Italian SME's and startups presented at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2012


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On November 28, 12 Italy-originated SMEs and startups were presented to selected New York-based investors.

IB&II, in collaboration with the Loeb & Loeb, Mind the Bridge Foundation and the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative has hosted the fourth symposium in New York.

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Italian SME's and startups presented at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2012

  1. 1. FallSymposiumNovember28,
  2. 2. TODAYSAGENDAFallSymposium5:00pm6:00pm6:15pmWelcomeReceptionandNetworkingOpeningRemarksJoe Daniels – Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLPFernando Napolitano - President and CEO, Italian Business & Investment InitiativeMasimiliano Cattozzi, Head Intesa San Paolo USA & South AmericaCompanyPitches- Stereomood- HyperTV- Beintoo- RealmadeinItaly(RMI)- ArtistFan- AdmantX- Timbuktu- Blomming- Mosaicoon- +Plugg- +ICoolhunt- HomplyEach presnters has 4 min pitch,followed a Q&A session (3 min)8:45pm ClosingRemarksandReception
  3. 3. BENVENUTO!FallSymposiumDearGuest,Welcome to the Italian Business & Investment Initiatives Fall 2012 Italian Startup Pitch Event, in cooperation with Loeb & Loeb.Just over a year and a half ago, IB&II hosted its first event in NewYork, showcasing the investment opportunities at a select group ofItalys small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-upcompanies. Over the last 18 months, we have been able to helpfurther the international growth aspirations of nearly 50 Italian SMEsin sectors ranging from biotech and aeronautics - to green tech andenergy. These companies represent the best of Italian innovation, andthe way forward for the countrys troubled economy.A central part of IB&IIs mission is to provide a physical forum to con-nect the supply and demand of capital between the United States andItaly, and to attract new foreign direct investments by promoting ItalysSMEs as exciting and viable investment opportunities. IB&IIs partnersand I are happy to report that as a result of these efforts, we have beenable to help secure close to $12 million in investment capital for thesegrowing companies…anditdoesntstopthere!OnApril13,IB&IIbroughtits message straight to Italys political sphere at a special event in Rometitled, "A Call for Action, Changing a Generation." We gathered togethergovernment representatives, CEOs, and ambitious entrepreneurialItalians to raise capital and opportunity for aspiring tech-focusedstartups.Today we are joined by twelve SMEs from a diverse range of sectorsincluding software technology, social media, communications and fash-ion. These companies have been selected because of their global aspira-tions and the attractive investment opportunities they present. You willhave a chance to interact directly with the talented management teamsfrom all nine companies during formal Q&A following their presenta-tions and a networking session at the end of todays event.Finally, I want to thank all of our generous sponsors for their kind sup-port of todays event - without their backing, we would not be heretoday.Distinti saluti,Fernando NapolitanoPresidentandCEOItalian Business & Investment
  4. 4.   TODAYSPRESENTERSFallSymposium
  5. 5. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Daniele Novaga – daniele@stereomood.comwww.stereomood.comStereomood is a platform for listening to music online. The music, however, is segmented nontraditionally -according to your mood. The company has a community of 400.000 registered users that contribute to suchsegmentation and focuses on independent labels.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: MusicDiscovery CEO: Daniele Novaga* 2012Revenue: $ 650KFounded: 2010 CTO: MaurizioPratici 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Rome,Italy Creative Director: EleonoraViviani 2013(forecast): $ 4.5MEmployees: Eight 2013EBITDA(forecast): $ 1.9 bnPreviousCapital: Seed Funding from Innogest
  6. 6. NOTESFallSymposiumStereomood
  7. 7. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Claudio Vaccarella: clavac@vejopark.comwww.hypertvx.comSecond Screen technology presents a new way of engaging audiences, promoting channel and program loyalty, extend-ing the advertising market and creating new revenue streams. HTV has developed an advanced online cross-devicemultimedia platform software that offers enhanced second screen usage. Its fully customizable white-label open-technology with a wide range of interactive widgets allows easy integration and creates a rich multi-layered onlineexperience. This has led HTV to become the world leader in providing the most hours of Second Screen technologycontent. HTV has installed a total of 7 platforms throughout Europe and plans to launch in the US market in 2012.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: MobileEntertainment CEO: Claudio Vaccarella* 2012Revenue: $1.8 MFounded: 2011 CTO: PatrizioMunzi 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters:Employees:Rome,ItalyEight2013Revenue(forecast):2013EBITDA(forecast):PreviousCapital:Not AvailableNot Available$1.9M
  8. 8. NOTESFallSymposiumHyperTVx
  9. 9. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Antonio Tomarchio: atomarchio@beintoo.comwww.beintoo.comBeintoo is a gamification platform and web advertising and mobile, leverages the reward concept sent to theuser based on his/her gaming or app usage results. The company is creating a proprietary loyalty programbased on virtual currency named bedollar. This platform is going global and able to pin in contact advertiserwith 200 million users and more 50 million of active users.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: MobileEntertainment CEO: Antonio Tomarchio 20112Revenue: Averaging $200K/monthFounded: 2011 CTO: Fillippo Privitera* 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Mlan,Italy 2013Revenue(forecast): Not AvailableEmployees: Twenty-Five 2013EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePreviousCapital: $7.5M from InnogestandTLcom CapitalPartners
