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Red Hat Linux Power - hvad er det og hvordan gør man? Se hvorfor det er en god idé at installere lige netop Red Hat på din Power partition.

Klaus Oxdal, Red Hat

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RedHat Linux, IBM Power Event

  1. 1. IBM Power and Redhat Klaus Oxdal Partner Sales Manager, Red Hat Strategic Alliance to IBM Nordics +45 26 123 153Version 2.4, 21 February 2012
  2. 2. #1 OPEN SOURCE LEADER RST WHI TEHU IMCEO J POISED TO ACHIEVE $1 BILLION REVENUE D IFT SE D ASE N SH A ISERELE PE X LE ED O OF U S RE PR S& SE E L I N OS .3 ER TION 0 UIR EA S JB 4 NT A 50 Q RM ED EL PRI ED E AP T E LIZ &P AC FO SED ER ED ND T R TER UIR SS HA UA SS AR A UD LEA ST QUIR U S Q O D T IN K O U FO IPO FIR EN AC JB RE VIR JO MA CL RE GL AC1993 1999 2002 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 The offering of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is fantastic, but whats more important is the company that stands behind it. —PARKER HARRIS, EVP Technology
  3. 3. Open, Industry Leading, Innovation and Experience 12+ years of collaboration Platform support Innovative feature development Usability/RAS Ongoing collaborative projects Virtualization System Tap Linux Test Project Real Time IBM runs Red Hat... ...Red Hat runs on IBM 11/1994 2/1999 3/2002 12/2007 9/2009 3/2010 Version 1.0 of Red IBM and Red Hat Worldwide Linux Worldwide Linux Red Hat delivers Red Hat and IBM Hat Commercial announce Linux server revenues server revenues RHEV-H with collaboration Linux Alliance reach $2B USD reach $7B USD RHEL 5.4. on eX5 technology1990 1995 2000 2005 2010
  4. 4. Why IBM Systems and Red Hat● Reliability: We thoroughly test, certify and support across our server line ● Enterprise-class Linux distributions and virtualization solutions from Red Hat ● More than 7,000 skilled Linux consultants in IBM Global Services ● One stop shopping, to conveniently purchase your choice of IBM Systems servers, support, and Red Hat Subscriptions ● Over 500 IBM Software products are enabled for Linux, along with broad support from ISVs provides a rich ecosystem of supported solutions you can deploy● Talent and resources: ● IBM is the third largest overall contributor to Linux (and the largest HW vendor contributor) ● 1st is Red Hat, second is "other", then IBM ● Involved in more than 150 open source projects. We are a founding member of Eclipse and the Linux Foundation, and is a major participant in many other open source community organizations ● IBMs Linux Technology Center has some 500 engineers in 40 locations WW dedicated to Linux tech. ● 900+ people dedicated to specific open source projects, and ~ 10,000 employees on open source software
  5. 5. Why IBM Systems and Red Hat● Real world experience successfully deploying Linux and open source: ● IBM estimates we have surpassed over 15,000 Linux-related customer engagements WW all industries/gov’t ● IBM estimates that over 3,500 of its over 15,000 total Linux customer engagement transactions have resulted in Solaris-to-Linux migrations● Rich history of Linux innovation: ● Recognized 12 yrs ago the business potential of the open, collaborative approach to technology development and innovation, becoming an active Linux community member ● In 1999, IBM was the first 1 HW vendor to support Linux, including Red Hat in a fully integrated WW support infrastructure ● In January 2000, IBM announced it would make a one billion dollar investment in Linux underscoring IBMs commitment to the operating system
  6. 6. Open Virtualization Alliance Governing Members:Announced at OSBC - May 17th, 2011 Consortium formed by IBM, Red Hat, Intel, Attachmate SUSE, HP, BMC and Eucalyptus Commitments include: – Fostering the adoption of KVM as an open virtualization alternative – Accelerating the emergence of an ecosystem of third party solutions around KVM Members: – Increasing overall awareness and understanding of KVM – Encouraging interoperability, promoting best practices, and highlighting customer successes Complements existing open source communities managing KVM development …we needed a reliable, stable, supported version of Linux that we knew would be production-ready… we are very happy with our partnership with Red Hat. —TERRY TALLEY, CTO6
  7. 7. IBM open source Cloud KVM in the Cloud Enables a Lower-Cost, More Scalable, Open Cloud Automation – agility and reducing risks • Lower virtualization management costs • Multi-tenant security Standardization – higher quality services • Supports both Windows and Linux • Guaranteed quality of service for virtual machines Virtualization – doing more with less • Economy of scale through low unit cost of KVM • Higher densities of virtual machines delivers scalability7 With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, we are able to experience the benefits of open source combined with the support and uptime that we require. —BEVERLY JAMISON, Senior Director of IT
