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Become a business process hero in four simple steps


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Become a business process hero in four simple steps

  1. 1. Become (:1 Business Process Hero in 4 Simple Steps t B1ueworksLive blueworkslive I oom #blueworkslive SIGN UP Step away from your whiteboard; put away your sticky notes Open your web browser lfisit www. blueworkslive. com and sign up for the free trial The browser—based interface enables you to manage your processes from anywhere on any device. And no training or special skills are needed. .. just jump in and start creating a process within minutes. LOG IN Log in to www. bIueworkslive. com Click Blueprint a Process Type in the Milestones and Activities for each phase of the process Invite your teammates to collaborate in real—time using built-in instant messaging and a live news leed. Share knowledge across teams and engage everyone in improving now work gets done. CREATE PROCESS Select Process Diagram from the dropdown box Click Create Diagram Your process model is automatically created Then just drag & drop each activity to assign it to a person or department. Relax. .. don't worry about clicking Save or keeping track of versions as your teammates start making changes to your process. Everything is automatically saved and snapshots of each version are stored so you never lose anything. BECOME A HERO Share your new business process with your management Outline the benefits of Blueworks Live: time savings, greater efficiencies, a central repository for your organization's knowledge, industry-standard BPMN, and more. You youtube. comlb| ueworks| ive