  10. 10. NOTESFallSymposiumBeinToo
  11. 11. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Gian Luca Innocenzi – gl.innocenzi@yahoo.comRMI is a New Media, Life-Style project dedicated to the Italian way of living; a style and uniqueness knownand appreciated world wide. Food & Wine, with a touch of history, tourism and art. In addition, fashion anddesign. The RMI project represents the ultimate innovation in Italian Life-Style, content available specificallyfor Connected TV, Smartphones and Tablets. Key partners include: Food & Wine, Eataly Fashion & Tourism,Class Editori Group.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: LifestyleMedia CEO: Lorenzo Fragola 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2012 CTO: Andrea De Paoli 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Turin,Italy Marketing: Gian Luca Innocenzi 2015Revenue(forecast): $15MEmployees: Five Legal&Finance:TizianaDappiani 2015EBITDA(forecast): $ 4.7MBusiness Devel.: Greta Torricelli PreviousCapital: Not Available
  12. 12. NOTESFallSymposiumRMI
  13. 13. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Fabrizio Sotti – fsotti@artistfan.comArtistFan is the only interactive online music network that provides music artists with a FREE, easy to useplatform to promote and distribute their music, videos, merchandise, live performances and live streaming (tobe launched Jan 2013).OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: MusicDistribution Founder, CEO: Fabrizio Sotti 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2011 President, co-founder: Joseph Anthony 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: NewYork,NY 2015Revenue(forecast): Not AvailableEmployees: One 2015EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePreviousCapital: $1.5 M
  14. 14. NOTESFallSymposiumArtistFan
  15. 15. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:AntonioLinari–info@admantx.comwww.admantx.comContextualization data for cookieless ad targeting like never before. At ADmantX, we not only match ads tobrand-safe appropriate content, we take it a step further and assure that the underlying emotional response tothe content matches the action desired by the advertiser. Semantic technology and dynamic categorizationcome together to match ads with the right consumers in the right frame of mind with the right message.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: OnlineAdvertising CEO: GiovanniStrocchi 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2010 CMO: J.Brooke Aker 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: WestHartford,CT CTO: Antonio Linari 2015Revenue(forecast): Not Available Employees:Nine Business Devel.: Damon Francis 2015EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePartnerships: Greg Shaw PreviousCapital: $2.8M from Atlante Ventures
  16. 16. NOTESFallSymposiumADmantX
  17. 17. COMPANYSNAPSHOTFallSymposiumCONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Elena Favilli – elenafavilli@gmail.comwww.timbuktu.meTimbuktu works at the intersections of design, education and technology. We help parents discover the worldwith their kids. Timbuktu is an iPad magazine that brings you only the best content and activities for you andyour kids. Play games, read the news, discover the most beautiful pictures from all over the world. We do theresearch, so you dont have to.OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: MobileEntertainment CEO: Elena Favilli 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2011 Creative Director: Francesca Cavallo 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Milan,Italy 2013Revenue(forecast): Not AvailableEmployees: Six 2013EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePreviousCapital: $ 500K
  18. 18. NOTESFallSymposiumTimbuktu
  19. 19. COMPANYSNAPSHOT  FallSymposium  CONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Matteo Cascinari – matteo@blomming.comwww.blomming.comBlomming is one of the first European DIY e-commerce solutions for blogs, social media and soon mobile devices.The platform allows users to insert a complete, embeddable online shop anywhere on the Web. Features includemultilingual support (English, Spanish and Italian) for worldwide coverage and reach.  OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: E-Commerce CEO: Matteo Cascinari 20112Revenue: NoneFounded: 2010 CTO:  Nicola Junior Vitto 2012EBITDA: -$ 350KHeadquarters: Italy CMO:  Alberto D’Ottavi 2013Revenue(forecast): Not AvailableEmployees: Nine 2013EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePreviousCapital: $1.7M from VertisVenture  
  20. 20. NOTES  FallSymposium  Blomming  
  21. 21. COMPANYSNAPSHOT  FallSymposium  CONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Ugo Parodi Giusino – ugo@mosaicoon.comwww.mosaicoon.comOVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: OnlineAdvertising CEO: Ugo ParodiGiusino 20112Revenue: $ 2MFounded: 2009 Client Director:  Pietro Sorce 2012EBITDA: $ 250KHeadquarters: Palermo,Italy R&D Manager:  Giuseppe Costanza 2013Revenue(forecast): $ 4.2MEmployees: Twenty-Five Head of Seeding:  Marco Imperato 2013EBITDA(forecast): $ 1MPreviousCapital: $ 800K from VertisVenture  Mosaicoon  is  an  online  marketing  and  engagement  agency  with  a  network  reaching  over  80M  users  worldwide.  Mosaicoon  has  developed  novel  seeding  approaches  to  improve  the  success  rates  of  viral  campaigns.  Currently  active  in  Italy  and  UK,  Mosaicoon  is  looking  to  expand  its  global  footprint.  
