: Danske Bank 10 Why choose IBM ADFz? ▪ Enhances visibility of performance and availability in development landscapes ▪ Accelerates z Systems development contributing to first-mover advantage for the bank ▪ Simplifies development with standards-based graphical environment ▪ ADFz APIs strengthen bank’s API strategy – using an enterprise service bus to transform internal capabilities by setting up more APIs to encourage reuse for boosted productivity “We continue to work closely with the IBM labs, in particular to inspire them to incorporate our home-grown functionality into the IBM tools. It’s a great two-way relationship, and we appreciate the cooperation.” Jesper Hollitsch Poulsen, Senior Development Manager
  11. 11. an IBM + HCL product Integral member of IBM Application Delivery Foundation of z Systems Highlights: • Comprehensive solution for z/OS application development and problem analysis • Designed for Enterprises embarking on DevOps transformation journey • Exploit the latest advancements in the z Systems platform • Built on Aqua platform for next level of integration and extensibility Problems solved: • Slow development cycle • Time consuming analysis of complex programs • Improve operational cost while dealing with increased workload and new requirements Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems File Manager for z/OS Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS Fault Analyzer for z/OS Built on IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua