IBM SAP Alliance Strategie 2013


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IBM SAP Alliance Strategie 2013

  1. 1. IBM SAP Alliance Strategie 2013Dr. Antonio PalacinDirector of IBM SAP International Competence Center 1
  2. 2. Themen HANA Security Anwendungsentwicklung 2
  3. 3. Themen HANA Security Anwendungsentwicklung 3
  4. 4. IBM Workload Optimized Solution for SAP HANA Appliance Applications SAP HANA® GPFS ITM TSM FPO functionality IBM Director OS SUSE SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support for SAP applications EX processors EX processors Scalability Scalability Server HW eXFlash eXFlash eX5 - x3690 X5 and x3950 X5 Memory capabilities Memory capabilities ... ... 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems solution for SAP HANASize XS S S+ M LBuilding Block x3690 X5 x3690 X5 x3950 X5 x3950 X5 x3950 X5Part Number 7147-HAx 7147-HBx 7143 - HAx 7143 - HBx 7143 – HBx +(Sys x - config) 7143 – HCxIntel CPU 2 x E7 2870 2 x E7 2870 2 x E7-8870 4 x E7-8870 8 x E7-8870RAM 128 GB DDR3 256 GB DDR3 256 GB DDR3 512 GB DDR3 1 TB DDR3 (8 x 16GB) (16 x 16GB) (16 x 16 GB) (32 x 16 GB) (64 x 16 GB)Log Storage 10 x 200 GB 1.8‘‘ 10 x 200 GB 1.8‘‘ 1.2 TB ioDrive2 FusionIO 1.2 TB ioDrive2 FusionIO 2 x 1.2 TB ioDrive2 MLC SSD MLC SSD FusionIOData Storage - - 8 x 900 GB 10k SAS 8 x 900 GB 10k SAS 16 x 900 GB 10k SAS HDD HDD HDDStorage Ctrl 2 x M5015 2 x M5015 1 x M5015 1 x M5015 2 x M5015Data / Log 1.6 TB RAID 5 data 1.6 TB RAID 5 data 5.4 TB RAID5 data 5.4 TB RAID5 data 10.8 TB RAID5 dataStorage Summary and log storage and log storage storage 1 TB log storage storage 1 TB log storage storage 2 TB log storageEthernet 4 x 10 GbE 4 x 10 GbE 4 x 10 GbE 4 x 10 GbE 8 x 10 GbE 6 x 1 GbE 6 x 1 GbE 6 x 1 GbE 6 x 1 GbE 12 x 1 GbEUpgrade Option XS - > S Up to 16 node S+ M M L (with L-option) Up to 16 node scaleScale Up or scale out with HA, Up to 16 node scale out out with HA, SAPScale out SAP certified with HA, SAP certified certifiedSoftware Preload: Preload: Preload: Preload: Preload: SLES4SAP SLES4SAP SLES4SAP SLES4SAP Addtl. GPFS lic. GPFS GPFS GPFS GPFS SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA 5
  6. 6. SAP HANA™ Appliance – Growth Paths L S M XS BWA Entry S+ 6
  7. 7. SAP HANA Appliance – Scale Out with High Availability Production System Production Node 1 FAILED Node 2 Production Node 2 Production Node 3 Production Node 2 Standby 512GB 512GB 512GB 512GB SAP HANA® DB DB partition 1 DB partition 2 DB partition 3 - SAP HANA® DB - SAP HANA® DB - SAP HANA® DB - SAP HANA® DB worker node worker node worker node standby node worker node - index server - index server - index server - index server - statistic server - statistic server - statistic server - statistic server - SAP HANA® studio shared filesystem - GPFS HDD flash HDD flash HDD flash HDD flash primary data data01 log01 data02 log02 data03 log03 data01(1) log03(3) data01(1) data01(1) data01(2) data01(3) data02(3) data02(1) data02(2) HDD replica data03(2) data03(3) data03(3) data03(1) log01(1) log01(1) log01(2) log01(3) log02(3) log02(1) log02(2) Log replica log03(2) log03(3) log03(3) log03(1) X3950 X3950 X3950 X3950 7143-H2U (512GB) 7143-H2U (512GB) 7143-H2U (512GB) 7143-H2U (512GB)
  8. 8. SAP HANA™ applianceScaleout w/ High Availability & Disaster RecoveryBackup Export & Restore, available today Standby SAP HANA Prod Standby Standby SAP HANA Dev or QA Standby Name NameName Name Name Name Server ServerServer Server Server Server Index Index IndexIndex Index Index Server Server ServerServer Server ServerData Data Data GPFS Data Data Data GPFS Disks Disks DisksDisks Disks Disks Log Log Log LogDisks Log Disks Log Disks GPFS Disks Disks Disks GPFS Status: validated and certified since 18.Dec. 2012. Released for Pilot Backup Restore Implementations SAP note 1755396 8
  9. 9. Integration of HANA with IBM components and potential outlookin the future Tivoli Monitoring For integrated Monitoring of the SAP HANA Software and the Infrastructure IBM Systems Director Monitoring TSM Data Protection for SAP For Hardware Monitoring / Management HANA databases Tivoli Storage Manager Run on one node in SAP For Backup / Restore of the SAP HANA Appliance HANA cluster Cognos / HANA integration to be finalized Trigger SAP HANA backup into filesystem Send backup files for all Statement made by Vishal Sikka, Chief Technology nodes to TSM Officer and member of the Executive Board at SAP, at Exploit high performance HANA press and analyst event in Frankfurt, January features as needed 2013: "We have been working heavily with IBM. All the way from lifecycle management and servers to services even Cognos, Business Intelligence on top of HANA TSM Server and also evaluating the work that we have been doing on POWER. As to see how far we can be go with POWER - the work that we have been doing jointly at HPI. This is a true example of open co-innovation, that we have been working on." 9
  10. 10. For more on-line informationIBM-SAP Alliance System x SAP HANA IBM PartnerWorld http://www- https://www- ons/sap/hana/index.html /ContentHandler/stg_com_sol_sap_hana 10
  11. 11. Themen HANA Security Anwendungsentwicklung 11
  12. 12. SAP landscapes – A Rising Threat• The number of SAP Security Notes has increased drastically over the last Number of SAP Security Notes per Year years: 1000 – Security Notes usually address one or 900 more vulnerabilities. 800 – Most of these issues affect the Business 700 600 Runtime 500 400 300 200• „Over 95% of the SAP systems we 100 0 evaluated were exposed to 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 espionage, sabotage and fraud cyber SAP Security Notes - By Oct 22, 2012 attacks“ (Onapsis, March 2012) Source: 12
  13. 13. IBM Security tightly integrates with SAP to provide theinclusive, end-to-end, security that Enterprises require IBM Security Intelligence, Analytics and GRC for SAP 13
  14. 14. IBM Security Systems – Products and Solutions for SAP IntegrationDomain IBM Security Solution SAP IntegrationSecurity QRadar Security Information and Event Management, SAP System AuditingIntelligence Identity Manager Adapters for SAP NetWeaver, UME, Portal, BO GRC AC Adapter for SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA, SAP ITS, SAP NW AS ABAP, Access Manager for e-Business SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI Access Manager for Enterprise SSO AccessProfile for SAPGUI, SAPGUI for HTML, SAP BusinessObjects XIPeople Federated Identity Manager SAP NW AS JAVA, NW ABAP, STS Trust Module, BC-AUTH-SAML Function Component for SAP NW AS ABAP, Connector for SAP NW Directory Integrator AS ABAP User Registry, Connector for SAP HCM/HR BOR, Connector for SAP NWAS ABAP ALE/IDoc SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA (UME, Portal), SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Directory Server User Registry, BC-USR-LDAP InfoSphere Guardium Database SAP Database Activity Monitoring Activity MonitoringData InfoSphere Guardium Data Encrypt. SAP Database Encryption InfoSphere Optim System Analyzer and Business Process Analyzer for SAP Applications AppScan White Box / Black Box Analysis, SAP Java, SAP ABAPApplication DataPower SOA Security, federated security scenario support System z Mainframe security, „Enterprise Security Hub“Infrastructure Power Systems AIX Security, AIX Security Experrt, Kerberos based single sign-on 14
  15. 15. Applications - Vulnerability Scanning for SAPSAP Source Code scanning (White Box)and Dynamic Analysis (Black Box)• Ensure the security and compliance of SAP White Box applications: SAP source code scanning for Virtual Forge White CodeProfiler application vulnerabilities Box Black AppScan• Lower total cost-of-ownership: Box ABAP results Source AppScan Vulnerabilities can be corrected early in the Standard product development cycle and before Black becoming security risks Box AppScan AppScan Enterprise Enterprise Server Dynamic Analysis Scanner 15
  16. 16. Security Intelligence and Analytics Enterprise Visibility and Threat Intelligence for SAP EnvironmentsQRadar - real time analysis, threatdetection and incident management usingsophisticated correlation using data fromthe SAP environment• Provides visibility into network, user and application activity in a SAP environment providing organizations with intelligence into potential and existing threats across their entire network• Help meet regulatory mandates for the systems and networks in a SAP environment• Cooperation with IT-Cube to integrate with a high number of SAP systems and parameters. 16
