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Startup presentation at IB&II Spring Symposium 2013, New York


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Italian Business & Investment Initiative, Mind The Bridge and Intesa Sampaolo organized a Spring Symposium Demo Day in New Yruk on May 2 that featured presentations from 8 prominent EU originated start-ups with founders from Italy, Israel, Greece and U.S. that pitched their ideas in front of venture capitalist specialized in media and tech industries.

The selected start-ups that had the opportunity to obtain funds were:

- Atooma: a mobile toolkit to create your own mini-apps without code skills.
- Map2app: a web based platform for creating mobile travel guides.
- Sencogi: an eye tracking software that works on smartphones and can control them through a sight.
- Myze: an App that allows users to get deals from purchases.
- Hyperfair: a start-up with a platform for running online trade shows.
- Badseed: mobile games and Apps developer.
- Italianbox: a platform operator offering the best of Italy in a box.

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Startup presentation at IB&II Spring Symposium 2013, New York

  1. 1. Spring SymposiumNew York City, May 2nd 2013
  2. 2. TODAY’S AGENDA5:00 PM Guest registration5:30 PM Opening RemarksMassimiliano Cattozzi – Head of Intesa Sanpaolo New York HubFernando Napolitano – President & CEO, Italian Business &Investment InitiativeMarco Marinucci – Founder & Executive Director, Mind the BridgeFoundationCarlton Vann – Director of the Division of International Business,New York City Mayor’s Office for International Affairs6:00 PM Company Pitches and Q&A• Atooma• Bad Seed Entertainment• Cogisen• Hyperfair• Italianbox• Map2App• Myze7:30 PM Closing remarks and networking reception• Mark P. Davis, Author “Fundraising”• Maria Teresa Cometto, Co Author “Tech & The City”BENVENUTO!
  3. 3. Dear Guest,On behalf of Intesa Sanpaolo, Mind the Bridge and NIAF (National Italian American Foundation)welcome to the Italian Business & Investment Initiatives Spring 2013 Italian Startup Pitch Event.Two years ago, IB&II hosted its first event in New York, showcasing the investment opportunities of aselect group of Italys small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-up companies. Over thelast 24 months, we have been able to help further the international growth aspirations of nearly 60Italian start-ups and some SMEs in sectors ranging from biotech and aeronautics - to green tech andenergy. These companies represent the best of Italian innovation, and the way forward for thecountrys economic growth.A central part of IB&IIs mission is to provide a physical forum to connect the supply and demand ofcapital between the United States and Italy, and to attract new foreign direct investments by promotingItalys start up as exciting and viable investment opportunities. IB&IIs partners and I are happy toreport that as a result of these efforts, we have been able to help secure more than $ 5 million ininvestment capital for these growing companies. Last year IB&II was proactive in supporting thelaunch of the first US based seed fund dedicated to Italy and Southern Europe -- Mind the Seed --where IB&II is also an investor. On February 11, IB&II brought its message straight to New York City’sattention at a special summit titled "Italy Meets the Unites States of America". We gathered togetherItalian government representatives, the USA Ambassador to the Republic of Italy and top Italian CEOsto create a direct dialogue with Us opinion makers and investors. This intends to be a yearly summit.NIAF was instrumental to its success.Today we are joined by eight startups from social media, communications and retail. These companieshave been selected because of their global aspirations and the attractive investment opportunitiesthey present. You will have a chance to interact directly with the talented management teams from alleight companies during formal Q&A following their presentations and a networking session at the endof todays event. Finally, I want to thank all of our generous sponsors for their kind support of todaysevent - without their backing, we would not be here today.Cordiali Saluti,Fernando NapolitanoPresident and CEOItalian Business & Investment Initiative
  5. 5. makes your smartphone smarter. Imagine your smartphone able to read incomingemail automatically while driving, or post on Facebook your pictures when you’re on holiday.Atooma is the ultimate mobile toolkit to create your own mini-apps without a nerd degree,reaching the highest customization. You can set up conditional events (IF) that automaticallytrigger simple actions (DO), based on things like time, speed, location, your favourite apps,email (and more!).OverviewSector: Mobile applicationsFounded: 2012 (2013 US incorporation)Headquarters: San Francisco, RomePrevious capital: $150K from Mind the Bridge,ENLabs, Zernike Meta VenturesEmployees: 7TeamFrancesca Romano – Co-Founder & CEOGioia Pistola – Co-Founder & CMOAndrea Meriggioli – Co-Founder & CCOFabrizio Cialdea – Co-Founder & CTOSignificant Milestones• June 2012: first seed funding (EnLabs)• September 2012: 1st prize, TechCrunch Italy• Jan 2013: second seed funding and acceleration at Mind the Bridge, San Francisco• Feb 2013: Mobile Premier Award at the Barcelona Mobile World CongressNotes:
