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How Bluemix Helps NASA Innovate


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Every day, 50,000 flights take off, transit and land safely within US airspace. NASA Aeronautics is behind many of the technology concepts that make this possible. With drones proliferating and traffic volume rising rapidly, NASA needs a way to stay ahead of the curve. In this session, you will learn how IBM Bluemix quickens NASA's pace in air traffic management research, and hear three lessons learned from a recent NASA project using Bluemix Mobile and Bluemix Data Analytics.

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How Bluemix Helps NASA Innovate

  1. 1. Robust Analytics Session # 4716 IBM Cloud in a US Federal Agency: How Bluemix Helps NASA Innovate Dr. Peter Kostiuk – President, Robust Analytics, Inc. | peter.kostiuk@robust- Randall S. Ho – Consulting Solution Architect, IBM SW Services for Federal | Insight for an UncertainWorld IBM InterConnect 2017 Conference
  2. 2. Robust Analytics Agenda 1. Overview of Air Traffic Management (ATM) research domain 2. How Robust Analytics helps NASA innovate 3. An example of how Bluemix speeds Robust Analytics research for NASA 4. Three top lessons learned 5. Questions 2
  3. 3. Robust Analytics Overview of ATM Key Characteristics of Air Traffic Management 1. Responsibility shared among: • Government and industry • Pilots, controllers, and dispatchers 2. Require high levels of safety and reliability • Diverse information with varying fidelity and timeliness • Frequently at the mercy of weather 3. Mixture of advanced technology and legacy systems 4. Expected influx of new vehicles with greater automation • And, of course, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) 3
  4. 4. Robust Analytics Phases of Flight and Communications Terminal Wi- Fi, 4G/3G Connections Ku and Ka Band Satellite Communications Air-to-Ground Networks
  5. 5. Robust Analytics Airline Operations 5 Network Operations Control System Flight Planning System Schedule/MVTs/ AircraftAssignments FlightPlanData Load Planning Schedule/MVTs Fuel Payload Aircraft Situation Display Route Recalc Requests Alerts Go to Flight / Flight List / RoutesATM Surveillance ASDI ASDE-X CFMU Recovery Systems Passengers Schedule Manager System Pax SSIM FILE/ASMs Reservation System FLIFO ASMs/MVTs Air-Ground Communication system (ACARS, SATCOM) Airplane Weather Systems WX Feeds WX Feeds WX Feeds Flight Plan Data MVTs/FreeText CDM Net/ TFMS Portal /FSM Schedule Data Flight Plan Data TMIs AFP GDP ETC... Final Loadsheet ACARS (Position Reports) Aircraft Rotations
  6. 6. Robust Analytics NASA Aeronautics Strategic Research Thrusts 6 1. Safe, Efficient Growth in Global Operations 2. Innovation in Commercial Supersonic Aircraft 3. Ultra-Efficient Commercial Transports 4. Transition to Low-Carbon Propulsion 5. Real-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance 6. Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation
  7. 7. Robust Analytics Active ATM Research Areas 1. Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) 1) Gate-to-gate flight planning and management 2) Increased automation and negotiation between operators and FAA 2. Real-time System-wide Safety Assurance 3. Airspace Technology Demonstrations 1) Optimized descents 2) Integrated arrivals and departures 3) Traffic flow management 4. UAS Traffic Management System 1) Small vehicles 2) Operating at low altitude 7
  8. 8. Robust Analytics Active Research Topics 8 = New Applications = Legacy Applications
  9. 9. Robust Analytics How Robust Analytics Helps NASA Innovate • Develop air traffic management technologies, • Demonstrate their value through modeling, simulation, and operational tests; and • Deploy technology solutions for airlines and the FAA to improve the efficiency and safety of flight operations 9 Develop – Demonstrate – Deploy Develop – Demonstrate – Deploy Air Traffic Management Solutions