  22. 22. NOTES  Mosaicoon  FallSymposium  
  23. 23. FallSymposium  COMPANYSNAPSHOT  CONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Franco Bondi – franco.bondi@plusplugg.comIntelligent  tools  that  work  connected  to  the  most  common  smartphones  (IOS,  Android  and  Windows  Mobile).  +Plugg  reinvents  everyday  objects  and  provide  them  with  new  intelligence  (software),  connectivity  (mobile  connection)  and  power  when  connected  to  smartphones.  It  is  the  world  of  internet  of  things:  weather  stations  change  the  alarm  clock  in  case  of  traffic  or  rain,  thermometers  alert  the  office  and  family  members  in  case  of  fever  and  show  a  map  of  areas  with  epidemics,  etc.    OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: ConsumerElectronics President: Andrea Mastalli 20112Revenue: $ 1MFounded: 2011 CEO:  Franco Bondi 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Cagliari, Italy   2013Revenue(forecast): $ 16MEmployees: Eleven 2013EBITDA(forecast): $ 4.4MPreviousCapital: $ 3M from VertisVenture  
  24. 24. FallSymposium  +Plugg  
  25. 25. FallSymposium  COMPANYSNAPSHOT  CONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Luca Morena – luca@icoolhunt.comwww.icoolhunt.comICoolHunt  is  he  first  location-­‐based  social  networking  game  in  the  intriguing  world  of  coolhunting,  available  both  as  a  Web  application  and  as  an  iPhone  application.  iCoolhunt  is  not  only  a  social  game  and  photo-­‐sharing  service  but  also  an  unprecedented  tool  in  market  research.  It  is  a  game-­‐with-­‐a-­‐purpose  (GWAP)  designed  with  the  intent  of  capturing  the  wisdom  of  the  crowds  on  trends.  OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: SocialMedia CEO: Alessio Morena 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2012 CEO:  Luca Morena 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Cagliari, Italy   2013Revenue(forecast): $ 1.8MEmployees: Two 2013EBITDA(forecast): $ 590KPreviousCapital: Seed funding from Atlante Venture  
  26. 26. FallSymposium  ICoolHunt  
  27. 27. COMPANYSNAPSHOT  FallSymposium  CONTACTTHISCOMPANY:Alessandro Santo – ale@homply.comwww.mosaicoon.comHomply  is  a  real  estate  focused  “Evernote”  that  aggregates  the  “demand  for  house”  and  profit  from  superior  lead  generation  capabilities  disrupting  an  old  market  the  same  way  AdWords  impacted  on  advertising.      OVERVIEW: KEYPEOPLE: FINANCIALINFORMATION:Sector: RealEstate CEO: AlessandroSanto 20112Revenue: Not AvailableFounded: 2012 CEO:  Pietro Montelatici 2012EBITDA: Not AvailableHeadquarters: Milan, Italy CMO:  Massimo Montagnana 2013Revenue(forecast): Not AvailableEmployees: Three 2013EBITDA(forecast): Not AvailablePreviousCapital: $ 100K  
  28. 28. Homply  
  29. 29. SPONSORS  FallSymposium  
  30. 30. SPONSORS  FallSymposium