  17. 17. Examples of SAP Customers Running IBM Security Products IBM Security Identity Manager implemented to automate life cycle management of user roles, access rights and identities. IBM Security Access Manager for e-business provides Bosch a single point of administration for user accounts covering central authentication and authorization for more than 30 web applications including the SAP Portal. IBM Security Identity Manager Adapter for SAP BusinessObjects GRC is controlling access to line-of-business and SAP applications for around 8,000 users, managed by a team of just three people. IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Masking Solution for SAP Applications is implemented as part of overall support data governance strategy in SAP HCM. Protected confidential employee information within the testing and development environments, ensuring privacy of HR and payroll information. IBM Security AppScan has integrated seamlessly into SAP’s quality assurance processes, because it automates a component of existing workflows reducing efforts in manual testing. . QRadar Log Management is used to monitor SAP Application and Authentication logs 17
  18. 18. Links and Resources IBM SAP Alliance IBM Security Systems IBM Redbook „Integrating IBM Security and SAP Solutions” IBM and SAP on the Internet SG24-8015 IBM Centers for SAP Solutions IBM Security Integration Factory Community tml 0eb23c62c_4bcb_afa1_85cd0cacc66c?lang=en SAP Security collateral on the IBM Security Systems Sales IBM SAP Consulting Services Community us#/wiki/W2d9715d42210_49a1_9f51_74d34634effc/page/IBM%20Security%20 Collateral%20for%20SAP IBM-SAP Alliance Sales Support Information (SSI) IBM Security Solutions for SAP Community and Wiki on the IBM Intranet IBM Security Integration Factory IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC) Contact: | +49 / (0)6227-73-1099 18
  19. 19. Themen HANA Security Anwendungsentwicklung 19
  20. 20. IBM Rational ALM Applications for SAP Application LifecycleManagement and Development Governance What is IBM’s Rational Quality Manager offering to test SAP Rational Requirements Composer systems Rational Team Concert and services? Rational Performance Tester Extensions for SAP/SOA Rational Integration Tester Worksoft Certify Rational System Architect Value of Rational reduce costs associated with SAP centric solution updates Tools in a SAP Improve control over quality of all software deployments in a environment: heterogeneous software delivery organization Improve governance by tracking, measurements, and audit trails that ensure projects stay on schedule and appropriate process requirements are adhered to. Reduce time to deployment by reducing testing time with a fully integrated toolset SAP and IBM “Out of the box” simple solution. provide: A cost effective alternative to SAP or HP offerings Fully integrated with SAP Solution Manager 20
  21. 21. Accelerate the delivery of SAP SAP Solution Manager Collaborate better with integrated requirements, and IBM Rational Integrations quality and change management – Full Rational CLM integration support (Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Quality Manager and Rational Team Concert) built on OSLC standard Achieve faster impact analysis of change Coordinate IT changes across heterogeneous systems requests and business processes – Out of the box integration with Business Process Change Verify business processes Analyzer are deployed and tested Apply unified SAP and IBM best practices and standards Open Lifecycle Integration PlatformIBM Rational Connector for SAP Solution Manager: “Encouraging collaboration between business – IBM Rational Requirements Composer stakeholders and the IT team, SAP Solution – IBM Rational Team Concert Manager and IBM Rational software help to – IBM Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management minimize errors and other risks while maximizing business results.” – SAP Services 21
  22. 22. Thank you for your Attention• IBM SAP Alliance page – Dr. Antonio Palacin Altrottstrasse 31 Director of IBM SAP D-69190 Walldorf International Competence Center Phone +49)-6227-73-1038 Mobile +49-171-3333680• SAP IBM Alliance page Global IBM Alliance – 22