  8. 8. OUR CUSTOMERSThe largest global exchange The largest global distribution on the planet. system in the world.International hotel group. A leading enterprise cloud computing vendor. Over the years, we have seen time and again that Red Hat follows a more conscientious approach than others. —THOMAS VON STEIGER, Systems Engineer, Swisscom IT Services
  9. 9. OUR CUSTOMERS FINANCIAL SERVICES HEALTHCARE With Red Hat theres no contest in terms of support and the kinds of things you can expect to have in the future. ―Steve Rubinow, CIO We now have a new mantra within our organization: If it can go on Red Hat, then move it to Red Hat. ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA ―Jeffrey Allred, Manager of Network Resources Red Hat has impressed us with its outstanding engineering capabilities and commitment to our strategic alliance. GOVERNMENT ―Lans Carstensen, Principal Engineer TELECOMMUNICATIONS The scalability provided by Red Hat Cluster Suite, GFS, and the clustering feature of JBoss ...the real impact on the business Enterprise Application Platform, along with the was the increased performance agility provided by the JBoss family of products with the same applications running has led our client to consider these products as on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. their top-tier choice. ―Michael Blake, Director of Systems & Architecture Implementation ―Christopher Dale, AssociateRed Hat and JBoss played a crucial role in helping us develop an innovative, reliable product that isrecognized by industry experts, analysts, and above all, our customers. —ANUPAM SINGH, CTO
  10. 10. PRODUCT PROCESSPARTICIPATE 100,000+ PROJECTS We participate in & create upstream projects. We build & support open communities around integrated projects.INTEGRATE We enable software & hardware partners to participate at every stage of development.STABILIZE We commercialize these innovations together with a rich ecosystem of services & certifications. Our focus on Linux is based on two things, one, the performance, reliability and cost basis and two, the community of talent that supports it. —SEAN MORIARTY, COO
  11. 11. PRODUCT PROCESS ACADEMIA CUSTOMERS UPSTREAM CREATE INTEGRATE TEST OPEN MAINTAINDEVELOPMENT PRODUCT & STABILIZE & TUNEWe are in the process of building an entirely new trading platform for Deutsche Börse Group, basedon Red Hat Enterprise Linux and MRG… —GERHARD LESSMANN, Executive Board
  12. 12. RED HAT DEVELOPMENT POWERHOUSE Corporate Contributions to Linux KERNEL 2.6.30-2.6.35 (DEC 2010) 12%PERCENT OF TOTAL CODE CHANGES WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS ATHEROS COMMUNICATIONS 10% INTEL RENESAS TECHNOLOGY TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 8% NEW DREAM NETWORK NOVELL RED HAT CONSULTANTS ANALOG DEVICES 6% IBM PENGUTRONIX MONTA VISTA BROADCOM ORACLE FUJITSU NOKIA PARALLELS 4% MARVELL SAMSUNG NETAPP GOOGLE AMD QLOGIC LONG TAIL 2% OF CONTRIBUTORS NTT HP SFR 0% COMPANY / ORGANIZATION * Source: * the developers who are known to be doing this work on their own, with no financial contribution happening The Linux Foundation from any company are not grouped together as None and instead are considered part of the long tail, as are Linux Kernel Development 2010 contributors of academic or unknown sponsorship. December 2010 (Pages 14-15) Our partnership with Red Hat has enabled us to offer a robust, scalable, high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective technology platform to our customers. —BRIJ MOHAN MAHENDRU, CTO
  13. 13. WHAT WE DO We offer a range of mission-critical software and services covering: CLOUD MIDDLEWARE OPERATING SYSTEM VIRTUALIZATION STORAGE HOW WE DO IT. THE BENEFITS. We develop everything using Flexibility an OPEN SOURCE model. Faster technology innovation Shared development reduces costs & accelerates innovation. Better quality Open collaboration offers Better price & performance products that genuinely meet customers requirements. Alignment to your needsRed Hat Consulting’s local experience backed by Enlogit, a Czech Republic Red Hat PremierPartner, gave us peace of mind during roll out. —PAVEL BARTOS, Lead Analyst, GE Money Bank
  14. 14. RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX The high-performance enterprise platform for any application across the IT infrastructureFlexible, secure & consistentenvironment spanning Current & future systems Hypervisors Cloud• Optimize your hardware, your applications and your operations by standardizing on RHEL throughout the data center Performance levels are excellent & the availability is 100% because the machines are no longer dependent on the uptime of the hardware. —HENNIE STAM, Sr. Systems Administrator, City of Rotterdam
