Unified Device Management


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Track: Mobility in the Enterprise

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Unified Device Management

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationUnified Device ManagementKeith PoyserIBM Tivoli End Point and MobilityUK29th of May 2013 - CopenhagenMartin VittrupIBM Tivoli End Point and MobilityDenmark
  2. 2. 1Critical systems are globally distributed and in constant fluxVisibility is key in a constantly changing, distributed world1Find all assets on yournetwork – NOW!Deploy a softwareapplication worldwide indays.Patch hundreds of thousandsof workstations, laptops andservers in minutes.Continuously enforce securityconfiguration baselines, even onmobile and off-network devices.Patch anywhere, anytime over anynetwork.Find, Manage and Secure yourBYOD and Smart Devices
  3. 3. 2Endpoint complexity continues to increaseEndpointdevice counts,devices andplatformsCompliancerequirementsto establish,prove andmaintaincontinuouscomplianceSpeed,severity andcomplexity ofmalwareattacksPatch O/S and applicationvulnerabilities within hoursRapid, agile, automatedremediation is neededMobile/roaming endpointsNew form factors and platformsEmployee-owned devicesEstablish, prove andmaintain continuouscompliance
  4. 4. 3Why Unified Device Management? Management needs changes constantly Mobility of Laptops – Introduction of Mobile Devices Plethora of Operating systems with different Managementneeds Threats constantly evolving Restrictions and regulations tightened More demand of Automation of tasks End User influence - Demands Investments around making IT part of business.
  5. 5. 4Why Unified Device Management? Many point solutions No total overview Differentiated management story Difficult to prove compliance
  6. 6. 5Unified Device Management with IBM One tool for every management aspect of Endpoints One overview of every Endpoint in the evironment One server for up to 250.000 Endpoints One way of thinking One easy to implement solution to save money And what is it then it can do?
  7. 7. 6Endpoint SpectrumIBM’s Strategic Focus: Heterogeneous Endpoint Managementwith Converged Security and Lifecycle Management Lifecycle and Security Management across multipleend points – user roles with multiple devices Delivers common, policy based lifecycle endpointmanagement across heterogeneous end point types Provides real time visibility and automates taskssuch as device configuration, software distribution,enforce security settings, migration and retirement Endpoint lifecycle and security management is acritical component of end to end servicemanagementMOBILEENDPOINTDESKTOP / LAPTOP / SERVERENDPOINTPURPOSE SPECIFIC ENDPOINTMeters &MeasurementStructuresTrains /Rolling Stock ATM / POSINTELLIGENT ASSETSSecurityProtectingthe enterpriseagainst internaland externalthreatsAuditComplianceProving that you havemet regulation andgovernance and aremeeting securitystandardsOperationsThe day to day activitiesassociated with aintainingIT configurations6
  8. 8. 7IBM Endpoint ManagerEndpointsOne Common Solution:Overview of every Endpoint in yourenvironment – From the Data-center to the DeviceUnified management console:Access to all functions – or limitedto the individual operatorsresponsibilities.Common management agent:Regardless of managementfunctions, only one Client AgentrequiredCommon infrastructure:All functions share theInfrastructure – and plugs in toexisting infrastructureSingle server:One Management server cansupport 250.000 DevicesPatchManagementLifecycleManagementSoftware UseAnalysisPowerManagementMobileDevicesSecurity andComplianceCoreProtectionSystems Management Security ManagementServerAutomationFrom the Data-Center to the Desktop to the Device
  9. 9. 8Overview of Patch ManagementStart with the PatchManagement domainThe patches dashboard provides areal-time view on Windows patchesrequirement across your environmentSee any NewContent here Application vendor patches• Adobe Acrobat• Adobe Reader• Apple iTunes• Apple QuickTime• Adobe Flash Player• Adobe Shockwave Player• Mozilla Firefox• RealPlayer• Skype• Oracle Java Runtime Environment• WinAmp• WinZip…and operatingsystem patches
  10. 10. 9Power Consumption SummaryTotal Power Consumption for alldevices is summarised on thisdashboardWhich includes your Total CurrentPower Usage (kWh, Cost and GreenHouse)Potential savings are alsoidentifiedThe breakdown of power usage forworkdays and weekends is nowavailable
  11. 11. 10Power Management: End-User DashboardThis optional client dashboard can bedisplayed on client workstationsWhich shows the user their currentpower footprint and how much energythey can potentially save
  12. 12. 11Handle Multi-Platform Complexities With Ease Device management via Android agent,iOS APIs, Lotus Traveler, MicrosoftExchange, and Office 365 Complete device hardware and softwareinventory in near real-time Web reports provide at-a-glance mobiledevice deployment overviews Pass mobile device data to networkmanagement, service desk, assetmanagement, and security and compliancesystems Multi-tenancy support for service providersand organizations that need to completelyseparate different parts of the organizationBetter plan internal mobile projects with easyaccess to near-real time data about your mobileenvironment.
  13. 13. 1212IBM Endpoint Manager + DivideComplete MDM BYOD SolutionDual PersonaLeverages the sophisticated policies andfeatures of IBM MDM and EndpointManagementManagement of Divide as a “virtual device”including safe, secure distribution andmanagement of apps+ +Immediate solution for BYOD challengesand security concerns for Mobility OS’sSeamless delivery: same Divide App,binding to IBM MDM at time of enrollmentBusiness AppsIBM Endpoint Manager
  14. 14. 13Customer Needs Key Features & OutcomesIBM Office of the CIO then includes Mobile… Support BYOD for a variety of mobileplatforms securely for a highly mobilepopulation Scale to hundreds of thousands ofdevices 120,000 mobile devices, 80,000 personallyowned, supported in months Integrated Lotus Traveler, IBMConnections, IBM Sametime, and IBMEndpoint ManagerExtending Corporate Access“IBMs BYOD program “really is about supporting employees in theway they want to work. They will find the most appropriate tool toget their job done. I want to make sure I can enable them to dothat, but in a way that safeguards the integrity of our business.”Jeanette Horan, IBM CIO
  15. 15. 14Benefits of Unified Device Management14 “Organizations…would prefer to use the same tools across PCs, tablets and smartphones,because its increasingly the same people who support those device types”– Gartner, PCCLM Magic Quadrant, January 2011 Although at some level mobile is unique, the devices are just another form of endpoints in yourinfrastructure. This means whichever technologies you procure should have a road map forintegration into your broader endpoint protection strategy.– Forrester, Market Overview: Mobile Security, Q4, 2011Reduces Hardware &Administration Costs• “Single pane” for mobile devices,laptops, desktops, and servers• Single Endpoint Manager Serverscales to 250,000+ devices• Unified infrastructure/administrationmodel reduces FTE requirementsFast Time-to-Value• Enterprise-grade APIs enableintegration with service desks,CMDBs, etc (Integrated ServiceManagement)• Cloud-based content delivery modelallows for rapid updates with nosoftware upgrade or installationrequired
  16. 16. 15Benefits- One solution to handle all Endpoints in your environment – from theDatacenter to the Desktop to the Device- One Management Server to support 250.000 Endpoints saves youinvestment in Hardware and Infrastructure- One Inteligent Agent gives you real-time information about yourEndpoints- One Unified Management Console reduces enablement andadministration costs
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