  6. 6. BAD SEED / are Bad Seed and we create videogames. We aim to make the difference in the messyworld of mobile clones, creating innovative console quality games. We know how to do it, ourteam has years of experience working at Ubisoft on console titles.Sheep Up! is our first game, a simple puzzle platform about a tiny toy sheep. It has 3 mainfeatures perfectly merged to create an unique experience: top-down gameplay camera, tiltbased input to drive the always bouncing sheep and high quality graphicsOverviewSector: Mobile gamingFounded: 2012 (2013 US incorporation)Headquarters: San Francisco, MilanPrevious capital: $85K from Mind the Bridge,GameFoundersEmployees: 7TeamJacopo Musso – Co-Founder & CEOClara Parona – Co-Founder & GameDesignerRoberto Mangiafico – Co-Founder & CFOSignificant Milestones• May 2012: launch of Sheep Up! on the iOS App Store• Sep – Dec 2012: first seed funding and acceleration at GameFounders, Tallinn, Estonia• Jan 2013: second seed funding and acceleration at Mind The Bridge, San FranciscoNotes:
  7. 7. COGISENWebsitewww.cogisen.comSENCOGI by Cogisen is the eye tracking software that works on todays smartphones.Navigate using your eyes, not your fingers. No hardware needed. No infra-red, it works usingthe smartphones standard camera. It doesnt need a faster processor, it uses new imageprocessing techniques based upon the best eye tracking system known: the human eyes. Itworks well even in very poorly-lit conditions.SENCOGI revolutionises interaction with a smartphone: Looking is one of the most naturaland spontaneous actions. Using your smartphone will be even more instinctive, instant andcaptivating.OverviewSector: Mobile applicationsFounded: 2012Headquarters: NaplesPrevious capital: $500K from Vertis VenturesEmployees: 7TeamChristiaan Erik Rijnders – Founder & CEOSignificant Milestones• Nov 2012: funding round with Vertis VenturesNotes:
  8. 8. has developed a web-based platform for hosting virtual trade shows. This is a 3Dworld where people with avatars meet, engage and do business. We give trade showproducers the opportunity to host 3D virtual trade shows based on our platform, monetizingtheir audience in a different way and generating a new stream of revenue. Exhibitors andattendees enjoy a new way of doing business while generating qualified leads, saving moneyand time (no traveling) and attending a larger number of trade shows worldwide.OverviewSector: Online servicesFounded: 2010Headquarters: San FranciscoPrevious capital: $1.3M from angel investorsEmployees: 9TeamMarco Campanari – CEO & FounderMassimiliano Bonfanti – FounderAndrea Ballarini – COOSignificant Milestones• Oct 2012: closed seed round with angel investors• Dec 2012: version 2 of the platform launched• Jan 2013: first US customer (American Institute of Architecture)• Mar 2013: six additional customers acquiredNotes:
  9. 9. ITALIANBOXWebsitewww.italianbox.comThe best of Italy in a box: B2C eShop matching Italian products with international lovers ofmade-in-Italy. The Company will become a reference point for an already appreciateduniverse of "Typical Made in Italy" products and services. It scouts a wide range of qualityproducts and truly Italian experiences and resales at competitive prices, acting as anintermediary. Some products are assembled into gift-selections to facilitate consumer choices.OverviewSector: E-CommerceFounded: 2011Headquarters: RomePrevious capital: $250KEmployees: 5TeamNicola Santoro – CEO & FounderAleksandra Dubrova – Partner & CFOFranco Bondi – ICT ConsultantSignificant Milestones• As of Apr 2013, over 1,450 products scouted; signed agreements with over 100 ItalianSME suppliersNotes:
  10. 10. is a browser-based platform that allows to create travel guides for iPhone, Androidand HTML5.Our customers are people and companies working with travel related content that are lookingfor an easy, economical and fast way to have a multi-platform mobile presence.map2app addresses all those “non developers” who want to promote places and eventsthrough a mobile app.OverviewSector: Online servicesFounded: 2012Headquarters: San FranciscoPrevious capital: $50K from Mind the BridgeEmployees: 7TeamPietro Ferraris – Co-founder & CEOSimone Biagiotti – Co-founder & CTOMichele Orsi – Co-founder & CloudSoftware ArchitectSignificant Milestones• Nov 2012: winner of the Italian Venture Forum, Turin• Dec 2012: winner of the World Summit Award, Abu Dhabi• Jan 2013: seed funding and acceleration at Mind The Bridge, San FranciscoNotes:
  11. 11. is a smart shopping companion that ensures that consumers maximize the value theyobtain from their credit cards and loyalty programs. Myze guarantees that consumers don’tmiss out on the best cash rewards, rebates, mileage points or discounts. Our personalized,location-based service guarantees a hassle-free shopping experience, automaticallyinforming the user of the best credit card to use at the point of purchase.OverviewSector: Mobile applicationsFounded: 2012Headquarters: San FranciscoPrevious capital: $65K from Mind the BridgeEmployees: 5TeamYuval Yifrach – Founder & CEOMichael Angelo Libio – CTOTomás Durandeau – CMOGilad Liran – CFOSignificant Milestones• Jan 2013: seed funding and acceleration at Mind The Bridge, San FranciscoNotes:
  12. 12. MilestonesNov 2012: first seed funding from Monthly Ventures, Silicon Valleyan 2013: second seed funding and acceleration at Mind The Bridge, San Francisco, andfunding from angel investorsNotes:
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