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Analyst Webinar Slides [Oct 5]: The Next Generation of Continuous Delivery Containers, AI and Velocity


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Refer to webinar slides to scale and deliver daily or hourly with quality - the new normal in nearly every industry – requires organizations to automate the complete software lifecycle, from ideation to delivery, as continuous deployment accelerates beyond the rate of human comprehension. Join guest speaker Robert Stroud senior analyst at Forrester Research and IBM product manager Eric Minick for a lively discussion on how containers, AI and predictive capabilities are being leveraged to deliver an experience that is both intuitive and valued.

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Analyst Webinar Slides [Oct 5]: The Next Generation of Continuous Delivery Containers, AI and Velocity

  1. 1. © 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. The Next Generation of Continuous Delivery: Containers, AI and Velocity Robert E Stroud CGEIT CRISC Principal Analyst, Forrester Research @RobertEStroud October 2017 Eric Minick Product Management, IBM UrbanCode @EricMinick
  3. 3. 3© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. 64% Of Business Dissatisfied With Release Velocity
  4. 4. 4© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. 23% of Enterprise deploying monthly or faster! Source: The Forrester Wave: Continuous Delivery And Release Automation, Q3 2017
  5. 5. 5© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. 75% Of Executives Driving DevOps Source: Forrester Report: A Dangerous Disconnect: Executives Overestimate DevOps Maturity DevOps Delivers on our promise of Business Transformation DevOps drives escaped defects down DevOps encapsulates and enforces good process & compliance
  6. 6. 6© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. 1 in 2 organizations are implementing DevOps - NOW! Source: Six Trends That Will Shape DevOps Adoption In 2017 And Beyond
  7. 7. 7© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Internal applications IoT-enabled smart products Mobile apps 68%65%62% 56% eCommerce websites Source: 2017 DevOps survey - Base 236 DevOps Professionals Velocity Across Multiple Application Types “We have implemented DevOps for the following application types”
  8. 8. 8© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Financial Services and Utilities leading the charge Source: Forrester Research - DevOps Heat Map 2017 – May 2017
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  11. 11. 11© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. … but the world is evolving ……
  12. 12. 12© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Container adoption is growing
  13. 13. 13© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Evolving CaaS/PaaS ecosystem Adapted from Continuous delivery and release automation tooling will be foundational to success
  14. 14. 14© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Metrics for Performance, Health and Success
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  16. 16. 16© 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. “DevOps” today – BizDevOps tomorrow › “CD” is gaining currency › More focus on the end-to-end lifecycle › Containers are being adopted and moving to production – FAST! › Analytics and AI is required to deliver velocity, accuracy and quality › Everything as code
  17. 17. © 2016 IBM Corporation IBM solutions for Continuous Delivery
  18. 18. IBM DevOps IBM Build integrates with many SCMs and produces artifacts Deploy automates App deployments of many artifacts. Integrates with many CI tools Release governs on top of Deploy and other pipeline tools for multi-application releases. IBM’s Enterprise Continuous Delivery Suite: UrbanCode IBM IBM IBM Build Deploy Release IBM IBM Deploy Release Separate tools so you can Compose IBM Deploy Wonderfully Integrated Toolchain 3rd party IBM Build IBM Deploy ? Continuous Release
  19. 19. IBM DevOps IBM Business Innovation Integration Investment Protection & Extension Compliance and Management Built on container & data services technologies IBM Cloud Private Put the power of the IBM Cloud behind your enterprise firewall
  20. 20. IBM DevOps IBM IBM DevOps Insights : Data Driven DevOps Understand delivery KPIs Identify your project's delivery risk Explore team interaction dynamics.
  21. 21. FORRESTER.COM Thank you © 2017 FORRESTER. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED. Robert E Stroud CGEIT CRISC Eric Minick @RobertEStroud @EricMinick