IBM PureApplication System and Maximo


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IBM PureApplication System and Maximo

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationIBM PureApplicationSystem and MaximoPer Fredriksson, IT Architect IBM SWG Nordic[ May 28th, Copenhagen ]
  2. 2. 1Improve IT efficiencywith expert integratedsystemsAccelerate newapplications, big dataand analyticsSimplify cloudapplication platformsand infrastructureby 201590% plan toimplement cloud68% of IT* IDC; Converged Systems: End-User Survey Resultspresentation; September 2012; Doc #236966operating costs in 2013 will be formanagement and administration29%1996 201368%* IBM GBS 2011 IBV Study, “The power of cloud:driving business model innovationFrom a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consultingon behalf of IBMdeploy late34% of new ITProjectsServer mgmt & admin costsNew server spendingPower & cooling costsThree Pervasive Market Challenges
  3. 3. 3What capabilities are essential for cloud applicationplatforms?Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities Pattern-based deployment Catalog of services User-based self-service Service level management Usage-based reporting Common cloud platform Dynamic resource scalability Multi-tenancy Virtualization Automated IT resource provisioning Includes automating Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Cloud ApplicationPlatform
  4. 4. 4IBM PureApplication System: the ideal cloud applicationplatformExpert integrated: Platform for applications– Application server– Database services– Compute (x86 or POWER)– Storage– Networking Platform management Built-in expertise –Infrastructure, platform, andapplication patternsCloud Application Platform(PaaS)Built-for-cloud platform system simplifyinglifecycle deployment and management ofapplicationsCatalog ServicesMulti-tenancyUsage-basedreportingVirtualizationAutomated IaaSPattern-based deploymentService level managementCommon cloud platformDynamic resource scalabilityAutomated IT resourceprovisioningUser-based self-service
  5. 5. 5Patterns Are a Key Capability for CloudApplication PlatformsWhat’srequired…What the businesswants…A pattern automates…Patterns impact both top line revenue growth and bottom line cost saving
  6. 6. 66IBM Internal Use Only IBM Software Group | Tivoli Software© 2013 IBM Corp.Maximo PatternOld Screen Capture. Get a new one
  7. 7. 77IBM Internal Use Only IBM Software Group | Tivoli Software© 2013 IBM Corp.Starting the deployment process
  8. 8. 88IBM Internal Use Only IBM Software Group | Tivoli Software© 2013 IBM Corp.Configure the virtual system parts for deployment Configure individual virtualsystem parts– configure virtual machine hardware– set users and passwords– WAS configuration like cell andprofile names Custom Node– Set app server name, db user andpassword DB2 Enterprise– set flag for deploy of demo data– set database name Core OS (Admin Worktation)– set Maximo admin users and pwds
  9. 9. 9IBM Maximo Asset Management PatternFeatures/Business Value• The Maximo Virtual Application pattern will be installedinto the PureApplication System• Deploy instances of Maximo Asset Management intovirtual machines from the pattern• Maintained and controlled by the PureApplication SystemClient Benefits• Reduce the deployment and configuration time for aMaximo application environment• Spend less time administering infrastructure for Maximoapplications, enabling users to quickly leverage businesscapabilities• Enable rapid expansion of operational Maximo AssetManagement environments throughout your companywith extendable patternsEnabling rapid deployment of a pre-defined topology for Maximo Asset ManagementMAXIMO ASSETMANAGEMENTIBMPureApplicationSystem
  10. 10. 101© 2013 IBM CorporationIBM PureSystems “pattern of expertise”IBM Maximo Asset Management PatternResult: Speed deployment of Maximo by 15-20x!BEFORETo Deploy Maximo on Premise:• Download Middleware Images• Download Maximo Asset Management Image• Prepare hardware and install operating systems• Run middleware installer to install and configuredatabase and WebSphere Application Server todevelopment, test, and production environments• Install Maximo in each environment• Setup can take several days to complete.To Manage / Maintain:• Install and configure middleware updatesindividually across deployed servers.• Updates to Maximo applied on each environmentsadministrative workstation and deploy databaseupdates and EAR files.AFTERTo Deploy Maximo on Premise:• Download the Maximo Pattern• Use the Install script to upload the pattern andscript packages files• Deploy a Maximo environment in 2.5 hours.To Manage / Maintain• Schedule middleware updates across runningmultiple server pattern instances in minutes• Updates to Maximo applied on eachenvironments administrative workstation anddeploy database updates and EAR files.
  11. 11. 11SocialCollaborationBusinessAnalytics & DataWarehousingSecurity, Risk Management, ComplianceData ManagementConnectivity,Integrationand SOAAppInfrastructureBusinessProcessMgmt Mobile Developmentand ConnectivityAsset and FacilitiesManagement* IBM intends to deliver these newsoftware patterns in the futureIBM Notes andDomino*IBM CastIron 6.4IBM API Management 2.0IBM DataPower GatewayAppliances (XG45, XI52)BPM 8.5ODM 8.5WAS 8.5.5BusinessIntelligence 2.0Software Deliveryand LifecycleCollaborative LifecycleManagement*Rational App Developer*QRadar SIEM*QRadar Log Manager*IBM Security Access Mgr*SolutionsWebSphere Commerce 7.0WebSphere TransformationExtender w/Launcher 8.4.1SAP Business Suite*Mobile ApplicationPlatform 6.0IBM Maximo AssetManagement 7.5Information Server 9.1Compute Node PatternPureApplication System PatternsIBM Patterns of Expertise Optimize Leading Software Capabilities
  12. 12. 12Broad, Open Ecosystem 40+ IBM products delivered in optimized pattern form 150+ IBM Partner solutions delivered in optimized patternform Fully open and extensible platform: capture your expertiseby building your own pattern-based solutions!Investment protection through broad ecosystem of optimizedapplication