  10. 10. Robust Analytics How Robust Analytics Helps NASA Innovate • Identify promising ideas early in the research process – Conduct initial operational, economic, and safety impact analyses – Assist managers develop the research portfolio • Develop prototypes for concepts proposed by NASA and awarded through full and open competition – NASA Research Announcement (NRA) process and other procurements • Propose new ideas through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) annual solicitation • Develop new ideas with company internal research funds 10
  11. 11. Robust Analytics Multiple Hurdles to Deployment 1. Operational Impact: does the proposed concept increase capacity or reduce flight time? 2. Economic Impact: will the airline operating cost change and will revenue increase? 3. Safety Impact: will risk increase or decrease? 11 Operations Economics Safety
  12. 12. Robust Analytics Development Environment for ATM Research 12 Hub AOC Gateway LaRC SNTB DDS Messaging System WSI Fusion Flight Plan Data LaRC SMART NAS Test Bed Flight Planning System WSI SWIM & Weather Data Flight Schedule FAA SWIM - TFMS NASA SNTB User RA Analyst Cloud Data Warehouse NASA Firewall Flight Schedule Robust Analytics Mini Test Bed
  13. 13. Robust Analytics Capabilities to Accelerate Research and Development • Rapid prototyping to explore new concepts and algorithms • Fast-time modeling and simulation to mature concepts and estimate benefits • Real-time and shadow mode testing and demonstration • Integration with NASA laboratories through the SMART NAS Test Bed 13 End-to-end process requires access to lots of data (traffic, flight plans, weather, navigation), flexible processing capabilities, analytical services, and scalable architectures
  14. 14. Robust Analytics How Bluemix Speeds Robust Analytics Research for NASA: An Example Data Analyzer Mobile Server-Side Road traffic state In-terminal pax traffic state (Bluemix IoT/Data/Analytics) (Bluemix Mobile) On-time departure Bluemix cloud environment Key Non-traditional data source 2 1 34 Mobile App • Location service • Door departure deadlines • Pax Travel time prediction • Flight updates • Gate Flight Information Customer Sales & Service Airline Passenger tracking Airline departure control system Mobile (Client-Side) Server Airline Interface For gate agent, web app accessed through a browser Integration Bus 5 6 14
  15. 15. Robust Analytics How Bluemix Speeds Robust Analytics Research for NASA: An Example (Cont.) 15 Geospatial Services MQTT Data Analyzer Core SDK Mobile (Client-Side) Server Push SDK Cloudant SDK 1 Push Notifications 2 3 4 5 Cloudant NoSQL DB6 Mobile (Server-Side) 7 Core Logic 8 Airline Web App (Liberty for Java) Airline Interface API10 Integration Bus Gate Agent Flight Information Customer Sales & Service Airline Passenger tracking Airline departure control system Cloudant NoSQL DB6 B 9 Gate Agent UI CA D
  16. 16. Robust Analytics Other Bluemix Capabilities for Aviation Research 16 Bluemix Services: • Weather (TWC/WSI data and API) • Spark Streaming • Watson Speech2Text/Text2Speech • Watson Tonal Analysis • Watson Machine Learning Aviation Research Areas: • Real-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance • Trajectory-Based Operations • Airspace Technology Demos • UAS Integration into NAS
  17. 17. Robust Analytics Challenges 17 • Integration with Peer Cloud and On-Prem Applications - Interoperation - Latency - Security • Federal Cloud Security Assurance: FedRAMP - Production environments require initial certification and ongoing monitoring for FedRAMP compliance - Rapid advances and open source vs. demand for security assurance
  18. 18. Robust Analytics Top Three Lessons Learned 18 • Lesson 1: What worked - Use Bluemix for rapid prototyping - Find best alternatives fast • Lesson 2: What worked - Leverage Architecture Center & Catalog for pattern reuse • Lesson 3: What did not work - Proprietary technologies need extra justification to win NASA research awards - NASA researchers tend to favor open technologies
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