  15. 15. WHY RED HAT ON POWER? ● POWER7 performance, optimized for Red Hat Enterprise Linux POWER7 based system is the #1 performing server for Linux infrastructure workloads ● Red Hat Support for Power ● Power support available simultaneously with other platforms ● List of packages nearly identical, with logical deviates – e.g. Bootloader ● Packages at same version/level – including kernel and device drivers ● Red Hat support for PowerVM ● Virtualized Linux workloads with PowerVM helps clients get the max from their systems, with utilization rates of up to 90%We see a clear ROI from our use of RHEV and our software licensing costs are dramatically less as well. —MICHEAL WALTZ, UNIX/Linux Engineering Group
  16. 16. Red Hat on PowerLinux ● Choice ● The Red Hat Enterprise Linux standard product offering on all three IBM architectures, including Power Systems and PowerLinux, provides our customers a broad range of choices ● Alternative to Microsoft ● PowerLinux brings a platform not available to Microsoft Windows Server customers and can increase consideration for new work load deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux instead of Windows ● Red Hat 12 year Red Hat Enterprise Linux anniversary is a milestone for Open Source based IT solutions ● Red Hat commitment to this innovation model while matching it with a disciplined engineering process to bring commercial grade RHEL to run the world’s most mission critical workloads. ● The new PowerLinux platorm brings even more choice to leverage RHEL as the foundation for new workloadsWe use Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based servers for everything in our data center from basic testingand development services to QA & production. —KRIS GLOVER, VP of Software Development
  17. 17. More cool stuff..● PowerVM Lx86 feature of all PowerVM Editions available ● Allows x86 applications to be dynamically executed on Linux for Power platforms significantly expanding the potential application base● Live Partition Mobility ● Feature of PowerVM Enterprise Edition allows workload to be moved with no application downtime for better system utilization, improved application availability and energy savings ● We handle up to 32,000 transactions/second… Red Hat Linux is our standard… it gives us the stability that were looking for, faster time to market and it gives us much more flexibility. —ROBERT WISEMAN, CTO
  18. 18. Red Hat Executive Quote ● "The POWER architecture brings choice to customers, a core value proposition from Red Hat.” – Jim Totton – Vice President Platform Business UnitRed Hat Enterprise Linux is the perfect fit for our infrastructure because it enables us to be agile & flexibleenough to keep pace with our developers… —DAVID LUTZ, Linux team manager
  20. 20. THE CLOUD OPPORTUNITY By 2014 ⅓ will be OF ALL IT ORGANIZATIONS Not sure 8.1% PROVIDERS Disagree of 19.6% CLOUD SERVICES Agree OF ONE TYPE OR 72.2% ANOTHER TO CUSTOMERS and / or BUSINESS PARTNERS. Source: IDC, “Lessons from IDCs Cloud Leadership Forum 2011: Future-Proofing The Cloud” July 2011, Doc #229249We are more than happy withJBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Our 60-strong development team arehappy with the implementation… —PETER HANLON, Chief Technology Architect
  21. 21. IT CONTINUUM TRADITIONAL VIRTUALIZED CLOUD Application Application Middleware, Infrastructure Application Middleware PaaS& Development PaaS Systems Management, Management Systems Management Virtualization Management, IaaS Private Cloud SAN, NAS, Database Database, Big Data,Data & Storage SAN, NAS, Database + Big Data, Cache Analytics Operating System Guest Operating Base Platform Operating System + Hypervisor System Potential technology adoption over time: We’ve seen improvements in how we can provide on-demand resources to our artists by leveraging open source and working with Red Hat. —LANS CARSTENSEN, Principal Engineer
  22. 22. RED HAT SOLUTIONS App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOA DEVELOPERS PaaS Red Hat Enterprise Linux IT ADMINS Management Systems Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software SYSADMINS Physical Virtual Cloud IaaS Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage InfrastructureI wouldn’t be in the SaaS business if it weren’t for Red Hat. If we’d had to make the capital investment in infrastructurethat HP-UX or Solaris required, the margins for achieving profitability […] just wouldn’t be there. —MARK TIRSCHWELL, CTO
  23. 23. RED HAT SOLUTIONS App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOA DEVELOPERS . Red Hat Enterprise LinuxIT ADMINS Management PaaS Systems Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software SYSADMINS Physical Virtual Cloud Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage Infrastructure IaaS The powerful combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization made Red Hat the obvious solution to virtualize our key business-critical systems… —ROGER KEMMLER, IT manager
