IBM Oil| SAP Upstream Supply Chain Integration Solutions


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IBM partner SAP is helping chemical and petroleum companies gain greater visibility and integration in downstream and upstream supply chains. Read how SAP Solutions leverages their enterprise portal solution to help you gain greater access into your companies operations.

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IBM Oil| SAP Upstream Supply Chain Integration Solutions

  1. 1. IBM SALES AND DISTRIBUTION Unlock the full potential of your ERP investment Solution Brief SAP solutions for chemical and petroleum Information visibility and integration is crucial to upstream and down- stream activities for coordinating all aspects of your supply chain. Highlights SAP solutions delivered by IBM are designed to help drive efficiency through your business and optimize supply chain operations. ● Streamline business processes by incorporating best practices ● Enhance collaboration across the SAP solutions can help you achieve best in class status value chain SAP extensions from IBM can help you gain greater visibility into your ● Utilize a common set of business organization across the enterprise, get closer to your customers and processes to manage the organization reduce inefficiencies. By broadening the capabilities of your enterprise ● Perform a variety of marketing, sales resource planning system, you can increase collaboration across the and service activities to identify and value chain and gain opportunities for profit. engage potential customers ● Gain analytics capabilities Benefit from our industry experience ● Plan sales volumes of oil and gas products on a regional level and dis- Using SAP solutions for chemical and petroleum, your company can tribute them down to an account level benefit from our strong history of alliances in the industry. ● Provide after-sales service, such as complaint management, consigned ● IBM is the first organization to establish an SAP Center of inventory and customer service Expertise in the U.S. ● IBM has implemented SAP successfully at major integrated oil and gas companies, and independent local oil and gas companies—from Houston to Rio de Janeiro to the Sakhalin Islands to Australia. ● We have more than 3700 successful SAP engagements at over 6000 sites. ● IBM has a comprehensive implementation methodology— Ascendant SAP. This Web-based proprietary methodology toolset brings together a unique repository of methods, tools, references and templates into one single point of reference.
  2. 2. IBM SALES AND DISTRIBUTION Unlock the full potential of your ERP investment Solution Brief Through efficient supply chain management, our solution can help you reduce costs, increase revenue and retain customers. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009 ● Cost-effectively match supply and demand through integrated, collabo- IBM Corporation rative planning tools. Route 100 ● Reduce inventories, while enhancing your ability to meet unexpected Somers, NY 10589 demand. Produced in the United States of ● Integrate systems with public and private e-marketplaces to quickly and America easily compare suppliers on a global basis. July 2009 ● Increase planning accuracy and real-time location of products around All Rights Reserved the world, improving customer service. IBM, the IBM logo and are trademarks or registered trademarks Greater access through an enterprise portal with SAP solutions can help your of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other company: countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on ● Integrate all types of enterprise data and take control of heterogeneous their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these IT environments. symbols indicate U.S. registered or ● Provide users with timely alerts that give them quick access to personal- common law trademarks owned by ized, role-based enterprise information. IBM at the time this information was ● Deliver advanced capabilities for categorizing and searching for published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks information. in other countries. A current list of ● Enable and encourage collaboration between users. IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at Oil and gas industry solutions for competitive advantage copytrade.shtml IBM has built and implemented oil and gas industry-specific templates for Other product, company or service rapid deployment—a solution which addresses virtually every area of every names may be trademarks or service stage of development within the business. In addition IBM offers: marks of others. ● Strong leadership, process transformation, industry and SAP experience. ● Proven methodologies and vision-to-value benefits approach. Please Recycle ● Experience implementing large SAP projects across multiple business units and sites. ● An established track record in delivering large-scale SAP engagements on time and on budget. For more information To learn more about SAP solutions for chemical and petroleum, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: CHS03003-USEN-01