  24. 24. RED HAT SOLUTIONS DEVELOPERS PaaS App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOAIT ADMINS Management Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems SYSADMINS Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software IaaS Physical Virtual Cloud Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage Infrastructure Among other things, [JBoss] SOA has greatly improved our ability to integrate commercial and government off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) products. —CHRISTOPHER DALE, Booz Allen Hamilton
  25. 25. RED HAT SOLUTIONS App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOA DEVELOPERS PaaS IT ADMINS Management Systems SYSADMINS Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software IaaS Physical Virtual Cloud Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage InfrastructureThe choice to invest in Red Hat was largely based on its commitment to the ongoing development of the platform & itsstrong support capabilities, particularly in reference to mainframe support. —LYLE JOHNSTON, Infrastructure Architect
  26. 26. RED HAT SOLUTIONS App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOA Red Hat Enterprise Linux DEVELOPERS PaaS Previously known as RED HAT STORAGEIT ADMINS Management Systems Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software SYSADMINS IaaS Physical Virtual Cloud Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage Infrastructure We’re running a world-class hospital. We need a mainstream enterprise OS with enterprise support. Red Hat delivers that support with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. —CHRISTOPHER GRAY, Manager Server Technical Support
  27. 27. RED HAT SOLUTIONS Management App Platforms / Messaging / Cache / Grid / SOA Systems DEVELOPERS PaaS Red Hat Enterprise Linux RED HAT ENTERPRISE VIRTUALIZATION IT ADMINS RED HAT NETWORK Scale-Out, High-Performance Storage Software SATELLITE SYSADMINS JBoss Operations Network Physical Virtual Cloud IaaS Servers Servers Servers Network & Storage InfrastructureWith Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, we can have a Windows build available in a matter of minutes. Thisaccelerates the entire testing and development process… —DAN BATEMAN, Infrastructure Coordinator
  28. 28. SERVICES PORTFOLIORED HATCONSULTINGSolving strategic technology challenges, maximizing RED HATperformance & infrastructure efficiency —optimizing your IT. TRAINING● Unparalleled expertise in open source. Arms your IT organization with knowledge● Accelerated time-to-value. and hands-on skills to optimize your Red Hat & JBoss deployments — enhancing● Facilitate interoperability. productivity and mitigating risk.● Consultants directly tied to community and product Employees gain skills, promoting development teams. IT success. Large portfolio of courses.INFRASTRUCTURE MIDDLEWARE &SERVICES APPLICATION SERVICES Over 100,000 Red Hat Certified professionals.● Increase IT infrastructure value ● Full lifecycle development with Pathways. Over 60% of Fortune 2000 companies ● Strengths in application use Red Hat Training.● Expertise for complex, mission- development & critical projects re-platforming services More than 1 million Red Hat Training● Free your resources for greater ● Agile development process customers. ROI[The knowledge transfer] component added value to our consulting purchase and lasted long after theconsultant had left. —FRANCOIS MOUNIER, Integration & Development Manager
  29. 29. Power Linux● IBM PowerLinux solutions are more powerful than x86 Linux● More scalable than Vmware● More reliable than Windows Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization frees us of that time-consuming process, making deployment a snap. Few competitors can boast similar capabilities. —JUSTIN NEMMERS, COO, Salsa Labs
  30. 30. RED HAT IS: A high-growth, billion The worlds ...offering a dollar, S&P 500 index leading developer comprehensive company.... & supplier of open portfolio of products source software and services. for Enterprise IT... CLOUD CONSULTING ...globally active in all major Logistics & MIDDLEWARE TRAINING Transportation vertical markets, with strong Services Financial OPERATING SYSTEM channel & direct delivery Tech & Media Energy models. Government VIRTUALIZATION Healthcare Retail OTHE R DIRECT Telecom U.S. COUNTRIES STORAGE INDIRECT Manufacturing ... AND DELIVERING:● Exceptional Price/Performance ● Open Source Quality & Innovation● Operational Flexibility ● Alignment with Customer Requirements
  31. 31. THANK YOU.RedHatVideoson YouTube Want to keep In touch? Red Hat on Facebook Red Hat @RedHatNews on LinkedIn on Twitter